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March 30, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – An Evening with Kitiara & Teá

he party had finally ground to a halt at 3:30 AM. Only Kit remained in the house that I shared with my fiancé, Teá.

We had all had far too much to drink, if there is such a thing. I had gone through nearly a fifth of Jack Daniels, and now sat on the couch nursing a beer. Teá had gone straight for the tequila shots, as always, and sipped a club soda with lime in between. Kit had tried a little bit of everything, and was now rolling a near-empty rocks glass in her manicured hand.

Kit was dressed to kill, as always, in a plaid skirt that came down to mid-thigh, a tight black top, and knee high black leather boots. Her brown hair hung loose to her shoulders, and her brown eyes were full of their usual playful mischief.

Teá was wearing a long, flowing skirt, made up of a thin material that hugged her curves, and a white tank top that did little to hide her fantastic figure. Her long brown hair also hung loose, falling just past her shoulders. Her large, brown eyes were closed as she swayed softly to the music playing in the background.

I was bumming it out, in a pair of button-fly jeans, hiking boots, and a white t-shirt. I had been in my usual mood all day, spouting silly one-liners, and using what charm I had to put my guests at ease all evening, and quite honestly, was damned fucking tired.

Kit sat on the counter between the kitchen and the den with her legs crossed, slowly kicking her left foot, and giggling at something Teá had said.

I was too spaced out to make anything out. I took a deep breath and laid my head back on the couch. I thought about telling the ladies I was off to bed, but Teá read my mind.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said, appearing above me, bending over the back of the couch. “The party’s not over yet.

I laughed. “I’m tired, Sweetie. I’m not in my twenties anymore…”

“Right,” she answered, with a twinkle in her eye. “You’re an old man of 31. What was I thinking?”

“I have no idea.” I smiled and began to get up, but she placed her hands on my shoulders, and pushed me back down into the couch.

“Noooooo, you have to stay with us! Who knows what might happen if you leave us two women alone?”

“Whatever happens, get some video tape,” I said, dryly. “I’ll watch it in the morning.” I tried to sit up again, but was pushed down. I heard Kit giggling from her perch on the counter.

“What the hell’s so damned funny,” I asked, and turned my head toward her.

Kit shrugged, and took a sip of her drink. “I just don’t think you’re getting out of this room until Teá wants you to.”

I smiled. “I’m starting to get that feeling myself,” I said, exasperated.

“Good,” Teá said, and bent lower so that her head was close to my ear. “Besides, you’re not going to sleep without me . . . you know what tequila does to me.”

I was still looking at Kit. “I’m sure Kit will help you out with that.” It was an old joke between us. We all flirted heavily, but nothing ever came of it. Just a strong friendship.

“Hell yeah!” Kit said. “Bring that sexy body over here, Sweets!”

But Teá only laughed. “It’s not me you’ve been eyeing all night . . .”

Kit blushed scarlet, and I felt my face heating as well. Kit was just as beautiful as Teá, but in a different way. Teá was all soft curves and sensuality, with large d-cup breasts that drew every eye. Kit was slender, with smaller breasts, and an ass to die for. An ass that I had been checking out all night.

“The only reason she’s been eyeing me was to figure out how the hell to get me outta the way, so she could have her way with you.,” I said.

Teá laughed low, in my ear. “Really . . . and what about you? What reason do you want to offer for checking out your best friend.”

Kit was still smiling, but her face was flushed, and I could tell she was uncomfortable. I tried again to make light of the conversation.

“So was every man in the room. Have you looked at that skirt?” I asked.

Kit laughed, and looked at me gratefully, but Teá leaned closer to my ear, and whispered low enough to only be heard by me. “Do you want her, John?”

I chuckled. “Knock it off . . .”

“I’m serious. Do you?”

“Teá . . .” I was starting to get really uncomfortable. I mean, of course I wanted her! No one who saw her body when she was dressed the way she was wouldn’t want her. But I’ll be damned if I was going to say that to my fiancé.

“I know you do, John. Do you remember what we talked about the other night?”

I remembered. We had talked about swinging. I had told her the idea was hot, but that I didn’t think I could do it. I was afraid it would hurt her too much. Teá is an incredible woman, but if she has one flaw it’s her insecurity in how I feel about her. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that.

“You told me that I’d have to give you express permission . . .” she whispered “. . . well, I’m giving it. I want to see it. I want to watch you fuck her. I want to see what a woman looks like when you fill her with that thick cock of yours. I want to watch her scream.”

“What are you two talking about over there?” Kit asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

Teá smiled, and looked at Kit. “I was telling John that I want to watch him fuck you. Right now.”

Kit laughed. “Seriously, you two were whispering about something over there . . . what?”

“I’m serious. He’s got a great cock, Kit. You’d love it.”

I looked up at Teá to gauge how drunk she was, but she seemed more excited than anything. Her face was flushed, and she licked her lips.

“Are you serious?” I asked, feeling my cock start to swell in my jeans.

Teá only nodded, her eyes still on Kit.

I shook my head. “You want me to . . .”

“Fuck her,” Teá said, finishing my sentence. “Yes.”

I looked at Kit, but she seemed as stunned as I was. It was as if we were both waiting for the punchline of a joke. But none seemed forthcoming. Finally, I figured I’d call her bluff.

“Alright.” I put my beer down on the coffee table and stood, ignoring the bulge in my pants. “If this is what you want.”

“It looks like it’s what you want, too,” Teá said, obviously speaking about my growing erection.

I frowned slightly and walked slowly toward Kit, who started to realize what I was trying to do and put her drink down on the counter, a small half-smile forming on her face.

I was close enough to touch her now, and did so, placing my hand gently on her bare knee. I stopped where I was, waiting for the word from Teá forcing me to stop.

Kit looked down at my hand on her knee, and bit her lip, her nerves finally showing.

Teá, didn’t make a sound.

I figured, I’d take it a little bit further, so I pushed her leg to the side, uncrossing them, and placed my other hand on her other knee. Kit looked me in the eyes, her lips parted slightly, and looked over my shoulder at Teá. Her eyes widened.

I’m not sure what she saw, and at the moment, I didn’t care. I was getting harder by the minute, and irritated at Teá for playing this little game. I began to slide my hands up the outside of Kit’s thighs, until they slid up over her ass. I leaned in close, and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry about this, but . . .”

“John,” Kit said, her voice breathless. “Fuck me . . . do it. She’s serious . . . ahhh, God, do it. Do it now!”

I was shocked. I turned my head toward the mirror hanging about the fireplace, and saw what had Kit so excited. Teá had stripped off her skirt, and panties, and was sprawled on the couch running a finger over her clit.

I was mesmerized.

Then I felt Kit’s hands tugging at my belt, and I looked back at her. Her face was inches from mine, and her breathing was ragged and heavy. I hooked my fingers into her panties, and slid them off, pulling her to the edge of the low counter.

She freed my cock, and stroked it a few times, pushing my jeans onto my thighs. I growled low in my throat, and grabbed her ass, tightly. She let go of my cock, and snaked her arms around my back. “Fuck me, John. Fuck me . . .now . . . I need it . . . so long I’ve wanted it . . .”

And so did I. Since I first met her. I thrust my hips forward, my cock finding her pussy as if guided by some unseen force. She was already soaked, and I sunk into her to the hilt.

She let out a low, deep moan, as her tight pussy stretched around me, and I groaned in response.

“Yessss, John . . . so good.”

I withdrew completely and drove into her again, slow, long strokes to get her used to me. She threw her head back and screamed, as I pumped her a third time, then a fourth. Slowly I picked up speed, and she began to thrust back toward me, meeting me.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Teá watching us intently, her fingers a blur on her clit. Her dark hair was thrown back on the armrest, and her large, brown eyes, were fixed on us. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever experienced.

Kit seemed to agree. Her eyes never left my fiancé, and her faced flushed deeper the hotter she grew. It was as if I was just an instrument, a tool connecting the two women. I loved it.

Our fucking took on a savage quality. Rough, hard, and deep. The only sounds in the room were the slap of our bodies, and the moans of all three of us.

My hands squeezed Kit’s ass hard, and I pulled her against me, my cock driving into her in long, fast strokes.

Kit bit her lip, her eyes glossy and lust-filled, staring behind me. Again I glanced in the mirror. Teá was like a woman possessed, now. Her hips thrust upward as if being fucked by an invisible force, her fingers were slick and shiny with her juices. All the while her eyes never left the scene before her

Kit moaned loudly, and started to tremble and shake against me. I knew she was close, and I picked up the pace, pounding myself into her for all I was worth.

“Oh fuck,” she said, “oh fuck . . . I’m gonna cum . . . I’m going to . . .”

I growled in response, and raked my teeth along her exposed throat.

Her entire body shook violently, and she wrapped her legs tightly around me. Her arms slid up my back, one of her hand grasping the back of my head. “Fuck! I’m cumming . . . I’m cumming!”

Still I drove into her, my cock like a piston, always moving, always demanding more.

I heard Teá begin to moan louder behind me, and I knew she was about to explode. Then she did, a loud rough scream coming from deep in her throat. I looked to the mirror and saw her shake, her mouth open in an O of pleasure.

I soon joined her.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt the first telltale sensations in my cock. I could feel it swelling impossibly big, impossibly hard inside of Kit. I could feel my balls pull up tightly to the base. She clutched me to her now, fucking me back hard.

I screamed, and exploded.

Kit gasped, and moaned, and I could tell she was cumming again.

Cum rocketed out of my cock into her willing cunt. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, as if not wanting to let a drop escape her hungry pussy.

I continued to pump into her, my cock flexing and spasming, my balls emptying themselves of their burden.

Eventually, I slowed to a stop, gasping, trying to catch my breath.

I felt Teá step up behind me, and squeeze my ass, making my still hard cock flex inside of Kit.

“Now,” Teá purred in my ear, “don’t you both feel better?”

The End

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March 29, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Lolling with Laxmi Ch. 02

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It was a Sunday afternoon. I was in my office with my secretary Laxmi. We had just finished a really wonderful 69, and now lay naked side by side caressing each others bodies.

“Boss,” she said as she lazily ran her finger in circles around my nipple, “You said that your wife Pam had sex before marriage…”

“Only with me…” I corrected her.

“That is exactly what I want to know. When a girl born and brought up in a decent family lets her boy-friend fuck her before marriage, the conclusion is that she has a strong sexual urge. Like you and I have. And we did not stop at one person, now did we?” Laxmi reasoned. “You may not be aware of the other men in her life. How can you trust her word?”

“You see it is not a question of trust at all, it is a question of love.” I tried to explain her. “She let me do it to her before marriage, because she loves me so much. She has never told me – she had no need to tell me – that she had not slept with any one.”

“This is beyond me…” admitted Laxmi.

“And then will it confuse you more if I tell you that she has had sex with one more person other than me…” I had started saying, when Laxmi interjected with-

“See you admit it…”

“Not only admit it, but I made it happen.” I said non-chalantly.

“You, what?” Laxmi was incredulous.

“Ok, let me start from the beginning.” I said. “On our tenth wedding anniversary we decided to go for a ‘honey-moon.’ We had not gone on a vacation for a long time. We went to this fabulous beach resort. It is located on a small hill, a modern multi-storeyed building with all facilities. But the beach was close by, and it was clean.

“We arrived there towards evening. While we were checking in, another couple arrived – a six and a half feet tall Sikh with his equally impressive wife. The moment they entered, my eyes went to the wife and I found her looking at me with interest. I looked at the Sikh and found him looking directly at Pam. And when I looked at Pam, I found her blushing and looking at the floor.

“We were taken to the our suite on the twelfth floor. While the bell boy was showing us our room, the Sikhs followed us in another lift and another bell boy ushered them in to a room right next to ours.

“We washed and changed and went to the pool side restaurant on the ground floor, only to find the Sikhs already sitting at a table. As luck would have it all other tables were taken, the only unoccupied table being right next to them, we went and occupied it.

“While we ordered and the soup arrived, I was looking at the Sardaran, the Sardar was looking at Pam and the Sardaran was looing at me and Pam was looking at her soup!

“All of a sudden Pam gave a small yelp. She had dropped a spoonful of hot soup on her dress. She immediately stood up. It was a brand new white dress and she was horrified at the red stain on the thigh of her dress. She excused herself saying she had to go and immediately change. She couldn’t bear the thought of such a beautiful dress ruined. She hurriedly went towards the lift bank.

“She had hardly taken a few steps when the Sardar got up and saying something to his wife, left towards the lift too.

“I turned my attention to the Sardaran, who was now openly giving me the ‘come hither’ look. So I went over to her table and said, ‘We are from Bangalore.’

” ‘We are from Delhi.’ She smiled. Her full dark pink lips parted to show perfect white teeth.

” ‘We are on the same floor as you.’ I continued.

” ‘In adjacent suites.’ she flashed her bewitching smile once again. ‘…and the Sardar goes for a jog for atleast one hour every morning at six o’clock.’ she added.

” ‘I will be there.’ I ventured smiling at her and returned to my table well before Pam arrived. When Pam came, she looked all pink and excited. The moment she sat down, she said, ” ‘You know what happened now?’ she asked, ‘that Sardar tried to catch me in the lift.’

” ‘What?’ I exclaimed. ‘What happened exactly?’

” ‘I had just entered the lift and he too came in after me. We were both alone in the lift. To avoid his lusty gaze, I half-turned my face away from him. As soon as the doors closed and the lift started moving, he simply embraced me from behind.’ she said breathlessly. But I sensed more of excitement on her face than anger or fear.

” ‘He is very, very strong. The way he held me I could not move a muscle. He held me so tight.’ Pam said.

” ‘Why didn’t you kick or scream?’ I asked.

” ‘I was so shocked. I never imagined any one doing such a thing to me.’ Pam said, ‘he was so rough, he… he…’ she paused and then said, ‘he felt me all over, front, back, down, everywhere. If the lift had not stopped at 5th floor, and a waiter come in with a trolley, he would certainly have done something with me.’ Color was again rising in her cheeks and she looked very, very attractive. Only sexually aroused women look as attractive.

” ‘Shall I tell the management, call the police? Such people must be punished.’ I offered, myself aroused by her arousal coupled with the excitement caused by the invitation from the Sardar’s wife.

” ‘No, don’t.’ she said hurriedly. ‘why spoil our entire vacation. After all he could not do much to me.’ Pam forced herself to smile. It appeared, asking me not to call the police made her seem awkward.

We quickly finished our meal. The Sardar had not arrived to the table till we had left.

While returning to our suite we were alone in the lift. I found her rather excited, so I held her close to me and she responded immediately. Her excitement really turned me on. She was blushing and her whole body had come live. The Sardar’s hand had touched her everywhere, she had said. I pictured the Sardar holding her boobs in one hand and forcing his other hand in her sari. Thinking about how he must have held her, I did the same and she responded by kissing me. Luckily no one entered the lift and when we got to our floor, the corridor was empty. We crossed it with our arms around each other and giving and taking small quick kisses and touching each other’s bodies.

The moment we were in our suite, I lifted her and carried her to the bed. I raised her sari and petticoat together and pulled down her panties. I slid down my trousers to my knees.She had already spread herself and guided the tip of my cock in herself quickly. The Sardar’s touch had done the job of foreplay and she was totally wet. I was quite rough and humped her as if I was raping her. She obviously loved the roughness of my touch and instead of the normal loving murmur in my ear she cried out loud and scratched my back.

Afterwards we undressed each other completely and later she got on top of me and fucked me with abandon, uttering filthy things rather loudly in a husky voice. Exhausted by all this we slept like two babies in each others arms.

I was woken by the soft ping of my wrist watch. It was semidark. Faint light was streaming in through the large french windows which opened on the terrace outside.

Gently I extricated myself from Pam’s entangled arms and legs. She just grunted and fell asleep again. By constitution I was an early bird and she was a late owl.

Silently, I showered and put on a track suit and exactly at five minutes past six, entered the corridor pulling the door quietly behind me.

With a thumping heart I knocked lightly on the adjoining door. I heard a slight movement on the other side. Almost instantly the door opened partly and the Sardaran asked me to quickly come in. She was dressed in a transparent negligee. The moment I entered she shut the door and we embraced.

” ‘How long does the Sardar take his jog?’ I asked.

” ‘Oh don’t worry, he is not gone for a jog.’

” ‘What do you mean? Is he here?’

” ‘No, not here. He has gone into your suite via the balcony as soon as we heard you come out in the corridor.’

” ‘In my suite…’ I was incredulous.

” ‘Yeah, he wants to rape your wife.’

I was speechless. She took my hand and led me out on to the wide balcony which was just next to the balcony outside our suite. It was still relatively dark outside.

She started climbing the low balustrade and her gown rode all the way up. In the climbing movement her pussy had opened wide and was glistening in the semi-darkness. I put my hand forward and felt her pussy. She giggled. Her pussy was all sticky. I automatically smelt my hand, it was a man’s – the Sardar’s – ample cum.

” ‘He fucked me just before six o’clock.’ she said. ‘But come let us see what he does to your wife.’ With this she climbed and jumped lightly in our section of the balcony. I followed suit.

We reached the wide french windows. Last night I had moved the curtains and opened the window to let in fresh air and in the dim light we could make out the form of the Sardar standing in the centre of the room.

He was not wearing his turban but had tied his hair on top of his head in a bunch with a ribbon. He had also removed the net and his beard was now free. He had already removed his loin cloth and thrown it on the floor. He was stark naked. He stood to his full six and a half feet height and his huge dong, easily a foot long, stood out quite clearly against the backdrop of the pale colored wall beyond.

Pam was sleeping curled up on her side. She too was naked after out night’s love-making. Her pale skin glowed in the increasing light filtering in from the window.

” ‘He always takes the woman he wants.’ the Sardaran whispered in my ear. She touched my crotch and felt my excitement. She moved the zipper and released my cock from the shackling garments. ‘A woman may resist him in the beginning but simply loves it when he has finished with her.’ she informed me.

The Sardar moved with the stealth and speed of a tiger. He sat down on the bed beside Pam and turned her on her back. Pam woke up and half sat up with a start after seeing it was not me but the Sardar. But he placed a huge paw on her mouth and with the other hand, forced her back on the bed. Then with equal ease he pried open her thighs with the free hand. She tried to struggle but was like putty in his hands. He moved over the bed, the muscles could be felt than seen in his massive haunches. He positioned himself in between in her thighs, one palm still on her mouth. His buttocks tightened as he raised his back. The huge penis was angled at her wide open crotch. He guided it with his hand and with a mighty thurst forced his entire cock in her tiny little pussy right up to its hilt.

Pam writhed on the bed and a muffled long cry escaped her mouth. He held her down with ease by his weight. He lay motionless on top of her for a while. She had earlier put her hands involuntarily on his shoulders to push him away. Now slowly as the shock weared off and she felt the Sardar’s massive cock filling her inside, her fingers relaxed and she placed her palms on his shoulders as if in caress.

The Sardar started moving, he took one or two slow swings and then he started moving with great power and speed. He pulled his dong out to the maximum possible extent without letting the tip slip outside and went on like the rod of a steam engine.

Outside on the balcony the Sardaran pulled up her gown and bent over resting herself on a chair which was on the balcony in such a manner that she was facing the window. Without a word I entered her pussy doggystyle which was all slippery with the Sardars’s cum. This way we could watch the action inside while fucking ourselves. My attention was still on the Sardar rape-fucking my wife and I was moving my cock rather slowly in the Sardaran’s pussy.

Once the Sardar felt that Pam now wanted him, he removed the palm covering her mouth. She started moaning loudly. The Sardar continued pumping her steadily. Pam’s moans grew louder and louder with each of his thrusts. Her hands clasped him tightly. Her whole body started shaking violently as she came loudly.

I started moving with greater speed inside the Sardaran now. She also started moaning.

Light was growing now. I could clearly see my wife being wildly fucked on the bed where I had fucked her only last night. Her climaxing had no effect on the Sardar at all. The Sardar had not slowed down even a bit. He kept on steadily thumping her. Slick, slurpy sounds started emanating from their frenzied organs.

Outside, we were in a frenzy too. I came inside the Sardaran’s already fucked pussy. She too came quickly this being her second time within half an hour.

Pam’s moaning started all over again, only this time it was louder. Her nails scratched deeply leaving bloody trails down the Sardar’s back.

The Sardar continued his thrusts unabated.

I and the Sardaran disengaged and stood outside the window watching the spectacle.

Pam started on her third climax. Her legs started drumming the bed. She bit the Sardar on his shoulder. Her moaning grew into cries. The Sardar’s bulk too started shuddering, and after many low grunts he lay still on top of her. Her hands held him fast to her. She circled the legs around his torso and held him into her.

The dawn was breaking outside. The Sardaran signalled to me. Silently we climbed back and went to her room.

I was really thrilled to see my wife being raped. I tidied up my clothes and planting a thank you kiss on the Sardaran’s lips moved out. I sauntered to the lobby of the hotel to allow the Sardar time to get back to his room. I returned to our suite in fifteen minutes time.

When I entered the room. Pam was sleeping contentedly. I undressed and joined her on the bed. The movement woke her. She lazily put her arms around me. She seemed so contented and happy. I kissed her gently. A strong odour of semen mixed with her own cum was emanating from her. I moved my hand to her crotch. Her pussylips were swollenas I had never seen before. My fingers slipped in her vagina. I moved them back and forth for a while. The caressing movement evoked a response from Pam. I slid down and brought my mouth to her pussy. This excited her no end. She held my head in her thighs, while I started nibbling on her clit. I smeared my fingers in the juices in her pussy and inserted them in her anus. She let out sounds which excited me too. I put my mouth on her pussy and started drawing out the fresh cum lodged there by the Sardar. When I had drawn enough, I moved up and started kissing her on the mouth. Her tongue flickered in my mouth and she drew a blob of the Sardar’s semen into hers, disengaging only to swallow it down.”

“My god, what an adventure!” exclained Laxmi as I came to the end of my story. “and your wife never told you that she was fucked by the Sardar?”

“No, but I know that he is the only other man she has had apart from me.” I replied.

“You are incredible,” she said “I wish every woman had a husband like you.”


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Erotic Hot Stories – Lolling with Laxmi Ch. 01

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If you enter my office, the first thing you are bound to notice is my secretary Laxmi. She sits right outside my cabin facing the main door and has been refusing to be moved from there.

You will notice her not just because she is out there in the front, but because she has a personality and body which no one can ignore. She is petite and very fair, has large black eyes and jet black hair. She can say so many things with her eyes, just looking at you. That is why a shy person like me… But wait, let me not get ahead of the story.

The next thing(s) which you are bound to notice depends on whether she is standing or sitting, and whether she is facing you or has turned around. You know what I mean. Well, now let’s move on…

One Sunday afternoon, I was alone in the office. I had been away on tour for almost a week and had returned only the previous evening. Usually, when I work on a holiday – which I often do – I lock the outer office door and work in my cabin. I have a rather large couch in the inner area of my cabin to rest when I feel tired.

But that day I had left the outer door open on purpose for I was waiting for my secretary. The previous evening, when she was leaving, I had requested her to come on Sunday to attend to some urgent work.

As I sat there, going through the pile of papers on my table, I saw a shadow on my table and looked up to see my secretary Laxmi, peerping through the cabin door. As I looked at her she said, “May I come in, sir?”

“Please come in, Laxmi,” I said, “I have called you for some personal work today.” I said.

What I did not say aloud was that she was welcome any time. She was a watcher’s delight and, every day as she sat in the outer office, I watch her beautiful behind whole day through the one way glass of my cabin. I get to see the front view, only when she comes in :). Her presence always excites me sexually. I had sensed that she felt the same in my presence. However, matters had not progressed beyond flirting when our fingertips touched during the course of work, sending electrifying waves to my brain, which my wife says, is located in my groin:) When this incident happened, Laxmi had been with me for six months, minus the 1 month leave she had taken recently and had joined only a week back.

Now as she entered my cabin, her pallu slipped a few inches down from one shoulder. I realized that she was wearing a beautifully embroidered bra under her semitransparent white silk blouse. The edges of the bra and spaghetti thin elastic straps formed a beautiful pattern, and were visible through the thin transluscent blouse material.

“I learnt from the office staff that you often come alone to office on Sundays.” Laxmi said. “You wanted to meet me alone?”

“Yes. Please lock the door, so that we are not disturbed and then take a seat.” I invited her. She turned the key in the lock without a question and came and sat in front of me, resting her elbows on my tabletop and joining her fingers under her chin. This way I had a closer view of her white-clad boobs – one was partially hidden under the pallu but the beautiful pattern on the other one was now clearly visible at close range.

She saw where I was looking, and her eyes quickly looked down at her own bosom. But without making any move to lift the pallu back in its position she looked back with smouldering eyes straight in my eyes. She knew I was watching her breasts and she was clearly challenging me to squeeze them. With that glance, that moment I knew that she and I were going to be fulfledged lovers before we left office that afternoon. This immediately set things rolling.

“Laxmi,” I began, and surprisingly my voice had become a little hoarse, “You remember what you had said when you had come to me to ask for the month’s leave?”

“Ofcourse, I do. I rember how I blurted out to you the real reason for the leave. I had come when all the staff had left and you were sitting alone in your cabin that evening too.” answered Laxmi. Her eyes flashed electric sparks, and the silky smooth pallu slid further down her shoulder. This way, I had visual access to the pattern on the other round beauty too. “those days I was getting frequently pregnant, almost every time I had unprotected ….” She left the phrase unuttered “I wanted to get tubectomy done and wanted leave from the office.”

“That is exactly what I want to discuss with you today. I want my wife Pam to undergo the same operation, but I have some apprehensions. I want to know some facts about a woman’s sex life after the operation. Since I do not know any one who can give me first hand experience, I thought of you. Do you mind discussing?” I began. For a second, I thought she might tell me to consult a gynec.

“With you I am willing to discuss every thing about it. I myself had some apprehensions, and had discussions with my …partners.” I noticed the use of plural in the last word.

“I need information on some very intimate topics…” I said, feeling happy that she had not outright rejected the discussion.

“Sir, with you I am ready to share intimate matters.” My secretary’s answer was more than encouraging.

“Laxmi, thanks again. I feel very comfortable discussing my sex life with you. To start with, my wife too gets pregnant every time I have unprotected … intercourse with her.” I used the word she had left unuttered. Color started rising in her cheeks and I could feel the discussion was exciting her as much as it was exciting me.

“So do I.” she dropped her voice to a confidential whisper. But her cheeks were now a rosy pink and her eyes were sparkling with excitement. “I enjoy the direct contact of …” again she left the word unuttered again.

She announced in the conspiratorial tone again. “There is nothing more pleasurable than the direct feel of …” she again left the words unuttered but the meaning was not unsaid.

“There were times when I used condoms with Pam many times when we were young college-going students…” I was saying, but Laxmi had caught on to the real meaning of my sentence. She interruped with,

“Oh, so just like I did, your wife too had started before marriage?” she seemed to be excited by the idea.

“Yes, but it was only with me.” I said. A look of obvious disbelief came over Laxmi’s face.

I continued, “But the same can’t be said of me; she wasn’t the only one I had before marriage. I had other women much before I started with her. My first one was with a matured lady, when I was only fourteen years of age. Before that I had regularly explored our anatomy with a couple of boys.”

“Like you, I too started in teen-age” she volunteered. “But,” she then asked, “how can you be sure that Pam did not have her urge taken care of by some one before you?”

“I just know it.” I replied.

“How did it happen?”

“I want to ask you some questions about your sex life before and after the operation.” I interrupted, avoiding to bring my wife further in to this discussion, any more than was absolutely essential.

“Please do ask me what you want to ask.”

“Laxmi, I can guess that you had a very strong sex urge right from your young age, and you yourself told me you were having it before marriage; now has your sex urge decreased due to the operation? Because, that is one thing I do not want to happen to Pam. I need her every night at least once.” I said.

“Oh, no sir, my sexual urge has not at all decreased, on the other hand it has increased several fold. Because now I can have it any time, any where, with any one, without fear of getting pregnant. And I don’t miss a single opportunity.” Laxmi declared.

“Laxmi, tell me,” I noticed the words ‘any one’. I decided it was high time to take the initiative that in most cases, even a sexually aroused female wants the male to take. All of a sudden I leaned forward across the table and inserted my index and middle finger underneath her blouse and bra; I felt the soft yet taut, fair surface of her boob, but withdrew my hand quickly before she could react. Although my movements were a surprise to her, her body had reacted involuntarily and thrust her breast forward in anticipation. As I quickly withdrew my hand a gasp escaped her half-parted lips, it seemed more out of disappointment than surprise.

“I think an insect, most probably an ant, has entered your bra. But it moved deeper, before I could catch it.”

“My god!” she exclaimed, “what will I do now? What if the ant bites my soft breasts. You must have felt how soft I am there.” It was obvious that she was responding to my ploy positively.

“We will have to look deeper under your bra to catch it.” I said.

“Please look whereever you think it is necessary to look – but please remove the insect, please.” she begged and inserting her hand under her blouse bra began searching.

I got up from my chair and walked over so that I was behind her chair. She leaned backwards and looked at me with her head thrown back. I held her small but firm boobs in my palms and started feeling under the fabric.

“I will check both your breasts simultaneously,” I said, “so that it should not run from one to the other as I try to catch it.”

“This is a very good idea,” said Laxmi, “please take both of them and check thoroughly.”

I cupped both her boobs in my palms and started rubbing them gently. However, I did not touch the area of her nipples directly.

“Did you catch it?” she asked, “please catch it as early as possible.”

“I think the fabric is coming in the way…” I said.

“Then remove it forthwith,” she gave me full permission.

Standing close to her, and with her face turned up towards me, I noticed a tiny mole on her upper lip. Her lips were half parted and her breathing had become faster. My own breathing had become rather heavy in anticipation of the promise of the wonderful afternoon of sex awaiting me.

Suddenly I placed my lips on hers and put only a slight pressure on them. This again was not anticipated by her. In the brief second she realized that I was kissing her, her lips had already started reacting involuntarily by pressing back against my lips. The moment I felt the pressure of her responding lips I removed my lips, once again leaving her panting with desire.

“Sorry, Laxmi,” I said, “I mistook the mole for the ant. I thought the ant had realized that it had left your sweet lips untouched before proceeding in to your bra, and realizing its mistake had come back to taste the wonderful honey on your lips.”

“And how did you know my lips were sweet?” asked the darling fluttering her eye lashes.

“I just tasted them.” I said smiling.

“And how did you know what the ant wanted?” she asked again in a low husky voice.

“I think it is a male ant, judging from its eagerness to get into your bra,” I replied, “and I know what a male, any male would think about your body… exactly what I myself as a male would love to do with your body…”

“Then tell me what would be your… I mean the male ant’s… next move?” Laxmi invited me into further action. Without a word, I instantly moved my hands to her pallu and removing it out of my way, undid all the buttons on her blouse. My action was so quick, she was left gasping. Then slowly and deliberately, I pushed the two open front pieces of her blouse aside, and pushing them a few inches off her beautiful round shoulders, started examining her bra-clad breasts methodically.

An exotic perfume filled my nostrils. She must have applied it under her arms. I touched the skin between her clevage tentatively with my fingers and then moved them all over her bra as if feeling for the wandering insect. Blood rushed to her cheeks. I bent forward to get a better view and my cheek almost touched hers. A few stray curls of her hair which had come loose from her braid brushed against my cheek. Very tenderly I squeezed her boobs.

“Please check them thoroughly,” she whispered, “I am really scared of insects.”

Without warning, I caught hold of her blouse fronts and quickly and roughly pushed them back and down. She responded with a small yelp of excitement, saying,

“How violent you were after all the tender squeezing, I felt as if some one was undressing me to rape me…” But the manner in which she said it would have encouraged any prospective rapist! She raised herself from the chair, so that I could slide the blouse down her arms. In doing so her boobs jutted forward and outward. I took off her blouse it had the exhilirating mixture of the scent of the sweat from her armpits and the scent she had applied.

I caught her upturned chin and once again placed my lips on hers. This time her response was quick and complete. Before I had time to pull back, she started a very wet and passionate kiss. Losing control, I too started kissing back with equal fervour. Our lips curled against each other and tiny sounds escaped at intervals from our moist mouths. I started moving my palms over her shoulders, which were now naked except for the bra straps. I traced the straps down to the bra cups. Her boobs were not as large and as full as my wife Pam’s, but they were much more perky and hard. It has always surprised me that hard boobs have very soft skin. I moved my hands all around them and then squeezed them again. She let go a sigh of desire and slumped back against me.

I moved my hands down towards her flat belly and started circling her navel in a slow gentle motion.

She abruptly shifted away from me disengaging our kiss.

“Did you get what you wanted form my lips … the ant?” she asked with a smile.

“No, not yet,” I replied, “I think after tasting your lips, it must have gone deeper to lick your tongue.”

“It’s possible, but I have another idea. Supposing it was not a male ant, but a female one then…?” Laxmi’s eyes were twinkling as she too started contributing to this overt sex-play with me. “Then it could have jumped on you when you came close…now I am in a position to predict what any female would want to do with your body.”

“And what would you, I mean the female ant like to do to my body?” I asked encouragingly.

“If I were the female ant, I would have jumped on to your chest, when you held me so tightly from behind after taking off my blouse.” she replied, then added, “Now I will take off your shirt and see that she is not heading to nibble your nipples, for that is what I would certainly do if given a chance.”

With this she moved out of the chair, with a flurry of her dropped pallu showing me her beautiful slim feminine figure. Her behind was flared slightly at the hips. I had a full erection by this time, and she glanced directly at my trouser front while closing in with me.

After she had unbuttoned a couple of my shirt buttons, she inserted her palm inside and started caressing my chest, whilst she murmured, “The female ant must have got excited in the shrubbery here.” Now it was my turn to gasp with excitement as she lightly touched the auriola around my nipples. Her own lips twisted with anticipation as her fingers reached one nipple. I reached down and put my hand over her exposed waist and started caressing it.

At this she looked up at me; her light brown eyes were filled with a simple, pure, unashamed but innocent desire for sex with me; it may sound strange to call the desire for sex ‘innocent’ but that is the only word I can think of for what I saw in her eyes. As she confessed truthfully, she had a more than average sexual urge and she did not find anything amoral in having it satisfied from another woman’s husband in the office, or from ‘any one and any where’, as she put it, for that matter. On my part I too was just like her and whole-heartedly had sexual union with any sex partner who was willing.

“I don’t want to let the ant, if it is a male, enter your sari, while you are busy checking my chest.” I explained.

Distracted, she let go of my nipple and completed unbuttoning my shirt.

“Do you think it will enter my sari?” she asked, when the last button was off.

“You don’t know how very attractive your sexy waist is for a male.” I countered as my hand went further ahead into the folds of her sari. She responded by thursting both her hands on my chest and gripping each of my nipple between the forefinger and thumb of each of her hand. As she did this she raised her face and looked up at me longingly. The next moment we were kissing like mad. This time she opened her mouth and my tongue went into it tasting the salty taste of her mouth. Our tongues met hungrily, twisting and coiling against each other like two snakes making love.

I moved my hands holding her just above the buns and held her tightly pressing her crotch against mine. She too moved closer and pressed her crotch and moved it against my erection. I responded by dipping my hands under her sari at the back and top of her panties and felt the rising slope of her buns.

She disentangled quickly at that.

“Could it have reached there?” she asked with mock fear.

“I must remove your sari to know that.” I answered.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she asked.

“Well, if you were my wife, I would have had you fully naked by now. But is it not better to take permission, before undressing another man’s wife?” I said.

“Not when your intention is to catch an ant offending her modesty and on such an occasion you can make her totally naked.” she replied, smiling in that innocent way of hers.

With this I brought my hand to the front of her waist and pulled out the end of sari that was tucked under her petticoat. She twisted around so that I could unwind her sari from her torso. Soon it was lying in a heap on my table.

I ran my hands all around her and checked for the ‘ant’. Lastly, I cupped her buns in my palms and started caressing them.

“What if the female has entered your trousers…?” she asked. And without my permission, put her hand on my trouser belt.

“Hey, you are going ahead of me. That is not fair.” I said.

“How do you mean ahead?” she asked.

“See my chest is already bare, if you remove my trousers, I shall have only my shorts on me. Whereas you still have bra on and a petticoat above your panties.”

“Okay, then don’t waste time. Otherwise the ant will accomplish what it wants before you even reach there.” she said smiling naughtily.

I started reaching for the cords of her petticoat, but she held my hand and said, “First make me like you… bare-chested and check it all.”

“Fair enough.” I said and turning her around reached for the clasp at the back of her bra. But at the last minute I changed my mind and hugging her from behind placed my hands on the cords of her peticoat again and said,

“Laxmi, a sexy woman usually matches her bra with the panty, should they not be viewed together? Let me open your peticoat first.” I had started feeling her thighs with my hands as I said this. I could feel the smooth skin all over the front and back of her thighs through the thin silk fabric of her peticoat. But I was unable to trace the edge of her panty through the fabric! Was she not wearing a panty? Hurriedly I felt all over again, but no panty inside.

“Now I realize you are the expert in undressing females, only a man with lots of experience with women will know how we dress underneath” she surrendered, “do as you think fit; but catch the insect before it finds my p…”

“Actually, I think I shall change my mind and go for the bra clasp first…” I started saying, but she interrupted with a short laugh and said,

“What you are thinking is wrong, do open my petticoat first, you will get a surprise.”

Now I did not want to see her lower half naked before taking off her bra. I enjoy foreplay and wanted to arouse her before making her nude for a full-fledged session. But since she had guessed my thoughts and still wanted me to go ahead, I decided to do it her way. After all she was as much, if not more, experienced in these matters as I was.

Part 2

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March 27, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Lesbian Turns Into Threesome

My name is Shazia, and I’m nineteen years old. I’m writing this on my girlfriend’s computer, with her help. I’m five foot four inches tall, and I have a nice, but slim, 34C-24-34 figure, what a lot of guys call sexxxy! I am very proud of my sexy legs, and love to show them off. I have long dark brown hair that reaches my waist, and black eyes.

Anyway, I was at my friend’s house in the afternoon, and we were talking about our boyfriends and such. Sheetal is a gorgeous girl , and we both keep or hair about the same length. She has startling black eyes, and a nice shape. Sheetal measures 35D-22-35, and she has very dark and large nipples. Sheetal loves to show her body and she is a real flirt!

Her mom and father ware in office so we both seen a porno movie one that my boyfriend rented, and it had two girls going at each other hot and heavy. “You know the scene in that blue film with the two girls?” Sheetal said after waching movie. “I got really hot watching that and I’ve wondered about kissing a girl ever since.”I couldn’t believe it! I told her that I too got a bit aroused, and we just looked at each other. “Wanna try it?” I asked her.

“What?” She said, and she looked shocked.

“Kissing each other.” I said.Sheetal looked relieved and then said yes. We sat there for along moment or three, then nervously leaned into each other. I was surprised at how soft her lips were, and how warm she seemed. I closed my eyes as our lips met and we kissed for few seconds. “Soft.” Sheetal said. “Sweet and soft.” I could see that she was blushing. Hmmm. Yeah, and warm too.” I said. I was really getting hot, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I just figured that this was a little “naughty” and let it go.

“Let’s try again.” Sheetal said. “Do you mind?” In reply, I leaned forward and we kissed again. My heart raced and pounded in my chest. Our lips met, and I suddenly felt Sheetal’s lips part. For no reason my tongue slipped out and stroked her lips, and then I felt hers meet my tongue.I was breathing heavily, Just like Sheetal, and my pussy was soaking my panties. We brushed each other’s tongues, and then I let her enter my mouth, like a guy would. I felt my nipples harden, and instinctively I reached my arms around her neck. Sheetal moaned and we fell onto our sides on the bed, kissing each other with hot passion. Sheetal’s hands slid up my waist and I was so hot all I wanted her to do was pinch my nipples. At last, we broke our kiss, but our faces were still close together. Ohh God!” I breathed softly. “I want you!” I was shocked at my own words as they came out of my mouth by themselves. Sheetal looked at me, and then she kissed me again, this time, rolling me onto my back and laying on me. Both of our tongues chased each other, and we kissed until we started grinding our hips against each other. Sheetal pulled back and whispered to me. “Let me love you, please?”

That’s all I needed to hear. “Oh, yes, please!” I said.

Sheetal and I knew each other from sixth class on, and we were very close friends for years. Now, this felt natural, as we loved each other in almost every other way. Sheetal slid her hands over my breasts and pinched my nipples. “Ohhh, yes, SHEETAL!” I moaned. “Pinch them for me.” Sheetal knew I liked that from conversations long ago. The next thing I knew, she had my blouse open and she was sucking my bare tits, circling the areola with her tongue. I floated lightly on a cloud, enjoying her touch. Sheetal sucked and licked, teasing the underside and licking my neck. Nervously I reached up and pulled her T-shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her full breasts hung down, the large, dark nipples hard and sexy. I pushed Sheetal up and sucked one of her nipples, running my hands all over her lovely tanned body. Her long blonde hair sent electricity through me when it brushed my skin. Both of us were breathing hard, and feeling very sexy. My hands found the edges of her pants and the fasteners. I unzipped her pants and slid my hands down onto her beautiful behind, cupping her cheeks and then squeezing them softly. I still sucked her wonderful nipples too. “Yes. Squeeze my ass. Lift them, alternate each side.” She said breathily.

I did, and I could hear her pussy making wet noises thru the fabric of her pants and underwear! She really was that wet! Her hands found the zipper of my jeans, and she slid them off of me, leaving my panties on. I got her out of her pants too, and she tossed her underwear aside, kneeling nude right next to me. I’d seldom seen her naked, and never from the front. Now the blonde hair on her pussy fascinated me. I reached out and touched it, and Sheetal rocked her pelvis forward, forcing my touch to her mons. It felt soft, and silky, not as coarse as mine. I ran my nails up her belly and then pinched a nipple. Sheetal knelt there, eyes closed,and she moaned softly. She reached for my panties, and I stopped her. Our eyes met, and I know I blushed.

“Do you want to stop?” She asked me. No, I didn’t but that wasn’t the problem. “Promise you won’t laugh or get mad?” I asked her. I was a bit sheepish about showing her. Sheetal promised and I stood up, facing away from her. I took off my pink panties and turned around. Sheetal looked, no, stared, at my pussy, in all it’s shaven glory. Sheetal’s reply “Ohhh, Shazia! It’s beautiful!” Sheetal was beaming at me, and then she leaned forward and pulled me onto the bed. “Let me lick you?” She said. I laid back and let her. Sheetal’s tongue found my bare pussy, and I jumped. Her tongue was hot, and wet, and I knew I was soaked too. She traced a heart on my pussy with her tongue, and then she started kissing the insides of my thighs. Each touch, every kiss made me hotter and wetter. Sheetal took her long blonde hair and flipped it up onto my stomach and pulled it over me. God that felt soooo sexxxy! Especially when it slid between my legs, over my bare pussy! I moaned and arched on the bed. Sheetal flipped her hair away, and then leaned forward, her tongue out. She looked at me and I watched her lean down and felt her tongue touch my now sopping wet pussy. I was so excited, my juice was making my ass wet. She licked and then tasted. Then another lick,and another. Each touch sent waves of electric pleasure through me. I was panting hard, watching her with her eyes closed lick my pussy. Sheetal pushed her tounge into my vagina, and now I wanted her to suck me until I came. I’d never been this excited by any of my boyfriend seating me! She raked her nails down my thighs, and I shivered. Then, magic! Sheetal’s tounge found my clit, and she tounged it lightly, making circles all around it. I don’t remember, but Sheetal said I bucked and thrashed on the bed, moaning and making high pitched noises while I came. What I do remember is sheer orgasms, one after another while she sucked me. I remember pushing my pussy into her face and feeling her wet lips and tounge all over me, and loving each second of it!

Exhausted,I layed there, sweating and panting. Sheetal came up and held me,telling me that I tasted soooo good, and stroking my hair. When I recovered, I wanted, REALLY WANTED to do her too. Sheetal lay back, resting on the pillows, and now I loved her. I sucked her nipples and tounged her breasts all around. I licked between them too, enjoying their soft warmth. I kissed my way down her stomach, kissing her sides and down the outsides of her hips and thighs. Sheetal’s breasts sag just a bit, and they’re really sexy that way, showing how full and lovely they are. I used my long hair on her, the way she did to me. Sheetal sighed and toyed with her nipples while I kissed and licked the insides of her thighs. Sheetal’s pussy gave a wonderful fragrant and sexy aroma, and I plunged right in.

I licked her creamy juices from her entrance up to her clit. I even sucked her labia into my mouth, and their soft-ness and silkiness felt sexy and erotic. I licked the full length of her slit, and then sucked on her clit, circling it with my tounge the way she’d done me. Sheetal arched up and her legs locked around me, and I felt her pussy pulsing against my lips. Her spasms triggered another, albeit small, orgasm in me, and we both rode over our waves of pleasure. I kept sucking, her tasty cream was soo good, so warm and slick that I wanted it all over me. Sheetal came again, and I was struck with an idea. When she recovered, I suggested it. “I want you to rub your pussy all over my nipples.” I told Sheetal.

She sort of smiled and then rolled me over, swinging her legover me. Sheetal lowered her still soaked pussy onto my right nipple, and pulled her pussy open. I felt her slick cunt slide over my nipple and I almost came right away! Ohhhh it was so warm and slick! Quickly I pressed up against her pussy, and then we were both rubbing back and forth. I rolled the other way, and shoved my left nipple up against her clit, and Sheetal started to come. She was rubbing her pussy on me and fingering her clit too. My breasts were slick and wet from her pussy and then I lay flat on my back, Sheetal rubbing her slippery juices right on the middle of my chest. It felt so erotic and hot! Sheetal’s chest was flushedand so was mine. I slid down and let her sit on my face and mouth,sucking her delicous cunt. Sheetal came over and over, shuddering and moaning loudly each time. Sheetal rolled off of me and we held each other, kissing tenderly.

A bit later, I was sucking her tits and finger-fucking her hot pussy, and Sheetal was rocking her hips up and down. That’s when we both heard, from the doorway, a very conscious “wow!”.

Start led because we thought we were alone, we turned around to see Sheetal’s older brother, Sandeep, standing at the door, and he had his cock in his hand. And WHAT a cock! Sandeep was twenty fiveand very good looking. We both scream and trying to cover up. Both of us were staring at his massive meaty cock. “Don’t try to cover up girls.” He said. “I’ve been watching for about five minutes and I’ve seen both of you already.”

Sheetal was pissed, and screamed at him for sneaking in, and invading our privacy (we’d left the bedroom door open though). Sandeep lived separate at his own place, but he often came home to visit, and this was one of those times! Sheetal was still mad, and yelling at him.

“What’re you gonna do? Tell mom?” Sandeep said sarcasticly, and I noticed that he was looking Sheetal over lustily. His words hit Sheetal hard, and she shut up, knowing that if she said anything, her mother would hear about our lesbian play. “You girls are reallysomething to watch! I got hard in two seconds!” Sheetal looked down at his cock (so did I). Then I walked over and looked him right in the eyes, and unfastened his pants.

“SHAZIA! What’re you doing?” Sheetal said, shocked. I didn’t say anything, but I took a hold of Sandeep’s pants and pulled them down. Sandeep’s cock was about nine inches long and really thick. Thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. I opened my mouth and sucked. His thick cock forced my mouth open wide, and I looked up his six foot two inch body. Sheetal watched me suck his cock, and I took about half of it into my mouth. I could taste his salty cum, what was leaking out, and it excited me more. I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and used my nails on his ass and balls. Sandeep must’ve been watching for a while, because he moaned and shoot his thick creamy cum in my mouth. I swallowed some, then slid off his cock, smiling. “Mmmmmmm” I moaned. I looked over at Sheetal, and she was sitting on the bed, watching. I went to Sheetal and pushed her down on the bed. Then I kissed her and she was a bit shocked when she felt and tasted her brother’s cum flowing into her mouth. Then she started to lick and I lifted up, letting it dribble onto her tounge and lips. Sandeep watched, stroking himself. As soon as most of his sperm was on Sheetal’s tounge and lips, I kissed her passionately, being sure to lick her lips visibly with my tounge so Sandeep could see. Sheetal went a bit crazy too, licking my face and lips.

“You babes are fucking hot!” Sandeep said. I’d just sucked him off and then I felt his thick cock at my pussy, pushing its way in. I was so wet and slippery, my pussy let him in, even though it stretched me quite a bit. It felt huge going in, and every time he thrust, I thought he just might split me in two.

I was kneeling on the bed, and Sheetal slid up and I started sucking her hot pussy. Sandeep pumped his cock in and out of me, and I started to cum in huge waves of intense orgasm. All I could do was pant, moan or make some sort of noise. Sheetal slid under me in a 69 position and started licking and sucking my clit. Her brother’s cock started to swell inside me and I could feel him gettting ready to shoot. I slammed back into his thick meat, and begged him to fuck my hot cunt…litterally saying “Fuck my hot cunt you son of a bitch!” I was really hot and wild!! Sandeep came again, and it felt like a flood inside me. He rammed deep into me and filled me with his sperm. I came again too, With Sheetal’s help. I was now beginning to float along when Sandeep pulled out and pressed my hips down onto Sheetal’s face. Sheetal sucked and licked the flowing juices from me, and I seemed to rocket in to orbit. I was grinding my cunt against her face an shouting in a loud voice “EAT ME! OHH EAT ME!” Sheetal sucked her brother’s cum from my pussy, and I collapsed on the bed, drifting for a while. I could hear her talking to Sandeep, but my brain was really fried from all of this. I must’ve dozed or fallen asleep, because I woke up to the bed shaking.

Sheetal was on her back, and I could see that Sandeep was pumping her pussy. Sheetal’s legs were flung wide open and Sandeep was sucking her tits hard. I just watched for a bit. Sandeep overlap her and slid his slippery wet cock between her tits. Sheetal pushed her tits together, letting him tit-fuck her. “I’ve fantasized about this for years!” Sandeep said. He started pumping his cock and after a bit, Sheetal’s pussy juice wasn’t enough. I was fingering my own pussy by now, so I started using my wet fingers to rub my cream on his cock and her tits. Sandeep pumped and fucked her tits, and then I started fingering Sheetal’s clit to get her off too. Sandeep shot his thick sperm all over his sister’s face, then rubbed his cock on her tits. Sheetal was licking her lips and I sucked Sandeep’s cock until he got hard again. Now it was my turn again. Sandeep started pumping my pussy, and I sat there feeling like I was floating on his cock. Sheetal’s cunt was easy to get too, and I licked and sucked her juicy pussy. After a few minutes, Sandeep stopped, I guess he was getting tired,and pulled out of me. “I’ve got an idea” He said, and he had us follow him into the living room.

Sandeep had me sit on his cock, while he sat on the sofa, and Sheetal knelt on the floor and licked my clit and his cock while we fucked. His thick cock was so heavenly the way it stretched me open. Sheetal’s tounge had me floating miles high in a lusty haze. Sheetal was lapping my shaved cunt, and Sandeep was using his cock like a pile driver, each thrust filling me. I was facing away from Sandeep, and he was squeezing my tits and shaking them, whichfelt sexy. A few minutes of this and I was cumming like a broken dam, my juice flowing freely down his stiff cock. Sheetal licked and sucked us, and when I looked down she had one of Sandeep’s balls in her mouth, sucking it. Sandeep moaned and I felt him swelling up inside me.

“I’m gonna CUMMMM!” he shouted. I rose up and Sheetal pulled him out of my pussy. His sperm shot against my cunt lips and all over my pussy. Some Even reached my stomach, and all of it felt soooo warm and creamy!

I was just beginning to enjoy the feeling when Sandeep slipped out From under me, leaving Sheetal to tounge me off. Sheetal was lapping His sperm from my clit, making me come again. I was weak and shaky so Sheetal was holding my legs wide apart and high in the air, with my ass almost off the sofa. I started to sit up and saw Sandeep fucking his sister Sheetal from behind. Sheetal was sucking my cunt hard too. Both of us started moaning when Sandeep talking dirty “Suck that beautiful bi-slut’s cunt.” He told Sheetal. “Suck that juicy sperm covered rundy!” Sheetal was incredibly hot with the way she sucked me, and I was getting ready to cum again. “Suck that bi-slut’s cunt juice.” Sandeep told Sheetal again. “Lick that cum off her hot slit. Suck your bi-slut friend while I fuck your asshole bitch!” Sheetal moaned into my cunt, and Sandeep’s words echoed in my ears, taking me the the very edge. He kept it up, and both Sheetal and I came, moaning and being the sluts he said we were.

“Spread her legs and suck her cunt. Lap that cunt juice Sheetal. Lick your girlfriend’s slit. Lick her slit while I fill your butt with hot, thick, Cum!” Both of us were moaning, me from Sheetal’s tounge, and her from her ass fuck. “I’ll fuck her tight ass while she sucks your dripping wet slit.” Sandeep said and then “I’ll cum in her tight ass hole while she’s drinking your slut-juice! I felt totally want on and ready for anything! I was cumming and every word from Sandeep seemed to make me wilder. I could feel how hard he was pounding Sheetal’s ass, each thrust pushed her face against my pussy. Sandeep was thrusting hard and fast, and then he moaned and shoved his thick cock up Sheetal’s butt, shouting ” I’m….CUMMMM MMMmmmmmmminnnng!” Sheetal gasped and she came too, shoving three fingers deep inside my cunt and making me come with her. We were all sitting there, sweating and wet, the only sounds were our heaving breathing, and our hearts pounding. After that Sandeep left for his house.


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Erotic Hot Stories – Late Night Fun In The Jacuzzi

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So, about a year ago, I had a lot of trouble going to sleep one Thursday night. I was tossing and turning for hours, but I just couldn’t fall asleep! At around 2 in the morning, I realized that the reason I couldn’t go to sleep was because i hadn’t exercised in two days – I go to the gym at least five times a week – so I had a lot of pent up energy. I like to keep in good shape, and so far, I’ve succeeded. I’m about 5’1, and weigh 95 lbs. I’d probably weigh less, but nature blessed me with a very large set of perky, 34dd boobs. And since I live in Southern California, I pretty much always have a healthy tan to go with my shoulder length dark brown hair.

I decided to go for a swim, even though the pool in my apartment building technically “closed” at 11 p.m., but since there wasn’t a security guard or anything like that, it didn’t really matter. So I slid out of bed and went over to the closet where I keep my swimsuits. I saw that both of the one-piece swimsuits I normally wear when I go swimming for exercise were in the wash, and I just had a few bikinis that were clean. I thought to myself, “What the hell, no one else is going to be there,” took out the skimpiest bikini I had, a little pink top that covered little more than my nipples and had no chance in hell of containing my 34dd’s, and a matching thong. I normally wouldn’t ever really go swimming in this, but I was feeling adventurous. I put on the too little two-piece, tossed on an old t-shirt and some running shorts, grabbed a towel, my cell phone, keys, and some flip flops, and snuck out to the pool.

I got to the gate of the pool and gym area, and peeked in between the bars of the fence. I saw that the lights were on, which was odd since they were hooked up to a motion detector, but I didn’t see anyone inside. Satisfied that no one would be around, I went in, tossed my towel, phone, and keys on a pool chair, and then stripped out of my tee and shorts. I shivered a bit in the cold air, seeing my nipples get a bit erect. I heard a sound, and did a quick turn, my boobs bouncing as I turned, but didn’t see anyone. I had the distinct feeling I was being watched.

I thought about going back, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t get at least some exercise in, so I dove right in, and started to do laps. I couldn’t swim nearly as fast as I normally do because I had to constantly pull up my little thong and keep putting my top back in place when it started to slip off my nipples.

After 40 laps, I finally stopped at the shallow end to take a break. I took a look around, and saw these two studs lounging on pool chairs, the chair with my stuff between them. They were looking right at me.

“Um, hi!” I called over.

“Hey there,” said the tanned white guy on the left in the black shorts and green shirt, and dark brown hair.

“Hi, don’t mind us, go ahead and keep swimming, if you want,” said the less tanned white guy ion the right in the dark blue shorts and light blue shirt, and lighter brown hair.

“Um, well, it’s kinda late, I think I’m about done,” I replied, and started to get out of the pool, my boobs jiggling with every step.

I have to admit, it was quite the turn on seeing these guys follow my every move. In fact, it’s usually a turn on for me when I’m the center of attention from a bunch of guys or girls. Meaning, I’m usually quite horny. 😉

After I had just about reached them, the guy in the green and black finally found his voice. “Well, we were thinking about taking a dip in the hot tub,” he said. “Want to join us?”

His friend chimed in as I reached for my towel, “Yeah, it’s a good thing to cool down after a, uh, hard workout.”

I noticed my nipples were rock hard, from the cold air and water, and I knew these guys were looking right at them. So, against my better judgment, I replied, “Sure, why not?”

I dropped my towel, went to the controls for the tub to turn the bubbles on full bore, and go into the hot tub before the guys had even risen from their chairs. I’m sure they were staring at my ass all the while. The boys then hopped to their feet, took off their shoes and socks, stripped to their boxers, and joined me in the tub. I finally got a good look at them. The tanned guy in the green and black was easily 6 feet tall, and the guy in the dark blue and light blue wasn’t much shorter. Both had six packs, but Green/Black had a smaller frame and was leaner – he was probably a runner or a bicyclist – while Light Blue/Dark Blue was very well muscled and stockier. Still, they sort of resembled each other, and I could tell they were brothers. They were also hot as all hell.

“So, what’s your name?” asked the Light Blue/Dark Blue

“Kylie, what about you two?”

“I’m Eric,” said the Green/Black and held out his hand. He took my little hand in his and gave it a firm shake.

“And I’m Clayton,” said the other. Finally, I had names and didn’t have to refer to them by a color code! I shook Clayton’s hand too, and he gave me an even firmer shake.

“So, what brought you two out here so late?” I asked.

Clayton said, “Well, Eric’s visiting from Hawaii, and is on a bit of a later time zone then me, and couldn’t sleep, so we decided to hit the gym for a bit, and then come for a dip in the hot tub to cool off.”

“So, who’s the older brother?” I asked.

Eric answered, “Is it that obvious we’re brothers?” They both laughed, and i just smiled. “Well, I’m four years older, I’m 32, Clay’s 28. What about you, Kylie? How old are you?”

“I’m 25,” I answered, fidgeting a bit with my tiny top. The bubbles were enough to make it so that it didn’t want to stay in the right place.

“Do you both live here?” I asked.

“I do,” answered Clay. “Eric’s visiting from Chicago. What apartment are you in?

“I’m in 30F. You?” I continued to fidget with my top.

“13G.” Clay was staring at my boobs. “You know, you were having a lot of trouble with that top while you were swimming, Clay said.

“Yeah, I know, I was the one having the trouble,” I replied. That made Eric burst out into laughter, which made Clay and me start laughing too.

“Ouch, we got a smart ass here,” remarked Clay after a moment.

“Smart ass, tight ass, same thing, right, Kylie?” replied Eric, looking straight at me.

I was momentarily taken aback, but couldn’t help responding, “Oh you noticed? How long were you staring at it?” I teased.

“Oh, about 40 laps worth.” answered Clay.

“So you were sitting there the entire time I was swimming?” I asked. They both just nodded. “So I was being watched, I knew it.” They both just shrugged.

I readjusted my top again. “You know, if you’re having so much trouble with that top, why don’t you just take it off? It’s not like it’s covering all that much,” Eric said.

I grinned, considering it, “You wish-” I started to get out, but before I could get another word out, Clay made my mind for me, grabbed the top by the string between my boobs, and ripped the damn thing off me, fully exposing my boobs. I quickly tried to cover up half heartedly, but let my arms drop in a split second. “Happy now?” I asked the boys.

“Well, you look far more comfortable, I’d say.” Eric answered. My big boobs bobbed on the water surface, the bubbles tickling my nipples. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are those real?” Eric asked.

“Of cour-!,” I replied. Clay had already drifted close, and reached out to grope my left boob as I got half my answer out.

“Yep, they’re real, bro, feel for yourself!” Clay said to Eric, who promptly came over and started massaging and groping my right boob, and playing with my super sensitive nipples.

“Mmmmmm!!!” Was the only response I could muster, through pursed lips. Not being able to help myself, I started to stroke the brothers through their soaked boxers. Eric and Clay immediately slipped off them, letting me give them both hand jobs. They went over and sat on the edge of the pool, their hard poles sticking straight up. They were both very impressively endowed, each at least eight and half inches. I think Clayton was a bit wider – I couldn’t even get close to getting my hand around his shaft – but Eric was bit longer. I immediately started to suck on Clay’s massive cock, while stroking Eric. Eric bent over to play with my boobs while I gave him a hand job, pinching and playing with my nipples.

My mouth then switched over to Eric, and i started to stroke Clay. I went back and forth between the brothers a couple times, until Clay said, “I want to fuck those massive titties.” Clay leaned over, grabbed me by the waist, and lifted all 95 lbs of me out of the water with absurd ease. This of course, got me even more turned on, since I absolutely LOVE getting manhandled like that. Clay laid me on the deck around the hot tub, legs dangling in, and then straddled me, positioning his rod between my tits. He wrapped his meat with my boobs, and started to tittyfuck me, pinching my nipples and rolling my tits all the while, and I sucked at the tip of his cock as it came up.

Eric had plans for the rest of me. He tore my bikini bottoms off, and started to finger fuck me roughly. I could hardly stand it. “You like that?” Eric asked. I was too busy enjoying Eric’s fingers abusing my clit and sucking on Clay to answer.

WHACK! Eric spanked me hard. “Bitch, I asked you a fucking question.” Eric commanded, and spanked me hard again.

“Ungh!!! Oh . . . GOD . . . I fucking . . . love it . . .” I finally got out, between mouthfuls of Clay’s cock as it came up between my tits.

“Looks like this slut needs to be fucked . . .” mused Eric as he put my legs on his shoulders, and drove his cock deep inside me.

“OH FUCKING GOD YES!!!!!!!!! I screamed as Eric pounded me repeatedly, fucking me silly while his brother continued to tittyfuck me. I wanted nothing more than for these two studs to keep doing what they were doing, not giving a damn that I had just met them.

“I need to feel this whore’s throat,” then said. He got off me, and Eric dragged me back into the tub, flipping me over, so my tits were in the water. Clay then sat on the edge of the jacuzzi, grabbed my head, and forced me back onto his cock, and started to skullfuck me, making me take his entire huge length, while his brother fucked me doggystyle. “God damn, look at this bitch suck!” exclaimed Clay. I could only make moaning noises as i was taken at both ends, and I knew I was very close to cumming. Clay must have known I was close because right as I started to cum, Clay slid his entire length into my throat, and held my head there, not letting go, making me choke on that massive chunk of meat. and held it there until I came down from my climax, finally letting me breath. It felt like my orgasm lasted for an hour, but I knew it was only thirty seconds or so.

I came up, gasping for air. But before I could get my senses together, Clay started to geyser in my face, coating my face with his hot, sticky, cum. Eric immediately spun my around, rose out of the water, and spewed his volcano of cum on me too, all over my big tits. I had to lie back against the jacuzzi wall for a moment to get my bearings, closing my eyes for what I thought was a second.

But it was a lot more than that. When I opened my eyes again, I noticed that Clay’s and Eric’s cum had dried on my face and tits, and dawn was breaking! “FUCK!” I said to myself, and scrambled out of the jacuzzi. I looked around for my bikini, but couldn’t find it. My towel, t-shirt, and shorts were also missing! I knew that people started to come to the pool and gym almost as soon as dawn broke, so I grabbed my keys and cell phone, put on my flip flops, and had to run home naked, boobs bouncing like mad, coated with dried cum. I don’t know if anyone saw me, but if anyone had, they would have seen quite the sight! I made it home, breathing heavy. When I opened the front door, what did I see, but my clothes and towel! There was a note on top: “Couldn’t bear to wake you, thought we’d give you a hand with your clothes, though, since we got you out of them! – Eric & Clay.”


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March 26, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – 18 and Lusting for Lover’s Dad ch.2

It had been sometime during the night when his wife had gone out of town. Kris thought he had either been dreaming or Trina had come home early and decided to surprise him with a good blow job.

As he felt the warm, hot mouth around his generous cock, he moaned softly and bucked his hips up slightly to thrust his dick further through the lips wrapped around it.

But when he opened his eyes and looked down, it wasn’t his wife’s mouth around his cock nor was it a dream. It had been his son’s sexy girlfriend, Tracy, that was now working his stiff pole with her mouth, tongue and throat.

He and Tracy had fucked before and he never thought he would have her in his bed again; even at the times Kris had fucked his wife, he thought of the hot night Tracy had gotten him into bed, her willing mouth and sex-crazed body giving his cock a workout. And now she was back for more.

Tracy popped his dick out of her mouth, licking the shaft.

“Don’t stop now, baby,” Kris moaned. “Suck that dick some more with that great mouth of yours.”

Tracy put his cock into her mouth. She cupped his balls in her hands. She put her lips over the tip and sucked him back into her throat.

“Oh God, baby, that’s it! Suck my cock!” he called softly.

As Tracy worked on his cock head, she wrapped her hand around the shaft and began pumping him. She licked the underside and paused at the base to tongue that special spot between his balls and the shaft.

She increased her suction and took him completely into her mouth down to the base as his pubic hair brushed her nose.

She felt his cock start to swell, then within minutes, explode streams of cum down her throat. Tracy didn’t miss a beat as she swallowed down every drop of his seed.

“Oh, baby….God, I needed that. I’ve been so damn horny lately,” he groaned with pleasure.

Tracy came up and kissed him, Kris tasting the residue of his own cum in her mouth.

“Mmm,” she said, then getting up to strip off her nightshirt, naked underneath. “You’re not the only one that needs some relief.”

She then climbed back into bed, this time beside him. “I’ve been thinking about getting a good fuck tonight.”

“I thought you and Gus were just fucking a little while ago.”

“We were,” she said, “but he’s ready to cum after about ten minutes and his cock doesn’t satisfy me the way yours does. And he doesn’t eat pussy. I really get off when I get eaten out.”

Kris then went down between her legs, slowly tonguing her clit and she shivered a little.

“You mean like that, baby?” he asked, then licked her slit up and down for a bit before sliding his tongue deep into her cunt, fucking her with his tongue while stroking her clit with his fingers.

“Oh, yes! God, Kris, don’t stop!”

He continued to lick and suck her cunt until she began to shudder, then let go an intense orgasm into his mouth.

Christ! In all their years of marriage, Trina had never cum for him like that when he ate her pussy.

By now, he was fully engorged and as hard again, and Tracy had barely had time to recover when Kris grabbed her and climbed between her legs.

Tracy guided his cock into her pussy and felt him slowly work his way deep inside her. He didn’t rush into her; he took his time and made her feel all of him.

Once inside, he grabbed her legs and put them up over her head as he proceeded to work himself even deeper into her.

He pumped into her and kept a steady pace for the next ten to fifteen minutes; Tracy must have cum at least twice already as he fucked her.

“Ohhhh, baby, you love getting this dick in you, don’t you? Some girl loves getting fucked, huh?”

“Yes…fuck me baby…fuck me deep…don’t stop!”

During that time, she floated from orgasm to orgasm. God, she loved feeling his big dick inside her and seeing him slide in and out of her made her even hotter!

“Fuck me, Kris,” she panted. “Harder.”

They fucked for about half and hour and Kris was still not ready to cum.

They switched positions so that she was on top and watched his face as she rode him. He was in pure ecstasy as this young woman bounced up and down on his cock.

He reached up and massaged her breasts and grabbed her nipples as Tracy impaled herself on his still-engorged cock.

Within a few minutes after switching positions, she was having another series of orgasms.

They’d been fucking for almost an hour now and he still had not cum. Rather than a fast orgasm, he stayed hard and kept on fucking; Tracy’s tight pussy turning him on more and more as he fucked her.

She found it incredibly hot that her lover’s father could have such staying power and be so incredible in bed. Kris had made her cum so many times, by now, she had lost count.

Kris got back on top of her. He used short strokes and then a few long strokes and it felt even better than Tracy could have imagined.

“Ooooh…” she moaned. “Baby, don’t stop fucking me!”

His cock started to quiver and swell again. His strokes became faster and faster and she knew he was close to an orgasm.

“Shit, Tracy….” he growled. “I’m cumming inside you….you beautiful, hot bitch…”

Suddenly, he pushed himself as deep as he could into her and started to shake and buck.

She felt a scalding hot jet of cum explode from him, and the feeling of his sperm shooting into her sparked her own final orgasm as they came together.

He then collapsed on top of her, both breathing heavy for a few moments before he rolled off of her and they engaged in a passionate kiss, stroking each other’s bodies.

“Next time, we need to do you in the ass,” he commented sexily.

She lay there a moment after he’d gone to sleep, enjoying the feeling of his cum in her, before getting up and putting her nightshirt back on and going back to her and Gus’ room to rejoin him in bed.

He’d never missed her the entire time Tracy had been fucking his father.

From that night on, she and Kris began meeting for clandestine sex in the den when their partners were home–and in each other’s bed when they weren’t. Neither would remember being so sexually satisfied in their lives as when they were together.

Tracy then began to wonder if she was indeed with the wrong guy, but found it hot that both father and son were giving her the cock she craved at the same time….even if the son gave it to her for ten minutes. Dad would make up for the rest!


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Erotic Hot Stories – 18 and Lusting for Lover’s Dad ch.1

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The house was empty with the exception of Tracy and Kris, his youngest son, Klaus and of course, his and Trina’s first grandchild, Kristian.

The place was now quiet with Kristian and Klaus asleep and the rest of the kids were away for the weekend. Worse, he was horny as hell the first time in weeks and was missing Trina. They hadn’t even gotten in a good fuck before she left for Australia.

He then wandered out to the kitchen to get a drink, finding Tracy in her baby doll pajamas. It was later than he had realized; apparently Kris had gotten too far in his paperwork to notice until now.

Tracy was startled. “Kris, hi!”

“Sorry to scare you, Trace,” he smiled at his son’s pretty girlfriend.

“Did you get your work done?” she asked.

“Most of it. I think I’m going to relax in the living room for a bit.”

“Mind if I join you since Kristian is asleep?”

“Go nuts,” he grinned. Company sounded good right about now.

Tracy then sat beside him on the couch, watching TV and chatting before somehow, the conversation turned to their respective partners and sex. Tracy could sense Kris was stressed, not to mention the rise in his pants was not lost on her.

She then did something Kris never expected.

Tracy then slid over closer to him and put her hand on his crotch, rubbing it gently.

“You know, I could do something about that,” she purred, indicating his slight hard-on.

“Tracy, you’re still a teenager, Gus’ girlfriend and I’m married besides. We’d be playing with fire. And you know the mess that is going on down at the office. I sure as hell don’t need this to get out.”

“I won’t tell anyone if you won’t,” she said huskily, not taking her hand off Kris’ dick.

With the eighteen year old beauty’s underlying offer to fuck him and her hand on his crotch, and the stress he had over the last several weeks as well as missing Trina, Kris felt a twinge of excitement stir in him.

Still, he felt odd accepting an offer for sex from a teenager, even one as sexy as Tracy.

“You know, Kris,” Tracy began as she continued stroking his bulge. “I always thought you were pretty hot and wondered what it was like to have sex with you.”

“Any cock in a storm, huh?” he finally joked.

“I guess. But I’m horny and you said you and Trina haven’t done it much lately.”

She had a point there. Besides, who would know if Tracy and he went at it one time? Trina was about to land in Australia, Gus was at a college weekend, Klaus and Kristian were asleep and wouldn’t know any better anyway, and the twins were away at a sleepover party.

Tracy was still rubbing his cock, getting Kris worked up more.

“So….you want to go have some fun with a hot, younger woman and let me give you some sweet relief from all that tension?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. They were practically dragging each other into the bedroom shortly after.

One they were there, Kris locked the door and they fell onto the bed, fondling and kissing each other before she took her nightie off and was braless underneath it.

Those sexy, firm tits were now on display for him. He found her body not unlike Trina’s, still gorgeous even after having a baby. He was very turned on by now.

“You like what you see?” she said, fondling them in her hands.

“God, you got a nice pair there, baby,” Kris said, taking one of them into his mouth as he gently squeezed the other.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” he moaned, sucking the other tit, then gently biting her nipples as Tracy sighed and moaned.

“Ohhhhhh, Kris,” she moaned softly. “Suck my tits!”

He worked a little more on her firm mounds before he took his mouth off of them, standing up to peel off his pants and shirt, and his dick was VERY hard and throbbing now.

Kris stroked it a little, asking Tracy in a teasing manner if she knew what to do with an older guy.

In response, he got a blow job that totally blew his mind. God, he thought Trina gave great head, but Tracy had it down to an art!

She sucked his dick from tip to base, back and forth, swirling her tongue around his dick head and gently biting Kris’ balls, before he’d gotten over five minutes of the best deep throat sucking he’d experienced to this day.

“God, that is great, baby,” he panted. “You give some great head there.”

She only winked at him, not missing a beat sucking his manhood.

“Ohhhhhhhh Tracy…it’s been so long since I had my dick sucked…you’re so fucking good, baby…such a great mouth on you…”

Her mouth stood on Kris’ dick for a few more minutes before he had to reluctantly take her off of it; if he had let her keep it up, he would have definitely cum way too soon.

“You liked that,” she stated matter of factly, smiling at him.

“Baby, that was hot as hell.”

“I thought of something else to make you feel real good, too,” she grinned before mounting Kris’ cock.

“Jesus, you fuck a guy on top?!” he asked, both surprised and totally delighted.

“You like this? Does Trina do this to you?”

“Not for a long time, baby,” Kris panted as Tracy had his entire throbber in her surprisingly tight snatch, bouncing up and down.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kris!” she cried. “Your cock feels so good in me! Oh, Kris, fuck me!”

“Ride me, Tracy,” he panted harder as his hips bucked up to join her in fucking. “Ride me, baby, you’re so fucking hot!”

As she pumped up and down on his cock harder, her tits bounced in time with their fucking. He reached up and grabbed both of them, pulling her down to suck her nipples as she fucked his cock.

She then let out a soft cry as her body began to shiver.

“You gonna cum, baby? Huh? Come on, baby, I want you to let go a good cum for me while you fuck that cock!”

“God, Kris, fuck me!”

“Oh yeah, you are so ready to cum!”

“Yes! I’m going to cum!” she finally yelled out as Kris felt her cunt quiver with her orgasm as it wrapped tighter around his long-neglected tool.

“Dammit, fuck me!” she cried louder. “Fuck!”

Kris then reached up and grabbed her by the waist, slamming her down on his cock to really let her experience a hard cum.

“Oh fuck me more, Kris!” she cried out, cumming hard now. “Fuck! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming! Fuck me…fuck!”

It seemed she’d cum for a long time before her body finally relaxed, not taking her eyes off of him nor slowing down on his cock the entire time.

Kris’ dick still lodged deep into her pussy, he rolled them over until Tracy was underneath him, then fucked her with every inch of strength in his body.

“Kris, yessssss!!! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck!”

“Ohh shit, baby, you are so hot!”

“Don’t stop,” Tracy panted, definitely enjoying his cock in her snatch. “Fuck me more! Harder!”

He may have been considerably older than his son’s girlfriend and the mother of his grandchild, but Kris wanted to show her that even older guys can keep up with the likes of her in bed.

And there was no question Tracy was enjoying every minute of it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God, Kris,” she cried, grabbing his ass. “Give me more of your cock! Fuck me!”

He fucked her missionary for several more minutes before he pulled out his cock and turned her over, entering her hot, dripping cunt again from behind and giving it to her doggy style.

“You’re really enjoying this,” he said when he felt her about to cum again, gently slapping her ass.

“You’re sooooo hot, Kris…oh, God, fuck me harder.. I’m going to cum again…fuccccccck ME!”

Tracy then had another crashing orgasm; he felt her juices covering his cock as she came.

Again, he fucked her even harder and went deeper into her pussy just so she would have a great cum.

She came a couple more times while they fucked doggy, screaming at Kris to fuck her more, harder, deeper, faster!

“Jesus Kris, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck me!”

“Oh God, Tracy!” he called.

“Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…FUCK!”

He was so into the hot sex Tracy was so freely giving him, Kris almost didn’t feel the cum working its way up from his balls and about to shoot through his cock.

He hadn’t even thought of using anything and was reluctant to cum into her; the last thing he needed was for her to get pregnant again. Especially with [I]his[/I] child.

“Tracy…got to pull out. Baby, I’m going to cum!”

“No, Kris!” she protested. “Fuck me more till you cum! I want you to shoot it in me! Cum in me!”

“Tracy…oh God…I can’t…”

“I’m on the fucking pill now so Gus doesn’t knock me up again…fuck me and shoot it in my pussy!” she cried louder.

“Dammit, Kris, fucking cum in my pussy!”

“You want this cum, baby?” he asked, feeling better that she used protection and as I felt the first shot of his load approaching.

“Give it to me, Kris. Give me all that cum you got! Fill it with that hot cream! Cum in my pussy!”

“Shit! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum in your hot little cunt!”

His cock then blew what seemed to be an eternity of bottled up cum deep into Tracy’s box; Kris felt as if he was shooting wads of it in Tracy’s pussy as she squealed with happiness feeling his hot semen pass into her.

When Kris finally finished, he gave a couple more thrusts in and out of her cunt before he pulled out.

“God Kris,” she breathed when he collapsed beside her, “You must have been really horny to fuck me that good!”

“You don’t even know the half of it, Tracy,” he said.

It hadn’t really hit him until later, and then he was embarrassed and guilt ridden about what had happened with the girl that was a little more than half his age.

Good God! He just had sex with his son’s girlfriend! Worse, he had ENJOYED IT!


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March 25, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Shopping with Maria

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It was early in the afternoon as I strode in to your kitchen with my empty cup. There you were, bending low, stacking dirty plates into the dishwasher. That ass sticking out provocatively….. so temptingly. But, just as a raise my hand to give it a playful slap you quickly stand upright. “Oh No Stan!” you chuckle, “No time for that! You owe me! So get your American Excuse Card primed ready. We’re going shopping and you’re paying!”

I gulp. Prising my wallet out of my back-pocket ain’t easy. What debt did I owe? What was this money for? I was a little confused. But you’re already slipping on your jacket, the keys to your Subaru dangling from your hand.

“Come on Stan! Get your leather jacket on! Remember that night you crept into my bedroom with your sharp knife and cut my nightie off me? Well…… you owe me for that nightie……. And I need recompense!”

Ooooeps! I had forgotten that! Yes….. I did owe you the cost of a new nightie. Didn’t I? I grabbed my leather jacket and quickly followed you out of the door.

“But Maria……….. can I drive?”

With maybe just a little apprehension you toss me the keys and I stride over to your car and climb behind the wheel as you climb into the passenger seat. “Don’t forget your seat-belt Maria,” I warn. I’m not sure if they’re a legal requirement in Pittsburgh but they are back home in Britain. My fingers brush against yours as we both fit our seat-belts and a little tingle of excitement rushes up my arm. I smile…. I do that a lot when I’m in your company.

I familiarise myself as regards where all the switches and dials all are and turn the key. The engine bursts into life and, after a little fiddle put the car into ‘Reverse’. A touch of ‘gas’ and the vehicle swings off your drive and into the highway. Mebbe just a little over-zealous with the brakes. Ooooeps! Sorry! Beginning to wish you hadn’t let me drive now. Too late! Selecting ‘Drive’ and we’re off! Just keep reminding me, as we leave Dorothy Avenue…….. that we’re supposed to be on the right side of the road here!

Following your directions we make good progress and despite a little error here and there I once more get the hang of driving on the right. Those unfamiliar road-markings took a little getting used to and your traffic lights are kinda tiny.

Quite soon we swung into the parking lot of the shopping mall and drove into a vacant bay. I’m sure I saw you wince as I swung your pride and joy in…. but don’t panic! The paintwork is still intact! Honestly!!

As your finding your purse and getting your thoughts together I quickly get out and am able to walk around to open your door. Chivalry? Or just an excuse to take your arm as you slide out of the seat to give you a warm kiss on the lips before slamming the car door shut and holding your hand as we stroll towards the door of the store. As the door swishes open automatically I release your hand but no…. you stop and turn to me.

“Oh no Stan,” you say quite sternly, “You’re not staying out here on the sidewalk whilst I shop! You’re coming in here with me to help me select something nice! Come on!”

And with that you grasp my hand and pull me inside the store!!

Oh heck! Clothes shopping with no avenue of retreat!! HELP!!

This is where men abandon all hope. We have to stay close to the woman we’re with. If anyone sees us loitering alone amidst rails of lacy garments we’re labeled perverts! But….. if we stand too close to our girls……. We get asked for our opinion! It’s a no-win situation! But….. faint hearts never win fair maidens so I follow you as you select a garment or two and…… as you stroll over to the changing rooms to try on your selection I’m more than happy to take a nearby seat and glance at a magazine thankful that at least no-one in the store will recognise me.


I glance up from my magazine and from behind the curtain of the changing room see your smiling face. “Psssst! Come here Stan! I need your opinion!” you beckon with some urgency.

Oh heck! My doom is guaranteed here! But I follow you through the curtain and into the changing room. There you are in a dress of gold and black, your back towards me as you admire your figure in the full length mirror. And….. I’m admiring your rear too…. the material clinging to your hips and the cheeks of your ass. And then….. just as I anticipated, I get the, “Does my bum look big in this?”

I take a seat in a small chair behind you. What doe I tell you? If I say “Yes,”…. you will pout! If I say “No,” you’ll accuse me of fibbing! Jeez!!

“Marie,” I murmur… “Your bum looks lovely!” Yes Maria… I’ve skirted around the question and I have a big smug grin on my face as I glance back down at my magazine. Only a second or two passes before……

“What about now?”

I glance up from my magazine and…..


You have hitched up the material to show me a completely bare ass!!! Your feet move further apart and I can quite clearly see your fingers between your legs, teasing the little lips of your pussy apart. You turn towards me…… that familiar horny expression on your face.

A little whisper on your sweet lips, “Stan! Get your cock out! I want you to fuck me right here! Right Now! Right here in the store!”

And who am I to refuse a lovely woman like you? I can’t help but grin!

I unzip my trousers and tug them together with my boxers down my thighs, my cock already semi-hard with just the suggestion of a hot, fast shag outside of the bedroom. Well that……. and the sight of that sexy gold and black number clinging to your shapely curves. Your body always excites me Maria and……….. well……. my cock has a little eye all of its own. He can see your hot, horny curves too.

You take that step towards me bending down to arrive at my feet on your knees and with just a little lick to wet your lips, you take the head of my cock between your lips as your fingers grasp me cock around the base. Oh God! That’s nice! I lean back in the chair as with just a small movement of your shoulders my cock is completely enveloped inside your warm mouth. My hands in your hair as if you pull you onto my quickly stiffening cock but…… an unnecessary action for you know EXACTLY what I like. Sucking me in deep – before withdrawing to tease my helmet with your tongue. Blowing cool air on my balls before engulfing me again! What can I do? I need to do nothing but enjoy the sensation. My cock becomes solid…. eager….. even a little angry! God! You’re good at this!!

Eagerly I pull you up, my hands grasping at you to guide your face to mine. A hurried but full-on kiss as my other hand pushes your thighs apart to straddle me.

You laugh quietly, “Stan my darling! Now you’re the eager one!” But am I the only eager one here Maria? Already your fingers are guiding my urgent cock between your waiting pussy-lips. So briefly I feel your heated sex against my helmet before, with a small movement of your hips, my hot cock is enveloped completely inside your heated folds.

Your arms encircle my shoulders as your little pussy-muscles squeeze me. The tiny straps of the new dress slipping over the curve of your shoulders as your full breasts push against my T-shirt. My hands slip around you to grasp the cheeks of your bare ass as you begin to ride me. Slowly……. Deliberately…. Almost allowing my cock to slip from within you as you rise……. And your eager pussy squeezing me each time I’m buried deep. Our lips meet again….. a torrid, urgent kiss, your lips pressed hard against mine. My tongue slips easily between your lips to tease and taunt your tongue as your gyrations increase their tempo. My cock yearning inside your sweet cavern. Faster….. I groan again “Hush,” you warn…. “Else the sales assistant will hear us!”

You’re right of course but……. I want that release as I cum deep inside you. I want that explosive orgasm I always achieve with you. But…. I also want to hear your soft moans as you orgasm. I want to feel that pussy clenching wildly around my cock..

“Faster my darling,” I whisper… “Faster!”

Those nails raking against me as you lose control. And I know deep inside that you won’t achieve that ultimate explosion in this position. As your orgasm slows I slap your ass-cheek perhaps a little harder than I should. “Lift up Maria honey! Kneel! I want you to take you from behind!” an urgent agenda in my voice, “Kneel down so I can ram it into you doggy-style! NOW!!”

You need so second bidding and swiftly you move to the floor, the globes of your ass up in the air as I kneel behind you. Facing that full-length mirror, my eager hands guiding my stiff, hard cock. A push with my hips as I grasp your buttocks. I gasp as my cock pushes deep inside you. A little murmur escapes from your lips as I ram home. That’s when I notice her. I’m sure it’s her; the sales assistant who was standing behind the counter when we came into the store earlier. Her face just visible around the side of the dark curtain. But I’m past caring. She can call security if she likes. I’m buried deep inside a tight, wet pussy and there’s only one thing on my mind. I withdraw until just the head of my cock penetrates you……. And then pull your willing body back onto my slow thrust. Oh God. My eyes close as that sweet restriction grasps at my shaft and releases me for the next withdrawal…… and push. I open my eyes and glance back at the modesty-curtain. She’s still there….. watching….. listening as I fuck you deep.

She hasn’t noticed that she’s been seen though……. As I begin that slow rhythm…. Easing my thick, hard cock in and out of your slick sheath. ….. I can see her…. watching us.

I just grab you tighter, upping that seductive tempo. Feeling those sweet muscles squeezing me as I slide in and out. My cock sticky with your cream as I withdraw before plunging deep inside again. My belly slapping against your ass-cheeks. But I don’t care…… and our audience doesn’t seem to care either. She’s watching…… watching my cock disappear inside you. Her tongue flicks out to wet her lips. She’s a good-looking girl but… my rampant cock is already buried inside another good-looking girl! YOU!

My thrusts get faster! The knowledge of this good-looking woman watching us thrilling me still further and your pussy already clenching and squeezing my shaft already taking me to the edge of my self-control! I can feel my balls tighten. Yes… I’m close… and… Judging by your breathing… You’re close too!

The rough carpet digging into my knees as I thrust harder….. my fingers digging into the soft flesh of your hips as I pull you back. Thrusting savagely into your wetness. She’s still watching and I can see the curtain moving slightly. I think she’s rubbing herself as she watches. Watching us make out with an urgency. I try to subdue that low growl. But your whispered murmurs and tight, grasping pussy proves to be too much for me! My thigh muscles tighten and my balls tense! That’s it!! I can’t hold back no more! “Arghhh FUCK!” My angry cock leaps inside you as it spits its load into your heated pussy! Burying myself as deep as I can be, my balls pushed against your hot slit! “Arghhh YESS!” Again, uncontrollable.. My balls pumping…… My seed squirting deep.. Flooding your pink secret… Once more!! My eyes tightly closed as that urges wracks through my very soul! Splashing Aching Needing!!! Your pussy muscles clenching at my spewing cock!! I begin to thrust once more…….just to ensure you complete your orgasm….. slowing as your little eruption subsides. Spent. Done! Satisfied. Complete.

That tenderness returns…… my knees actually hurt. I lean back… My cock already subsiding as it slips from your hot pussy. I lean over to kiss each of your buttocks in turn….. my beard tickling your sensitive skin. I stand and retrieve my clothes noticing that our secret observer has gone.

“Come on Maria,” I whisper kinda breathlessly….. “Time we were gone!” As you slip out of that dress I readjust my trousers….. making sure I’m zipped securely and step out through the curtain hiding my still evident bulge with the magazine.

What ya gonna do now Maria? Will you leave the dress in the changing room? Or do a Monica Lewinsky and keep the dress as evidence? And……… whatever you decide….. it seems I’m still liable for the cost!!


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Erotic Hot Stories – She Was From England

I was in San Francisco for the weekend, visiting some friends of mine. I have a buddy who’s going to film school out there, and I drove out to see the latest project he was working on. After the student film festival wrapped itself up we were walking up Lincoln Ave towards my buddy’s apartment. My friend was bitching to his girlfriend about how pretentious most Film students are and I was looking forward to sleeping on the couch. I’m six feet tall, not a small man, and his couch is not accommodating.

“It’s not that I dislike any single one of them” Said my friend “I just hate them all as a group.”

We crossed 21st street and I turned my head to look into the bar on the corner. While fumbling for a cigarette out of my pocket I locked eyes with a short-haired brunette on the other side of the glass. I thought I recognized her, and kept walking. Then I paused.

“Who the fuck shoots a digital film in black and white anyway?”

I turned around and looked back into the bar. It was Seri Loughman. Seri was a girl I knew from my studies in England. She’s a foot shorter than me with large brown eyes, full melon sized breasts and a round, plump ass. We’d gone out for drinks a few times in London and she told me that she fancied me, but she had a boyfriend at the time, so nothing came of it. And now there she was, running out of a bar in San Francisco. Seri is short for Serendipity, of course.

“Oh my god, Jason, I’m so glad to see you” She ran down the street and we wrapped our arms around each other. I snuggled my face into her neck and breathed in her scent. She pressed her hips into mine and I felt a stirring in my crotch.

I looked at her again and she brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. Her hair was short and clipped back from her face, showing her long smooth neck. Her skin was fair and light, contrasting with her dark brown eyelashes.

“What are you doing in town?” I asked.

“I just moved here a week ago, I got a job with this firm in the City.” He accent was so crisp and British.

We chatted around the usual subjects, and she invited the three of us over to her place for drinks tonight. So we followed her up the block and into her apartment. Her place was still full of cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. Her roommate was there, milling about in the kitchen. We sat on the floor and drank duty free scotch. Other people came and went, friends of her roommate. By midnight a fair sized apartment party was going on.

I found myself in the hallway, waiting for the bathroom. Seri walked past and we looked at each other, she brushed her hands across my stomach and stepped into her bedroom. I followed her in. She shut the door and we looked at each other. She ran her tongue around the inside of her lips, absentmindedly.

“So, are you seeing anyone right now?” She asked.

“No, are you?”


I leaned into her and put my hands on her hips. She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled my lips down to kiss hers. We kissed lightly at first, then I pushed my tongue lightly into her mouth and she opened her lips up wide and sucked it in. I kissed down her neck, biting lightly. She pressed her lips to my ears and I could feel her breathing increase as I started to unbutton the front of her shirt. Her hand grabbed my belt and pulled my crotch into hers.

“I’m really glad I ran into you today” I said.

“I’m going to shag your brains out tonight, you know that”


He hand started in inch into the waistband of my pants and I remembered that I had to pee. I kissed her again and broke away.

“We should get back to the party”


Back in the hallway was my friend, standing there with his coat on.

“Hey, we’re probably taking off soon so…”

“Well, I think I’m staying here tonight” I told him.

At that he made his thumb and forefinger into an ‘O’ and vigorously thrust his other finger in and out of it.

“Thanks Mick, very grown up”


The rest of the part was a drag. I didn’t know anyone and wanted them all to leave, very soon. Finally Seri gave up on trying to get people to leave and just grabbed my by the wrist and dragged me into her room. Back in there we mashed are lips into each other, breathing heavily. I ran both my hands into the back of her pants (trousers) and kneaded her ass. She bit my lower lip and ran her hands through my hair. I picked her up off the ground and she wrapped her legs around my waist and laughed. I pushed her back up against the wall and ground my crotch into hers, feeling her squirm against my dick through our clothes.

We stayed like that for some time, grinding against each other and kissing. My cock was rock hard and throbbing against her. I would push it into her and she would squirm and writhe in my arms. Then she put her feet back on the ground and pushed me down onto her mattress, climbing up on top of me. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and ran my tongue down over her chest, drinking in the smell of her sweat. He breasts were large and smooth, soft white globes of flesh. She reached back behind herself and unclipped her bra. I pushed it aside and softly ran the palm of my right hand over her nipples. She shivered.

“Oh god Jason, I’m so fucking wet.”

Seri rolled onto her side and started tugging at my belt. I helped her undo it and she unbuckled the fly in my jeans. Slowly, she reached inside and felt my cock through my shorts. She began to slowly stroke my dick up and down.

“Are you going to fuck me with this?”

“Yes, oh god yes”

“Promise me you’ll fuck me with this cock”

“I promise”

“oh god I want you to fuck me so bad”

I sat and looked at her. She was panting hard, holding one hand on her breast and the other on my dick. I kissed her lips, moved my wet mouth down to the valley between her breasts. My hands worked at her trousers, pulling them down. She arched her back so I could pull them completely off of her, her panties too. I looked down at her naked body, her trimmed pussy looking up at me, her chest heaving with her breath. I kissed her ankles and calves, I traced my tongue down to her inner thigh, inhaling the smell of her pussy. I blew softly across her outer lips and she gasped. He clitoris started to poke out at me. I softly placed my lips against her opening and slowly started to work my tongue into her. Her pussy was so wet, it was like drinking the juice of a peach. She shuddered and ran her fingers through my hair.

I picked up the pace, running my tongue over her vulva and clit, keeping my hands on her ass to help spread her cheeks. Her breathing increased to a pant, she moaned and gasped for breath.

“Oh god that feels so good, oh Jason, Jason I’m going to Cum, of fuck yes, fuck me with your tongue, oh god, I’m CUMMING OH FUCK I’M CUMMING SO GOOD!!”

She screamed and wrapped her thighs around my head, she thrust her pussy into my mouth and I held on to her waist. I felt her relax and looked up.

“Pretty good,” she said, “Now roll over cause it’s my turn.”


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March 24, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Learning the Hard Way

Author’s note: This story is an updated (and elaborated) version of a near miss I experienced as a youth. Enjoy.

I suppose you could describe me as a callow lad. I hadn’t very long left college, was earning a mere pittance as a trainee – couldn’t afford a car, and couldn’t even have driven one anyway. But the juices rose, with some frequency, whenever the opposite sex hove into view, and I wasn’t bad looking, I thought, tall and blond, with long legs and a good smile.

I’d had a couple of girlfriends, but nothing much had come of it, we hadn’t got past ‘heavy petting’ – whatever that means.

Then I went to a college dance, my old college, I had only been left about six months, and there she was. Sitting alone, hands in her lap. Wow. I had always liked long hair – be honest, men, nearly everybody does – but her hair was short. Short and very black. She had high cheek-bones, and was slim, but it was something about the way she wore that white dress that did it. There wasn’t anything special about it. It was a simple, white, cotton dress, with a flared skirt. But she was just perfect in it, and I just had to take it off her – and I knew, there and then, that I would – or, at least, something evry like it, and quite soon.

I asked Wendy to dance, took her home in a taxi I could ill afford, and dated her for the following Saturday night. At the cinema, I fondled her firm young tits and kissed her eager lips, then repeated the process beside the telephone kiosk near her home, walking back to my parents’ home with severely aching balls.

‘Andy,’ she had said, as we parted, ‘I want more. I want you to…….touch me down there.’ You and me both, girl – and how!

It had been a cold spring, as was the way in these parts, but it was warming up a bit now, and we had arranged to go for a stroll to evenings later, on the quiet racecourse close to her home. I chucked my jacket down behind some bushes, first checking there was nobody within miles of us, and pulled her down with me. She was wearing a light blue pleated skirt and a knit jumper.

Our lips met almost before we reached the ground, and her tongue snaked its rapacious way into my mouth at once, tracing the tips of my teeth, and driving me into a frenzy.

I then discovered that she was wearing nothing under the thin jumper – she needed no bra to support her jutting young breasts, with their hard, prominent nipples, just asking to be sucked. I obliged, pushing her jumper up to her neck. She made no protest, but her hand was exploring my hardness, stroking my rampant length outside my trousers, until its need for release was a painful urgency.

Then she was struggling with my zipper and laughed lightly as I helped by unbuckling my belt, then fought to pull down my underpants, over the awkward obstruction of my massive erection.

Then, suddenly, I was free, and she took me, tenderly, in both hands, caressing my whole length, then cupping my balls with one hand while she stroked me lovingly with the other. I gently encouraged her mouth down towards the tip of my glans, and she licked it tentatively with her tongue, looking up at me, her dark eyes large and liquid.

‘I’ve never…………’ she started.

‘I know,’ I said, and pushed myself slowly into her waiting lips, until their lusciousness encircled first the tip, then further down my shaft, then deeply, as far as she could go.

She sucked hard, and came up for air, gasping, then down again, and back, to lick the pre-cum from my tip, with all the skill of a practised whore.

I made her stop, saying, ‘If you don’t stop, you know what’s going to happen.’

‘If that’s what you want to happen, Andy………..’

‘I want you to have pleasure, too, Wendy,’ I replied, stroking her bare legs under her skirt, feeling the warm flesh of her thighs.

‘But I’m a virgin,’ she said, ‘and I’m scared.’

‘You don’t have to be scared,’ I said, feeling a thrill run through me at the idea that I might be the one to take her virginity, ‘I’ll be gentle.’

‘Wait a moment,’ she said, and standing up, she reached under her skirt and hooked her fingers under the waistband of her thin cotton panties, pulled them down and kicked them off. As she did so, I had a glimpse of her dark bush of pubic hair.

When she settled back down beside me, I resumed running my hands up her thighs, taking care not to rush things too much, gradually working around to the insides of her legs, and easing them slowly apart.

I found her slit, and her labia were warm and damp – she was obviously excited. I ran my fingers slowly from front to rear, all the way, first flicking at her erect clitoris, bringing a soft ‘Oh’ from her lips, then right along her cunt, and all the way to the tiny puckered hole of her anus, where I inserted my finger up to the first knuckle, something I could tell from her expression she had not expected, but which clearly excited her a lot.

‘Oh, Andy,’ she said, ‘you excite me more than I would have believed. Do I excite you too?’ She had a hand on my cock still, so the question was superfluous.

I had her open her legs as wide as she was comfortably able, and then moistened her still further with my saliva, before I very slowly started to push my eager erection into the waiting portals of her vagina. There was no more than a gasp of pain from her as her hymen was broken, and I was into her honeyed depths, where she held me with cunt-muscles that would have done justice to a well-practised adulteress. Her slender legs gripped my thighs. When she moaned with my deep thrusts, as my balls hit against her buttocks, it was in ecstasy, and the pain she had experienced in losing her cherry had been engulfed by the pleasure we had both found. We had lost ourselves in the act, and it wasn’t until afterwards that we concerned ourselves that we may have been observed in such a public place.

Wendy was still at college, and finished long after my working hours were at an end. Once we started ‘going steady,’ I suppose I obsessed about her a bit, and, not having much else to do, asked her if it was OK if I were to go to her house and wait for her when I finished work one evening. I had never met her parents, but knew that her father was rather strict, and against her having a boyfriend.

‘Yes, she said, ‘that’ll be OK, my Dad’s away on a course, and Mum says you can come around any time.’

Although I knew that Wendy wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, I was at a loose end, so cycled round to her house, and knocked on the door, to be met by her mother.

Used to my own matronly mother, it was a surprise to meet Wendy’s version, a slim, very attractive, probably bleached blonde, with long, slightly wavy hair, wearing a pair of form-fitting jeans and a sloppy tee-shirt, and carrying a mop.

‘Oh, dear, you’ve caught me cleaning,’ she said, ushering me into the lounge. ‘Andy, isn’t it? I’ve heard a lot about you. Call me Sarah, by the way.’ I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of all that, but she put me at my ease, and sat me down on the sofa, putting on a compact disc, which, slightly surprisingly, turned out to be rather cool modern jazz.

‘I’ll just go and change,’ she called from outside the room, and was gone for perhaps ten minutes.

When she came back, I was looking at a magazine I had found on the coffee table, idly leafing through, and at first I didn’t take any notice, but then I had a shock. I half looked around, and there was Sarah, stood behind the sofa, in a sheer black negligee, through which could be seen every detail of a pair of magnificent breasts, with large, protuberant aureolas. She smiled slyly, and stroked my hair gently, then rubbed her tits around the back of my neck. My cock sprang to attention unbidden.

She walked slowly around the sofa, and I saw that she wore not a stitch under the negligee.

‘Like what you see, Andy?’ she asked.

I gulped.

She sat beside me and I caught her heady perfume – Rive gauche, I thought – then she slowly, ever so slowly, pulled open the cord of her negligee, letting it fall open to reveal a perfectly bare, shaven mound. She turned half towards me and, raising the opposite leg slightly, she ran the fingers of one hand very deliberately between the luscious lips of her moist cunt. She was presenting it to me, as if for inspection, and opened her labia with two fingers, then inserted the forefinger of the other hand, straight up her fuckhole, as far as it would go.

She moaned as she did this, and threw her head back with abandon. I took over the position of her hands with mine, pushing her legs further apart, and swivelling down into a kneeling position in front of the sofa. Then I buried my face deep in between her thighs and tongued her dripping cunt until she moaned loudly. As I did this, I found her arsehole with my fingers and was somehow unsurprised when two fingers readily slipped into the hospitable depths. She gave an animalistic groan, and seized me by the hair, pushing me deeper into her eager pussy.

‘Fuck me, Andy,’ she said, ‘now.’ It was an order, and I was nineteen. Was I to disobey?

Without further ado, I plunged my ramrod straight into her, and her cunt-muscles took control in a way she couldn’t know that her daughters’ had done so recently. But I had no time to muse on genetics, and half-a-dozen thrusts were all I could manage before I shot my urgent load, and collapsed exhausted across her. She assured me that she too had climaxed, but whether she was just being nice, I couldn’t be sure.

In any event, she wasn’t finished with me, and, giving me a few minutes to recover, she eased me gently out of her, then started to play with me, at first gently running her fingers around my flaccid prick, then bending down and licking, sucking and generally playing with me until I felt myself slowly growing hard once more.

She came up for air, with a mischievous grin, just like that of her daughter, and then reached around behind me with one hand. I suddenly felt the electric shock of her long forefinger going straight up my rectum! That did it. I was suddenly as hard as a rock.

‘Now,’ said Sarah, ‘Fuck me in the arse, Andy – that’s what I really like.’

With that, she spun around and presented her perfect, rounded buttocks to me. She put her hands one on either cheek, and pulled them wide apart, showing me the gaping dark chasm of her well-used anus. I had never fucked arse before, and was intrigued to feel my cock encased in its sheath. I hadn’t long to wait, as she was impatient to receive me, reaching behind for me to pull me home. I delayed a moment as I entered her, my knob thrusting at her entrance, then I was through to her sphincter, and grasped by her hot centre. She shouted with delight when I felt for her clitoris and found it wet and erect, and I then plunged three fingers deep into her cunt, moving them in rhythm with my fucking of her arse. Having come so recently, I was able to resist longer now, and she must have had at least three orgasms before I could hold off no longer, and came in creamy spurts, deep into her bowels.

When we had cleaned up, and Sarah had changed into a track-suit, there was almost half-an-hour left before Wendy was due home. We sat comfortably and chatted.

That evening I took Wendy out for a drink, and she seemed surprised when I didn’t seem very interested in the passionate kiss she gave me when we parted.

A couple of days later, I had a note from her at work. She had been offered a place at University, and was going to be very busy studying. Would I mind not seeing her until further notice?

I haven’t seen either her or her mother since.


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