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March 30, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – An Evening with Kitiara & Teá

he party had finally ground to a halt at 3:30 AM. Only Kit remained in the house that I shared with my fiancé, Teá.

We had all had far too much to drink, if there is such a thing. I had gone through nearly a fifth of Jack Daniels, and now sat on the couch nursing a beer. Teá had gone straight for the tequila shots, as always, and sipped a club soda with lime in between. Kit had tried a little bit of everything, and was now rolling a near-empty rocks glass in her manicured hand.

Kit was dressed to kill, as always, in a plaid skirt that came down to mid-thigh, a tight black top, and knee high black leather boots. Her brown hair hung loose to her shoulders, and her brown eyes were full of their usual playful mischief.

Teá was wearing a long, flowing skirt, made up of a thin material that hugged her curves, and a white tank top that did little to hide her fantastic figure. Her long brown hair also hung loose, falling just past her shoulders. Her large, brown eyes were closed as she swayed softly to the music playing in the background.

I was bumming it out, in a pair of button-fly jeans, hiking boots, and a white t-shirt. I had been in my usual mood all day, spouting silly one-liners, and using what charm I had to put my guests at ease all evening, and quite honestly, was damned fucking tired.

Kit sat on the counter between the kitchen and the den with her legs crossed, slowly kicking her left foot, and giggling at something Teá had said.

I was too spaced out to make anything out. I took a deep breath and laid my head back on the couch. I thought about telling the ladies I was off to bed, but Teá read my mind.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said, appearing above me, bending over the back of the couch. “The party’s not over yet.

I laughed. “I’m tired, Sweetie. I’m not in my twenties anymore…”

“Right,” she answered, with a twinkle in her eye. “You’re an old man of 31. What was I thinking?”

“I have no idea.” I smiled and began to get up, but she placed her hands on my shoulders, and pushed me back down into the couch.

“Noooooo, you have to stay with us! Who knows what might happen if you leave us two women alone?”

“Whatever happens, get some video tape,” I said, dryly. “I’ll watch it in the morning.” I tried to sit up again, but was pushed down. I heard Kit giggling from her perch on the counter.

“What the hell’s so damned funny,” I asked, and turned my head toward her.

Kit shrugged, and took a sip of her drink. “I just don’t think you’re getting out of this room until Teá wants you to.”

I smiled. “I’m starting to get that feeling myself,” I said, exasperated.

“Good,” Teá said, and bent lower so that her head was close to my ear. “Besides, you’re not going to sleep without me . . . you know what tequila does to me.”

I was still looking at Kit. “I’m sure Kit will help you out with that.” It was an old joke between us. We all flirted heavily, but nothing ever came of it. Just a strong friendship.

“Hell yeah!” Kit said. “Bring that sexy body over here, Sweets!”

But Teá only laughed. “It’s not me you’ve been eyeing all night . . .”

Kit blushed scarlet, and I felt my face heating as well. Kit was just as beautiful as Teá, but in a different way. Teá was all soft curves and sensuality, with large d-cup breasts that drew every eye. Kit was slender, with smaller breasts, and an ass to die for. An ass that I had been checking out all night.

“The only reason she’s been eyeing me was to figure out how the hell to get me outta the way, so she could have her way with you.,” I said.

Teá laughed low, in my ear. “Really . . . and what about you? What reason do you want to offer for checking out your best friend.”

Kit was still smiling, but her face was flushed, and I could tell she was uncomfortable. I tried again to make light of the conversation.

“So was every man in the room. Have you looked at that skirt?” I asked.

Kit laughed, and looked at me gratefully, but Teá leaned closer to my ear, and whispered low enough to only be heard by me. “Do you want her, John?”

I chuckled. “Knock it off . . .”

“I’m serious. Do you?”

“Teá . . .” I was starting to get really uncomfortable. I mean, of course I wanted her! No one who saw her body when she was dressed the way she was wouldn’t want her. But I’ll be damned if I was going to say that to my fiancé.

“I know you do, John. Do you remember what we talked about the other night?”

I remembered. We had talked about swinging. I had told her the idea was hot, but that I didn’t think I could do it. I was afraid it would hurt her too much. Teá is an incredible woman, but if she has one flaw it’s her insecurity in how I feel about her. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that.

“You told me that I’d have to give you express permission . . .” she whispered “. . . well, I’m giving it. I want to see it. I want to watch you fuck her. I want to see what a woman looks like when you fill her with that thick cock of yours. I want to watch her scream.”

“What are you two talking about over there?” Kit asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

Teá smiled, and looked at Kit. “I was telling John that I want to watch him fuck you. Right now.”

Kit laughed. “Seriously, you two were whispering about something over there . . . what?”

“I’m serious. He’s got a great cock, Kit. You’d love it.”

I looked up at Teá to gauge how drunk she was, but she seemed more excited than anything. Her face was flushed, and she licked her lips.

“Are you serious?” I asked, feeling my cock start to swell in my jeans.

Teá only nodded, her eyes still on Kit.

I shook my head. “You want me to . . .”

“Fuck her,” Teá said, finishing my sentence. “Yes.”

I looked at Kit, but she seemed as stunned as I was. It was as if we were both waiting for the punchline of a joke. But none seemed forthcoming. Finally, I figured I’d call her bluff.

“Alright.” I put my beer down on the coffee table and stood, ignoring the bulge in my pants. “If this is what you want.”

“It looks like it’s what you want, too,” Teá said, obviously speaking about my growing erection.

I frowned slightly and walked slowly toward Kit, who started to realize what I was trying to do and put her drink down on the counter, a small half-smile forming on her face.

I was close enough to touch her now, and did so, placing my hand gently on her bare knee. I stopped where I was, waiting for the word from Teá forcing me to stop.

Kit looked down at my hand on her knee, and bit her lip, her nerves finally showing.

Teá, didn’t make a sound.

I figured, I’d take it a little bit further, so I pushed her leg to the side, uncrossing them, and placed my other hand on her other knee. Kit looked me in the eyes, her lips parted slightly, and looked over my shoulder at Teá. Her eyes widened.

I’m not sure what she saw, and at the moment, I didn’t care. I was getting harder by the minute, and irritated at Teá for playing this little game. I began to slide my hands up the outside of Kit’s thighs, until they slid up over her ass. I leaned in close, and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry about this, but . . .”

“John,” Kit said, her voice breathless. “Fuck me . . . do it. She’s serious . . . ahhh, God, do it. Do it now!”

I was shocked. I turned my head toward the mirror hanging about the fireplace, and saw what had Kit so excited. Teá had stripped off her skirt, and panties, and was sprawled on the couch running a finger over her clit.

I was mesmerized.

Then I felt Kit’s hands tugging at my belt, and I looked back at her. Her face was inches from mine, and her breathing was ragged and heavy. I hooked my fingers into her panties, and slid them off, pulling her to the edge of the low counter.

She freed my cock, and stroked it a few times, pushing my jeans onto my thighs. I growled low in my throat, and grabbed her ass, tightly. She let go of my cock, and snaked her arms around my back. “Fuck me, John. Fuck me . . .now . . . I need it . . . so long I’ve wanted it . . .”

And so did I. Since I first met her. I thrust my hips forward, my cock finding her pussy as if guided by some unseen force. She was already soaked, and I sunk into her to the hilt.

She let out a low, deep moan, as her tight pussy stretched around me, and I groaned in response.

“Yessss, John . . . so good.”

I withdrew completely and drove into her again, slow, long strokes to get her used to me. She threw her head back and screamed, as I pumped her a third time, then a fourth. Slowly I picked up speed, and she began to thrust back toward me, meeting me.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Teá watching us intently, her fingers a blur on her clit. Her dark hair was thrown back on the armrest, and her large, brown eyes, were fixed on us. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever experienced.

Kit seemed to agree. Her eyes never left my fiancé, and her faced flushed deeper the hotter she grew. It was as if I was just an instrument, a tool connecting the two women. I loved it.

Our fucking took on a savage quality. Rough, hard, and deep. The only sounds in the room were the slap of our bodies, and the moans of all three of us.

My hands squeezed Kit’s ass hard, and I pulled her against me, my cock driving into her in long, fast strokes.

Kit bit her lip, her eyes glossy and lust-filled, staring behind me. Again I glanced in the mirror. Teá was like a woman possessed, now. Her hips thrust upward as if being fucked by an invisible force, her fingers were slick and shiny with her juices. All the while her eyes never left the scene before her

Kit moaned loudly, and started to tremble and shake against me. I knew she was close, and I picked up the pace, pounding myself into her for all I was worth.

“Oh fuck,” she said, “oh fuck . . . I’m gonna cum . . . I’m going to . . .”

I growled in response, and raked my teeth along her exposed throat.

Her entire body shook violently, and she wrapped her legs tightly around me. Her arms slid up my back, one of her hand grasping the back of my head. “Fuck! I’m cumming . . . I’m cumming!”

Still I drove into her, my cock like a piston, always moving, always demanding more.

I heard Teá begin to moan louder behind me, and I knew she was about to explode. Then she did, a loud rough scream coming from deep in her throat. I looked to the mirror and saw her shake, her mouth open in an O of pleasure.

I soon joined her.

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt the first telltale sensations in my cock. I could feel it swelling impossibly big, impossibly hard inside of Kit. I could feel my balls pull up tightly to the base. She clutched me to her now, fucking me back hard.

I screamed, and exploded.

Kit gasped, and moaned, and I could tell she was cumming again.

Cum rocketed out of my cock into her willing cunt. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, as if not wanting to let a drop escape her hungry pussy.

I continued to pump into her, my cock flexing and spasming, my balls emptying themselves of their burden.

Eventually, I slowed to a stop, gasping, trying to catch my breath.

I felt Teá step up behind me, and squeeze my ass, making my still hard cock flex inside of Kit.

“Now,” Teá purred in my ear, “don’t you both feel better?”

The End

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