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April 4, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Lead to a Sexy Stranger

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What a beautiful day! The sky is blue, the breeze is exhilarating! No wonder Sasha recommended her place for a breather from the city! While I thrive on my businesses, a well deserved vacation was becoming very necessary.

I have been a little wound up lately, restless, like something is missing. Sasha detected my restlessness and named it for me, “Loneliness.” I do not lack dates or even some awesome sex occasionally. I just haven’t met the man to take my breath away yet.

Smiling to myself, remembering that Sasha has plans of changing that, this weekend. She is so cute, always looking out for me. Before I left for my walk on her grounds this morning, she said to me, “Natalia, tonight is the night! He is perfect for you! His name is Nico. Not only is he sexy, handsome and intelligent, he is definitely your match!” So, I’ll meet this man for Sasha and of course, my own curiosity. But for now, I want to enjoy her beautiful estate and take nature into my senses for this morning!

As I walk along, my eyes feast on this beautiful scenery! The colors of a gorgeous summer day. Trees and flowers dancing in the breeze. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and light air flows through my long dark hair. I feel so alive! With the light wind taking my summer dress and letting the skirt flow with it, I feel an energy come over me. Life is good!

Carrying my shoes, twirling around like a happy child, I discover that I am not alone! The most beautiful golden retriever is dancing and jumping beside me! “Well, hello there beautiful! Where did you come from?”, I asked. Her reply was a dainty little “woof” and some excited jumping around! I went down to my knees to give her a warm friendly rub. But, she had other ideas! She wanted to play!

We wrestled and played and ended up chasing each other through the grass. What a fun, gorgeous animal! Someone loved her, she was in excellent shape, with the healthiest coat a dog could have. Wondering what her name was, I decided she looked like a “Betty” and would call her that till our fun walk ended.

As we got further down the road, we came upon one of Sasha’s many guest homes. Her generosity, would put friends in the loveliest of houses, surrounded by beauty and filled with all the necessities.

This one that we were coming up upon, in particular, had a gorgeous fountain flowing with cool, crisp water, surrounded by beautiful flowers of great color.

I looked at my new friend Betty and ran for it! Barking happily, she ran after me. The race to the water was on!

Betty actually jumped in the fountain and the child in me followed! We splashed and played. I was squealing, she was barking happily! We were having a grand old time! Then a voice, out of nowhere, claimed my new friend by laughingly saying, “Gracie! you are getting your new playmate soaking wet!” Betty/Gracie hopped out of the fountain and ran to her owner.

I looked up and into the eyes of the strikingly beautiful owner of that voice. My God, he was dressed only in black jeans. My body reacted immediately! I could blame the hardening of my nipples on the air hitting my wet skin, but the explanation for the sudden gush of wetness between my legs was all him! He lent a hand as I stepped out of the water. His eyes dancing with amusement, he asked “Did I hear you call her ‘Betty’?”

I can imagine the sight of me, wet hair over my shoulders, my thin dress clinging to me, showing more of me, than hiding. But as I watch his eyes sweep over all of me, I know I am not imagining it. I see in his beautiful green eyes, lust and perhaps a little more. All I know, is that I am trembling and not from being chilly. The sight of him is breathtaking. What is coming over me? I want to fuck him! Here and now!

“Betty, err, Gracie has been much fun in my morning walk” I could only manage to say. My mind so clouded with wanting this man. I have never felt this reaction to any man and I wanted him, bad! Mr. Sexy walked over to where my shoes were carelessly thrown to the side of the fountain in the grass and he picked them up, saying, “It would be a shame to put wet feet into these shoes, let’s get you dried up!” Before I could respond, he swooped me up, actually threw me over his shoulder and started for the inside of the house! This sent me into giggles of delight and Gracie into playful barks while jumping and running around us.

Inside, as he set me down, he let his strong hands run down the sides of my body. He leaned me against a wall in the hallway, with both of his arms on either side of me. My trembling body was screaming for him to touch me! There is a kind of knowing that took place between us, a lust at first sight, with a tender feeling as well.

He leaned in to nibble my lips. Softly, he kissed them and slowly brought his hands into my hair. My mind is screaming for more, as he suddenly takes my mouth with his. God, he tastes so good! As he devours my mouth, I am pressing my body into his. My wet, hard nipples rubbing against his bare chest, driving him and myself into wanting so much more. I adore a man who takes what he wants and he does! I think he can read my mind!

While our tongues dance so delightfully, he pulls down the straps of my dress, until he totally bares my tits and reveals my long hard nipples, aching for his touch. This gorgeous man leaves my mouth with a trail of soft kisses and licks straight to those aching nipples. Aaahhhh, watching him lick, suck and softly bite each nipple sends signals to my already throbbing, hot and extremely wet cunt!

I reach down to find his hard cock. He groans against my nipple as I rub and stroke his growing prick. I try to open his pants to remove them, but that quickly, I am in the air again, this time being carried like a baby to his bed, deep kissing along the way. He sits on his bed, still holding me in that same position that he carried me in, kissing me hungrily and his hand finding it’s way between my legs! Pulling my panties off and then his fingers diving into my heat! The growl coming from him as his tongue is exploring my mouth, while he finds how very wet my pussy is for him, nearly pushes me over the edge!

We couldn’t control our want after this. For that matter, we didn’t want to! In haste, we undressed each other, touching, kissing and licking. I slowly pushed his gorgeous hard body back onto his bed and slid mine onto his. I took his mouth with mine as I wiggled and ground my body on his. I could feel his hard throbbing cock between our bellies and it was driving me mad!

I had to taste him! I slid down to his cock, took it in my hand and teased my own nipples with his cockhead! Yum! Licking that delicious cockhead with my tongue was a tasty heaven! I dipped my tongue into that hot slit of his prick to feel and taste his precum. He was so very hard! I teasingly stroked his shaft and teased his balls while I sucked that gorgeous cockhead.

I enjoyed watching him, trying to thrust into my mouth. With his hands fisted in my hair, I looked into those sexy green eyes and said, “Please fuck my mouth baby!” With that, his cocked entered my mouth fully. To feel his silky cock fucking my mouth, gliding in and out, I was in a sexual frenzy! I needed more of him. I sucked his cock eagerly with each thrust. I had a good grip on his hips as he pulsed his delicious hot cum down my throat.

A huge turn on for me, was that after he came so much, his cock remained hard and was throbbing for more! I rolled onto my back and I spread my legs for him to enter. I wanted him to fuck me so much! But with a knowing smirk and a shake of his head, with those gleaming, mischievous eyes, he went to work, feasting on my body!

His hot mouth teased my pussy, licking my pussy lips, driving me crazy, but carefully staying away from my throbbing clit and pussyhole. I kept grinding my hot cunt into his face, while he continued to tease. He kept looking into my eyes, His eyes smiling, knowing damn well what I needed and wanted so much! Just as I felt I would surely lose my mind, his hot tongue dove deep into my cunt.

Oh my! He was fucking me so good with that hot tongue! He would plunge in and out of my pussy and then up to lick and suck on my clit. My explosion came fast! It was a screaming cum, that seemed to go on deliciously, forever!

Still quaking with orgasmic aftershocks, he glided up to my mouth to kiss me deeply. I could taste myself and feel my cum all over this gorgeous man’s mouth.

My desire for him, still not completely sated, had me open my legs and grip him around his hips, inviting that long, hard cock to thrust deep into my wet and very hot cunt.

I could feel his thickness stretch my pussy to take him in. The feeling was incredible as he filled me entirely. I urged him to pound my cunt as my hips rose hard to meet each thrust! But he wasn’t going to let me cum again so quickly. Aaahhh, the joy of fucking this man!

He whispered into my ear. “Ride me baby, I want to see all of you as you fuck me!” With that lovely invitation, we rolled over. I was looking into his gorgeous eyes, as I teased his cock with my dripping pussy. I would take his cockhead in and let him go no further.

His smirk let me know that he was allowing this tease only for a short time. He reached up and teased my nipples, pinching and twisting them lightly. I leaned in to devour his mouth with a kiss and that quickly he grabbed my hips and thrust up into me fully! Each slam into me, I felt it up to my belly! My mind is reeling with want and lust! As he takes me on this ride, I am screaming “Oh yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck my wet cunt and cum!”

I want to cum with him! I could feel it building in me and I was sure he was well on his way too! Suddenly, he slid his finger into my ass and pounded my pussy with his huge cock! His voice commands, “Now!”. My mind clouded and all I could do is feel this explosion erupt between the two of us! What a screaming, slamming , hot cum!

Lying there, feeling so damn happy all over, I realized that I do not even know this delicious man’s name! It seemed a silly time for introductions, but as I turned to his face to ask his name, I saw him sleeping like a baby!

Laughingly, I tiptoed to his bathroom, cleaned up and dressed.

I found him actually snoring as I came out of his bathroom! With the widest smile on my face, I located a pen and paper in his room, left a lipstick kiss on it and just wrote simply, “Love, Natalia”.

Gracie walked with me to the door, as I tiptoed out, not to wake him. I gave her a huge hug and slipped out the door. I looked back, knowing, that this will be again. But, who is this delicious man?


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March 25, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Shopping with Maria

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It was early in the afternoon as I strode in to your kitchen with my empty cup. There you were, bending low, stacking dirty plates into the dishwasher. That ass sticking out provocatively….. so temptingly. But, just as a raise my hand to give it a playful slap you quickly stand upright. “Oh No Stan!” you chuckle, “No time for that! You owe me! So get your American Excuse Card primed ready. We’re going shopping and you’re paying!”

I gulp. Prising my wallet out of my back-pocket ain’t easy. What debt did I owe? What was this money for? I was a little confused. But you’re already slipping on your jacket, the keys to your Subaru dangling from your hand.

“Come on Stan! Get your leather jacket on! Remember that night you crept into my bedroom with your sharp knife and cut my nightie off me? Well…… you owe me for that nightie……. And I need recompense!”

Ooooeps! I had forgotten that! Yes….. I did owe you the cost of a new nightie. Didn’t I? I grabbed my leather jacket and quickly followed you out of the door.

“But Maria……….. can I drive?”

With maybe just a little apprehension you toss me the keys and I stride over to your car and climb behind the wheel as you climb into the passenger seat. “Don’t forget your seat-belt Maria,” I warn. I’m not sure if they’re a legal requirement in Pittsburgh but they are back home in Britain. My fingers brush against yours as we both fit our seat-belts and a little tingle of excitement rushes up my arm. I smile…. I do that a lot when I’m in your company.

I familiarise myself as regards where all the switches and dials all are and turn the key. The engine bursts into life and, after a little fiddle put the car into ‘Reverse’. A touch of ‘gas’ and the vehicle swings off your drive and into the highway. Mebbe just a little over-zealous with the brakes. Ooooeps! Sorry! Beginning to wish you hadn’t let me drive now. Too late! Selecting ‘Drive’ and we’re off! Just keep reminding me, as we leave Dorothy Avenue…….. that we’re supposed to be on the right side of the road here!

Following your directions we make good progress and despite a little error here and there I once more get the hang of driving on the right. Those unfamiliar road-markings took a little getting used to and your traffic lights are kinda tiny.

Quite soon we swung into the parking lot of the shopping mall and drove into a vacant bay. I’m sure I saw you wince as I swung your pride and joy in…. but don’t panic! The paintwork is still intact! Honestly!!

As your finding your purse and getting your thoughts together I quickly get out and am able to walk around to open your door. Chivalry? Or just an excuse to take your arm as you slide out of the seat to give you a warm kiss on the lips before slamming the car door shut and holding your hand as we stroll towards the door of the store. As the door swishes open automatically I release your hand but no…. you stop and turn to me.

“Oh no Stan,” you say quite sternly, “You’re not staying out here on the sidewalk whilst I shop! You’re coming in here with me to help me select something nice! Come on!”

And with that you grasp my hand and pull me inside the store!!

Oh heck! Clothes shopping with no avenue of retreat!! HELP!!

This is where men abandon all hope. We have to stay close to the woman we’re with. If anyone sees us loitering alone amidst rails of lacy garments we’re labeled perverts! But….. if we stand too close to our girls……. We get asked for our opinion! It’s a no-win situation! But….. faint hearts never win fair maidens so I follow you as you select a garment or two and…… as you stroll over to the changing rooms to try on your selection I’m more than happy to take a nearby seat and glance at a magazine thankful that at least no-one in the store will recognise me.


I glance up from my magazine and from behind the curtain of the changing room see your smiling face. “Psssst! Come here Stan! I need your opinion!” you beckon with some urgency.

Oh heck! My doom is guaranteed here! But I follow you through the curtain and into the changing room. There you are in a dress of gold and black, your back towards me as you admire your figure in the full length mirror. And….. I’m admiring your rear too…. the material clinging to your hips and the cheeks of your ass. And then….. just as I anticipated, I get the, “Does my bum look big in this?”

I take a seat in a small chair behind you. What doe I tell you? If I say “Yes,”…. you will pout! If I say “No,” you’ll accuse me of fibbing! Jeez!!

“Marie,” I murmur… “Your bum looks lovely!” Yes Maria… I’ve skirted around the question and I have a big smug grin on my face as I glance back down at my magazine. Only a second or two passes before……

“What about now?”

I glance up from my magazine and…..


You have hitched up the material to show me a completely bare ass!!! Your feet move further apart and I can quite clearly see your fingers between your legs, teasing the little lips of your pussy apart. You turn towards me…… that familiar horny expression on your face.

A little whisper on your sweet lips, “Stan! Get your cock out! I want you to fuck me right here! Right Now! Right here in the store!”

And who am I to refuse a lovely woman like you? I can’t help but grin!

I unzip my trousers and tug them together with my boxers down my thighs, my cock already semi-hard with just the suggestion of a hot, fast shag outside of the bedroom. Well that……. and the sight of that sexy gold and black number clinging to your shapely curves. Your body always excites me Maria and……….. well……. my cock has a little eye all of its own. He can see your hot, horny curves too.

You take that step towards me bending down to arrive at my feet on your knees and with just a little lick to wet your lips, you take the head of my cock between your lips as your fingers grasp me cock around the base. Oh God! That’s nice! I lean back in the chair as with just a small movement of your shoulders my cock is completely enveloped inside your warm mouth. My hands in your hair as if you pull you onto my quickly stiffening cock but…… an unnecessary action for you know EXACTLY what I like. Sucking me in deep – before withdrawing to tease my helmet with your tongue. Blowing cool air on my balls before engulfing me again! What can I do? I need to do nothing but enjoy the sensation. My cock becomes solid…. eager….. even a little angry! God! You’re good at this!!

Eagerly I pull you up, my hands grasping at you to guide your face to mine. A hurried but full-on kiss as my other hand pushes your thighs apart to straddle me.

You laugh quietly, “Stan my darling! Now you’re the eager one!” But am I the only eager one here Maria? Already your fingers are guiding my urgent cock between your waiting pussy-lips. So briefly I feel your heated sex against my helmet before, with a small movement of your hips, my hot cock is enveloped completely inside your heated folds.

Your arms encircle my shoulders as your little pussy-muscles squeeze me. The tiny straps of the new dress slipping over the curve of your shoulders as your full breasts push against my T-shirt. My hands slip around you to grasp the cheeks of your bare ass as you begin to ride me. Slowly……. Deliberately…. Almost allowing my cock to slip from within you as you rise……. And your eager pussy squeezing me each time I’m buried deep. Our lips meet again….. a torrid, urgent kiss, your lips pressed hard against mine. My tongue slips easily between your lips to tease and taunt your tongue as your gyrations increase their tempo. My cock yearning inside your sweet cavern. Faster….. I groan again “Hush,” you warn…. “Else the sales assistant will hear us!”

You’re right of course but……. I want that release as I cum deep inside you. I want that explosive orgasm I always achieve with you. But…. I also want to hear your soft moans as you orgasm. I want to feel that pussy clenching wildly around my cock..

“Faster my darling,” I whisper… “Faster!”

Those nails raking against me as you lose control. And I know deep inside that you won’t achieve that ultimate explosion in this position. As your orgasm slows I slap your ass-cheek perhaps a little harder than I should. “Lift up Maria honey! Kneel! I want you to take you from behind!” an urgent agenda in my voice, “Kneel down so I can ram it into you doggy-style! NOW!!”

You need so second bidding and swiftly you move to the floor, the globes of your ass up in the air as I kneel behind you. Facing that full-length mirror, my eager hands guiding my stiff, hard cock. A push with my hips as I grasp your buttocks. I gasp as my cock pushes deep inside you. A little murmur escapes from your lips as I ram home. That’s when I notice her. I’m sure it’s her; the sales assistant who was standing behind the counter when we came into the store earlier. Her face just visible around the side of the dark curtain. But I’m past caring. She can call security if she likes. I’m buried deep inside a tight, wet pussy and there’s only one thing on my mind. I withdraw until just the head of my cock penetrates you……. And then pull your willing body back onto my slow thrust. Oh God. My eyes close as that sweet restriction grasps at my shaft and releases me for the next withdrawal…… and push. I open my eyes and glance back at the modesty-curtain. She’s still there….. watching….. listening as I fuck you deep.

She hasn’t noticed that she’s been seen though……. As I begin that slow rhythm…. Easing my thick, hard cock in and out of your slick sheath. ….. I can see her…. watching us.

I just grab you tighter, upping that seductive tempo. Feeling those sweet muscles squeezing me as I slide in and out. My cock sticky with your cream as I withdraw before plunging deep inside again. My belly slapping against your ass-cheeks. But I don’t care…… and our audience doesn’t seem to care either. She’s watching…… watching my cock disappear inside you. Her tongue flicks out to wet her lips. She’s a good-looking girl but… my rampant cock is already buried inside another good-looking girl! YOU!

My thrusts get faster! The knowledge of this good-looking woman watching us thrilling me still further and your pussy already clenching and squeezing my shaft already taking me to the edge of my self-control! I can feel my balls tighten. Yes… I’m close… and… Judging by your breathing… You’re close too!

The rough carpet digging into my knees as I thrust harder….. my fingers digging into the soft flesh of your hips as I pull you back. Thrusting savagely into your wetness. She’s still watching and I can see the curtain moving slightly. I think she’s rubbing herself as she watches. Watching us make out with an urgency. I try to subdue that low growl. But your whispered murmurs and tight, grasping pussy proves to be too much for me! My thigh muscles tighten and my balls tense! That’s it!! I can’t hold back no more! “Arghhh FUCK!” My angry cock leaps inside you as it spits its load into your heated pussy! Burying myself as deep as I can be, my balls pushed against your hot slit! “Arghhh YESS!” Again, uncontrollable.. My balls pumping…… My seed squirting deep.. Flooding your pink secret… Once more!! My eyes tightly closed as that urges wracks through my very soul! Splashing Aching Needing!!! Your pussy muscles clenching at my spewing cock!! I begin to thrust once more…….just to ensure you complete your orgasm….. slowing as your little eruption subsides. Spent. Done! Satisfied. Complete.

That tenderness returns…… my knees actually hurt. I lean back… My cock already subsiding as it slips from your hot pussy. I lean over to kiss each of your buttocks in turn….. my beard tickling your sensitive skin. I stand and retrieve my clothes noticing that our secret observer has gone.

“Come on Maria,” I whisper kinda breathlessly….. “Time we were gone!” As you slip out of that dress I readjust my trousers….. making sure I’m zipped securely and step out through the curtain hiding my still evident bulge with the magazine.

What ya gonna do now Maria? Will you leave the dress in the changing room? Or do a Monica Lewinsky and keep the dress as evidence? And……… whatever you decide….. it seems I’m still liable for the cost!!


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