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April 30, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Woodstock Era Notes more

In December, 2009, the Rolling Stones toured the USA. Yes, the Rolling Stones, as in the Silver Rolling Stones, if you are that old. I had been a fan of the Stones since I was fourteen years old, and I had never seen them play. More so, I was a big fan of rock music, and I attended every possible concert that I could attend. But my favorite rock band, the Stones, had alluded me. On this 1969 tour, the nearest they would play to Columbus, Ohio, was Detroit. I wanted to go, but I figured it was not possible. The tickets were six dollars ($6) each. Then a college friend from Toledo managed to buy three tickets for me, and I was ecstatic! Three tickets to see the Stones! I had my Ford pick up truck, and I could drive to Detroit and see the Stones! But what gal would I take? And to whom would I give the third ticket?

I was dating a really sharp woman at the time, a redhead from Cincinnati. It was not an exclusive thing, she had a boyfriend back home, and I was seeing other gals too. Her name was Sharon Neidenbalm. We met in math class at OSU. (She did better than I did, that’s for sure.) Sharon was my first pick for the trip, and she would have been anyone else’s too. This gal had striking red hair down to her fanny, B sized boobs, a cute face and a thin body, she had long legs and a wide crotch that showed through her tight jeans. No fool, she was a straight A student who had an academic scholarship to OSU, where she lived in a dorm. But Sharon was from a poor family. She wore cast off clothes, her winter coat was old. In my eyes this made her a more interesting person. She was not only smart, she was attractive, she was hip, and she was part of the “movement” that included the rock and roll drug culture.

We were out one night at Mr. Christian’s Dilemma, a campus bar, drinking low beer. I asked Sharon if she was interested in the Stones show, if she would go to Detroit with me. She freaked! Sharon was as ready for the Stones’ trip as I was, of course she said yes, though I’m sure she realized that we would be sleeping together. Later that night, she snuck me into her dorm room and she let me fuck her while her roommate pretended to be asleep. She rode me on top for as long as I could last, which in those days, was probably not that long. Her roommate was in the next bed and watched Sharon on top of me. Of course Sharon said that I was only the second guy to have ever fucked her, I used to get that a lot.

But I still had the extra ticket. Who could I surprise with this trip? Who was the biggest Stones’ fan that I ever knew? No question about it: my old high school friend Ed Hastie. He was a brilliant guy who had fallen into drug abuse and had to drop out of college. Ed was a true Stones fan. His cat he named Mick Jagger. Years before, he had stolen my first Stones’ albums from Lazarus department store, he sold them to me for a dollar each. It was a treat to call him and to invite him along for the Detroit trip, he’d never seen the Stones either. I hadn’t been around Hastie in quite a while, he had missed out on Woodstock and the other music festival travels that I had been on. I was a student at OSU, he was working at a factory, fighting felony drug charges and busy being a drug addict. He was excited about seeing the Stones, excited about old friends getting back together. And so was I.

Word got around that I would be driving the truck to Detroit. Dick Eiseman, a guy taller than my 6’1, and his beautiful girlfriend Melinda Gordon asked if they could ride along. Eiseman was an accomplished artist working on his Masters, and a TA at OSU. He always figured that I would try to fuck his women, and I did fuck a couple of them, he’d try to ramrod me. Melinda Gordon was as pretty a woman as I’d ever want to see. Blond hair, thin with tits and ass, 5’7, just a doll, it’s a shame she was born too early for internet porn. She had two Stones tickets herself, and she claimed (probably bs) that she could get the keys to Bob Seger’s apartment in Detroit, and that we could sleep there after the show. (This was long before Bob Seger was anything like the star he is today; he was a Columbus regular and she probably did know him, hell, I knew him too.)

One logistical problem was the pick up truck. This was the sixties, when a truck was still a truck. It sat three in the front, max. Eiseman and Melinda would have to ride in the back of the truck, which had no heat. But they knew this and it didn’t seem to bother them. The truck was enclosed with a camper cap over the bed. It was covered with a cap, yes, but no heat and it was late in December, 1969. But cold didn’t effect Eiseman and Melinda. They were junkies, each getting along, quite well, on Melinda’s script for blue morphine. Corrupt doctors would stand in line to give her prescriptions for blue morphine tablets. The morphine tablets they ground to powder – the only difference was microscopic glue – and then they injected it like heroin.

The day we left started with a round up. I went first to Sharon’s dorm and I picked her up, and then we drove to Eiseman’s apartment on Summit Street. Hastie was there, waiting with Eiseman and Melinda. My plan was to leave Columbus at 3:00 in the afternoon, I wanted to be early for the show in Detroit. By the time of the trip, Eiseman and Melinda felt no pain. They brought along down filled sleeping bags, in which they laid on the cold slab bed of the truck. They huddled all the way to Detroit. In the front of the truck, Sharon, Ed and I cruised along, smoking pot, flirting, and getting up for the Stones. Sharon looked great in her tight jeans, tight sweater and suede jacket. She was so cute, so smart and so hip and I was showing her off for my old friend. It didn’t take much to prod her intellectually, and Ed had more than enough. She engaged Ed, and he was challenged by her intelligence. It was a great drive, and Ed was happy for me, happy that I met such an attractive and smart companion.

Melinda struck out on getting Bob Seger’s apartment keys. (I’d wondered since what Bob Seger’s apartment would have looked like, wondered when I met him again on tour when he was a major star, when my spouse’s brother Mark was his guitar player for the Silver Bullet Band.) So, there my friends and I were, along way from home and we had no place to stay.

In the parking lot before the show, I stopped the people parking next to us. I explained our predicament. There I was, a stranger, asking for a place for myself and for four others to spend the night, and these folks said OK. They would help us. We planned to meet after the show.

The Stones were playing in the basketball arena where the Detroit Pistons played for years, The Detroit Forum. We found our seats, they were in the upper balcony level, but they were centered and we had an excellent view of the stage. B.B. King was the opening act, he was smooth and exceptional. I can close my eyes and see him playing Leon Russell’s song “Hummingbird” now.

The Stones didn’t play Woodstock, but they learned from what they missed, which was to cash in on the entire Woodstock feeling. This was a time when the entire direction of a rock and roll show was changing, the switch started with the Monterey Pop Festival. Immediately after Woodstock, the Stones toured the USA, and they rode the Woodstock spirit, they worked the emotions of the Woodstock generation. Whatever energy there was, energy that drove the counterculture, energy of the revolution, was epitomized in the Rolling Stones. And that zenith of energy was what I witnessed that night in Detroit.

Basically, the Stones played the same show that can be seen in the “Gimme Shelter” movie. That was quite different than the shows they play today. First off, they had the finest blues guitar player in England at the time – Mick Taylor – on lead guitar. Taylor was an advanced graduate of John Mayal’s Bluesbreakers, as was Eric Clapton. Technically, he was better than Alvin Lee, and in melody and style he was superior to Clapton.

The Detroit show was a circus. Fans smoked pot openly, women bared their breasts. The show included some aspects of their demonic imagery, but their theme dealt more with the Stones’ roll as spokesmen for the revolution. We were on our feet, all of the crowd, screaming, the show played like a scene from the “Tale of Two Cities” movie, with fans leaning over balcony rails yelling for vengeance. When the Stones played “Sympathy for the Devil” the balcony exploded. Two guys next to us were in a violent slug fest, one nearly knocked the other over the balcony’s edge. Other people were fighting too, real violence. People were pushing each other, yelling, grabbing, I grabbed the crotch of a strange woman next to me, and she grabbed mine. Sharon had her fists clenched in the air, defiant to the mayhem around her.

Ed leaned over to me. “I gotta go down” he said, “I’ve gotta rush the stage”. And off he went. As the crowd swelled, the barriers went down, but fans allowed the Stones enough room to finish the show. As the Stones played “Street Fighting Man” to thousands, to each of us with our hands clenched in the air, the house lights came on and the show ended. Sharon and I found Ed, we found Eiseman and Melinda, and we headed back to the parking area.

The good samaritan strangers were there. And they remembered their promise. They suggested that we follow them to where they lived. We did. It was an old Victorian brick home, huge, in a run down part of Detroit that had been reclaimed by hippies. We settled in, we figured we’d sleep on the floor, we smoked hash and partied. Sharon and Melinda danced for our hosts as we wound down from the show. Luckily, for us, a friend of theirs’ worked the night shift at a local Travel Lodge. If we could find the place, he could sneak us into a room, for free. The only hitch was that we would have to be out of the room by 6:30 A.M., that’s when the manager arrived.

For me, and I was driving, it was a very difficult drive over to the Travel Lodge. Detroit and I have never been friends. I was ready to sleep. The driving, the Rolling Stones show, the partying and the pot had taken its toll. Then I found a second wind, as we were let into the room. There were two double beds. I joined Sharon in one and Ed joined Eiseman and Melinda in the other. The lights were left on. Melinda lay between Ed and Eiseman, but before she laid down, she slowly undressed, putting on of a show for all of us. She walked around the room nude, and did she like to show her body off! Wow. Then she got on the bed. Hastie and Eiseman were feeling her from both sides, and Hastie entered her first from behind. Eiseman was nodding off from the morphine, and Melinda was so stoned, she probably never felt a thing. Then Sharon peeled off her clothes, with the lights still on, in front of the others. We stood nude together, holding each other, watching Ed fuck Melinda from behind as she tried to rub some life into Eiseman’s cock. It was a fun scene, and a very complex day. Watching Melinda strip, while a wild eyed Sharon watched too, then all of us getting naked for sex, was the perfect ending to the bizarre day. It was a thrill to be with Sharon in the same room with three others, we spoon fucked for an hour with the lights on. Whether they were asleep, stoned out, aware of us or not, it was fun.

My happiness with the situation ended as quickly as the alarm rang. Before I knew it, the alarm said 6:15, and we had to scoot. I was wrapped around Sharon, and the last thing I wanted to do was leave. Eiseman yelled at me “Come on, lover boy, we’ve got to go!”, and I got up and going.

As I drove the freeway at that early hour, I watched the sunrise over the factory filth known as Detroit. On the outskirts of it, we stopped for breakfast at a dingy truck stop. The trucker crowd gave us the hippie hate stares. “Fuck these people!” Eiseman said, and he went to the juke box and played the Beatles’ “Revolution”. He played the fast 45 version, the really noisy version, getting it in the face of everyone. We stood up, we were proud, no one gave us any shit. The tide had turned in America. After Woodstock, people across the country saw, and the people were ready to accept, the changes. All in all, this trip was one of the best times that I ever had with Ed Hastie, or for that matter, with anyone. This was December, 1969. It ended the sixties, it was the end of an era, but I didn’t know it at the time.

Winter turned to spring and spring turned to summer. I was watching TV one summer evening, watching the 6 o’clock news. It was a sharp summer day, almost cloudless, mid eighties weather. The news showed color film of a gold Gremlin automobile, as the commentator recited the details of the story. The TV film showed the Gremlin being pulled from the water. It was a coincidence that I was watching the news that evening, it was an accident of fate.

A woman went to the Scioto River Park, the newscaster reported, just south of the Fishinger Road bridge. The Scioto River winds into Columbus from the Northwest side, it is where the most expensive homes in Columbus are located. The river basin is a park that runs for miles. Griggs Dam – it’s called Griggs Dam – creates a water reservoir, power boating is permitted, people water ski there.

A couple of guys, who were fishing along the river bank, were interviewed by the news crew. They said to the TV cameras that there was nothing that they could do, they tried, they were crying. Grown men crying about their inability to help.

They had seen the lady earlier, as they were fishing. She was parked in her car near the river bank. She got out of her car and walked around. They noticed her because she was attractive and very pretty, they told the TV cameras. Then she left.

The news reporter questioned the guys fishing about what happened next. They said they saw her drive to the McDonalds at the corner. Another witness was from McDonalds, who said that the lady was at the McDonalds only a few minutes. Inside the McDonalds, she went into the women’s restroom. There she took off all her clothes, everything, and walked out of McDonalds nude. She got into her car, and drove back to the river bank. There was a long blacktop drive that sloped down to the water, where she stopped the car. The fishermen saw her stop, they watched her wait. After a short deliberation, she accelerated the car, and she drove down the drive like a skier on a ramp. The guys fishing jumped out of the way as the car sped by near them, and it catapulted into the water. Once in the river, the Gremlin floated for a few minutes, slowly sinking beneath the surface. The woman turned around, and as the fishermen waded into the water to help, she waved at them. She waved goodbye as the car sank into the river.

As I watched the news, I didn’t know who it was. I didn’t recognize the car, although I had been in it, I didn’t realize that I knew this person well. I walked away from the TV. But the next day the bizarre suicide of Melinda Gordon was front page news. The Columbus Dispatch followed the story with detail – high school cheerleader, homecoming queen, good girl goes bad and gets into drugs – everything people in Columbus, Ohio, want to read. Melinda Gordon took her own life, it was her choice to die. Me, I’ll never know why.


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April 26, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – You Wanna Do What?

Like some smooth, sensual serpent, the glistening cock glided out of Cindy’s mouth. When the swollen head emerged, she lapped at its smooth surface while studying her husband. His big, nude body sat sprawled comfortably on their living room couch. Curly blonde hair cushioned his head against the wall. Those blue eyes she adored were shut. His lips were parted. It all combined into a look of expectant bliss.

And that meant, if she was going to do this, now was the time. “Ray, for my Valentine present, you asked what I wanted, remember? Well, what I want, more than anything else, is to make it with Carlo.”

Ray’s eyes popped open, his mouth snapped shut, and he stared down at her. The expression on his face now one of incredulity. “You wanna do what?”

“You asked what I wanted for Valentine’s Day.” Cindy paused to lick the sensitive spot under the flared head. “Well, what I want is to have sex with Carlo.”

“Carlo Labruzzo? Our landlord? The guy we work for? You wanna screw a baldheaded, middle-aged, married guy? I mean, for someone his age, Carlo’s in pretty good shape. But why him?”

“Because he’s cute, super sweet, and with Anna being in Italy for the last month, he’s horny as hell. But most of all, it’s because he has, well,” she paused, then rushed on, “he has this absolutely huge cock. Don’t get me wrong, I love yours, and you. But I really want to find out what it’s like to do it with one that big.”

Ray looked totally nonplussed. “Okay. Mind telling me how you know Carlo’s hung like a mule?”

“Anna told me. Women talk. The problem is, it’s so big, and she’s so tiny, they have problems, you know, in bed. Since I’m a nurse, she asked my advice—even showed me a few pictures. Very impressive.”

Ray shook his head. “The idea of you two checking out photos of Carlo’s hammer is, well, just a bit kinky.”

Cindy took a slow lick up the length of Ray’s shaft, then grinned. “It was for medical purposes only, you pervert. I suggested a few things, you know, different positions and such. But that went nowhere. Anna says she’s open to anything that might help, but Carlo’s very old-fashioned. She’s not, maybe because she’s so much younger. But for someone with her great looks and that figure you keep drooling over, she’s super shy and a bit naïve about sex. Anyway, neither of them is sure what else they can do, much less how to do it. That’s why they only make love in the missionary position.”

“That cuddly little body of Anna’s does make her a serious lust-object, no question. But then I have a very broad-minded appreciation for all forms of female beauty,” said Ray, as he reached down and fondled Cindy’s firm breasts.

They kissed and he settled back on the couch. “So you’re saying they’re afraid of screwing around with their screwing, right?”

“You do have a way with words,” mumbled Cindy, as she nibbled on the stiff shaft. “Anyway, I didn’t want to do anything until Anna got back. But last weekend he kept hanging around the office, flirting and checking me out. I didn’t mind, of course. But the helpless, horny look on his face nearly broke my heart. Ray, nobody should be alone and that horny with St. Valentine’s Day coming.”

“And his having this super schlong never crossed your mind, right?”

“Oh, you.” Her lips encircled the cock-head, then began a sensuous slide down the smooth shaft. When it was once again on the verge of coming, she returned to the subject.

“The way I figure it, balling Carlo would ease his misery, help him in bed with Anna and, yes, let me satisfy my curiosity about, you know, something that big. The problem is, he’s so conservative, just coming on to him probably wouldn’t work. That’s also why, even if things do work out, I don’t see how you could be there.”

“I had a hunch that was coming, and I don’t like it. We’ve always done everything together. But I see your point.”

Cindy smiled at her husband. “Have I told you how much I love you, today?”

“Action speaks louder than words, woman.”

The long shaft once again vanished between Cindy’s lips. Her cheeks sunk in as she applied a strong suction. When both Ray and his cock began showing signs of an approaching climax, she went back to licking the stiff shaft.

“What I’m thinking about is flirting a lot at first, then getting the talk around to sex. That should be easy. The tricky part will be letting him know Anna told me about their problem and is behind any solution I try. If I get past that, I’ll act real professional and say it might be possible to teach him how to use all that thing of his without tearing Anna in half.”

“And you think you can handle what Anna can’t?

Cindy nodded. “I’m bigger than she is and taller, too. So if I’m on top, it shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, we’ve done it that way a lot and you’re not exactly packing a cocktail frank, you know?”

“Bless you for that.” Ray’s voice was not steady. “Sounds like you’ve, uh, got it all figured out.”

“I hope so. Look Ray, I know this sounds strange. But it’s kind of important to me. Not just because of what I’d be doing, but because, well, I’ve always done anything you wanted when it comes to sex, and I always will. But this is something I really want to do, even though it’s just for me. I won’t do it though, unless you say it’s okay.”

Having completed her infomercial, Cindy caressed the straining shaft with her lips until Ray’s body began to tremble. She paused and gently licked the purple head.

Ray shook his head and smiled. “Wife, you are one funny female, but I love being loved by you.” “So is it okay with you?” she asked, before swallowing the entire shaft in one long, languid motion.

“You don’t play fair,” groaned Ray. “But yes, it’s, oh, oh, okay.”


Carlo and Anna were part owners and managers of the up-scale apartment complex where Ray and Cindy lived. The three, two-story brick units were built around garden-like courtyards that came complete with banana plants and fountains.

Even with her nurse’s salary, it was a bit pricey for them. But the perfect location, in a quiet neighborhood about halfway between the hospital where she worked and the law school he attended, made it hard to resist. In exchange for a big cut on their rent, Ray did repair work while Cindy, who worked the evening shift, helped in the office..

The following Saturday was Valentine’s Day. Cindy woke Ray early with a sloppy blowjob that tuned into a long session of lovemaking. Afterward, they lay together, cuddling and talking. Cindy had taken the weekend off from the hospital. That evening, they were going out for dinner with another couple and then checking out a private, couple’s only, party that promised to be very interesting.

The subject changed to what she hoped to be doing with Carlo. Ray said it sounded like a lot more fun than his morning of research in the law library and that he expected a full report.

The office was a nice place to work. Prints of Italy filled the white walls of the converted, one-bedroom apartment. Potted plants were everywhere. A doorway had been cut between it and the larger one Carlo and Anna used next door.

It was a cold, rainy day in the middle of the month and very slow. Cindy spent most of the morning alone, answering a few calls, taking a late rent payment, straightening up the place, and reading. At least, she would have been alone if Carlo hadn’t kept stopping by. That was okay since it gave her plenty of chances to flirt.

The office closed at one on Saturdays. Afterward, she joined Carlo in his apartment for the end-of-the-day glass of wine he always insisted on serving.

Cindy had never been impressed with her own looks. Granted, Ray said he loved her figure and people were always going on about her legs. But brown-eyed brunettes were not her idea of sexy. Still, she couldn’t miss Carlo’s looks of lust and longing as they talked.

By their second glass of wine, he was practically panting. So she edged the conversation around to Valentine’s Day, then to love, followed by sex, and finally the “problem” Anna had mentioned. Carlo blushed to the top of his bald head, but admitted that due to his endowment, and Anna being so small, their sex life was very constrained. “Anna has learned to bear the pain. She knows how it is with a man, with me. And we wanted children. But the doctor’s say that’s not to be. Anyway, I try not to put too much, you know, inside her so it won’t hurt. Still….”

Cindy nodded with real sympathy. “You know, when Anna and I talked about this, I told her it might be possible for you two to have sex without her having all that pain. She said anything I could do would be a blessing. If you want, I can show you how it can be done.”

The implication that Anna favored this offer might not be exactly true. But then Anna hadn’t objected when Cindy mentioned sexual surrogate therapy and volunteered to see what she might be able to do about the problem.

The smile on Carlo’s face seemed a good sign, so Cindy pressed on. “What I’m talking about is a new scientific technique called sexual surrogate therapy. There are ways you and Anna can have normal sex without pain. I’ll be glad to show you how. But that’s only if you feel it’s all right.”

When Carlo hesitated, she quickly continued. “Sexual surrogate therapy works best in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Your bedroom would do fine. And believe me, we’d be doing therapy, not fooling around on our spouses. Ray knows all about surrogate therapy and I’ve told you what Anna said.” From the look on his face, it was obvious sexual surrogate therapy sounded good to Carlo. When he nodded, Cindy’s smile broadened. “Good. Let me get a few things from my apartment. Why don’t you pour us some more wine and try to relax till I get back.”

A few minutes later, she returned with a tote bag, took the glass of wine Carlo offered her, then went into the bedroom. Family pictures crowded the top of two dressers. An old-fashioned, dark wood, four-poster bed dominated the room. It looked perfect, cozy and comfortable..

Then Cindy noticed the crucifix hanging above the bed. Her family had been, at best, lukewarm Unitarians. Still, the somber icon was a jarring note considering what she hoped to be doing soon.

When she came out of the bedroom, a white lab coat and white shoes had replaced her sweater and jeans. She regretted not having white hose on. That would have been a nice touch. But the only white stockings she owned were pantyhose, and something told her they would not appeal to her audience.

The new clothes surprised Carlo, but their professional look seemed to reassure him. “You look so nice. Thank you for doing this, for Anna and me.”

“It’s my pleasure. But we really need to get started.” She smiled and headed toward the bedroom followed closely by her first-ever sexual surrogate therapy patient.

Once inside, Cindy seated Carlo on the edge of the bed. She remained standing, and told him that before the primary therapy began, it was important to insure the patient was in a receptive mood for treatment. “It’s a critical, therapeutic step. But the procedure used varies from therapist to therapist, and patient to patient. The technique I’ve picked is a bit personal, but it should be effective. And, well, it’s also a thank you for all the kindnesses you and Anna have shown Ray and me.”

With that, she began unbuttoning her lab coat. As the last one came open, she turned her back to Carlo and let the coat slip off her shoulders. After tossing it on a chair, she turned back wearing nothing but shoes and a slightly nervous smile. Carlo gasped as his gaze riveted on her nude body. When he just kept looking, Cindy moved nearer, took his big hands in hers and placed them on her hips, then encouraged him to enjoy anything he saw and liked. When he hesitated, she said, in a teasing voice, that her feelings might be hurt if he didn’t try all the things her body had to offer.

Given this permission, Carlo began acting like a kid with a fabulous new toy. Shyly at first, then with more authority, he stroked her breasts and bottom, played with her inner thighs and explored the patch of curly brown hair that adorned her pussy. When Cindy suggested he might like to taste her breasts, he quickly accepted her invitation.

After several minutes of increasingly bold petting, Cindy leaned away and looked down at Carlo, “But this isn’t fair, I’m having all the fun. Why don’t you relax for a minute and let me have a turn?” Carlo grinned, leaned back on his hands, and watched as Cindy knelt between his heavily muscled legs. The big bulge in his khaki pants, her Valentine’s present, was inches away, ready to be unwrapped. She tried not to rush, tried to take her time and be seductive, but failed.

The cock was too long and stiff to pull out through the open zipper. When Carlo’s pants were in a pile on the floor, she still had to unsnap his boxer shorts before being able to extract her prize. When it sprang into view, Cindy knew her time had been well spent.

Anna’s photos hadn’t done the monster justice. It was enormous, but there was more to it than just size, although that was almost intimidating. The long, fat shaft curved gently upward until, many inches later, it ended at a big, uncircumcised head that practically demanded attention. As she studied this trophy, Cindy’s stomach twisted and churned with excitement.

She took a deep breath and tried to sound professional, but couldn’t still the excited tremor in her voice. “Carlo, I think it’s time to begin the, uh, therapy. The first thing to do is get both of us prepared. Okay?”

For a few minutes, Cindy tried to give Carlo a blowjob. But the cock’s oversized dimensions made her job almost impossible. Just getting the gigantic head between her lips and teeth was a struggle.

Once it was secured inside her mouth, she still found it tough to do more than make small movements with her head. It was a long way from the great blowjob she’d planned, but Carlo seemed happy.

The churning in her stomach and the burning in her groin would no longer allow the postponement of her rendezvous with Carlo’s massive member. After a last, very long lick, she stood and helped Carlo take off his shirt. Though on the short side, he was built like a wrestler with a big chest and well-muscled arms. Only the occasional white hair hinted at his age. It was easy to see how he’d attracted the much younger Anna.

“Part of the therapy involves your learning a new position that should help you and Anna make love more naturally. Instead of you always being on top and driving that huge thing into her, I’m going to show you how she can be on top. Once you’ve taught her how it’s done, she’ll be more comfortable and you should be able to lay back and enjoy the ride. Now I want you to lay on your back in the middle of the bed.”

Carlo looked skeptical, but followed orders. Cindy pulled out a tube of lubricant from her bag, then crawled into bed beside him. “The first thing we need to do is get both of us ready. As big as you are, this is very important with Anna. There’s no reason you couldn’t do this for yourself. But it might be more fun if I do it for you. Okay?”

There were no objections. As Carlo watched with growing excitement, Cindy filled her palm with lubricant and began spreading it over the massive cock. It quivered in response to her touch. The cock head, so big it filled her hand, got an extra thick coating.

When Carlo balked at returning the favor, Cindy decided not to pressure him but to become very clinical. She knelt on one knee, her pussy mere inches from his face. “Carlo, this is very important. If Anna’s too shy to do it herself, you must help her. So pay attention to what I do.”

It was a pointless command. Carlo stared, open mouthed, as Cindy began lubricating herself. When she slipped a big glob inside her pussy, he gasped and she worried he might have a heart attack, or come right then.

Anxious to avoid either catastrophe, she finished quickly. “That’s about all there is to the preparatory part. Of course, some couples spend a lot more time on it than we did. Whatever you and Anna feel comfortable with is fine. Anyway, if you’re ready, I think it’s time we stopped preparing and started practicing. Don’t you?”

Carlo swallowed and nodded, then stared as Cindy straddled his hips. A sudden reservation swept over her as she looked down at the big pole bobbing between her legs.

She shook her head, as if to break the spell, and then looked up at Carlo, “Are you ready?” It was a foolish question. Carlo was very ready. Without taking his eyes off her body, he nodded and emphatic, yes.

“All right, let’s get started, then. Why don’t you help out by aiming your erection toward me?” Within seconds, Carlo had his cock pointed towards her pussy.

“Fine. Now let me do, uh, do the rest.” Cindy wondered if Carlo had noticed the tremor in her voice. From the look on his face, he’d heard nothing for some time now. After one last look at what was waiting for her, she took a deep breath and began moving down toward the huge cock.

Later, she wasn’t sure how much therapy Carlo received, but Cindy was certain what she’d gotten—one hell of a fucking. It began with her fingers wrapped around the slippery, flared cock head, guiding it toward her churning pussy. Once the head touched her pubs, it seemed to develop a life of its own, as it rooted between her pussy lips searching for a way inside. Once the opening was located, the head shoved its way inside.

With both apprehension and excitement, Cindy felt the walls of her vagina stretching as the big head forced its way into her body. It felt like an enormous log was being driven into her.

Cindy became transfixed as inch after inch of the thick shaft sank ever deeper into her pussy. Though she was sitting on top of Carlo, whenever she tried to pull up, some force seemed to draw her back down onto his giant pole. And each time she slid back, she took more and more of that incredible cock.

It was remorseless, splitting her open ever wider, filling her with body shaking waves of erotic agony and ecstasy. There was no pause, no relief, until the entire length seemed embedded inside her. Before Cindy could catch her breath, Carlo began thrusting into her. Somewhere, deep inside her body, the giant cock head hammered at the back of her pussy. Each thrust became a torment. Cindy realized that unless she could get control, Carlo might bruise or maybe even damage her organs.

Uh, say Carlo, oh, oh, you know you’re in just about as deep as I can, oh, as I can stand. Just, ah, relax and uh, lay back and let me do all the–Oh, God–all the work. Okay? Please.” After that last pussy wrenching thrust, he complied.

Now that she could set the pace, it wasn’t that hard to find a good stroke. There were a few, breath-taking false starts she discovered the best position was leaning so far forward, Carlo could nibble on her boobs while she kept pounding her hips up and down on his huge cock. There was no pain in this position, just a steady rush of incredible sensations.

Each plunge back down that long, thick shaft was a sensual adventure. The giant head felt like a fist moving up and down inside her vagina. Carlo might be old and bald, but his thick shaft was stretching her beyond belief while the huge head went where no cock had gone before.

Two rapid, intense orgasms seemed to contract her body around the big pole. They left her hot, sweaty, and panting, but wanting more. It was on the way.

With a strangled cry, Carlo arched upward driving his cock back into new depths inside Cindy. The shock of that savage thrust ignited another climax. Her body jerked upright, putting even greater pressure on her battered pussy.

As Cindy groaned under the force of her own gut-wrenching orgasm, Carlo emitted an animal-like sound and began pumping his long pent-up load deep within her writhing body. Their bodies fused into a lover’s knot as they shared each other’s passion. Then, after one last gentle thrust, Carlo sighed and collapsed back on the bed. Moments later, Cindy shook like a rag doll, then collapsed on top of the exhausted Carlo.

Sometime later, she managed to dismount from Carlo. With a loud plop, his still long but now pliable cock emerged from deep inside her body and then flopped onto his belly. There was a pleased, sleepy, contended look on his face. As she dressed, Cindy looked at him and smiled. “You seem to have enjoyed the therapy. I’m glad. I’d never done it before.”

“You were wonderful,” said Carlo. “Now I can’t wait for my Anna to come back.”

As she walked to her own apartment, Cindy touched her belly, marveling at the feelings still inside her. She hoped Ray wasn’t home. It’d give her time to clean up and compose herself and think about what to tell him. But, of course, Ray was home.

When she saw him come out of kitchen with a glass of wine, Cindy leaned back against the door. The tote bag with the lab coat and white shoes slipped from her numb fingers. She closed her eyes. How was Ray going to react?

“Here,” he said, offering her the wine, “you probably need something stronger, but this will have to do.”

She took a long drink, said, “Thanks. I needed that,” then studied her husband’s face over the rim. He’s trying to be nice, but I suppose he’s hurt, or pissed. After all, he can only imagine what just happened. I’m not even sure myself. But I am sure my pussy is still throbbing from Carlo’s cock.

And this whole thing was all my idea, not his. Carlo’s a sweet man, and maybe what I did really will help him and Anna. But all I wanted was to find out what it felt like to get something that big shoved inside me. Well I found out all right. Boy, but did I ever find out. She smiled at the memory and finished her wine.

Ray reached for the glass. “So, how’d it go?”

“There were a couple of times I thought it might be more than I could handle. But, I guess it was worth it. No, that’s not true. The whole thing was just incredible. Not that I want a repeat. No thank you. Something that big limits what you can do, at least what I could do. How Anna has managed to keep him happy all these years is beyond me. But maybe, what I did today will help them. I don’t know.”

Ray nodded. “I suppose being a sex therapist can take a lot out of person or, in this case, put a lot in. But after all that meat, well, things around here might seem pretty tame.”

The sudden note of insecurity in Ray’s voice made her heart jump. It told her louder than any words, just how much she meant to him. And it reminded her how much she needed his love. “Ray, would you please,” she knew she was begging but didn’t care, “please hug me and say you still love me.”

Ray smiled and wrapped her in his arms. “Okay, I love you. And I’m sorry about this smile, but I can’t help wondering if any other guy has ever said that to his wife in this particular situation?”

Cindy giggled and snuggled closer. “Who knows? Anything’s possible on Valentine’s Day. Which reminds me, you haven’t gotten your presents yet.”

“Presents? So where are they, woman?”

“Don’t be impatient. I plan on giving you one this evening you should really like. But you’ll have to wait a couple weeks on your special present.” Cindy looked at her husband with a big, knowing smile. “You see, it’s in Italy. Anna sent us a Valentine’s card with a note. She says if all went well with Carlo’s treatment, and it did, she’d also like to try some one-on-one therapy, but from you.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, dear.”


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April 25, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Juliette & Earl

(Note: This story stands alone but if you’d like to know more about some of the characters check out Juliette and The Seven Dwarves and Juliette and The Horny Fairy. And again, any dwarves in this story are magical creatures – absolutely no offence is intended to any real person of shorter stature. Thanks ;))


Earl’s hand was moving so fast it would have looked blurred to anyone watching. But thankfully nobody was watching, because Earl was masturbating in his bedroom as he stared down at a woman on the street below. His cock was huge and purple and glossy with pre-cum. It was jerking and twitching in his rapidly stroking hand and Earl was clearly going to come very soon. He was wearing just a black t shirt, stretched tight across his fast developing pectorals, and standing just to the side of his window, so he could see and not be seen.

Earlier, the 18 year old had been at the back of the house, in his parent’s bedroom, staring out of their window and down at next door’s garden. From that angle he could see his next door neighbour Juliette sitting on her wooden bench, having a cup of coffee in the fresh air before setting off to work. Often she sat there in just a robe, unaware that every morning Earl was there too, his eyes eating up every inch of flesh she exposed. He could always see her legs, long, pale and shapely, stretched out before her as she examined her toenail polish. And often the short white silk robe slipped enough for him to catch a sliver of panties or stretch of bare thigh.

Earl’s breath fogged up the window as he stared lustfully at his neighbour, feeling his cock growing in his jeans, rubbing on the material every now and again to relieve the pressure. What he was waiting for was what almost always happened when Juliette got up to go inside and finish getting ready. She would lean forward to put her coffee cup down and pick a few stray leaves off the pots of herbs by her back door. Earl felt as though he was toppling over as the huge canyon of cleavage between Juliette’s 38F breasts was exposed. He could see their massive roundness pressing against the material, and the bulge of tit flesh escaping from the robe into daylight. He pressed his forehead against the cold glass and prayed that the robe would slip more, that he’d get a look at those massive jugs and the succulent nipples he could only imagine.

By the time Juliette stretched and yawned, her arms above her head pulling her big tits up and making them stick out more than ever, Earl was ready to burst. He watched her go back into the flat, pulling the belt tight on her robe and accentuating the narrow waist above her big rounded hips. His cock was a throbbing club in his jeans. He ran to his room, pulling his jeans off as he scrambled to his own window. He knew Juliette’s routine and just needed one more look to finish his morning ritual.

About ten minutes later – time Earl spent trying to control his enormous erection – Juliette left her flat and walked down the street past Earl’s house. She almost always wore something which showed her cleavage. With tits as large as hers, it was hard to hide them. And Juliette liked the attention she got, on the whole. Today was no exception, and as Earl stared down at Juliette’s front garden watching her leave the house he was treated to an aerial view right down her bra. It was early summer and she wasn’t wearing a coat. Just a tight black skirt which skimmed mid-thigh and a soft cashmere cardigan, long sleeved and black, which formed a deep V over her tits. The top couple of buttons strained over her massive breasts, bouncing in their black lacy bra. But from Earl’s angle, all he could see was two big white bulges and he longed to plunge his aching cock between them.

Juliette strolled past Earl’s house. She wasn’t in a hurry to get to work and she had a lazy, fuck-me walk enhanced by the four inch heels she was wearing. The shiny black shoes, cut low on the foot to expose a little toe cleavage and a lot of her high, strong arches, made her hips swing in the tight skirt, straining the seams. Her long black hair hung in loose waves over her shoulders and down her back, reaching to the bottom of her shoulder blades. As she passed his house, Earl could see her lips, coated in deep red colour, and her pale, pretty face. And then he saw her body in profile and his cock stroking reached a crescendo.

Bracing himself against the window frame with one strong arm, Earl’s other hand was pumping his cock, watching Juliette’s voluptuous body, her tits high, round and impossibly big. He wanted to stick his cock in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass but mostly between those huge knockers. God, he wanted to see his spunk spraying over her face and neck as he plunged between her big tits. He wanted to see her nipples sticking up between his fingers as he squeezed her breasts. He wanted to hear her squealing his name as he stuck his cock into her. He wanted to fuck her so hard she’d –

“Oh fuck,” moaned Earl. His cock finally exploded, splattering cum over the window pane. Earl’s knees buckled with the force of his orgasm and he staggered over to his bed, sated and frustrated all in one.

But for once Earl didn’t descend into depression over Juliette. Just the previous weekend he’d had an encounter with her which, while it now seemed like a dream, had been gloriously, spunkily real. Juliette had been shrunk to the size of his fist by a malevolent fairy and she begged for his help. She sat, naked and tinily curvy, in the palm of his hand and he lost no time in pushing her doll-size body onto his cock. After that, she’d said yes when he asked her out on a date. All his previous attempts to ask her out had ended with him blushing and stuttering and pretending to be asking the time. She was, after all, nearly 15 years older than him – a ripe 32 to his just 18. And admittedly, she’d been at a bit of a disadvantage when he’d asked. So Earl was fervently hoping that Juliette would remember and still go out with him.

The date was Saturday night. Tomorrow. All week Earl had been watching Juliette secretly from his window as usual, his fantasies and orgasms getting more intense as the day drew closer. He needed to sleep and get some strength back. After all, even an 18 year old would need all his energy to get the most out of a body like Juliette’s.


On Saturday afternoon Juliette was exhausted. She’d spent the morning tied to her bed by Grumpy, one of the seven dwarves who lived upstairs. He growled at her as he spread her legs and tied her ankles to the bedposts, exposing her hairless pussy. His fat cock bulged further and further out of his brightly coloured leggings as he grabbed her hands and tied them too, leaving her spreadeagled. Then he stripped off, his disproportionately large shaft bouncing in front of him, and climbed onto Juliette’s body. Grumpy sat on her chest and leaned over her massive tits, keeping a hand on each one for balance and for groping, and whispered in her ear.

“You little fuckslut. You want my cock, don’t you?”

Juliette nodded. Dampness was oozing along her pussy lips as the dwarf’s thick rod pushed against her breasts. His cursing and abuse made her feel dirty and horny and insatiable. Grumpy was the dwarf who fucked her least. He made her wait, and she loved it. This morning he’d woken her up by sliding a finger into her ass. Then out came the ropes. His long white beard rubbed against her soft skin as he talked. His breath was hot.

“I’m going to get those big hooters of yours and squeeze them round my cock and hold them there while I tit fuck you, bitch.”

Juliette moaned. She was desperate to get a finger into her pussy.

Grumpy started rubbing his cock over her nipples as he told Juliette what he was going to do. The more he called her names, the harder he got.

“You fucking big-titted cunt. You big-jugged whore. You fuck and suck those other dwarves every night, don’t you slut? Your pussy is always full of midget spunk. Even Dopey, who can barely tie his own laces, gets to bend you over and dip his dick into you doesn’t he?”

Juliette’s nipples were hard and pink and stubbily erect. She was whimpering with lust, dying to get fucked. Grumpy stuck his cock into her mouth and she sucked it greedily and when it was wet he shoved it between her tits and grabbed one massive boob in each tiny hand, wrapping them round his shaft like a dick sandwich.

Grumpy’s little body jerked back and forth with each thrust of his cock. Every time the head came close to her lips, Juliette stuck her tongue out and licked the end, trying to suck it into her mouth. Grumpy was grunting and red in the face, working up the friction between the big soft white tits. He pulled on her nipples and fucked her harder, each push accompanied by a growled word.




“Fucking cum-sucking cocksucking big titted – FUCK!”

The dwarf launched himself into Juliette’s deep cleavage and came hard, spraying his cum all over her chest, neck and chin. Then he toppled face first into her tits and breathed hard for a few minutes. Juliette hoped he was alright. Her pussy was soaking and she really needed to cum. The dwarves all had excellent recuperative powers and soon Grumpy was stiff again. He untied her and fucked her hard for the rest of the morning, never once using her name when he could use ‘cock loving cunt’ instead.

So by the time Juliette remembered about her date with Earl, she’d been lying in a deep sleep on her dwarf-cum drenched bed for hours. She got up slowly, trying to run a hand through her hair but finding it matted with what could only be midget manjuice.

In the shower, she wondered if she should even go ahead with the date. She could say she had a cold or something. Her last encounter with Earl had been downright weird – though that wasn’t entirely his fault. She was the one shrunk to the size of a glove puppet by a mischievous fairy, after all. It was just that he was so young. She’d noticed him noticing her for a couple of years. When he was a gawky schoolboy he’d sometimes follow her home and stand outside the garden gate for hours. And Juliette was on very good terms with his parents, her neighbours. They were friendly decent people who had more than once helped her when she’d lost her keys and locked herself out. She wasn’t sure they’d be keen on a grown woman dating their precious boy.

But she had to admit that Earl looked a lot more like a man than a boy nowadays. He’d shot up to a towering six feet in height and his shoulders were broad and muscular. His previously lank and greasy shoulder length brown hair was now a shiny mop, sexily hanging over his dark brown eyes. And he was so nervous around Juliette. It brought out something of the mother and something of the tease in her. She remembered his lanky frame and his satisfyingly large cock. Even allowing for her then tiny size, it was impressive. And his balls were gigantic.

The water running down her body wasn’t the only thing getting Juliette wet. She decided to go ahead with the date and got out of the shower, concentrating on making herself look intimidatingly gorgeous. The tease in her wanted to make Earl cum in his pants.


Earl rang Juliette’s doorbell right on time. She answered straight away and came outside, closing the door behind her. There was no way she was inviting a date in to deal with her upstairs neighbours.

They walked along the road to the station together, not speaking much. Earl was too nervous to be more than polite, but he kept looking at her furtively, unable to believe his luck. Juliette looked particularly stunning. She was wearing a short black skirt which flared out flirtily from her waist. On top – Earl could hardly believe this – she was wearing a black suede corset, tightly laced to emphasise her small waist. But what it did to her already massive tits was what took his breath away. The corset stopped just under her breasts, supporting them so well that she didn’t have to wear a bra and the filmy white long-sleeved blouse she wore underneath the corset concealed very little. The neckline was scooped low and it was loose on her shoulders, so that every now and again the material would slide down her arms exposing a pale upper arm.

But what hypnotised Earl were the clear outlines of her breasts under the scant white material. Juliette was wearing strappy black sandals with slender four inch spiked heels and her whole body wiggled as she walked. He could see her big globes bouncing freely and the outlines of her stubby pink nipples. He could even see the crinkly skin of her areolas. After a while he had to stop looking because his erection was getting so large he was having difficulty walking normally.

After that excellent start, however, the evening was a disaster. Earl took them to a restaurant on the other side of town, a good 20 minutes train ride away. And because he was only 18, it hadn’t occurred to Earl to arrange a taxi or to book a table. They ended up eating burgers while standing looking at the river. He felt embarrassed and wretched and couldn’t stop apologising. Juliette didn’t really mind not getting into the restaurant. She’d enjoyed talking to him as they watched the lights on the dark river. But whatever she said, he couldn’t be consoled.

The journey home was another nightmare for Earl. Late night trains across the city are packed to the seams with drunken revellers and it was standing room only for Juliette and Earl. They leapt into a carriage and squeezed themselves between the tightly packed passengers, breathing in the fumes of alcohol, dope and perfume. Earl thought miserably of how much he’d like to be able to afford a taxi and how little Juliette must be enjoying the evening.

As the train rattled away, Earl and Juliette were jammed together face to face, not a sliver of space between them. Earl could feel Juliette’s huge tits pushing into his chest. They felt so soft and cushiony. He looked down and saw them flattened against him, the excess flesh spreading to either side, the cleavage cavernous. His cock swelled again, pressing against his jeans. Earl sighed deeply. After this travesty of a date there was no way he’d get Juliette into bed. She’d never want to see him again.

Juliette knew the young man was feeling bad. At that age, silly dates like this take on the proportions of tragedy. To her, it wasn’t such a big deal. She was impressed by his courage in asking her out and he was really very attractive – tall and hard bodied and funny. So when she felt his cock throbbing against her thigh, she shifted slightly so that it lodged between her legs, pushing against her pussy through her skirt.

Earl gasped when he felt Juliette move against him. His cock jumped and grew even more. It was now throbbing almost painfully, desperate to get inside the woman it was pushed up against. Earl’s lust overtook his anxiety and he shifted his hips to rub his cock against Juliette. He was lodged in the notch of her pussy, through the thin material, and as he pushed he was jabbing her clit. Juliette smiled and lifted her face up to his, opening her thighs a little to let Earl’s bulge slip between her legs and closer to her slit.

They kissed and Earl’s hands crept around to Juliette’s tits. He knew he shouldn’t do it. They were in a public space, people crammed up against them all around, but he couldn’t keep himself off those massive jugs for a moment longer. He grabbed a huge round boob in each hand and squeezed, groaning loudly.

Most of the other passengers were too jammed into their own spaces or too drunk to notice what Earl and Juliette were doing. But their immediate neighbours, two guys in suits, obviously on their way home after a marathon after-work drinking session, had noticed the couple squirming and sighing. One of the guys, the shorter and more chunky, winked at his friend and slid a hand onto Juliette’s ass. He took a big handful and squeezed hard. Juliette yelped but there was nothing she could do. There was no space to move away. And anyway, she was concentrating on Earl.

The other office worker smirked at his friend. They were both watching the boy grinding his cock against the voluptuous older woman. And they could see that she was enjoying it. When Earl put his hands on Juliette’s tits both the watching guys felt their cocks get almost as hard as Earl’s. They shifted so that they were rubbing against Juliette, taking a rounded hip each.

Earl’s grinding was getting more desperate. His fat shaft was harder than it had ever been and he could feel pre-cum soaking through his jeans. Juliette slid her tongue into his mouth and at the same time reached down and unzipped him. She pulled his thick cock out and started stroking it, keeping it between their bodies so that it wasn’t obvious to everyone what she was doing.

But Bill and Richard, the drunken office workers, could tell exactly what she was doing from the look on the boy’s face. They redoubled their friction against Juliette’s hips and Bill, the shorter, bolder one, unzipped his own pants, grabbed hold of Juliette’s free hand and put it on his cock. She glared at him and he whispered in her ear:

“Just be quiet. You don’t want everyone to know what you’re doing with lover boy there, do you?”

Juliette frowned, but she kept her hand on his cock and stroked it as he shoved it towards her.

Earl’s hands were still firmly clamped on Juliette’s tits. He wanted to stick his face between them. He wanted to stick his cock between them. He was half out of his mind with lust as the gorgeous older woman stroked his twitching shaft. Juliette was just as horny as Earl and the three cocks pushing at her were driving her crazy. She took a hand off Earl’s cock and reached down to pull her skirt up. Earl didn’t need any more encouragement. He let go of one of her massive tits long enough to pull her panties aside and slide his cock into Juliette’s wet pussy. With a long sigh, he pushed the big dick all the way in.

Juliette was now propped up partly by Bill, whose cock she was still pumping with her hand, and by Richard, who’d shifted round behind her. He had both hands on her ass, squeezing, and then he pushed his cock against her, resting it between her ass cheeks and stroking back and forth. He clearly intended to get off rubbing against her rounded bottom.

Earl was pushing his dick into Juliette, the motion of the train reinforcing his rhythm, one of Juliette’s toned legs pulled up around his hips. He’d lost all self consciousness and was now sucking at Juliette’s right nipple through her blouse. Juliette was still a little worried about people around them, particularly the two guys who seemed intent on getting a fuck whether she liked it or not. But the feel of Earl’s big cock inside her was fantastic. Soon all she’d care about would be cumming.

Richard reached around and put a hand on Juliette’s other massive boob, squeezing and pulling at the nipple as he rubbed his cock up and down between her ass cheeks.

The train’s speed increased as it got closer to the final station. The carriage rocked from side to side and Earl pumped his cock into his busty neighbour in time to its movement. The engines roared and the carriage juddered as the brakes started to come on. Earl’s fucking became more frantic and Juliette pushed herself down onto his cock and came hard, her clit throbbing against the boy’s big dick. She pulled on Bill’s cock and he shot his load over her thigh, moaning into her ear. Richard, feeling Juliette’s nipple harden and tighten under his hand and her body tensing in orgasm, came as his cock was wedged into the cleft of her ass. His cum drenched the back of her panties and he pulled hard on her thick nipple.

Finally, just as the train was about to stop, the doors open and everyone get out, Earl gave a final shove into the velvet wetness of Juliette’s pussy. He looked at her massive tits and exploded inside her, pumping frantically, as though he wanted to climb inside, cock first.

Just seconds later the train stopped and the passengers streamed out into the cold night air. Juliette brushed her skirt down quickly, looking around, and stood helpfully in front of Earl as he zipped up. Bill and Richard vanished.

Juliette and Earl looked at each other and smiled as they left the train. They walked slowly back to their street, not talking much. Earl couldn’t believe his luck. Even after that terrible evening, she’d wanted him. He decided to try for more. His cock was starting to wake up again even now, just watching his voluptuous neighbour jiggling as she walked along beside him on the pavement.

When they got to Juliette’s door, Earl pulled her to him and kissed her hard, his hands roaming all over her body. His cock was getting hard again and he rubbed it against her, hoping she’d respond. Juliette was a very horny girl and it took a lot less than a thick cock rubbing at her panties to make her want sex. But she didn’t want to invite Earl in and risk her upstairs neighbours making an unwelcome visit.

“Why don’t we go to your place?” she said.

Earl looked worried. “But my mum and dad. They’ll still be up.”

“Can we get to your room without being seen?”

“Um – yes. Yeah, come on.”

Earl popped in to the living room to say goodnight to his parents as Juliette ran upstairs to his room. By the time he came up, she was standing by his bed, attempting to unlace her corset. He immediately offered to help, which he did by putting his hands on her big tits as Juliette unthreaded the laces. When she stepped out of her skirt, blouse and corset, and stood in front of him naked except for her high heels, Earl had to blink a couple of times to make sure he was awake. Those big tits he’d dreamed about were finally there in front of him, bare and available. He reached out with both hands and grabbed them, pulling on Juliette’s thick stubby pink nipples, and clamping his mouth onto one while he pulled and groped at the other.

After ten minutes or so of sucking, when the two of them had fallen onto the bed and Juliette had stroked Earl’s cock into its full thick eight inches, she eased his mouth off her hard nipple and slid down his body, dragging her big soft tits along his skin as she moved.

Kneeling between his legs, Juliette opened her wet little mouth and ran her tongue all the way up Earl’s shaft from his balls to the tip. Then she sucked one of his big balls into her mouth and rolled it gently around, sucking a little on the hairy sac. Then the other one, then back to licking. She did this several more times until she could see it was making him crazy. Then she sucked his cock deep into her mouth and started moving up and down, fucking him with her mouth.

Earl reached down and grabbed Juliette’s tits as she sucked him, squeezing and kneading the big jugs as his cock was getting drenched between her lips. He groaned and raised his hips, pushing his cock right to the back of Juliette’s throat. She gagged a little on the big cock, but kept sucking, obviously loving it. Her hands were on Earl’s big balls, stroking and squeezing them gently and if she kept doing that he was going to cum in her mouth. Although he wanted to do that too, he really wanted to fuck her properly first. He eased his cock out of Juliette’s mouth and pulled her up off the bed. Then he walked her over to the middle of the room and indicated that she should get on all fours in front of the wardrobe, which had a full length mirror fitted to the door. Juliette crouched on the floor obediently, smiling to herself because she knew what was coming.

Earl kneeled on the floor behind Juliette. She looked spectacular, her full rounded ass sticking up in the air and her torso then tapering in to her waist. He slid a hand over her bottom and right down her back, enjoying the roller coaster ride of her curves. But what he wanted to see was right there in the mirror in front of him. Juliette’s enormous creamy tits were hanging down tipped by big pink nipples, which were extended and hard after all his tugging and sucking. Earl grabbed Juliette’s hips and pulled her back onto his cock. His thick member slid into her wet cunt and they both sighed with pleasure. Earl could see Juliette’s face flush as he pushed his dick into her.

He reached forward and put a hand on each of Juliette’s mammoth jugs, grabbing hard with his fingers so that milky white flesh bulged up between them. He started sawing his cock back and forth into Juliette’s pussy and felt her cunt muscles ripple and grip his shaft as he fucked her. Juliette’s tits swung in the boy’s hands as he banged her with his big cock.

It didn’t take long for Juliette to cum. She fingered her clit as her teenage neighbour screwed her from behind and soon the combination of his dick pounding and her rubbing made an orgasm erupt. She moaned loudly as she came, and Earl felt her pussy contracting around his big dick. He started shoving into her harder, grabbing her mountainous tits and fucking her faster as his cock got closer to the big cum he knew he was going to have. Earl’s cock pulsed and jerked as he pulled it out and sprayed cum all over Juliette’s back and rounded ass. He groaned and collapsed, pulling her down with him.

Eventually they dragged themselves to the bed and, after Juliette roused and rode her teenage date one last time, they slept.


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April 22, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – A Beautiful Assistant

“Jack, I’m so sorry to have to leave but this is a terrific opportunity and you know I’ve always wanted to work for a television network,” Erica said with a somewhat pained but hopeful look on her face.

“Of course it is, Erica,” Jack replied. “I would never do anything to hold you back. You know that.”

Jack was going to miss Erica for many reasons — not the least of which was when she wore that low cut sleeveless shirt that she was wearing today — but he knew that it was time for her to move on. Besides, there are a lot of low-cut shirt wearers in this city, he remembered.

“Well, I just want you to know that you’ve been the best boss I’ve ever had, Jack, and I mean it. You know that I’d do anything for you,” Erica continued.

What exactly does she mean by that, Jack wondered? He had always fantasized about his assistant Erica and was sad to see her leave. She was a beautiful woman, only about 25 years old. He remembered back to when he first interviewed her when she was about to graduate from college. Her hair was still long and brown, slightly curly. She still had beautiful Italian skin and a killer body. She must be a 34 C or maybe even a D cup, he thought. He really couldn’t tell, but figured that either way she was more than adequately endowed.

He never made a move as he knew that office flings were always a bad idea, but as he sat across his office and saw Erica’s stiff nipples poking through her shirt coupled with her ample cleavage, he did some quick thinking.

“Well, of course we have to settle up your exit paperwork as soon as possible — probably tonight. You know the office policy. Once you decide to leave, you have to leave. There are very few exceptions,” Jack said, noticing the look of surprise on Erica’s face.

“Jack! I was hoping for at least two weeks. I don’t start at the network until the end of the month, the new job pays a little less than what I’m making now, and I can’t afford to go without an income until the end of the month . . .” her voice sort of trailed off as she looked down at the floor. Jack could see her concern and felt a little guilty.

“Erica, I can try to see if there is something I can do to help but you know how hard it is to get anything out of this company. You’re asking a lot here. I’ve always tried to be a good boss to you but this is –”

“Oh, Jack, I know! I know how good you’ve been but I really, really need your help here. Anything Jack, please!” A tear made its way down her cheek.

Jack’s mind was working overtime on how to handle this and he was taken by surprise to feel his prick harden as Erica started to plead her case to him. He watched her full lips as she said ‘please’ the last time, and then looked back down at her chest. He had always noticed that Erica’s nipples seemed to harden whenever she was emotional – happy, sad, amused, whatever. But now they looked like they might rip out of her shirt. They were just huge. He’d never seen her this upset before. His only question now was how to play this out. It was very late on a Friday night at the office and no one else was around. This is a good thing, Jack thought.

“Well, Erica, this is going to be really tough,” Jack was worried that he might be overplaying this one but he knew that Erica lived paycheck to paycheck and out of her league for the salary she was making, especially considering that she lived in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

“OK, well, just name it. And I really mean ANYTHING, Jack,” Erica said.

“Hm, well, I’m thinking that we should have a drink and make a toast to your new future, first. This is exciting — going to the land of television,” Jack said, looking her in the eye, and then back down to her chest.

Jack walked over to the closet in his office and pulled out a bottle and two glasses. He put both glasses on his desk and motioned for Erica to walk over. She walked over and grabbed one of the glasses that Jack had just poured.

“What do we have here?” Erica asked, looking at the clear liquid in the glass.

“The finest vodka in the world, Erica. Got it in Russia last year on that trip I took, and I’ve been saving it for an occasion that warranted drinking a $500 bottle of Vodka . . .” Jack smiled.

“$500!” Erica looked back into the glass as if trying to find the dollar signs.

“Sure, you remember the deal we brokered for that Norwegian oil contractor over there last year? Well, this was a thank you gift from them.”

“Cool. I never drank anything that expensive!” Erica said.

“Well, as they say in Russia when you are toasting their favorite liquid, Za Zdrovia!” Jack lifted his glass.

“Za . . . yeah, whatever!” Erica clinked her glass on Jack’s and drank down about half of it. “Wow, that’s the smoothest vodka I’ve ever had!”

“That’s why someone had to pay $500 for it, I guess,” Jack said, sipping his again. “And to your new job,” Jack said again holding up his glass. Erica clinked it again and finished the glass. Jack refilled it right away.

“You can really put this stuff away for a small girl,” Jack said, laughing.

“Are you kidding? I can barely taste this. It’s delicious. Can I make a toast?”

“Of course,” Jack said.

“Well then here’s to you, for being the best damn boss ever,” she drank it without waiting to toast. Jack watched her and wondered if this was how she dealt with stress. He took another sip.

“Mmmm, Erica said. This is soooooooooo good!” Erica giggled. Obviously this stuff took affect pretty quickly, Jack thought. He never knew Erica to be much of a drinker, so he figured that she probably wasn’t used to something of this caliber.

Jack leaned against his desk and watched Erica attempt to lean against it with him. She tried to put her hand on the desk but missed, and Jack quickly caught her arm breaking her fall, but spilling some of her drink on her shirt.

“Oh, damn, that’s like $20 worth of vodka I just wasted!” Erica giggled again.

“Well, there’s another way you’re costing me. First you say you’re leaving, then you want me to go to the bulldogs upstairs and get them to keep you on the payroll for a month, and now you spill my expensive booze all over the place!” Jack kidded.

Erica had a look of shock on her face, exaggerated due to her rapidly declining sobriety. “Oh, no, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble, I’m so horrible!” Erica said.

“Well, you really owe me know,” Jack said, his heart rate quickening again. “There is something you can do for me, Erica.”

“Oh, you know I’ll do it. What do you want?” Erica finished what was in her glass and tried to put it on the desk but missed and staggered a little. Jack caught her and the glass. “Well, first, why don’t you stand there in the middle of the room.”

As Erica stepped into the center of the room Jack pulled his digital camera out of his desk drawer and snapped a picture of Erica standing in front of his desk.

“Ooo, cool, I’m gonna be in pictures!” Erica squealed and giggled some more. Jack took a few more and she struck a couple of glamour poses as she laughed.

Jack took a breath. Go with it, he thought. “Right, now, I need you to take off your shirt Erica.”

Erica paused, looked at him, and then pulled her shirt out of the waist of her skirt.

“Slowly,” Jack said as he took a few more pictures of her as she did as she was told. “Great, now slowly lift it up over your head and take it off,” Jack said, sounding like a Playboy photographer. His dick was hard as a rock and was getting harder as he watched her lift her shirt up revealing a white lacy bra. Jack could see that it was obviously a little too small for her as her tits were pouring out from the sides of the cups. He walked around her and took several more pictures. When he was standing behind her, he reached over her back bra strap and took out the tag.

“Well, I was right, a 34 C. But it looks like you could use a little more ‘coverage’ there, don’t you think Erica?”

Erica turned around and giggled again. Jack looked at her breasts showing through the white lace. They were bigger than he had even expected, and her dark pink — almost brown — areolas were showing through. Her nipples were gigantic, and he couldn’t wait to see them. He took a bunch of pictures – close up, farther away. He figured he could probably make a lot of money on them if Erica made it big in TV someday.

“OK, now slip out of that skirt, slowly again, please.”

Erica again did as she was told. She stumbled a couple of times trying to step out of her skirt. She was wearing a bikini cut pair of white lace panties that matched her bra. More pictures from the front, the side, and from behind, where he marveled at her beautiful ass cheeks poking out from her panties. She wasn’t wearing any nylons, which was just perfect with Jack as he hated them.

“OK, well, let’s get down to business. Do you want to take off your bra or panties first?” Jack thought it only proper to let her decide which way to go first.

“Well, you’ve been staring at my tits for years now, so how would you like to see them live and in the flesh, eh Jackie?”

“Sounds great,” Jack blushed slightly at being called out. But then again, who DIDN’T stare at this girl’s tits? She certainly knew how to display them.

Erica reached around her back. Her breasts strained against the tight confines of her bra as she reached for the snaps. Jack took more pictures. As Erica unsnapped the bra her boobs jiggled around as if they were trying to break free on their own. She let the bra fall to the floor. Jack looked at those two perfect hooters sticking out from her chest and couldn’t believe his eyes. They were incredible. Not sagging, and her areolas and nipples were even more amazing than he had imagined they would be. The areolas were slightly puffy, and the nipples were rock hard and very long – maybe an inch and a half. He’d never seen anything like them before and must have taken twenty pictures of them.

“Quite nice, huh,” Erica said playfully. She grabbed them both and pushed them together to form the cleavage he was used to seeing. Then she grabbed her right nipple between her thumb and finger and pinched it slightly. Jack was harder than he’d ever been in his life, and couldn’t believe the pictures he was taking of his assistant pinching and tugging on her own nipples.

“Oh my God, Erica. I had no idea . . .” Jack’s voice trailed off. He wanted to reach out and grab them, but held off as he continued to take pictures. “Why don’t you slip out of those panties now?”

Erica complied, and bent over as she slid them down over her hips and down her legs. Jack watched as her breasts jiggled and banged together as she wiggled out of her panties. He was stunned by the amount of movement they made with every slight move.

He looked and saw that she had a neat, close-cropped bush on top of her pussy mound. As she kicked her panties off from her foot, Jack looked at her beautifully shaped ass. It was always nice watching Erica walk from behind, and now he could better see why. Her butt wasn’t fat, but it was a good size (the Italian blood, he figured, contributed to that) and it was also nice and jiggly, just like her tits. Jack was busily recording as many images as he could on his camera that fortunately held about 100 high-resolution images. He thought he must be getting close to the limit, but knew that he had another memory stick in the desk drawer.

Erica seemed to be extremely happy and having fun, so he decided to go farther.

“OK, Erica, now I need you to do a couple of things here. Just go ahead and do whatever I say and do it slowly so I can get some good shots,” Jack sounded somewhat authoritarian about it and Erica just smiled and nodded her head.

“Great. First, have you ever sucked your own nipples?” Jack asked. Erica cupped her right breast, lifted it up to her face, and worked her nipple into her mouth. She licked it first, then grabbed it lightly with her front teeth pulling it gently. Then she took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. As she sucked the right one, she grabbed the left one with her free hand and rolled it around between her thumb and forefinger. After a few pictures, she switched and sucked on the left one. Jack noticed that the right one was wet and red which made him think that she had been sucking on it pretty hard. Rather than grabbing her right nipple while she sucked the left one, she reached down and started to rub her clit. She began moaning softly.

“Whoa, you’re moving too fast,” Jack said, trying to keep up with the action. She slowed her motions down but continued to stroke her clit and suck her left nipple.

“OK, now you can stop sucking and just go crazy on your pussy,” Jack said. Erica immediately dropped her boob, laid down on her back on the floor of the office, and used both hands to work herself into a frenzy. Jack took a bunch of pictures from just about every angle and saw that his memory stick was full so he quickly changed it out and put the new one in.

“Great, keep going,” Jack said as Erica worked her clit with one hand and stuck her fingers on the other hand inside her pussy. He stroked harder and harder until she went into convulsions and started screaming with delight. He hoped that the building was actually empty by now but figured that at 9:00 P.M. the only people around would be the janitors.

“Let’s see how many fingers you can get up there,” Jack suggested. Erica lifted her head up to watch as she started with two, then three, and then put four up there. Her tits were laying on top of her chest and wildly jiggling around every time she thrust her hand into her wet pussy.

“How about the whole hand?” Jack asked. Erica cupped her small hand in a fist and pushed hard against her pussy lips until she was able to work her hand in up to her wrist. She was moaning again like before and started to have another orgasm. Jack took several pictures of her hand up her pussy and then focused on her face. He found that he was even more turned on by watching her pleasure herself than he would ever have imagined, and she really seemed to be enjoying it.

After the orgasm subsided, Erica collapsed back on the floor, breathing heavily. Jack sat entranced watching her chest heave with every breath, and amazed at her stamina. He couldn’t believe that her nipples were still as hard as they were when they began. He just watched as she caught her breath and thought out his next requests. What a beautiful woman Erica was, he thought, as he watched her recover.

Jack felt his rock hard dick through his pants and decided to unbutton and unzip them to give his large rod a little more room to move around. Erica looked over and saw that Jack’s pants were open so she moved over and reached inside.

“Oh my God Jack,” Erica said as she gripped his erect penis. “You’re huge!”

“So are you,” he said, looking at her tits.

“Why thank you, sir!” she giggled as she took his rod out of his pants and immediately started to suck on the giant head. Jack couldn’t believe his eyes, and put his hand on Erica’s shoulder as she worked his unit into her mouth. He looked down at her chest and reached with the other hand to grab one of her swinging tits. He was amazed at how soft, smooth, and warm it was, and how hard her nipple was poking against the palm of his hand. He reached down with his other hand and grabbed the other nipple, pinching it slightly and rolling it between his thumb and finger just as Erica was doing to it before. She started to moan again, this time a very muffled moan as she had Jack’s massive cock stuffed into her mouth.

When he felt like he was going to cum into her mouth, he pulled his rod out of her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees on the floor and turn around. She got down on all fours with her ass facing Jack. He looked down at her perfect ass and laid his rod down between her ass cheeks, then down between her legs against her still warm and wet pussy. She reached down and shoved Jack’s prick into her cunt, and moved her hips up and down taking eventually taking in every inch of his rock hard monster.

Jack leaned down and watched her amazingly active tits sway back and forth with every thrust, and reached around to cup them as he shoved his cock as far as he could inside of her. Erica let out a loud groan and began her moaning again as he pounded it in.

Feeling like he was going to cum again, Jack looked down at her perfect ass and saw her tiny, tight asshole. He slowly pulled out of Erica’s pussy and then pressed his cock’s large head against the puckered flesh softly at first, then harder. This made Erica turn around with a surprised look on her face alerting Jack that this was probably a place that no man had gone before. Her expression was priceless so he quickly took a picture of her looking back at him as he pushed against the hole. This got Erica worked up again so that she started pushing back so much that her asshole quickly enveloped the head of Jack’s dick. Then Jack slowly pushed the rest of his cock in until his balls were resting against her ass. Once fully in place, he gently worked his rod around inside of her and she reached up and started fingering her clit, which drove him wild.

As his cock was ready to spew, he pulled it out and Erica quickly got up on her knees and grabbed Jack’s erupting dick, pointing it toward her face, taking a shot across her forehead, then her eyes and nose, then another couple of shots directly into her mouth. She then took the rest of his surprisingly large load onto her tits. Jack pulled his camera out and took several pictures of the cumshots from his unique vantage point, catching in midair the cum landing on her face and her tits.

Erica immediately started rubbing Jack’s cock across her cum-covered breasts, and then rubbed the rest of the sperm in with her hands. She wiped the cum away from her eye and looked up at Jack for another ‘money shot.’ Then she rubbed the rest of the cum off of her face with Jack’s cock, and licked his cock clean.

Jack couldn’t believe it when he saw that he had burned through another 100 picture memory stick on his camera as he took the last couple shots of Erica laying on her back, breathless, with cum in her hair. He sat next to her, noticed that her nipples were finally relaxing, and gave her breasts one last massage before getting up and putting his package back into his pants. Erica got up and collected her clothes from around the office and slowly started putting them back on. She was still a bit tipsy from the vodka so Jack offered to give her a ride back to her apartment which she readily accepted.

After dropping her off, Jack went straight back to his place and crashed. As he laid down on his bed, he thought again about Erica’s massive nipples and the amazing collection of porn he created before drifting off to sleep.


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April 20, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – On the Line

He was the first thing I noticed as I walked through the door of the truck stop where my friends usually met to drink coffee and goof off late at night. He was on the phone and obvious unhappy about something but it was not the aura of aggression that surrounded him that caught my attention. He was tall, well over 6 foot and well built, muscular but not bulky, his dark Native American features had a quite power about them, he filled out the black jeans and a form fitting black T-shirt amazingly well. At first it was his long black leather trench coat that grabbed my focus, it looked butter soft and seemed to flow around him as he paced and turned away from me and the front door.

I caught my breath, I had never really cared about long hair on a guy but his was a thick, perfect curtain of black silk that flowed strait down his back to his waist. To be honest I seldom really pay attention to a man’s appearance beyond a simple “Oh he is cute” or “Wow nice shoulders.” Classically handsome model type guys don’t usually catch my attention or end up in my sketchbook. I am always looking for personality in people features and this guy had it in spades.

I hate to admit I was staring at him as I walked into the restaurant until I saw my friends all sitting at one of the large corner banquets as usual the ragtag bunch of night owls I call my friends had tons of sugars and creamers in those red plastic baskets usually reserved for fries and were laughing and goofing off.

Kim and Joe were playing rummy, the only game they will even try to play though I have tried to teach them spades, hearts, poker and a few others. Amy was laughing at something Lance or Bobby had said and checking her watch, everyone smiled and scooted in to make room for me on the end. I dropped my backpack on the floor and slid in next to Joe grabbing his cup and taking a drink of his unsweetened coffee.

Everyone laughed as I made a face, Joe poked me in the arm and said “Lola you do that every damn time and you know I don’t put sugar in my coffee, can’t you just wait for the waitress to bring you a cup?”

Pulling out my sketchbook and pencil case I waved the waitress over, “Ah you know I just adore you so much I can’t resist.” I doctored up my own coffee and drank half of it while Joanne the waitress filled everyone else’s, use to my habits by now she refilled my cup before leaving. I mentioned to Amy that I had not seen her car in the parking lot and asked if I was going to have to play taxi so she could go pick her girlfriend Becky up from the strip club she waitressed at.

“Thanks Lo but Bobby is going to run us home, Joe and he are trying to fix the Blue Beast.” Amy told me.

This of course brought on the usual arguments about wether Amy and Becky should give up on their old blue caddy and get a new one and about how much longer Joe and Bobby could keep fixing it. I half listened as I watched over Kim’s shoulder to the hallway where the Phone Guy was still pacing back and forth, tethered to the phone. I began sketching him in quick lines, my friends paying it no attention, use to me sketching people around me. His movements and the supple flow of the leather duster brought to mind a panther pacing back and forth in a cage. ‘Damn wouldn’t I like to free him?’ I thought.

For the next thirty minutes or so I managed to carry on a reasonable conversation with everyone on a wide range of topics while still stealing glaces at my fantasy guy. By now the desire to run my hands through his hair was intense and more then anything I could imagine wrapping my hands in it and pulling him close for a kiss. My hair might only be half as long as his but I know I love having it grabbed and carefully pulled when I play.

Kim started giving us the newest episode in the soap opera we call her place of employment which sounds more like Jr. High then a clothing store to me with all the backbiting and I was actually paying attention to her drama instead of the Phone Guy for a few minutes. Which of course would explained my surprise in looking up and seeing him standing beside me.

Before I could make a fool out of myself and say something totally dumb Bobby introduced Chris Wrenweaver to all of us and I found myself scooting in and giving him a place to sit. I didn’t even notice my friends looking at me strangely since I have always gotten out of the booth and had others scoot in so I could sit on the end. I did notice Kim nudging Amy and would probably have wondered about it if I had not been paying attention to Bobby and Chris talking about having gone to high school together.

Chris’ voice was as silky and as full as his amazing hair and I felt myself getting damp just listening to him talk. Bobby asked him how the call had gone and I listened as Chris told us all how he dated a girl for two and half weeks a few weeks before and then realized that she was freaking insane.

“I don’t mean a little manic, or a bit depressed, not even a bit nutty, this lady was insane, she was convinced that the aliens wanted to abduct her and get her pregnant and she told me that she was half alien because they had abducted her mother. She started calling me at all hours to tell me about her newest conspiracy theory so I finally told her it was not going to work for us. Then yesterday I go out to my car and it is gone and there is a note from her saying she ‘borrowed’ it to fool the aliens and was heading to Nevada to Area 51 to get the government to admit she is part alien.” Chris was sort of laughing about this but it was pretty obvious that he was not happy about it. “Anyway I finally got her to answer her cell phone and I was trying to convince her to turn around and bring the car back, if she does I will drop the charges but if not the Nevada police will find her, with my luck they will find her after she gets to Area 51 and is busted by the feds.”

Everyone started laughing and talking about aliens and the nut job we had each dated at one time or another. I could feel Chris’ leg warm against mine as I turned to talk to him about what kind of car he had. When he admitted that it was a black Camaro he had rebuilt a few years before I found myself telling him I wished he had his car so he could take me for a drive in the desert since I love muscle cars and that I was paying Bobby and Joe to slowly rebuild the GTO my uncle had given me.

Chris gave me this amazing smile and I felt myself melt even more as he said, “Do you like to go fast, to really feel the power under you?” Could he possibly not be flirting or was I just wishing?

I realized that he had said it low enough that only I heard him so I leaned towards him and told him, “I love it fast, the wild feeling of riding with someone who is really knows what they are doing. Knowing you are going to fast, feeling like you might lose control any second and wondering just how far they will push it. I love to feel the wind and the roar of the engine.” I knew that my leaning towards him was giving him a hell of a view of my cleavage and I was hoping he was enjoying it.

He gave me this wicked grin and said, “Trust me I would take you anytime.” I was about ready to drag him out of there right there and then but made myself behave.

Before our flirtfest could go on any longer Bobby mentioned that Chris was a computer programer and that he did video games and then told Chris that I designed websites.

“Would I have seen any of them?” Chris asked.

The guys and Kim started to laugh and Joe said, “Well I guess if you check out paysites.” They have always found my job funny but of course they still use the free access to the sites I have given them and I have yet to tell them that I can track their viewing and know just how much time they spend on each site.

“Jackasses.” I sighed, “They mean I maintain the sites for a couple of paysites as well as a small local record company and a radio station, also some random contracts. The paysites are my biggest contracts though, and the most work I have to do.”

“What do you have to do for them?” Chris asked

“Trust me it sounds a lot more fun than it is. Both sites have multiple models and guest models and most of them have no idea about computers beyond chat. They take digital pics, sometimes hundreds at a time and send them to me and I format them, same with AVI video. The models always get pissed if I can not use every single one of their pics cause the lady who runs accounting on the sites pays them per pic used on the site. A lot of them have no idea how to take a really great photo even when we send them articles on it so instead they take tons of them. Trust me you can get awfully sick of porn after a while especially if you have to edit out the crappy pics. I do work for a BBW site and a fetish site, that one can get a little weird at times and I have to keep an eye out for any pics that break the law.”

“Are you on the BBW site?” I was surprised to hear Chris ask. “You are definitely sexy enough for it.”

Who knew I could still blush at 28? “No, I am a size 20, that is a bit small for that site.”

Amy got out of the booth followed by Joe and came over and gave me a hug. Bobby looked at Chris and said, “I have to go pick up Amy’s girlfriend, maybe Lola can give you a ride, you only live about half a mile apart.” I couldn’t be sure but it seemed like Bobby was trying to hold back a grin as I told him it would not be a problem.

Joe grabbed Kim’s hand and said, “Come on babe, I want to go play.” Kim blushed as always anytime Joe made it obvious he wanted her but squirmed out of the booth so fast we all had to laugh.

Watching them all head out the door I felt like asking if he thought we had been set up but wasn’t sure how he would react.

After the waitress came over and cleared off most of the mess and filled our cups we went back to talking, I should have moved in to the booth a little but I was enjoying the feel of him next to me and I figured I would leave it to him to change places if it made him uncomfortable.

“So you really get burned out on the photos and stuff after a while?” Chris asked leaning back in the booth.

“Oh hell yeah, after the first six months my libido sort of went numb, in fact it is only very, very recently that I have been getting horny again.” I stirred my coffee and looked to see how he took that.

A slow smile was creeping on his face. “Really? How recently?”

“Oh about an hour now.” I said as I felt his hand start to play with my riot of red curly hair where it laid on the back of the booth. I wanted to start purring but instead I sort of arched my back and pushed my head against his hand. “Just about five seconds after I walked into the place.”

He looked deep in my eyes and wrapped one of my curls around his finger. “Well then I guess I better see what I can do to make sure you don’t get numb again, don’t I?” I started to nod as he leaned in and slowly kissed me.

What is it about that first kiss? It is the same with flirting with a guy the first time, it totally sets the mood of the entire relationship for me. Chris’ kiss started slow and tender, probing my lips with his tongue and then he nipped my lower lip with his teeth and sped the kiss up, his tongue slipped between my teeth and gently teased my mouth. I sighed and flicked my own tongue against his and the kiss became a little deeper and fiercer. After what seemed like hours and only seconds all at the same time I pulled back and looked at him, his eyes were so deep and dark but also so full of fire that it took my breath away.

“You want to go for that ride? We could drive out to the bluff” Chris asked as he leaned in for another kiss. The bluff was a lookout well off of the interstate about 20 miles from here and classic makeout place.

I laughed, “Oh man I have not done that since high school, sounds good to me” I figured that since it was now around 3 am it would be pretty deserted and the idea of driving fast through the night with the windows down and music going and this amazingly sexy guy next to me had me even hotter then ever.

Chris dropped enough money to pay for both out our coffees and a great tip and we headed out to my car. Sadly my Goat was still in Joe’s garage and I just had the Skylark, a very comfy car, all the bells and whistles but not a GTO by any measure. We got in and I pulled out on the Interstate heading west and brought her up to speed. The air was warm even this early in the morning and I flipped on a CD.

I put the car in cruise at 80mpr and drove with one hand, my right hand I placed on Chris’ knee and began to lightly stoke his thigh. Chris was playing with my hair again and told me he could not believe how bright red it was, of course one look at my eyebrows is enough to convince anyone that new penny copper is my natural color.

My hand stroked just a little higher as I breezed the car around a semi. “That is funny ’cause your hair is one of the things that made me stare at you first, I have never seen such thick hair, made me want to bury my hands in it.”

Chris laughed that wicked deep laugh of his and gave my hair a tug, I gave a little gasp and arched my back again. “Oh you like that huh? Do you like having your hair pulled?” He asked and I nodded. He gave it another light tug and I moved my hands up to his crotch and began to play with his zipper. I could feel this very impressive bulge under his fly and I wanted to play with it. After struggling with it for a minute Chris reached down and helped me release his erection from his jeans, he must have been going commando cause it popped right out.

I could not see his hard on in the dark car but man could I feel it filling my hand, long and thick it was built similar to Chris himself. I continued to drive as I stroked him and enjoyed the feeling of his hand in my hair.

“The first thing I noticed about you was your chest, then your hair and then how beautiful you are.” Chris told me. “Bobby had told me to come there cause he wanted me to meet you, he had told me about you, he knows I like plus size women and he told me you would take my breath away. He was not joking at all.” His words thrilled me, the note of honesty in them an amazing turn on. His hand had slid down my shoulder and was teasing my nipple through my light top as I blew past our exit.

“I will hit the next overpass.” I told him. I knew the next ten miles to the next exit would go by in a second but the feel of controlling the car, the wind and the feel of holding him my hand all a the same time was too arousing to give up so fast.

Chris chuckled and pushed against my hand. “No hurry, oh man you are good at that.”

“Driving or touching you?”

He moaned, “Both, if you are as good at doing other things to me as you are at driving and giving a handjob I will be in heaven.”

I dropped out of cruise control and whipped up and over the overpass in one smooth move, blowing the stop sign on the dark country road. Thankfully no cops were around as I came off the ramp heading back to town already doing 85.

“I want to do a lot of things to you sugar, I want you to do as much to me.” I told him.

He pinched my nipple good and hard, “I will do anything to you that you can handle babe.”

I slowed down to take the off ramp down to the road that leads to the bluff, never once taking my hand off of his cock. “I can handle anything you can think of, maybe we will have to see who can handle what.” I had to drive a bit slower since the access road to the bluff was dark and winding but still I held onto my prize. I slipped my hand lower and cupped his balls as we turned onto the dirt road up the hill letting the motion of the car do the work for me.

The Bluff was a historic marker that had to do with the pioneers and there was a little park with restrooms and grass and all kind of signs about what it was like to travel in covered wagons and about the first people to come over the ridge and decide to make a town by the river. Named after one of the explorer no one I knew called it anything other then Buff Bluff due to all the times people came up here to make out and get each other in the buff in the backseat.

Thankfully the Bluff was empty for once as I pulled up to the edge where we could see the city sprawled out before us. I finally had to remove my hand to turn off the car and before I could reach back for it Chris had grabbed me and started to kiss me senseless. I returned the kisses with just as much passion, thinking about how few men I had known really knew how to kiss a girl’s socks off.

I had finally gotten a chance to wrap my hands in his hair and it was as smooth and thick as it looked, my own hair is light even though there is so much of it but Chris’ hair seemed to weigh heavy in my hands. We sat there necking for at least 20 minutes until both of our lips were slightly bruised and we were out of breath.

Chris had slipped one hand one hand under my shirt while the other was as wrapped in my curls as mine were wrapped in his long ebony hair. My bra hooked in the front and he had gotten 4 of the 6 hooks undone and had manage to lift one of my big soft breasts out of the cup. I broke the kiss with a gasp as he gave my nipple a hard twist.

“Oh yeah.” I sighed and reached down to pull my top over my head and undo my bra. There was enough moonlight to let Chris get a really good look at my boobs and I was a little afraid he would be disappointed that they were not as firm as some women’s or that they did not sit high up on my chest the way they looked in the bra. I had never actually had a guy complain about my breasts uncovered but it had always been a fear.

Chris stared intently at my chest for a minute and then sighed, “Oh man they are amazing.” as he reached out and began to feel them, lifting them and feeling the weight of them in his hands. He tweaked my nipples and I gave a little gasp, hoping he would realize that I love having them played with hard. I am not afraid to admit that or anything sexual to a guy but there is something so sexy about a guy figuring out what you want by instinct.

His finger tightened on the nipples and gave them a good hard pull and twist and my back arched as I moaned. “Yes.” I said throwing back my head. Chris leaned in and began to nibble on my neck as he twisted my nipples more.

“You like that don’t you, having me play rough with your great big nipples?” He asked with his mouth nuzzling my ear. I nodded and he nipped my earlobe, another thing guaranteed to drive me insane. “Lets get out of the car.” He said opening the door behind him. I just about cried as his hands and mouth left my body but before I could get out of the car he had come around and was opening my door for me. I took his hand as I got out and he shut the door and leaned me back against the back door.

I was there standing half naked with him pressing his nearly fulled clothed body against me. I could feel the heat of his hard on pressing against my stomach and the soft leather of his coat as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again. His mouth began to roam, along my neck to my ears, nipping and licking, driving me insane. I felt him open the back door and move me away from it so he could sit on the seat and pull me standing in front of him.

Chris began to tease my nipples while he stared at them and then looked up into my eyes watching me to see how I handled it as he slowly increased the pressure. I felt the game and would not say anything, instead using my body and my eyes to implore him to tweak them harder. Many men have become uncomfortable at how much pressure and pulling I can take, hell that I want, on my nipples. They are so afraid to hurt me they can not understand that for me it is not a pain but a pleasure.

Finally I reached down and put my hands on the back of Chris’ head and pulled him to my right nipple, he opened his mouth and flicked it with his tongue and in the same breath took it in his mouth and sucked it hard and strong. I wrapped his wonderful hair around my hands and pulled him tight to me, enjoying the feeling of his lips and teeth on one nipple as he twisted and tweaked the other with his fingers.

His other hand began to slide under my long full skirt and that was when he realized that he was not the only one going commando.

“Ohhhh you naughty girl, no panties huh?” He asked as his fingers began to tease my pussy lips. I smiled and pulled his mouth to my nipple again and moaned loudly as his fingers finally found my clit. I had been turned on since the moment I saw him and the drive had gotten me even hotter so it only took a few moments of diddleing to make me cum. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face tight to my breast and began to buck and thrash as his fingers kept playing around my little button.

As I stood there limp I saw he was staring at me, for a moment I was worried he was shocked but he just looked amazed. “Do you always cum like that? So hard and wild?”

I nodded and told him that that had actually been a pretty mild one for me, it was not till my third of forth that I totally lost control but that thankfully I cum easily.

“I think that is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen, and I know for a fact you are the sexiest woman I have ever met Lola.” Chris sounded so serious and sexy that I nearly came again as he stood and wrapped his arms around me. He reached back in the car for the blanket I always keep folded on the backseat and taking my hand lead me to the grass that was planted around the various monuments and I stood there as he spread out the blanket.

I reached out and slipped his coat off his impressively wide shoulders and started to work his t-shirt off as well. His boots would have taken a bit of effort so I just pushed his pants down his legs and dropped to my knees before him. I looked up at him, barely able to make out his face in the darkness with the moonlight shining on his back and into my face. I laid my hand on his hip and reached for his cock marveling at how dark he was and how the moonlight made me seen even paler in contrast.

I kept looking him in the eyes as I moved to take his swollen cock into my waiting mouth, I could feel him gasp and I sucked harder as I felt his strong hands grab my hair and hold onto me. I sucked him deep into my mouth, swirling my tongue as I drew back to the head and then quickly swallowed him deep again. Finally I was so deep into the feel of him in my mouth that I closed my eyes and just went with the flow.

I sucked and teased and held his balls in my hand as I swirled my tongue around the glands at the top then sunk my mouth to the base of his cock. He was shaking as he stood there and moaning. I would feel him getting close to losing control and then I would change the pace, slowing down or taking him all the way out of my mouth for a minute to lick the head. Over and over I brought him to the edge, driving him insane for at least 30 minutes until he pulled my head away and let his knees buckle out form under him.

“Oh my god, how long can you keep doing that?” He asked, catching his breath as he held me close, both of us on our knees.

“Another good 20 or 30 minutes, I love doing it, it is a feeling of control and submission all at once. And of course as long as you play with my hair I am happy.”

He kissed me deep and long and then leaned me back so I was laying on the blanket as he began to kiss my neck again. His hands were roaming my body, pinching a nipple just long enough to have me arch my back then as his mouth took the place of his fingers on my nipples he began to slide those wonderful hands down my belly.

His touch was light, not quite tickling and it was an amazing contrast with the strong sucking and hard little nips of his mouth at my breast. His fingers slid across my belly showing me an erogenous zone I never knew was so sensitive. He replaced his hands on my soft full belly with his mouth as his fingers slid down to my thighs.

I began to stroke his hair as it fell around his bare shoulders and cascaded onto my breasts. I held my breath hoping he would move his hands to my poor tender pussy but instead he stroked my thighs as he had my belly. He moved his hands and pushed my legs apart and lifted until my knees were slightly bent. I knew that any second he would realize just how sensitive the back of my knees were and I stopped breathing for a few seconds as his fingers finally touched the soft plump skin there.

I gasped and he looked up and smiled then moved between my legs. I wanted to pull him between my legs and have him sink deep into me but instead he began to lick the skin on my thighs and tease the back of my thighs with his fingertips. Chris lifted one of my legs u and lowered his head to the back of my knee and I felt the soft rasp of his light whiskers. I was shaking, knowing that any second now he would find out my secret.

I began to moan and thrash and cum again. Only one other time in my life had I cum from someone playing with the back of my legs and he had had me on my knees and was really tormenting me. Chris had just barely teased me there with his lips and stubble and I lost control.

As I stopped shaking and could look at him again I saw him staring at me again with that same look of wonder on his face. “You’re amazing, I wish you could see yourself right now, you are pale as the moon and you just glow with passion.” Damn this guy has a way with words.

Before I could say anything, before I had fully stopped shaking Chris kneeled between my legs and buried his face in my soaking wet pussy. I groaned loudly as his tongue found my clit and nearly screamed as he sucked it deep and hard. I reached down to were he had flipped his hair onto my belly and wrapped my hands in it. My pale hands seemed to be pure white in contrast to his black silk hair.

I pushed his head against my pussy, pulling his hair every time he began to let up suction on my clit and grinding my pussy against his face. In the past it had been hard for me to really let loose with a guy in this position since I know that I get so wild and can not hold still but I could tell that my wildness and my thrashing was turning Chris on more and more.

His fingers found my hole and he began to push one in as I thrashed, as the second finger worked it way into my cunt I began to cum and cum but Chris never let up sucking on my swollen inflamed clitty. I was moaning and crying, thrashing under his touch. All it took was one good nip on my clit and I was shaking and cumming again. I had always cum easily but no one had ever made me cum like this before Chris.

Finally I could not take it any longer, there were tears running down my face and I could barely breath. “Stop, oh god please stop I can’t breath.” I pulled Chris’ head away from my poor abused clit by his hair and pulled him up to cover me with his body and hungrily devoured his mouth to get my taste off of his lips.

I grabbed his shoulders and rolled him off of me and in one move I had slid down his body and taken his cock deep into my mouth. There was no teasing now, no games. I sucked him as if my life depended on it.

I took his hardness deep into my mouth, swirled my tongue around the head and then pushed my lips to the base of his cock and sucked hard. Chris grabbed at my hair and tired to pull me back.

“Oh God Lola I am going to cum if you don’t stop right now. I can’t control it you are driving me insane.” He howled as I sucked him even harder and cupped his balls.

His hands stopped trying to pull my head away and instead just grabbed my hair and held my head in place as he cried out and came deep in my throat. I pulled back just enough to let him thrust his hips up to fuck my mouth as he came torrents of shockingly hot cum into my mouth.

I slowly sucked my way to the head and caught the last drop on the tip of my tongue and swallowed the salty liquid as if it was coffee. Now it was Chris who laid there shaking and he who was pulling me up to lay with my head on his chest.

He looked me deep in the eyes and stroked the side of my face. “I don’t know how many ways I can say this but you are amazing.” We laid there for a moment and then he lowered his head and kissed me. “Are you worn out?” He asked.

“Oh sweetie I am a night owl I have a good long while before I fade.” My response brought a smile to his face.

“I want to take you to my house and not let you out of bed for the next two days.”

I smiled and sat up reaching for his hand. “I think that can be arranged.” I said.


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April 18, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Ex-Phone Sex

We had been broken up for awhile; two months. I was still going through the grieving process of losing the relationship. Even though she broke up with me, it was sort of mutual, I mean, I wanted her back, but I was smart enough to realize that it wouldn’t work out in round two either and so did she. But that didn’t mean we didn’t still care about each other. But in order to emotionally heal, one must stop having contact with the old love, and so we did. Until she called me up two months later to talk, and we did.

I had just gotten home from hanging out with my best friend, doing the whole bar thing, but just kind of babe-watching, not really looking to get into any girls pants or anything because that would be more harmful to me emotionally than helping. But I still have needs, so when I got home I put a porn in the VCR and grabbed the baby oil we used to use and got ready to start whacking off, a dirty shirt spread out before me to catch my load, hey, it was going to need to get washed anyway, right?

So the phone rings, and I’m all pissed off, because now I have to put the movie on pause so the person on the other end doesn’t know what I’m doing and have to suffer through that embarrassment for both of us. When I hear her voice call my name, my insides twist with anxiety and nervousness, and the memories come flooding back like the annual monsoons in India, and my conscious is inundated with her. The smell of her body, the feel of her curves, her warmth, her breath, her soft night-voice so soothing. Everything comes back, and my nerves kick into high gear, and adrenaline pumps through my veins and my hands begin to shake slightly, I begin to sweat, and I know my voice quivers ever so slightly as well.

“Hello, Tara,” I said. “How are you doing?”

“I’m good. How’s yourself?”

“Okay, I guess,” A pause for both of us on the phone as we consider the next appropriate thing to say.

“I still think about you,” she said.

“I still think about you too.” I reply.

“I’m sorry things worked out the way they did in the end, but I think it was for the best.” She said.

“Me too,” I say, “Me too.”

“So … what are you doing right now?” she asks.

I decide to throw caution to the wind. “I’m just sitting here in the living room watching a porn and thinking of you.” I was always known as a joker, I would say some of the most outrageous shit sometimes, and the joke of it was is that you never knew if I was lying or telling the truth. Sometimes people are more willing to believe the lie than question the truth. I had told Tara all of these things so she knew me and she knew my ways.

“Which one?” she asks. Was that excitement or anticipation in her voice? I couldn’t tell.

“’The Addiction’.” I said.

“That was a good one.” Tara said with a sigh.

“Yes it was, or is.” I said, depending on how you were looking at the situation.

“You said you were thinking of me too?” she said with a tremble in her voice I noticed but couldn’t quite place.

“Yes I was.” I said, I was hard again as I thought of our intimacy and was slowly pulling on my oiled self.

“What … what were you thinking about?” she said again with a more audible sigh.

“I was thinking about us.” I said baiting her.

“What … what about us?” she said with a tremble again.

I threw caution to the wind yet again. “I was thinking about the times when we were together –“

“Yes.” She urged me on.

“- when we made love.” I said.

“Like what?” she said again with a sigh, and I knew then that she was getting horny or already was when she called. The sex we shared was the best either of us had had, but the relationship didn’t work for other reasons. Their truly is more to a relationship that just the physical aspect and we both realized that and accepted that at the end.

“Remember when I would go down on you?” I began my verbal masturbation.

“Yes.” She trembled.

“I would begin by opening your beautiful legs and leaning forward to kiss the inside of your knee. Then slowly work my way up your beautiful thigh.” I paused.

“Yes.” She said with a little groan.

“And I would plant kisses all over your pubic hair and across your lips before I began to lick you up and down.” I paused.

“Yes.” She groaned again.

I still pulled slowly on my oiled self. The paused movie before me showing a woman throating a well sized cock. But I didn’t see it, my eyes were closed remembering, remembering it all in photographic detail.

“I would reach down and pull your lips apart and lick up and down your labia, pushing my tongue inside and tasting your wetness, licking up to your sweet little clit and flicking it with my tongue, rubbing my upper teeth over it, sucking it between my pursed lips like your nipples. Biting and nibbling on your pussy lips. Drinking down your cum when you would orgasm, lapping it up with my tongue. God you tasted so good!”

“Yes, I know!” she said with a yell.

“Are you masturbating?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said sobered by the question.

“Me too, shall I continue?”

“Wait, let me get my vibrator.”

I laughed. “Alright.”

“Why don’t you get yourself situated?” she said.

“I already am.”

“Oh.” A short while later she said she was ready.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“In the living room, sitting on the big chair.”

“Are you open?”

“Yes,” she said, then added, “My leg is hung over the armrest and the vibrator is humming across my thigh. I am very wet.”

I pulled on myself. “You always were.”

“I know. Please continue.”

And I did.

“After I had made you cum I would reach over and pick up a condom and put it on while you lazily pulled on your nipples or ran a well manicured nail up and down your slit, dipping inside and rubbing the wetness all over your hard clit.

“Hmm, yes, go on.” She said.

“I would climb between your beautiful legs and guide myself into you.” I heard her gasp slightly and I knew she had just penetrated herself with the vibrator. “I would push in and out slowly and work my way inside you until I was to the hilt and all of me was inside and filling up all of you. After a few more pushes I would grab your wrists and hold you down, you liked that didn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, I loved it!” she cried out as she herself remembered and fucked herself with the vibrator I had given to her as a gift.

“I would kiss and lick and bite your beautiful neck. We would kiss and I would suck on your tongue and you would suck on mine. I would lick your mouth and suck on your lips and you would do the same.”

“Uh-huh!” she called out.

“Then I would lean back up and grab your legs and pull them to my shoulders, readjusting my position so I could watch myself go in and out of your body, going inside so nice and deep. Maybe push your legs to your tits so you were so open and vulnerable to me.

“Yes!” she moaned, and I could hear the vibrator in the background humming.

“And you would cum and cum all over me wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! Yes I would cum all over your cock!”

“You liked it when I fucked you?”

“Yes! Yes I loved it when you fucked me!” she cried out.

“Then I would pull out and have you turn over onto your knees. And I would slip so wonderfully inside your beautiful little body. Sometimes while I fucked you like this I would grab hold of your beautiful tits as they hung from you, holding them and squeezing them in my hands. Mostly I would hold your shoulders so I could push myself inside you so forcefully. And I loved to watch my cock slide in and out of you, I loved it so much.”

“I know you loved it, I love it too!” she moaned.

“Sometimes I would push down on your back until your face was pressed into the pillows and your tits were mashed against the bed and your ass was high in the air and I would fuck you so hard and deep!”

“Oh God yes, I loved it, I loved it so much!” she cried out.

“Are you cumming?” I asked.

“Oh I have been for awhile, please keep going.” She demanded.

“Then sometimes you would lie down flat on your belly with me still inside you and I would fuck you like that, with your beautiful ass pressing against my stomach. Sometimes I would press down on your shoulders or back, sometimes I would lean back and spread your ass so I could watch. I loved to watch my cock go in and out of your beautiful little pussy.”

“I loved it, I loved it so much!” She moaned.

“Sometimes I would pull your hair to the side so I could watch your face, your eyes closed as I fucked you. Sometimes you would bite the pillow in orgasm as you came and came all over my cock buried deep inside your wonderful pussy.”

“Oh Don, I’m cumming so much for you. I’m cumming so much.” She cried out.

“Sometimes I would give you my finger and you took it in your mouth and you would lick and suck on it, playing your tongue on it like it was my cock.”

“Uh-hmm!” She muffled her moan.

“Then I would cum and cum and cum, filling the condom. Then I would pull out, but I wasn’t done yet was I?” I teased.

“No, no you weren’t.” she said.

“What would I do?” I asked, “Tell me.”

“You would eat my freshly fucked pussy and asshole!” she cried out.

“I would lick your open and sweet pussy, and run my tongue over your sweet little asshole, pushing it inside your little star. Licking up and down, from your pussy to your ass then back again, lapping up all of your delicious cum. Oh God you tasted so good!” I cried out as I myself came.

“Oh God I loved it when you ate my asshole!” she cried as her final orgasm took her.

“I loved it too, Tara.” I said.

The humming stopped. Awkward silence pressed on us. I broke the silence.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Thank you!” she shouted back.

I laughed at the eagerness of it. “Your welcome.”

“So I guess I’ll call you some other time maybe.” She said short of breath now.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”

“Alright. Goodbye Don.”

“Goodbye Tara.”


“Goodnight Tara.”


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April 15, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Irish Creme

Philip Johnson

Chapter One

Dennis was finally done with school but now he had to find a job and that wasn’t going to be easy with the economy in a downturn. Even people with college degrees were working in sales or whatever they could find to do. In the meantime it was his plan to enjoy the summer as much as he could even though he was living with his father. Here he was twenty five years old and still living at home, it was embarrassing to him so he rarely admitted that to anybody he met.

One of the good things was the weather had been very cooperative. It rained often enough to keep things green but the rains had been appearing late in the day or overnight and the temperatures had been in the low eighties so he was getting one of the best tans he’d ever had. He could also have his weights and bench outside and did his routines in the shade of their maple tree. Except for being broke and not having a girlfriend or even somebody to date at the moment his life was a good one.

It was about three o’clock so he put on his old Speedo from his high school swimming days and went out to his weight bench and started his routine. For the next half hour he did sit ups, presses, push ups and a whole list of moves to work on the areas that he needed the most help with, his triceps and deltoids. After his thirty minute routine he wiped the sweat off with a towel and went to his lounge chair and worked on his tan as he read the latest James Patterson book from the used book store. He was engrossed in his reading so he wasn’t even aware that his neighbor was home until she called out to him, “Hey Dennis.”

“Oh hi Janet.”

“Congrats on graduating.”

“Thanks. Had I stuck with it in the beginning I’d have been done a long time ago.”

“Doesn’t matter now though does it?”

“I guess not.” Their conversation was shared by shouting across about sixty feet of lawn so he dropped his book and walked toward her as she tried not to stare at his tanned well conditioned body. “Leo make it home?”

“Last night about ten. It looks like he may have to go back to New York again though.”

“Bummer to say the least. He’s missing one of the best summers I can remember.”

“I know. Looks like you’re taking advantage of it though.”

“I’m working on it but I’d rather have a job.”

“I’m sure you would and I have no doubt that something will turn up for you

sooner or later, just keep the faith. How is Mark doing?”

“Dad’s fine. Busy at work because they cut back on their staffing to save money but at least he has a job.”

“That’s right. Well tell him I said hi.”

I’ll do that.” As she turned to go in the house he called after her, “Janet, you’re looking pretty hot.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you Dennis.” He watched her butt as she turned and went inside and then went back to his reading while Janet dropped her purse on the counter and then peeked out of her kitchen window toward Dennis. It seemed like last year that he celebrated his eighteenth birthday and now he was a man of twenty five and looking fantastic. Dennis cooked in the sun for another half an hour and then went in and showered.

Dennis and his dad had quickly developed a routine of having a beer together after he got home from work and it was their chance to talk and Mark could relax before dinner. As they sat in the living room Dennis said, “Janet said to tell you hi.”

“How’s she doing?”

“Judging from how she looked I’d say she’s doing fantastic.”

Mark laughed and said, “You’re just juiced up and in need of female companionship.”

“That I am but even though she’s what, forty or more maybe, she still looks pretty fine.”

“Yes she does I’m just surprised that you’d think so. What’s the latest with Leo?”

“He’s home but probably going back to New York again pretty soon.”

“I’m glad my job doesn’t require a lot of that. I’m going to St. Louis for a few days of training but I don’t mind that because I can just drive it. I’ll also get to do some partying on the company tab while I’m there.”

“Well find some sweet thing and get laid while you’re there.”

“I plan to try.”

So any word from your interviews or whatever?”

“No but they said it would be the middle of next week at least because they had several more to interview.”

“It’s a tough market out there right now so don’t get discouraged.”

“I won’t give up.”

Friday started off sunny but rain took over by mid morning so Dennis had to cover his exercise equipment and stay inside. By late in the day the rain had stopped but the clouds persisted so he was able to do his routine but had to give up on catching any rays.

Chapter Two

The following Monday afternoon, Janet called Dennis as soon as she got home from work and said, “I need to ask a favor.”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Leo is back in New York and his car is at the airport in short term parking. He had to catch an earlier flight than he had expected and in his haste he parked in the wrong lot. Anyway that’s my problem and I hope you can help me.”

“Of course when did you want to go?”

“I’ll make you a deal. If we can go in the next hour I’ll buy you dinner at Maxwell’s before we get the car.”

“I’d love it, I haven’t had a real date in months.”

“Oh Dennis stop it. Okay come over in an hour and we’ll go to dinner.”

“How will he get home then taxi?”

“No, one of his coworkers that went to New York with him will bring him home. Oh and tell Mark he’s welcome to join us.”

“He’s in St. Louis for the week.”

“What’s he doing there?”

“Officially he’s there for training but he plans on doing some heavy partying too.”

“Good for him he needs to get out.”

“Yes he does. Okay my sweet I’ll grab a shower and see you in an hour.”

“Thanks Dennis.”

“My pleasure.”

One hour later on the dot he poked his head in her backdoor and called out, “Honey I’m home.”

She appeared smiling and said, “You’re just too funny. Oh don’t you look nice.”

“Well I thought so but now that I see you I might as well be made of clear glass because everybody will be looking at you anyway.”

She smiled and said, “Do you think I’m overdressed?”

He smiled and said, “Janet that’s a dangerous question to ask a guy my age because I’ll say that if you have anything on at all you’re over dressed.”

She flushed and said, “Oh my God what am I getting myself into.”

“I think this is the start of a fun evening for both of us.”

Janet drove and Dennis was turned slightly toward her so as they talked his eyes surveyed this good looking older woman. “So tell me Janet, how long has it been since you were just out and about for dinner or drinks or whatever?”

“Quite awhile I’m afraid. Too long in fact.”

“I’ve decided that the heavens have been aligned just for us tonight.”

“Now why would you say that?”

“Consider this. Leo is back in New York for a week. Dad is in St. Louis for about the same length of time. Now in addition to all of that I’m still not working so I’m still living at home and available and eager to help you. It gets even better. Leo parks in the wrong lot at an airport that he has used many times which makes it necessary for us to be together right now. I’d say all of that adds up to a minor miracle of timing and opportunity.”


“Yes to have dinner and drinks together and have a nice long drive to talk and enjoy each other’s company. You have to admit that is a lot of details that had to come together at the same time and at the right time.”

She smiled and said, “Maybe you’re right. Maybe all of this was predestined.”

“Exactly, so if we don’t take our time and have a great evening we’ll be defying the gods and potentially thwart our destiny.”

“We can’t let that happen.”

“Absolutely not.” She smiled at him and didn’t say anything more as they pulled into the restaurant parking lot. He took her hand in his and they walked inside and were led to a table where the waiter was waiting for them. He introduced himself and they ordered their drinks. Dennis toned down his flattery and flirting and they enjoyed dinner and then ordered Mexican coffees for dessert. She tasted her coffee and ended up with whipped cream on her upper lip so he reached across and gently removed it as he smiled at her. Then he set his cup down and took her hand in both of his and looked at her until she asked, “Why are you holding my hand?”

“Well don’t look now but there are two gentlemen to your right that have been all but staring at you. I just want to remind them that I’m with you tonight and they just have to eat their hearts out. I’m just basking in your glow.”

“Dennis that’s not true.”

“It is absolutely true.”

“Then you’re really exaggerating.”

He continued to hold her hand as he looked at her and said, “You are a very good looking and wonderful woman and I’m very proud to be with you.”

She made no effort to remove her hand but said, “Dennis we’ve known each other for almost eight years.”

“And for all of those eight years I’ve noticed how good looking you are and what a great person you are. I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve never told you that before.”

She studied him for several seconds but a hint of a smile appeared as she told him, “I don’t know if I should believe you or not.”

“Please believe me.” He kissed her hand then and slowly released it as he looked into her eyes. For the next several minutes she tried to glance toward the table next to them but couldn’t get a look at the men that according to Dennis had been looking at her.

They headed to the airport and found Leo’s car but before they left he said, “Let’s stop and have a drink on the way home. The night is still young and I’d hate to see us waste it.” Dennis led the way and about halfway home pulled into the After Hours Lounge. As soon as Dennis took her hand she asked him, “Have you been here before?”

“A couple of times why?”

“It can get pretty loud.”

“Yeah I know.”

They found a table off to one side but they had a good view of the other patrons and he ordered two Long Island iced teas. “Dennis are you trying to get me drunk?”

“No of course not, I want you to get home safely but I’ll bet we’d have fun if we both got just a little soused.”

“Well if I drink that I’m sure I will.”

“Then we’ll leave just before you drink it all.”

The music was loud and there were three or four couples dancing about twenty feet from them. The more those couples drank and danced the more rowdy and daring they became. When one of the women moved close to her partner she rocked her pelvis in thrusting motions and he moved up against her. “Dennis if it wasn’t for their clothes they’d be making love on the dance floor.”

“That’s for sure but you have to admit both of them can really move.”

“Yes they can and so can the couple next to them. I wonder how sexy they’ll get before somebody tells them to tone it down.”

“Well the last time I was here things got pretty carried away. Of course it was later in the evening than this. Well more like after midnight actually.”

“Just how far did things go?”

“Well one of the women had her top up showing her breasts to her partner.”

“Oh my God.”

“They didn’t stay that way of course.”

“I’ll bet not.”

“You used to like to dance I’ll bet.”

She smiled as she tapped her finger in time with the music and said, “Yes I really did but I never showed my breasts though.”

“I can easily see you out there having a great time and teasing your partner with suggestive moves and looks though.” She just smiled at him and watched them dance.

When they finally left he put his arm around her waist and said, “You didn’t deny it when I talked about you dancing and teasing your date.”

She smiled and said, “That’s because I couldn’t deny it.”

“I wish I could have watched you.” Again she smiled but didn’t add anything to their conversation. He followed her home watching to make sure she could drive without weaving and she did fairly well but he felt better when they pulled into her garage. He went around to her and walked inside with her and then stopped her. He smiled down at her and said, “I think you’ve had just a little to much to drink.”

“I have. I’m not drunk exactly but I’m getting so sleepy all of a sudden.” Without a word spoken he scooped her up in his arms and carried her toward the bedrooms. Her arm was behind him and the side of her face was against his chest as they went and when he chose the bedroom to the left she told him it was the other one. He gently laid her on the bed and took her shoes off before moving back up to her. “You going to be okay?”

“I’ll be okay.”

“Want me to help you get ready for bed?”

It took a second for that to register with her but even then she didn’t react as he had expected her to. She just smiled and said, “No I can manage.”

He bent down and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “I’ve had a fantastic evening with you. Thank you everything.”

“I’ve had a wonderful time too Dennis, thank you for going with me.”

He straightened up and said, “I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Good night gorgeous.”

“Night handsome.”

Chapter Three

Janet was on Dennis’ mind a lot all day Tuesday. The evening they had shared had been fantastic. Janet was all woman and he could never tire of looking at her. She was fun to be with and he loved to flatter and tease her. They were calling for possible showers later so he made sure he did his routines with his weights and got a little sun before the clouds rolled in. The anticipated rain never arrived and late in the afternoon the sun reappeared so he went out to work on his tan just a little more.

He saw Janet in shorts and a halter top and she was doing something with flowers. He headed toward her and called out, “What are you up to neighbor?”

“Just mixing some soil to pot these flowers.”

“Let me help you, you’ll get your clothes dirty.”

She smiled and said, “I’ve been dirty before.”

“I’m sure you have but I have nothing going on so why not help you.” He grabbed her shovel and as she watched him he turned the little pile of soil as she added some water. Then he stopped and picking up a dab of the dark wet dirt he smiled at her and smeared it on her cheek.

She jumped back slightly and said, “Dennis you shit, you had that planned all along.”

“I couldn’t resist. Let me get that dirt off of you now.” He peeled his tee shirt off and standing close to her he put his right hand around her and then slowly wiped the dirt from her cheek. “Now hold still and I’ll get the last little bit,” and as he pulled her closer to him her hands went to his hips but instead landed on his bare skin just above his waist. “Now tip your head back slightly and close your eyes.”

She did as he asked and he looked down into her top and studied her breasts and hesitated for only an instant before kissing her.

She quickly opened her eyes just as he pulled back slightly and smiled at her. “Dennis you just kissed me.”

“I was pretty sure that I had.”


“Now why would a guy not want to kiss you?”

“But I mean…why now?”

“I would ask why not now. I’m standing very close to a very attractive and alluring woman, my arm is around her warm and soft waist and her lips are presented to me. I was powerless to resist.”

She had straightened up but her hands stayed on him as his arm stayed around her. “Dennis do you feel okay?”

He laughed and said, “I feel great and you know what else? I feel like I want to kiss you again.” “But…” and he pulled her close and kissed her again but this time his tongue touched and caressed her lips. She wasn’t even aware that she had parted her lips just enough to allow his tongue to invade her mouth. Part of her knew she should turn and run into the house but the stronger part of her held onto him and let the kiss continue. Dennis was a tall handsome man with a lean body and she had noticed how his muscles moved under his well tanned skin as he talked to her and teased her. Her heart was racing as her mind continued to wage her own battle about running away from her young and handsome neighbor.

“Now pretty Janet let me really help you pot these flowers.”

She looked at him and said, “Just like that, you kiss me and now you want to pot flowers?”

“No and now I want to kiss you again and again but I’m trying very hard not to at least for the moment.”

“I still don’t know what to think. All the times we’ve talked and seen each other and now out of the clear blue you kiss me, not once but twice.”

“You’re right there is something wrong with that,” and he kissed her again. She pushed him back but only very slightly and said, “Dennis that wasn’t what I meant.”

“I know but I lost my will to resist you.”

“You have me so rattled that I don’t know what to think or say.”

“Maybe I can help. You like kissing me, at least enough to allow me to kiss you again. You’re startled and maybe even a little afraid but you’re also curious and tempted.”

“That sounds a little arrogant.”

“I don’t mean it that way at all. Janet now admit it, you’ve caught me looking at you many times and I don’t mean innocent glances. I’ve studied your curves and your movements.”

“Well yes and that was always very flattering but I never would have guessed…”

“That I’d kiss you? I’ve thought about it many times in fact.”

She looked around and said, “The neighbors are going to see us and I could get into a lot of trouble with your father.”

He pulled her back until they were behind the large ragged forsythia bush that was on the line between their two properties and said, “That should solve that problem.” Before she could say anything he kissed her again and this time she opened her mouth and met his tongue with hers and she allowed herself to press into him. Her breathing was coming faster as she tried to figure out just how far to let this go. She liked being in his arms and she loved how he kissed. But she had never been unfaithful to Leo her husband and in fact Dennis was the first man she had really kissed other than her husband for many years. She knew that Leo had been unfaithful to her two different times but the second of those two events had been a couple of years ago.

Now here she was holding and kissing Dennis and allowing her mind to go places that she had only thought about a couple of times in the recent past. She was sure that there were times when he looked down her blouse and though she hadn’t caught him she knew that he had watched her butt when she was walking away from him. In fact she added just the slightest extra sway to her walk just to tease him a little. Could she even consider a one time fling with her young neighbor? Just the thought of doing that made her heart race even faster.

Dennis looked into her eyes as his hand explored her back and landed at one of the two bows that held her halter top in place. She studied him wondering if he would untie it and tried to tell herself to stop him. But she didn’t. She could feel the fabric move as he pulled the bow apart and let the two strips of cloth drop to her sides. Her breasts were rising and falling as she tried to control her breathing and his hand moved to the bow behind her neck. Her hold on his waist tightened and her eyes bore into him as she felt her small top slowly slip down and fall to the ground between them. She was comfortable with being naked and often went around the house that way, but this time she felt more naked than at any time in her life and she still had her shorts on. All of this had happened in less than a minute but it seemed to be going on forever. She wanted him to see her breasts now. Granted gravity and time had caused them to become more pendulous but for the moment at least he made her feel very desirable . She took one small step back without releasing her hold on his waist and let his eyes explore her as she studied him.

Dennis smiled and said, “I’ve wanted to see your beautiful breasts for so long and they are even nicer that I could have guessed.” She held her breath as he bent down and gently kissed each nipple before moving back up to kiss her again. They were like sixteen year old kids now. It was like they had invented kissing and couldn’t get enough of each other. Then she felt his hand touch the simple snap on her shorts. All he had to do was unsnap and pull the zipper down and he could pull them down very easily. Her inner battle became more feverish but still she didn’t stop him. They had stopped kissing and she submitted herself to his hands and a moment later she watched him slip her shorts down to the ground and she stepped out of them. They fell into each other’s arms again and as they kissed his hands went to her butt and she felt faint as his hands slid into her panties and caressed her ass. Later she would almost laugh at herself for wondering if he could feel her trembling. She was nearly naked in front of her neighbor and she was worrying about something as minor as that. Then his left hand left her butt and made its way around and before she could decide what to do he touched her between her legs and her knees threatened to fail her. She was feeling passion like she had never felt it before. Not love or simple desire but raw almost uncontrollable passion and that scared her. She had to decide and do it quickly. She had to stop him or just lie in the grass and beg him to make love to her.

In a near panic she pushed him back and said, “Oh God Dennis I have to stop. I don’t want to but I have to.”

“I understand. I don’t like it either but I do understand. Janet you have an effect on me that I can’t describe. I want you so much.”

She looked at the front of his shorts and could see that he wasn’t lying. His eyes went where hers were and said, “That’s what you do to me. That’s the power you have over me.” She knelt down and with his swollen cock right in front of her face she stared at it as her hands undid to his belt. She had to do this. She had to. With the belt undone she unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the ground not far from hers. His cock was standing out as far as his boxers would allow and she could see the end of it and watched the wet spot grow as his cock seeped its juices. Her hand went out and still kneeling she gently wrapped her hand around his stiffness and it felt hot in her hand. She looked up at him and he watched her in silence as she took her hand away and pulled his underwear down far enough to get her hands around it and actually feel the warm shaft. It was ready to do its job and she had no doubt that it would be a wonderful experience. She saw another drop of his precum form on the tip and she kissed it and felt it on her lips just before she used her tongue to taste it. She kissed it again and got up, kissed him and picking up her shorts and top said, “I’m going home,” and ran across to her backdoor almost naked.

As soon as she was inside she stopped and dropped her shorts and top to the floor and stared without seeing as she thought about what had just happened. She was just potting flowers without a thought toward sex or lovemaking, but in minutes Dennis had changed all of that. Just having him strip off his tee shirt and clean her face seemed erotic to her, but when he kissed her she knew she was in trouble. She went to her bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror and decided she didn’t look so bad for her age. In fact she was rather proud of how she had been able to keep her figure as well as she had. Then she put her hand between her legs and stopped. She pulled her hand away and was surprised because she didn’t think she could get that wet anymore. She put her hand inside of her panties and slipped a finger between her lips and felt more of her moisture but her finger was a poor substitute for Dennis’s hand or cock. Could he tell that Leo hadn’t shown any interest in her in over three months? Could he see or feel her frustration? She got dressed and made herself go back out and work on her flowers in the hopes that would keep her mind busy but it didn’t work at all. When she thought about it later she had to wonder if she was looking for Dennis to join her again. He had her so excited that she could hardly breathe and even now, two hours later she was still struggling with her desires.

Dennis saw her out there but he stayed inside and just watched her from the window. She was back in her halter and shorts and he could easily imagine her breasts as she moved and worked to get her flowers potted. He wanted her so much. Not just hard fast sex but to make love to her. Thoroughly and passionately make love to her. He wanted to touch and kiss every inch of her and feel their nakedness pressed together. He could still feel her lips as she kissed and tasted his cock. He had experienced all of that many times during college but this was different. There was emotion involved and he liked her so much that he wanted to please her. Thoroughly please her until neither of them could move.

Chapter Four

Janet worked hard with her flowers but it didn’t stop her from feeling his lips on hers. It didn’t stop her from hearing his voice as he teased and flattered her. It didn’t stop her from wanting him so very much. She could feel him holding her hand and she could feel his hands as they untied her halter just before his lips kissed her nipples. When she thought about his hand inside of her panties caressing her ass she had to stop and close her eyes for just a second. Why would her young and handsome neighbor be so intent on making over her and bathing her in sweet words? Why would he say he wanted her so much when she had to believe he had tasted the sweetness of younger more vital and firmer women? What could she possibly offer him that was different or better than what he had already experienced? She had to know. She had to talk to him and ask him those questions.

Janet abandoned her project and went in to shower and put on something more conservative than a halter top.

After her shower and after checking herself in the mirror one more time she took a deep breath and had a mental talk with herself about staying in control and dealing with the issues like an adult. A very married adult. Then she stood up straight and headed over to talk to Dennis. She rang the bell at the backdoor and he was there almost instantly. “Hi beautiful.”

“Dennis we need to talk.”

“Okay, come in and I’ll make coffee.”

“I better stay out here.”

“Janet I won’t bite you and besides it’s supposed to rain.”

“Okay but you sit on one side of the table and I’ll sit on the other.”

“Okay.” He led the way and her eyes went to his tight butt and how his tee shirt would cling to his shoulders and show his strong lean torso. She took a deep breath again and tried to renew her resolve to resist his charms. She watched him as he made coffee and he said, “I saw you working on your flowers, did you get them all planted?”

“Almost but I had to quit and come over here. We have to talk about some things.”

“Fantastic.” He stood at the counter until the coffee maker was done and then poured the coffee and added a dash of sugar in her cup before handing it to her. “I watched you fix your coffee at the restaurant.” He set his cup down and then sat across from her and tasted his steaming coffee. “Okay pretty one what’s on your mind.”

“Please stop flattering me while we talk.”


“Dennis do you have any idea how you have affected me? How impressed I was with how cordial and sweet you were, how much fun it was to be with you and talk and…and things.”

“I’m glad because that’s how you affected me and much more.”

“Now stop because I have some questions to ask you.”

“Okay shoot…did you want something extra in your coffee by the way?”

“What?…oh, um…,”

“Like some Irish crème perhaps?”

“No…yes thank you.” She figured that just maybe a touch of alcohol would settle her nerves and help her stay in control and get her questions answered. He poured her a generous amount and then did the same with his before capping the bottle and sitting down across from her again.

“Okay neighbor ask away.”

“I’m reasonably certain that you were with a few attractive and young women at school over the last three years.”

“That’s right.”

She had to stop and think because she was getting flustered and was having trouble remembering what she wanted to ask him. “Okay. You told me how much you were impressed with me and how much you wanted me.”

“That’s right too.”

“But that doesn’t make sense. I’m…I don’t know I can’t think straight. Fourteen or fifteen years older than you are. I’m starting to show wrinkles and my body isn’t as solid as it used to be.” He started to say something but she pressed ahead and said, “You’ve been with young vital and fresh women and you can still be so why would you desire me? It just doesn’t make sense. What can a woman my age possibly offer you that is different or better or…or whatever? You’re in the prime of your life. You’re handsome and very fit and so very charming. You’re wasting your time with me.”

“Okay now stop, it’s my turn now. Janet do you see yourself as ugly or even unpleasant looking?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Good because I told you before that I think you are very good looking and that’s an understatement. Do you see yourself as fat or frumpy?”

“No of course not.”

“Good again because you are a beautiful specimen of womanhood. Not of adolescence ora young woman but of mature and desirable womanhood. You said I’m in my prime. Am I? I’m not sure about that. In some ways you’re in your prime right now. You have the benefit of experience. The maturity not to play silly games. Here you are confronting me as a woman not a kid or a flighty giggly young woman. I kissed you because I wanted to; because I like you and because I want to make love to you. I like feeling you in my arms and I like feeling your arms around me. This isn’t about playing games. Oh I know I flirt with you and maybe some of that could be considered a game but I don’t see it that way. When I flatter you I don’t have to dream up flowery strings of words just to impress you. I say those things because you impress me.” He stopped then and waited to see if she was going to ask another question or get up and leave but she just sat there and looked at him. “Janet I’ve watched you and desired you since I was…I don’t know maybe nineteen or twenty. I’ve always had special feelings for you. I didn’t gawk at you like some sicko peeping tom, I watched you and admired you. The air around you glows is the only way I can think of to describe how you affect me.”

“But Dennis I’m married and…”

“I know you are and that bothers me so much, but not enough to keep me away from you. Only when you tell me that I offend you and you don’t want me near you will I stay away. As long as you like me I’ll dream of being with you. Of making love to you. I want to please you and share with you something that is so special. I know you don’t love me and I would never expect or even hope that would or could be the case. I’m not that naïve. But when all is done and in the past I’d like both of us to be able to look back and smile and be able to relive a special experience again and again.”

He got up and went around and knelt next to her. “Janet honey I do love you in a very special way. How can I spend all of those years with you in my thoughts and not feel something special for you now? One day I’ll find that right woman and get on with my life but you’ll always be in my heart. I also suspect that woman will be a lot like you in so many ways.”

Janet had turned in her seat so she could face him and she watched him as he talked and his hand went to her thigh. “Dennis I don’t know what to say. I came over here determined to set things straight and end up feeling like it was settled. But nothing is straight in my mind. I look at you as you talk and all I want to do is kiss you. All I want to do is…,” and he straightened up and kissed her softly. His hand stayed on her thigh but his left hand went to the side of her face and gently held her as they kissed and her hand went behind his head. Their kiss lingered as they tasted each other and they soared with the sensations that enveloped them. “Oh God Dennis what are you doing to me?” It was a little corny or perhaps cliché but it was something that he had always wanted to do. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom and lay her on his bed.

Chapter Five

All of Janet’s resolve to get things settled and straightened out was gone. She was in his bed and they were about to make love and she had to accept the fact that was right where she really wanted to be. She had to accept the fact that she was about to be unfaithful to Leo. She wanted and needed to feel Dennis inside of her and to feel his kisses and his touch.

Dennis bent over her and slowly undid her blouse and then sat her up and undressed her to the waist. Then with her lying on her back again he straightened up and looked down at her and as he peeled his shirt off told her, “You are so sexy and desirable Janet. I wish I had the strength to just undress you and stare at you but I’m too weak for that. To selfish maybe because I want you so much. He coaxed her shorts down and then her panties and then eased them past her ankles and feet before bending down and kissing her mound. Then straightening up again he peeled his shorts off and then his underwear and she watched him as he stood there with his hand on his hard cock and stroked it a couple of times as a tease before lying next to her.

They came together like two strong magnets and kissed and explored each other as they tried to make themselves wait, but for Dennis this was the realization of a dream he had held for a very long time. To him it seemed like it was just a second later that he was sliding into her and she was moaning and begging him to make love to her as her legs went wide for him. In mere seconds Janet knew she would never regret what she was doing. She knew that she would never be the same again. Dennis was right, she was vital and still in the prime of her life. She was more wet than she thought possible and more excited than she could ever remember being. She could feel a climax building and she was ready because she knew that with Dennis that wasn’t going to be the end of their evening but rather the beginning.

Dennis looked down at her and watched her breasts bounce like they were alive as he hammered into her. He saw her staring wide eyed into his eyes as her climax neared. He watched her as she was overtaken by her orgasm and her face flushed red as she held her breath. Her orgasm was taking her away for a brief moment but her eyes never closed. She never lost her connection with him as he pounded into her and her orgasm seemed to live on and on until it finally released its hold on her.

He slowed his pace until he was barely moving but his cock was still hard and still slowly easing into her wet and tender pussy. When he was as deep as he could go he lay over her and they kissed and caught their breath and whispered sweet words to each other. She felt his hardness in her and it was hard for either of them to hold still but they rested and savored the moment. Their lovemaking went on as they tried different positions and he filled her with his offering. He softened slightly but it wasn’t long before she used her mouth and brought him back to life and their lovemaking continued until they had truly tasted every inch of each other and made love until they couldn’t move. And then uncovered and naked they slept.

Dennis woke in the morning and used the bathroom and started the coffee and then went back and lay next to Janet. She was sleeping on her side and he just watched her. Yes she did have the beginnings of crows feet at the corners of her eyes and yes her breasts weren’t as firm as some women he had been with, but he could remember no woman that could ever be more impressive at lovemaking than she was. He could remember no woman that ever showed as much passion as Janet had and certainly no woman had ever demonstrated such deep emotion than she had. Janet was everything he ever thought she might be and much more. So much more that it almost scared him.

Chapter Six

Dennis was back in the kitchen sipping coffee when she appeared. She was disheveled and wrinkled from the pillow case but she was smiling and very comfortable to be naked in front of him even in the bright light of the morning sun. Dennis turned and held out his arms to her and she sat on his leg. He pulled her back and kissed her and said, “Morning beautiful.”

“Morning handsome.”

“Sleep okay?”

“It was a wonderful sleep. I woke once during the night and looked at you sleeping and almost started something even then…even after all that we shared.”

He kissed her again said, “I don’t think I would have been much good for you at that point but I like knowing that you had those thoughts. Then he asked her, “Hungry?”

“I don’t think so.” She got up and poured coffee for herself and topped his off before sitting down next to him. “Do we need to talk about what happened?”

“I don’t know, do we? You mean as in regrets?”


“Not one…no I take that back I wish we would have made love before this but that’s in the past. I do have one thing I want to say.”


“I think you are the sexiest most alive and most wonderful woman I’ve ever known. You are an absolute tiger in bed.”

She smiled and said, “So are you. Not only do I love you I adore your cock.”

“Then I think we better spend the rest of the week together here or at your place.”

“I even feel the flu coming on so I’ll likely have to call in sick.”

“If we do this right we’ll end up being too sore and tired to worry about anything beyond about Thursday.”

“You just may be right lover.”

It was just after nine o’clock when Dennis got the call he’d been waiting for. After he hung up he went to Janet and told her, “I think I have a job.”

“That’s wonderful news.”

“But it’s for their operation in Tipton, Georgia.”

Her smile disappeared as the told him, “That’s not fair. Not now, not so soon. I don’t want you to leave, not yet.”

“I have to go talk to them this afternoon and go through the details. I didn’t even know the opening was for down there and I don’t want to leave you either. We’ve just discovered each other.”

“When do you think this might happen?”

“I can only guess but I’d think in the next week or so.”

“Damn.” It was good that he had a job and he could get on with his life. It was good that they would be forced to stop their affair but at the moment that wasn’t how they were seeing things.

Mark called Dennis later and said, “I’m taking a break and wanted to see if you heard about your job.”

“I think I got it. They called this morning and I’m going in to talk to them later. Janet and I are sitting at the table talking about it in fact.”

“Is that right. I suppose she’s in shorts and sexy halter top as usual.”

Dennis looked over at naked Janet and said, “No this time she’s not dressed. I mean that way.”

“Tell her I said hi.”

“I’ll do that Dad and thanks for calling.” After hanging up he walked over to her and said, “Dad says hi and that I’m supposed to give you a kiss from him.”

“He didn’t say that did he?”

He kissed her and then said, “I guess you’ll just have to ask him when the time is right.”

Dennis had his meeting and then went home and told Janet, “Well I got the job and I leave here next Monday morning.”

“I knew you would. I did a lot of thinking while you were gone and as much as it hurts me knowing that you’re leaving it’s for the best. If you stayed here we’d still have to stop seeing each other. Even with you out of town it’s going to be hard to be away from you but if you stayed home it would be nearly impossible.”

“I know you’re right, but I was trying very hard not to think about that and I want us to be together for as long as we can be.” Their lovemaking continued right up until Friday noon. Leo was due to fly in just after noon and would likely be home by one thirty and Mark was expected home by five or six o’clock.

He walked her home and they stood in her kitchen and kissed again as tears slipped down her cheeks. She smiled and told him, “Now don’t say anything about me crying, I just can’t help it. I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you too love. Will you be okay…I mean with Leo and all?”

“I’ll be okay. Dennis…Leo has been unfaithful to me two times that I know of so my conscience isn’t exactly tearing me up. I’m sure there were other times for him that I don’t know about. Will you call me or write me?”

“You know I will and if you see Dad outside go over and talk to him okay?”

“I have to because I want to find out about that kiss. She smiled then and said, “Tell Mark I said hi but don’t kiss him for me okay?

He smiled and said, “I’ll tell him.” He backed toward the door and with one last smile he backed through the door and went home to wait for his dad to get home.

Chapter Seven

Dennis heard a car door slam so he looked out the window and watched in disbelief as Leo and the woman driver shared a long kiss before he picked up his bag and went inside as the car drove away. Even though there was sixty feet of distance between the houses he could hear Janet tear into Leo through his open window. He couldn’t make out all of the words but he picked up enough to have the general gist of the conversation. She called him an asshole and ripped into him about never even going to New York at all. She accused him of being with that woman the whole time and then he said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Janet said something else and then he heard, “And I’m so certain of your ongoing infidelities I had a week long affair too. My first one but don’t be surprised if it’s not my last one and guess what? The sex was almost non stop and was incredible…awesome in fact and I kept up with him all the way. You have no idea of how to treat me or of the great sex you could have had with me had you kept your puny pecker in your pants. ” He heard Leo explode and then Janet laughed at him. More words were exchanged and it sounded like she was following him through the house as she continued to tear him apart. Their voices faded to the point that he could no longer understand them but every so often a voice would be raised and he’d hear loud mumbles again. About half an hour later he heard a car and it was Leo backing out of the garage and then squealed his tires as he roared off down the street.

Dennis called her right away and asked her, “You okay hon?”

She sniffed and said, “I’m okay. Could you hear us clear over there?”

“Some of it. Is he coming back?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. He sure didn’t expect me to be home.”

“Janet don’t burn bridges behind you okay?”

“I didn’t burn the bridges, Leo did. Okay so I was unfaithful but he didn’t know that and there he was screwing that…that slut for the whole week. Damn it Dennis I told you about him being unfaithful again and again and I always forgave him. Well not this time. Being with you has reminded me that I don’t have to whine and grovel and put up with him. I know that I have something to offer a man that will care for me and love me. I’m not so old after all and I want to enjoy all the things women my age can and should be enjoying.”

“I wish I could be here for you in the coming weeks and not clear down in Tipton. I’ll call you in a couple of weeks and see how you’re getting along.”

“Thanks, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.”

“If you’re sure you’re okay then.”

“I will be. Just having him out of the house helps a lot. Thanks for calling.”

“You’re welcome, bye.”

When Mark got home the two men sat in the living room, and Dennis listened as Mark told him about the seminar and some of the places he went with a couple of other guys for entertainment. When Mark ran out of tales to tell, Dennis told him about Janet catching Leo with another woman again and about listening to her rip him apart before he left.

“Shit is she going to be okay?

“I called her and we talked about it and it sounded like she was doing pretty good.”

“It sounds like you two have gotten closer since you’ve been home.”

“We really have. We spent a lot of time together this week in fact. She’s really an amazing woman…I mean for her age.”

“He smiled and said, “Yeah for her age. We both know you studied her tits and ass as much as you could.”

Dennis smiled and said, “I sure did. Can you believe that? I’m twenty five and I have the hots for a woman almost forty.”

A good looking and sexy woman is a good looking and sexy woman no matter her age.”

“So you’ve studied her too.”

“Hell yes, I’m not dead yet. I’m only six years older than she is in fact.”

“I know. If you see her outside would you talk to her and make sure she’s okay? Maybe invite her over for coffee? I do worry about her now what with the Leo disaster happening.”

“I’ll try to catch her or call her.”

The weekend seemed to fly by for Dennis, and Monday morning with his worldly goods packed in his car he headed south to start his new career and find a place to live.

As soon as he got home Monday night Mark checked but Janet wasn’t outside so he called her. “Hi, Dennis told me you had a pretty rotten time of it Friday, you doing okay?”

“I’m doing okay Mark. In fact in some ways I’m doing better than you can imagine.”

“Got time for coffee and conversation? I just made fresh.”

“I’d love some.”

“Great, see you in a few minutes.” When she got there he did his best to behave but his eyes managed to fully survey her legs and ass in her nice white shorts and her breasts in her sexy halter top. As he sat down across from her he smiled and said, “I don’t know what’s happened but I have to tell you, I think you look younger, prettier and sexier than I’ve ever seen you.”

“Thank you Mark. It’s amazing what a change in my life has done for me. Dennis looked out for me the whole week and saw that I didn’t want for anything.”

“I don’t blame him a bit.”

“You and Dennis are so very much alike.”

“That’s what I’ve been told.”

“Have you ever been to Maxwell’s for dinner Mark?”

“I have and I love that place. Could I talk you into going out there with me after while?”

“I’d love it.”

“Let’s make an evening of it and not come home until we have to.”

“I love how you think Mark. Like father like son.”

“What was that Janet?”

“Oh nothing, I was just remembering something very special that happened to me recently.

“Janet would you like something extra in your coffee?”

She smiled and looking at him asked less than innocently, “What did you have in mind?”

“How about some Irish crème?”

“I’d love some Mark.”


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April 14, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – A Hot Summer Night

“Hi,” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind. She smiled and leaned into him, slowly grinding her butt against his pelvis.

“Hi,” she whispered back, arching her neck so he could nuzzle it.

“Mmmm, I missed you,” he groaned, his hands cupping her breasts and squeezing them gently. She let her head drop back on his shoulder and enjoyed the desire building up slowly inside her. They had made love the entire night and most of the afternoon and yet she could feel his cock slowly hardening against her ass. She closed her eyes and imagined him standing behind her. Just a little taller than her 5’6″ frame and lean. His cocoa brown skin flushed with desire. His hair curling around his neck. His gorgeous chocolate brown eyes closed, his full sensual lips curled in an inviting smile.

“We’re sick.”

“Oh, indubitably,” he licked her neck then suddenly turned her around to kiss her.

“But then,” she whispered, her knees buckling under her as his tongue leisurely licked her lips, from end to end, “we already knew that.”

“Knew what?” he asked softly.

“That,” she whispered as his hands roaming familiarly over her body, pausing at the indentation at her waist to explore the curve slowly. She had a typical Indian body. Wide hipped and full breasted with a small waist. He cupped her 36 C cup breasts in his hands and squeezed gently.

“And this?” he smiled teasingly and she closed her eyes as she turned her face up to him for a kiss, her lips parted slightly. He stared down at her. She looked exquisite to him. Smooth brown skin, glistening in the candlelight. Her lips, thin and parted slightly, waiting for his kiss. She opened her eyes slowly and he gazed into those clear brown orbs of desire and then slowly, bent his head. His lips touched hers and she sighed softly. He let his lips explore hers, his tongue sliding between them to plunge deep into her mouth. She made a sound low in her throat, her fingers tightening on his shoulders as they always did when he deepened his kiss.

“No-one kisses like you,” she panted lightly, the sound driving him wild.

“I love your lips,” he licked them again, tasting her. She tasted of wine and he deepened the kiss to taste her more intimately. She arched her back so that her breasts were pressed into his chest. Her hands roved all over his back, lightly raking it with her nails and he pushed her back till the backs of her knees touched the bed. She collapsed bonelessly onto the bed, with him on top of her, his thigh between her legs.

“Oh Ari,” she moaned, as his mouth explored her neck, the hollow at the base of her neck, where he could always smell her perfume against the intense warmth of her skin.

“God, I love your neck,” he whispered and she writhed under him, her breasts rubbing against his chest, her thighs slowly, sinuously rubbing against his erection.

“You’re beginning to sweat,” she said, as she stared at his face while he licked the soft skin of her inner arms. His hair curled around his neck, damp with sweat. His eyes were closed, the lashes dark smudges against his skin, as his tongue traced a slow, erotic path from the top of her arm to just above her elbow. He looked at her then and she felt the jolt again. The one she always felt when they were like this, in bed together. Like a tongue was slowly, hotly lapping at her insides turning them to mush. And all because he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world he had ever wanted. She looked back at him, enjoying his gorgeous cocoa brown skin. Smooth and soft. She reached out to touch his face, slowly letting her hand drop down to his neck, then lower still to unbutton his shirt, one button at a time.

“Wear a shirt the next time,” the words came out at her from nowhere and she smiled, remembering that she used to say that to him when they were much younger and he used to wear t-shirts. Lying in bed at night fantasizing about removing his shirt slowly, she had told him on the phone to wear a shirt the next time.

“What?” he asked with an answering smile.

“Oh, nothing, I just have these images of you in my head, you know. ”

“Ahhhh,” he said and then pulled her to him tight.

“Yes,” she smiled.

“I really don’t want to know,” he said sexily and she smiled then flipped him back so she was on top of him. Arching an eyebrow, she sat up and slowly removed her t-shirt. Her breasts swelled above her white, lacy bra. He lazily cupped one breast and stroked the nipple through the lace. She lifted her arms above her head so that her breasts rose and her cleavage deepened. He arched an eyebrow and she arched one right back at him, then slowly moved her lower body, right above his cock. He sucked in a breath and thrust up to meet her.

“Mmmmm, this feels good, doesn’t it?” she said thoughtfully then moved to get off his body. “Good night, then”

“Don’t you dare,” he groaned, cupping her butt and settling her on top of his erection. She smiled at him alluringly and slowly, reached behind to unhook her bra.

“Yes, the show begins,” he remarked and settled back, arms behind his head. She laughed as she tossed the bra on the floor and bent over him, her breasts, full and inviting, her nipples taut and pouting, begging to be kissed. He stroked his thumb over her nipple and she moaned.


“Yes,” he agreed as he bent his head to her nipple to pull it into her mouth and suck it gently. Today was going to be slow, sexy. She ran her fingers through her hair, her head thrown back, her pelvis slowly grinding against his erection as he sucked her nipples.

“Arya,” she sighed and he smiled against her breast.

“What do you want me to do? Tell me what you want,” he whispered in her ear before slowly tracing its shape with his tongue.

“I want you to lick my nipples,” she whispered in his ear, her breath hot and heavy against it. He obediently bent to her nipples and licked; just the tight buds of her nipples. Licked them slowly, back and forth with just a little pressure, which he knew drove her mad.

“Now pinch my nipples between your thumb and forefinger,” she gasped and he ran his fingers up her rib cage before settling on her nipples, moist from his kisses. She was beginning to sweat too. Her perfume mingled with her sweat and his smell, and he breathed in deeply, the scent irresistible to him.

“I love the way you smell when we fuck,” he said casually, just as he exerted a little more pressure on her nipples than normal. She bucked on top of him, her pussy, sensitive now to all contact rubbing against his hard cock. He reached down and cupped her butt and said hotly in her ear “Calm down, we have all night. All night.”

“All night,” she repeated and then went on “to touch, and feel and suck and lick and of course …” she reached down to his pants to cup his erection “fuck.”

“Mira,” he moaned, her hot words hitting him intensely. He loved her sluttish ways in bed.

“You aren’t done yet,” she said with soft aggression as she ran her fingers roughly through his hair tugging on it gently. “Kiss me… kiss me the way you want to fuck me. Hard and deep.” He stared at her, stared deep into her eyes and roughly pulled her closer still to him, till her breasts rubbed against his half bared chest. His kiss was rough, passionate. His tongue plunged and withdrew, then plunged again, deeper the next time, sliding over hers. She made a muffled sound deep in her throat but he ignored it, as he kissed her exactly like he wanted to fuck her tonight. Hard, his tongue mating with hers. She opened her mouth to him, sucking gently on his tongue then moving her attention to his lower lip. She couldn’t get enough of him. They’d been making love like this for years now, but the passion had still not waned, seemingly on either side.

She withdrew slowly and panted, “Touch me. I want to feel your fingers sliding over my pussy.”

“Take your pajamas off,” he whispered against her lips and she slithered out of them.

“Now your panties,” he ordered and she hooked her thumbs in the sides, slowly, really slowly, peeling them off her body, exposing her smooth, shaved pussy to him.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, his eyes hot and intent on her body and she smiled at him.

“I’m naked. You’re not. There appears to be some inequality here,” she said as she hooked her arms around him.

“I like having you naked while I’m clothed. It’s sexy to have a hot chick naked on my lap.”

“Makes you feel like an Arab sheikh?”

“If that turns you on,” he said knowingly and she giggled then.

“It does, but not … ” she stopped then picked his hand up from her thigh where it was resting and slowly licked his fingers. ” as much as having these fingers inside me.”

“Like this?” he asked, biting her ear lobe as he gently rubbed her pussy. Lightly touched it, his fingers sliding over it with butterfly strokes, occasionally thrusting inside to feel her wetness wrap itself around them. “You’re so wet,” he said and she shuddered “You’re so hot.”

“I want to taste you,” he said, his fingers deep in her pussy, his eyes locked with hers. She slid off his lap and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs wide. He settled between them, the contrast between his clothed body and her naked one hotter than ever, and gently touched his tongue to her cunt. She moaned and arched closer to his mouth. He blew on her clit and watched her struggle with the pleasure.

“That feels good,” she whispered and he blew on her clit again, before slowly lapping at it.

“And that?” he asked and she jerked her body up.

“That feels…. good too,” she said faintly then moaned as his tongue pointed and slowly entered her pussy. “Oh my god!” she panted and bucked up.

“Like that?” he whispered and his hot breath against her pussy drove her mad.

“Yessss,” she hissed and slowly rotated her pelvis against his face. He flipped her over and settled her over his face.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as he licked her. He inhaled the musky smell of her, feeling her moist warmth on his face.

She gave in to the sensations ripping through her body. The softly insistent tongue licking her. The hot breath caressing her pussy. She rocked back and forth feeling his tongue all over her hot spot.

“I’m close,” she whispered brokenly as another wave of pleasure hit her. She closed her eyes and imagined his face between her legs, drenched with her juices. He would smell of her, taste of her when he kissed her, his tongue deep in her mouth. The aura of sex was all around them and she breathed it in knowing that tomorrow when she was just another woman shopping for groceries, this moment of passion would make her clutch the handle of the cart convulsively, the memory of this smell would push her over the edge.

He sucked her clit with his lips, knowing it always pushed her over the edge. Gently, insistently, boldly. She arched her back and looked down at him, her hair falling over her face. His eyes met hers briefly and she felt her orgasm surge through her. She ran her fingers through her hair and over her breasts, touching herself as she came hard. He continued licking and she moaned to him to stop, climbing off him to lie on her side, panting. He looked at her then, with a casual air, entered her pussy with his fingers and wickedly smiling brought them to his lips and licked them. One by one. She reached down and unbuttoned his pants freeing his big, beautiful, thick cock, turgid with passion. He put his hand behind her head and gently pushed her mouth down. She settled between his legs and licked his inner thighs, her nails lightly raking over them. Her tongue pointed then licked his balls, gently, torturing him by not sucking them.

“Please,” he said softly and she smiled then took pity on him. She licked his balls with her tongue, pulling them into her mouth, sucking them gently till his thighs convulsed around her. She then diverted her attention to his cock. God, she loved that cock. Long and thick, jutting out from the mat of hair around his pelvis. Slowly, she pulled him into her mouth, then released him, then pulled him back in. Deeper inside. Her mouth pumped around his cock, gently sucking the head before releasing it. Her hand went around it, stroking it as her mouth sucked it in. The sensations were too much for him to bear. Tonight he wanted to fuck her but the way she was sucking him was so good he was tempted to give in and let her suck him off completely. He wanted to cum in her mouth, wanted to see his juice all over her lips. He looked down at her face; it always aroused him so much. She was sucking him deep inside and moaning as she took him in. The sight itself was enough to make him cum. He kicked his pants off then helped her remove his shirt.

“I want you on top of me. I want to see you cum today,” he said roughly pulling her up so that her face was on level with his.

She smiled then straddled him. Stroking his cock gently, she guided him into her pussy. As he slid deep inside her she sighed. “Oh yes,” he whispered and closed his eyes, just enjoying the feeling of being inside her.

Her back arched, her face dropped down into the hollow of his neck and she licked the base of his neck hotly. His hands cupped her ass cheeks and he ground himself up against her. They were moving together, she was soft and wet, he was hard and smooth.

“Mira,” he sighed and she looked up from his neck. Looked deep into his eyes. And smiled. He groaned softly then captured her lips with his own. His tongue entered her mouth then withdrew just as his cock entered her hot cunt and withdrew. She closed her eyes and let her mind be taken over by the passion. At times like these, she forgot where she was, forgot everything except the fact hat she was with him, he was inside her and she was experiencing sexual fulfillment unlike any she had ever known. She made a soft sound as he broke the kiss and let her face fall back into the hollow of his neck. His hands roved over her spine as she rode him. She looked up, then lifted her arms over her head. He massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, then letting his hands go lower and lower to her hot pussy, fingering her as she moved closer and closer to her orgasm.

“You’re sweating,” he whispered touching the indentation of her navel, watching her collarbones glisten in the dim light of the candles in the room.

“So are you,” she whispered then reached forward to lick the drop of sweat lazily meandering down the side of his face. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her hot wetness around his cock.

“I love fucking you,” he sighed as he slowly increased the pressure of his upward thrusts and she met him halfway, grinding against him, her moans muffled against his neck as her orgasm came closer and closer. “The way your pussy wraps itself around my cock. You are so hot and so wet.” She nipped his neck lightly then reached down to lightly cup his balls. He slid his hand up her thigh and cupped her butt hard.

“Too bad you can’t see my legs while you fuck me,” she said conversationally then gasped as he thrust upward punishingly hard. “Yes, like that. Harder, fuck me harder.”

“Like this?” he asked thrusting harder upwards pulling her down on top of him. She rotated her hips so that he could feel the walls of her pussy clasp him. “Yes, exactly like that. Fuck me. Ram your cock all the way in,” she said squeezing her nipples.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered and she nodded her head to indicate she was close too. She felt the wave closer and closer.

“Yes, fuck me, all the way,” she sobbed as he thrust up hard shooting his full load deep inside in her. She moaned as she felt herself cum, shuddering with passion, her breasts bouncing as she rode him harder, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the hard cock between her legs.

“I’m cumming,” she moaned as his fingers went between them to finger her wet, sensitive pussy as she came. She collapsed on top of him, her sweat-drenched body sticking to his. He kissed her hard and smiled. The next time would be her standing, against a wall.


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Erotic Hot Stories- A Fuckin’ Witch At My Door


“Hold on, I’m coming. Keep your pants on.”

I was just getting out of the shower when the unwanted visitors came calling.


I threw on a bathrobe. Sheesh, don’t they know the rules? My outside lights are off. That means I’m not participating in the stupid ritual of Trick or Treat. Bah humbug. Yeah, I know that’s another holiday. I don’t give Christmas presents either.


“Okay, okay, you’ve got my attention.”

I flicked on the front light and peeked out the small window of the front door, while dripping water all over the tile floor. There stood a teenager, well maybe a little older. He or she was wearing a plain jacket. I didn’t see a costume but the visitor was wearing make-up to look like a witch. Snaggly hair going six ways from Sunday, close set eyes, a long thin crooked nose and a pointy chin.

“I’m not giving out anything,” I hollered through the door.

“Excuse me, mister. I just moved in across the street. I’m afraid I locked myself out. Nobody is at home. Can I come in, please?”

This was the daughter of my new neighbor? I had only seen her once earlier that week, and only from behind. She was getting out of her folks’ minivan, as I watched from my window that faces their house. She had been wearing sandals and a very short skirt. I remembered her long well shaped legs. Her hair had been up in a ponytail bun thing.

“So, can I come in? I’m not really dressed for this weather.”

Her comment brought me back to the present. I opened the door and she scooted in quickly. My elevator eyes did a full scan. I started at her feet, which were wearing fuzzy pink slippers. Her legs were better looking up close, exposed all the way up to her jacket. Her hands were still stuffed into her jacket pockets for warmth. When I got to her face, I saw she had been watching me scan her the whole time. That’s when I realized she wasn’t wearing any make-up. That was her real face! But what a face! It could stop a clock. It could stop a bus or a train or a, well, you get the idea. I tried not to stare at it as she told me her story of woe.

“I stepped outside, you know, to put out the garbage. A gust of wind blew the door shut. My folks and brother are out tonight. I didn’t know anywhere else to go.”

“Well, come in and make yourself at home.”

I almost said homely. Well, she was! I was sure she was self-conscious about the way she looked, and I didn’t want to add to her problems. Hell, she just moved in across the street. I needed to build bridges, not erect walls.

She moved from the entryway to the living room and sat down on the couch. I took a seat at the other end, facing her. She crossed her legs. Her jacket was still on, but her legs seemed to be bare all the way up, and I do mean all the way.

“I’m Alesha,” she said.

I made eye contact and tried to keep a civil expression.

“I’m Harvey. Nice to meet you. So, how do you like the place?”

“Oh, your house looks very nice, although I haven’t had the nickel tour,” she said.

“No, no, I mean your new house.”

It had been up for sale for a very long time. The sellers must have finally dropped the price to something reasonable.

“It’s okay, I guess. I’ll have to live in it for a while before I know.”

A reasonable answer.

“Do you go to school?”

Yeah, the School for the Chronically Ugly.

“I graduated high school last spring. I’ll be starting college next semester. I needed some time off. So, you don’t do Trick or Treat?” she asked.

“No. Every year I buy candy and get all psyched up for lots of little kids coming by. And every year, I’m stuck with the candy because no one comes. Nobody! So now, I don’t even bother. That’s why the light was off.”

“Do you go Trick or Treating?”

“Heavens no. I’m much too old to be going door to door in some lame costume. I’d probably get arrested.”

“That’s a shame. Trick or Treat can be a lot of fun. I was going to do it tonight, but I didn’t want to go alone.”

“Oh, this neighborhood is pretty safe. I don’t think you’d be in any danger.”

“I’d feel safe if you were with me. Nobody would mess with a big strong man like you.”

I was both flattered and puzzled at her comment.

“I was watching you out my window, when you were working on your front yard. You took your shirt off while you were digging up those shrubs,” she explained.

So, my new neighbor was a peeping tom. Well, that made two of us.

“It’s awfully warm in here. Do you mind if I take off my jacket?”

“No. How rude of me. I should have taken it from you sooner.”

“You nasty man.”

I didn’t understand her comment until she unzipped the jacket and pulled it open. She was wearing a negligee, and that’s being generous. It was a filmy thing that was almost transparent. She leaned forward to pull her arms out of the sleeves. Her small round breasts with pointy nipples danced under the thin covering. Now I was sorry I hadn’t thrown on a pair of pants. I pulled my robe tighter, hoping my arousal wouldn’t become obvious. When I looked back, the jacket was on the floor at her feet. I tried to avoid looking at her breasts and ended up gazing at her sexy bare legs. They were still crossed, thigh over thigh. I wondered if she was wearing any panties with her outfit. That thought didn’t help my condition one bit. Now there was a lump in my robe that I couldn’t disguise.

“Let’s play Trick or Treat,” she said.


“I said, let’s play Trick or Treat.”

“How do we do that?”

“Easy. I say Trick or Treat, and you give me a treat.”

“Like I said, I don’t have anything to…”

Then I noticed she was staring directly at my crotch, my lump, my penis.

“Trick or Treat,” she said. She unfolded her legs and moved towards me. Matching panties, her pubic hair visible through the material. She pulled one side of my robe open. There it was, semi erect and getting harder.

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw you,” she said.

She didn’t ask permission, she just took me in her mouth. She must have had some practice, because she was very good. Too good. I felt cum churning in my balls.

“Uh, I’m getting awfully close…”

“I know, silly, I can feel it. Don’t worry. I’m not going to waste it on my mouth.”

She stood up, pulled the garment over her head and dropped her panties to the floor. If I wasn’t already excited, she gave me a beaver shot as she bent over. She approached me and pulled my robe from my shoulders. Now we were both bare-ass naked. I still hadn’t touched her. She straddled my legs, standing with her back to me, and guided my erection up into the outer folds of her cunt. She lowered herself onto my lap ever so slowly.

“Oooh, you feel so good. Nice and hard. This is some treat.”

I didn’t blame her. She needed to be aggressive if she was going to have a sex life, given the way her face looked. I reached up and massaged her breasts from behind.

“My nipples, don’t forget my nipples.”

I rolled her nipples in my fingertips and pulled them. She reacted by squeezing her cunt tight around my penis.

“Harder, oooh, fuck me harder.”

I moved one hand down to her crotch, to stimulate her clitoris. Too late, she was already taking care of it. I held her hips as she bounced up and down, over and over, moaning with every thrust.

“My legs are getting tired. Can we change positions?”

Sure, as long as it isn’t face to face.

“Get down on the floor, on your hands and knees,” I said.

“Oh, doggie style. One of my favorites.”

Yeah, and probably the favorite of the guys you drop your drawers for.

I got behind her, slid in easily, held her hips and slammed myself into her again and again. She wanted no mercy and I gave none.

“Cum in me, I’m ready, cum in me.”

Not to disappoint, I made a series of faster thrusts, and shot my load into her well-exercised pussy.

“Wow, that was terrific. What a treat!”

I sat down on the rug, Indian style.

“So now what? Is there a trick?” I asked.

I hoped she’d pull off a wig and prosthetic nose and chin pieces, letting me see her normal face.

“Oh, I already did the trick part.”

She got up and bent over to get her jacket. Legs apart, her cunt lips were red and puffy, dripping our mutual juices.

“I wasn’t locked out at all. See?”

She showed me her house key, safely tucked in her jacket pocket.

She put her negligee, panties and jacket back on and let herself out, throwing me a kiss as she left.

I felt fortunate that I had been selected to participate in a unique Trick or Treat this year. I wonder what I would have done if she’d tried to kiss me? I shuddered at the thought.

Ugggh, that face!


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April 12, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – A Day in Court

A Day in Court

Frank pulled up on the sidewalk in front of Civil Central. God, how he hated the judicial system… fifteen years as a cop kicking the living shit out of scumbags only to see judges put them back on the street. He didn’t hate the judges… 9 times out of 10 they had so little discretion that you had to feel sorry for the overpaid assholes. Almost. But let him get filmed, once!, and it was out the door, fuck the pension, goodbye. He’d barely avoided prison himself. Fucking legislature!

He ignored the stares of pedestrians as he slammed the door shut on his piece of shit Dodge. It would almost be a blessing if it got towed, but he knew it wouldn’t. Sure, he’d get a ticket, but the police wouldn’t tow it. It was a fact most people never learned… park in the red zone, go to impound, park on the sidewalk, go home. For less! He picked up one of the kids he had almost run over when his blaring horn had parted the crowd and stuck him on the hood of his car, waving to the parents who hadn’t yet recovered the use of their resources at his display of blatant disregard and walked towards the entrance.

He sourly watched the parade of traffic that necessitated his need to be gifted with a ticket on this most inauspicious of days. The Mexican community was celebrating their uniqueness, again. The parking lots were packed and the streets were an explosion, an overload, of color, motion, and sound. For a few brief moments he tried to see some kind of feminine form under the myriad costumes swirling past him, but he quickly gave up. Why didn’t feminists ever parade? At least you’d get to see some breasts bounce. Bouncing breasts were never ugly.

He pushed himself through the crowd of people who were largely still glaring at him for taking away their space. A few men found the gumption to scream and gesture at him, but they were universally beside or behind him. The men in front found their courage draining away as he approached them, his flat blue eyes parting the waves as the men viewed his massive frame with trepidation and the women viewed it with speculation. He had a gaze that, as a friend put it, made people fear for their lives. He didn’t see it himself, but he sure saw the effect on others. It was pretty damn useful most of the time.

It was unseasonably cold for the season but that fact had never risen to the level where he noticed until he entered the courthouse. To open the doors of the courthouse was to bathe oneself in the uncaring consumption of the taxpayer dollar, burned for heat. It never ceased to amaze him how such a massive ugly marble edifice could stay so warm. He started down the corridor, wide enough for two cars to drag race side by side, headed for the clerk’s office. His sergeant hadn’t wanted him back at the station and had chosen instead, for some masochistic reason, to meet him here. Officially the court was closed, but in Los Angeles, some things never closed completely. Several court clerks passed him, file folders clutched to their breasts, and he watched them pass appreciatively. The court was famous for beautiful women. He supposed that there were some token ugly women around, but he had never met them. Most likely they were in the I.S. department, where they belonged.


Frank turned around to find his old boss Chalk pulling up his zipper as the restroom door closed behind him. He seemed to be having some difficulty, but then sergeants weren’t exactly drawn from the crème de la crème of officerhood. Sometimes Frank was amazed that Chalk could walk and talk at the same time.

“Chalk!,” Frank stuck out his hand, unsurprised to find Chalk’s slightly damp. He didn’t think it was because Chalk had used soap and water. He slapped Chalk on the back, wiping his hand off in the process, “What the flying fuck am I doing here?”

Chalk chuckled, “It’s not about the job Frank. I don’t want to go there. We both know you got screwed, ’nuff said. This is something else.”


“Let’s go sit down”

Chalk walked across the hall and opened the door to an office that had been left unlocked; a fact Frank found vaguely disturbing for some reason. Chalk closed the door behind them and took a seat on the desk as Frank settled into a wooden chair that must have been purchased during the Great Depression.

“I have a proposition for you.”

Frank cocked his head in position intended to convey that he was listening, but Chalk, as usual, wasn’t too fast on the uptake. “You want to hear it?”

Frank sighed, “Sure Chalk, what’s up?”

“When all the shit was going down you had a disciplinary meeting down here one day, you remember?”

Frank grimaced, shit, how could he forget? “Yeah, Chalk, I remember.”

“Do you remember that cute court clerk who was assisting the judge?”

Frank got a puzzled expression on this face, “That black haired Hispanic chick? Vaguely. Why?”

“Okay old buddy, you need to bear with me here. This is kind of bizarre. In a good way, but… bizarre.”

Frank waved his hand in a scooping motion, asking for more.

Chalk cleared his throat, “Well, listen, you know my wife and I divorced. And I’ve been going kind of crazy.”

Frank was starting to get a bad idea in his head about where this was going. Had Chalk gone over to the dark side?

“I was down here one day filing some administrative bullshit when this girl, out of the blue, asked if she could talk to me for a sec. Really cute blond. Took me into this room… we talked for a good half hour, about all kinds of things. She kind of got it out of me that I wasn’t seeing anyone, then she hit me with the sucker punch.”

Frank leaned forward, this was getting interesting.

“She asked if I wanted to fuck her.”


“God’s truth! Out of the blue.”

Frank sat back, “Then what?”

“Well…” Chalk looked uncomfortable, “I did. Right then, right here on this desk.”

“Whoa. Lucky bastard. Seen her since?”

“Well, yeah. I had been celibate for too long. I never did get back to work, called in sick. I had her on this desk three times that day. And, uh, this is where it gets bizarre.”

It would have taken a bull elephant on crystal meth to drag Frank’s attention away. Chalk lowered his voice.

“I also fucked her friend.”

Frank seemed to be having some problems making his vocal chords work. Chalk didn’t notice.

“You see, they got sort of a club going on here. Well, not just here you understand, this is just one of the, uh, chapters. All over the Civic Center. They call it the ‘Girl’s Club’.

Frank managed to utter a guttural sound that Chalk interpreted as “go on.”

“Once you’re in the club, well, there are some rules, but it’s sex buddy. Sex whenever you want it, almost anywhere you want it. These girls are always up for it.”

Frank finally found his voice, “And???”

“That cute little court clerk, the Hispanic girl? She wants you in it.”

“Why didn’t she tell me this herself?”

“Well, let’s face it. You are one imposing son of a bitch; she’s probably scared to death. We had just finished up a set last week when she told me. God, that is how bizarre these girls are. Here I am, butt naked, balls deep. Just dropped my load into her. I’m laying on top trying to catch my breath, my face between her breasts, when she asks me if I know you. I mean, you know how beautiful a woman is, the sweat glistening on their breasts, panting, coming down from an orgasm. I could feel my cum trickling out of her and dripping off my balls. And she asks me about you! Talk about crushing your ego! But she made it up to me… managed to bring me to second orgasm with an incredible blow job. She wants you in it buddy! And once your in, oh… my… god!”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this club before this ‘invitation’ was extended?”

Chalk shuffled his butt on the desk uncomfortably.

“Be reasonable! You can’t talk about the club. It’s grounds for expulsion. And make no mistake, these women aren’t all court clerks and secretaries. There are some damn powerful women in this club, and you don’t want to cross them, nosiree!”

“Okay, I can live with that. I accept. Damn, I accept! Where do we go from here?”


The door behind Chalk opened and Frank stood up.

“… I’ll make the introductions, and then I’ll leave you two alone!”

Frank was looking at a vision. He hadn’t paid a lot of attention to her at the hearing, which wasn’t too surprising as his livelihood was being ripped away at the time, but he made up for it now. Vaguely he could hear Chalk talking in the background but he ignored him; he need all his resources to look at the girl. She stood about 5′ 4′, maybe 5′ 5″. She couldn’t have weighed much over a hundred and ten. She was dressed in a plain white dress, tight across the bodice, and what a bodice it was. Despite the circumstances she managed to look demur and chaste. She stepped up next to Chalk and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you Chalk.” she said, her dark eyes never leaving Frank’s, “I just couldn’t have done it by myself.” Her voice was music, her skin coffee with cream.

Chalk stood up, looking uncomfortable. “Yes, well… maybe we’ll have a chance to talk later…” his voice trailed off, he walked past Frank, punching him on the arm. “Have fun you two…” he looked around as if he had lost something that he desperately wanted to find but couldn’t, and closed the door behind him. The girl walked over to the door and made sure it was closed tight. She latched the door and turned back to Frank.

“No one will hear us. This room is soundproofed.”

It hadn’t even occurred to Frank to care. This girl he would have fucked on the judge’s bench in open court.

She walked over to Frank and trailed her fingers along his arm. “You’re a scary man. Do you know it?”

Frank stood transfixed. He started to speak then clamped his jaws tight lest he say something stupid. She was playing with the palm of this hand now, feeling the calluses, bending his fingers toward his palm and back again. “I can’t tell you how you made me feel that day in court,” she took his hand and pressed it to her breast, “how you make me feel right now.”

Not only were Frank’s vocal chords on strike, but now his lungs joined in solidarity. He could feel her heart beating beneath the soft warm skin of her breast. He noted abstractly that her nipples were erect. His pants had never felt quite this tight before. Her left hand rubbed his erection through his pants as her right released him so that she could start to disrobe. He helped her drop her dress to her waist as she settled her rump on the desk.

“I wanted you right then. I’ve wanted you every day since then. I’m sorry I was scared, but I’m not scared now.”

Frank inhaled her rich scent, the scent of woman in need, the undiluted stench of sex. He bent her backward over the desk, lowering his head to her breasts. As though from a faraway land he heard her gasp as he took her right breast into his mouth. He took in every millimeter of flesh that he could, rolling her nipple around in his mouth, gently nipping the very tip. His right reached under her dress to find her dripping with need. He moved his mouth onto hers. Her tongue immediately pushed into his mouth as his hand parted her vagina and gently rubbed between her lips. She moaned into his mouth and somehow got her tongue deeper, humping his hand desperately. Frank took a shuddering desperate gasp of air and backed off to look at her.

She stood up to allow her dress to fall to the floor and stood revealed. Her body was pure and unblemished. Unmarked in any way. Perfect. Frank desperately tried to remove his shirt, popping a button off, and she shoo shooed him, batting his hand away. She nibbled erotically at his shirt as she unbuttoned it before starting to work on his pants. Frank was in agony by the time she finally got him undressed. The second his penis sprang clear she took in her mouth and now it was Frank’s turn to moan. He had never experienced anything like this, never had a hard on like this one, never been this deep in a woman’s mouth. She worked for a few minutes then clamped his penis with her hand unmercifully when she felt he was coming too close to orgasm. Frank nearly collapsed. She stood up and backed up to the desk, wiping her mouth. She motioned to Frank to come closer.

As Frank’s penis pushed into her she started to gasp. It took a few thrusts to settle completely in and Frank took firm grip of her hips as they started their dance. Time seemed suspended, the whole of existence reduced to this woman, this moment. She gasped and met his thrusts in perfect synchronicity, fuck fuck fuck, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Her legs wrapped around his body and pulled him in again and again. She took Frank’s head in her hands and pulled it down to her breasts. He feverishly worked to take both in his mouth and when that proved impossible he moved back and forth and between them as she worked like a machine, the most perfect machine ever envisioned, to bring him to orgasm. For a moment time seemed to stop, then they both screamed in release, in perfect union. Frank felt his penis clench again and again, working to get every drop, every inch of his life into this woman. He shuddered in release and lay against her as she panted helplessly. He moved his penis in and out of her some more and she moaned in painful ecstasy. Gently he withdrew, marveling at the quantity of cum flowing out of her. She lay there in exhaustion as Frank collapsed on the old chair to stare at her, at his cum as it flowed from her to the desk, from the desk to floor.

After a few minutes more she sat up to look at him. Frank had never been in love, and he knew love was not what this woman wanted, but he was having trouble looking at her perfect body, the spasms of orgasm still echoing through his body, still shuddering through hers, and not feel love for her, for what she had done, for what he prayed she was going to do in the future. He stood up and moved towards her, leaned over her and placed his hand behind her neck, pulling her up slightly to kiss her. She kissed him back, and then told him “It was your eyes. I was just so scared of your eyes.”

He chuckled. “Damn my eyes.”


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