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June 13, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – 2 Erotic Scenes, A Night of Passion

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From here, I continue to gently glide my dick in and out of your pussy while you putting your legs around me makes my dick even harder and makes erotic tingles go all through my body from the sensual passion you extude by the act.

At this point your breathing begins to get heavier again and your cunt becomes more lubricated and warm with each thrust I make as I whisper to you how good you’re making me feel. At first, my words are full of tenderness and warmth, but as you continue to breath harder and ask- under continuing shortness of breath- “How Do I Make You Feel?”, my answers become less tender and more explicit and sexual as I feel the insatiable urge to thrust harder and harder, making your moans deeper and louder and your cunt soar from the intensity.

However, the look of intense pleasure on your face as the thought goes through my heads makes me reconsider. And so, to calm myself down, I gradually slow down my thrusts and eventually stop. At first you look confused by the decision (as I still have the same expression of erotic pleasure on my face as I did when we began), lowering your legs from their wrapped position around my torso. But what I do next makes that look go away, and the face I so loved seeing before I stopped returns.

As I remove my erect penis from your still-wet pussy, I begin to plant soft, wet kisses on your mouth and all over your body- your neck, behind your ears, on your supple and heaving breasts, while I move my right hand down your chest towards your pussy and begin to move my fingers around inside of it, with my left hand gently caressing the rest of your silky, sweaty skin. As this begins the moans of desire emanating from your body before return, as do other sounds of intense pleasure to the ears. At this point my left hand has found its way around your chest and to the small of your back, while my right hand is continuing to move around the walls of your cunt and your clit and I have

begun to focus my kisses of you around your pelvic area, making your moans just as deep and sensual as I imagined they would be before.

As we get closer and closer to cumming, I remove my right hand from your cunt, replacing it with my mouth and tongue instead. After that, I daringly lift you off the rug ever-so-slightly- my mouth still firmly planted on your pussy- and I slide my body beneath yours, with my back on the soft fur we’ve remained on since beginning our erotic adventure, my left hand around your beautiful ass, my right hand at your mouth with your lips around my fingers, tasting the juices of sexual passion from your own warm cunt, and my hard, well-lubricated cock moving erotically across your back as we move back and forth.

From this point on, there’s no stopping us. Our bodies thriving with erotic passion, our mouths are moist with desire, and our moans of pleasure uncontrollable as we grind our bodies together faster and faster and harder and harder till the tension is released with the explosion of juices from your pussy within my mouth and the cum from my dick covering your back, and the intense exclamation of “Oh…God…Yes!” from your mouth as you cum.

As we attempt to catch our breath- in the same position we finished- nothing is said between us for several minutes, only the spellbinding and sensual gazes of one another that seem to say it all for us at the moment; looks that say, “I love the way you make me feel. Do it again, and do it now.”…

As you rock your body on my thigh, my dick begins to get harder and harder right in front of our eyes. The sight of it bulging makes you rock harder and harder as your moans get wilder and wilder. Excited by this sight, I sit up, remove your wet fingers from your pussy, and put them in my mouth before I grab your ass with my hands and lift your body off the ground with me still sucking on your beautiful fingers.

I then carry you over to the large, inviting bed that has eluded us throughout this adventure. Once I lay you down on your back- with you luscious legs dangling over the side- I kneel down on the floor and begin to maneuver my tongue around the outside- and inside- of your cunt, while my left hand gently moves across your spread-open legs and my right hand works on my cock, rubbing it slow and sensual while I work harder and harder on your pussy with my mouth. The muffled sounds of my moaning and the wild

screams that are coming from your mouth get louder and louder as we approach our respective orgasms.

As soon as it feels as though I’m going to explode, I remove my mouth from your moist pussy, stand up, move your body to the middle of the bed, and lay my body on top of yours, with my well-lubricated cock brushing up against your thighs as I begin to enter your cunt and plant wet, juicy kisses all over your neck and on your mouth. My thrusts inside of you get harder and deeper as your subsided moans grow louder and louder as we finally cum.

As we cum, I remove my cock and allow my juices to cover your thighs, and I rub my hands over your thighs, spreading my cum all over your legs and around your pussy. Though exhausted from your own orgasm, you also begin to move your hands around on your thighs so you can soak up the mixture of sweat and cum and rub it all over your supple breasts, especially on your nipples, getting them harder and harder.

Excited by this sight, I slide my hands up your body and towards your breasts, taking them in my hands and gently fondling them as I begin to lick the areas around your nipples with my tongue, all the while with your hands firmly located on my ass as you beg me to thrust my dick into your pussy as your nipples get harder and harder. At this point the top of your right breast is completely in my mouth as I begin to suck on your nipple, awaiting your warm milk to explode in my mouth as my dick moves faster and faster in your cunt. Just as we reach orgasm yet again, the milk from your breast streams out and moves right down my throat, making for arguably our most exciting and satisfying orgasm yet.

Justifiably exhausted, we calm the fires in our loins as I move my body off from yours and lie down next to you, as our heart rates diminish and we drift asleep…


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March 27, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Lesbian Turns Into Threesome

My name is Shazia, and I’m nineteen years old. I’m writing this on my girlfriend’s computer, with her help. I’m five foot four inches tall, and I have a nice, but slim, 34C-24-34 figure, what a lot of guys call sexxxy! I am very proud of my sexy legs, and love to show them off. I have long dark brown hair that reaches my waist, and black eyes.

Anyway, I was at my friend’s house in the afternoon, and we were talking about our boyfriends and such. Sheetal is a gorgeous girl , and we both keep or hair about the same length. She has startling black eyes, and a nice shape. Sheetal measures 35D-22-35, and she has very dark and large nipples. Sheetal loves to show her body and she is a real flirt!

Her mom and father ware in office so we both seen a porno movie one that my boyfriend rented, and it had two girls going at each other hot and heavy. “You know the scene in that blue film with the two girls?” Sheetal said after waching movie. “I got really hot watching that and I’ve wondered about kissing a girl ever since.”I couldn’t believe it! I told her that I too got a bit aroused, and we just looked at each other. “Wanna try it?” I asked her.

“What?” She said, and she looked shocked.

“Kissing each other.” I said.Sheetal looked relieved and then said yes. We sat there for along moment or three, then nervously leaned into each other. I was surprised at how soft her lips were, and how warm she seemed. I closed my eyes as our lips met and we kissed for few seconds. “Soft.” Sheetal said. “Sweet and soft.” I could see that she was blushing. Hmmm. Yeah, and warm too.” I said. I was really getting hot, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I just figured that this was a little “naughty” and let it go.

“Let’s try again.” Sheetal said. “Do you mind?” In reply, I leaned forward and we kissed again. My heart raced and pounded in my chest. Our lips met, and I suddenly felt Sheetal’s lips part. For no reason my tongue slipped out and stroked her lips, and then I felt hers meet my tongue.I was breathing heavily, Just like Sheetal, and my pussy was soaking my panties. We brushed each other’s tongues, and then I let her enter my mouth, like a guy would. I felt my nipples harden, and instinctively I reached my arms around her neck. Sheetal moaned and we fell onto our sides on the bed, kissing each other with hot passion. Sheetal’s hands slid up my waist and I was so hot all I wanted her to do was pinch my nipples. At last, we broke our kiss, but our faces were still close together. Ohh God!” I breathed softly. “I want you!” I was shocked at my own words as they came out of my mouth by themselves. Sheetal looked at me, and then she kissed me again, this time, rolling me onto my back and laying on me. Both of our tongues chased each other, and we kissed until we started grinding our hips against each other. Sheetal pulled back and whispered to me. “Let me love you, please?”

That’s all I needed to hear. “Oh, yes, please!” I said.

Sheetal and I knew each other from sixth class on, and we were very close friends for years. Now, this felt natural, as we loved each other in almost every other way. Sheetal slid her hands over my breasts and pinched my nipples. “Ohhh, yes, SHEETAL!” I moaned. “Pinch them for me.” Sheetal knew I liked that from conversations long ago. The next thing I knew, she had my blouse open and she was sucking my bare tits, circling the areola with her tongue. I floated lightly on a cloud, enjoying her touch. Sheetal sucked and licked, teasing the underside and licking my neck. Nervously I reached up and pulled her T-shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her full breasts hung down, the large, dark nipples hard and sexy. I pushed Sheetal up and sucked one of her nipples, running my hands all over her lovely tanned body. Her long blonde hair sent electricity through me when it brushed my skin. Both of us were breathing hard, and feeling very sexy. My hands found the edges of her pants and the fasteners. I unzipped her pants and slid my hands down onto her beautiful behind, cupping her cheeks and then squeezing them softly. I still sucked her wonderful nipples too. “Yes. Squeeze my ass. Lift them, alternate each side.” She said breathily.

I did, and I could hear her pussy making wet noises thru the fabric of her pants and underwear! She really was that wet! Her hands found the zipper of my jeans, and she slid them off of me, leaving my panties on. I got her out of her pants too, and she tossed her underwear aside, kneeling nude right next to me. I’d seldom seen her naked, and never from the front. Now the blonde hair on her pussy fascinated me. I reached out and touched it, and Sheetal rocked her pelvis forward, forcing my touch to her mons. It felt soft, and silky, not as coarse as mine. I ran my nails up her belly and then pinched a nipple. Sheetal knelt there, eyes closed,and she moaned softly. She reached for my panties, and I stopped her. Our eyes met, and I know I blushed.

“Do you want to stop?” She asked me. No, I didn’t but that wasn’t the problem. “Promise you won’t laugh or get mad?” I asked her. I was a bit sheepish about showing her. Sheetal promised and I stood up, facing away from her. I took off my pink panties and turned around. Sheetal looked, no, stared, at my pussy, in all it’s shaven glory. Sheetal’s reply “Ohhh, Shazia! It’s beautiful!” Sheetal was beaming at me, and then she leaned forward and pulled me onto the bed. “Let me lick you?” She said. I laid back and let her. Sheetal’s tongue found my bare pussy, and I jumped. Her tongue was hot, and wet, and I knew I was soaked too. She traced a heart on my pussy with her tongue, and then she started kissing the insides of my thighs. Each touch, every kiss made me hotter and wetter. Sheetal took her long blonde hair and flipped it up onto my stomach and pulled it over me. God that felt soooo sexxxy! Especially when it slid between my legs, over my bare pussy! I moaned and arched on the bed. Sheetal flipped her hair away, and then leaned forward, her tongue out. She looked at me and I watched her lean down and felt her tongue touch my now sopping wet pussy. I was so excited, my juice was making my ass wet. She licked and then tasted. Then another lick,and another. Each touch sent waves of electric pleasure through me. I was panting hard, watching her with her eyes closed lick my pussy. Sheetal pushed her tounge into my vagina, and now I wanted her to suck me until I came. I’d never been this excited by any of my boyfriend seating me! She raked her nails down my thighs, and I shivered. Then, magic! Sheetal’s tounge found my clit, and she tounged it lightly, making circles all around it. I don’t remember, but Sheetal said I bucked and thrashed on the bed, moaning and making high pitched noises while I came. What I do remember is sheer orgasms, one after another while she sucked me. I remember pushing my pussy into her face and feeling her wet lips and tounge all over me, and loving each second of it!

Exhausted,I layed there, sweating and panting. Sheetal came up and held me,telling me that I tasted soooo good, and stroking my hair. When I recovered, I wanted, REALLY WANTED to do her too. Sheetal lay back, resting on the pillows, and now I loved her. I sucked her nipples and tounged her breasts all around. I licked between them too, enjoying their soft warmth. I kissed my way down her stomach, kissing her sides and down the outsides of her hips and thighs. Sheetal’s breasts sag just a bit, and they’re really sexy that way, showing how full and lovely they are. I used my long hair on her, the way she did to me. Sheetal sighed and toyed with her nipples while I kissed and licked the insides of her thighs. Sheetal’s pussy gave a wonderful fragrant and sexy aroma, and I plunged right in.

I licked her creamy juices from her entrance up to her clit. I even sucked her labia into my mouth, and their soft-ness and silkiness felt sexy and erotic. I licked the full length of her slit, and then sucked on her clit, circling it with my tounge the way she’d done me. Sheetal arched up and her legs locked around me, and I felt her pussy pulsing against my lips. Her spasms triggered another, albeit small, orgasm in me, and we both rode over our waves of pleasure. I kept sucking, her tasty cream was soo good, so warm and slick that I wanted it all over me. Sheetal came again, and I was struck with an idea. When she recovered, I suggested it. “I want you to rub your pussy all over my nipples.” I told Sheetal.

She sort of smiled and then rolled me over, swinging her legover me. Sheetal lowered her still soaked pussy onto my right nipple, and pulled her pussy open. I felt her slick cunt slide over my nipple and I almost came right away! Ohhhh it was so warm and slick! Quickly I pressed up against her pussy, and then we were both rubbing back and forth. I rolled the other way, and shoved my left nipple up against her clit, and Sheetal started to come. She was rubbing her pussy on me and fingering her clit too. My breasts were slick and wet from her pussy and then I lay flat on my back, Sheetal rubbing her slippery juices right on the middle of my chest. It felt so erotic and hot! Sheetal’s chest was flushedand so was mine. I slid down and let her sit on my face and mouth,sucking her delicous cunt. Sheetal came over and over, shuddering and moaning loudly each time. Sheetal rolled off of me and we held each other, kissing tenderly.

A bit later, I was sucking her tits and finger-fucking her hot pussy, and Sheetal was rocking her hips up and down. That’s when we both heard, from the doorway, a very conscious “wow!”.

Start led because we thought we were alone, we turned around to see Sheetal’s older brother, Sandeep, standing at the door, and he had his cock in his hand. And WHAT a cock! Sandeep was twenty fiveand very good looking. We both scream and trying to cover up. Both of us were staring at his massive meaty cock. “Don’t try to cover up girls.” He said. “I’ve been watching for about five minutes and I’ve seen both of you already.”

Sheetal was pissed, and screamed at him for sneaking in, and invading our privacy (we’d left the bedroom door open though). Sandeep lived separate at his own place, but he often came home to visit, and this was one of those times! Sheetal was still mad, and yelling at him.

“What’re you gonna do? Tell mom?” Sandeep said sarcasticly, and I noticed that he was looking Sheetal over lustily. His words hit Sheetal hard, and she shut up, knowing that if she said anything, her mother would hear about our lesbian play. “You girls are reallysomething to watch! I got hard in two seconds!” Sheetal looked down at his cock (so did I). Then I walked over and looked him right in the eyes, and unfastened his pants.

“SHAZIA! What’re you doing?” Sheetal said, shocked. I didn’t say anything, but I took a hold of Sandeep’s pants and pulled them down. Sandeep’s cock was about nine inches long and really thick. Thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. I opened my mouth and sucked. His thick cock forced my mouth open wide, and I looked up his six foot two inch body. Sheetal watched me suck his cock, and I took about half of it into my mouth. I could taste his salty cum, what was leaking out, and it excited me more. I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and used my nails on his ass and balls. Sandeep must’ve been watching for a while, because he moaned and shoot his thick creamy cum in my mouth. I swallowed some, then slid off his cock, smiling. “Mmmmmmm” I moaned. I looked over at Sheetal, and she was sitting on the bed, watching. I went to Sheetal and pushed her down on the bed. Then I kissed her and she was a bit shocked when she felt and tasted her brother’s cum flowing into her mouth. Then she started to lick and I lifted up, letting it dribble onto her tounge and lips. Sandeep watched, stroking himself. As soon as most of his sperm was on Sheetal’s tounge and lips, I kissed her passionately, being sure to lick her lips visibly with my tounge so Sandeep could see. Sheetal went a bit crazy too, licking my face and lips.

“You babes are fucking hot!” Sandeep said. I’d just sucked him off and then I felt his thick cock at my pussy, pushing its way in. I was so wet and slippery, my pussy let him in, even though it stretched me quite a bit. It felt huge going in, and every time he thrust, I thought he just might split me in two.

I was kneeling on the bed, and Sheetal slid up and I started sucking her hot pussy. Sandeep pumped his cock in and out of me, and I started to cum in huge waves of intense orgasm. All I could do was pant, moan or make some sort of noise. Sheetal slid under me in a 69 position and started licking and sucking my clit. Her brother’s cock started to swell inside me and I could feel him gettting ready to shoot. I slammed back into his thick meat, and begged him to fuck my hot cunt…litterally saying “Fuck my hot cunt you son of a bitch!” I was really hot and wild!! Sandeep came again, and it felt like a flood inside me. He rammed deep into me and filled me with his sperm. I came again too, With Sheetal’s help. I was now beginning to float along when Sandeep pulled out and pressed my hips down onto Sheetal’s face. Sheetal sucked and licked the flowing juices from me, and I seemed to rocket in to orbit. I was grinding my cunt against her face an shouting in a loud voice “EAT ME! OHH EAT ME!” Sheetal sucked her brother’s cum from my pussy, and I collapsed on the bed, drifting for a while. I could hear her talking to Sandeep, but my brain was really fried from all of this. I must’ve dozed or fallen asleep, because I woke up to the bed shaking.

Sheetal was on her back, and I could see that Sandeep was pumping her pussy. Sheetal’s legs were flung wide open and Sandeep was sucking her tits hard. I just watched for a bit. Sandeep overlap her and slid his slippery wet cock between her tits. Sheetal pushed her tits together, letting him tit-fuck her. “I’ve fantasized about this for years!” Sandeep said. He started pumping his cock and after a bit, Sheetal’s pussy juice wasn’t enough. I was fingering my own pussy by now, so I started using my wet fingers to rub my cream on his cock and her tits. Sandeep pumped and fucked her tits, and then I started fingering Sheetal’s clit to get her off too. Sandeep shot his thick sperm all over his sister’s face, then rubbed his cock on her tits. Sheetal was licking her lips and I sucked Sandeep’s cock until he got hard again. Now it was my turn again. Sandeep started pumping my pussy, and I sat there feeling like I was floating on his cock. Sheetal’s cunt was easy to get too, and I licked and sucked her juicy pussy. After a few minutes, Sandeep stopped, I guess he was getting tired,and pulled out of me. “I’ve got an idea” He said, and he had us follow him into the living room.

Sandeep had me sit on his cock, while he sat on the sofa, and Sheetal knelt on the floor and licked my clit and his cock while we fucked. His thick cock was so heavenly the way it stretched me open. Sheetal’s tounge had me floating miles high in a lusty haze. Sheetal was lapping my shaved cunt, and Sandeep was using his cock like a pile driver, each thrust filling me. I was facing away from Sandeep, and he was squeezing my tits and shaking them, whichfelt sexy. A few minutes of this and I was cumming like a broken dam, my juice flowing freely down his stiff cock. Sheetal licked and sucked us, and when I looked down she had one of Sandeep’s balls in her mouth, sucking it. Sandeep moaned and I felt him swelling up inside me.

“I’m gonna CUMMMM!” he shouted. I rose up and Sheetal pulled him out of my pussy. His sperm shot against my cunt lips and all over my pussy. Some Even reached my stomach, and all of it felt soooo warm and creamy!

I was just beginning to enjoy the feeling when Sandeep slipped out From under me, leaving Sheetal to tounge me off. Sheetal was lapping His sperm from my clit, making me come again. I was weak and shaky so Sheetal was holding my legs wide apart and high in the air, with my ass almost off the sofa. I started to sit up and saw Sandeep fucking his sister Sheetal from behind. Sheetal was sucking my cunt hard too. Both of us started moaning when Sandeep talking dirty “Suck that beautiful bi-slut’s cunt.” He told Sheetal. “Suck that juicy sperm covered rundy!” Sheetal was incredibly hot with the way she sucked me, and I was getting ready to cum again. “Suck that bi-slut’s cunt juice.” Sandeep told Sheetal again. “Lick that cum off her hot slit. Suck your bi-slut friend while I fuck your asshole bitch!” Sheetal moaned into my cunt, and Sandeep’s words echoed in my ears, taking me the the very edge. He kept it up, and both Sheetal and I came, moaning and being the sluts he said we were.

“Spread her legs and suck her cunt. Lap that cunt juice Sheetal. Lick your girlfriend’s slit. Lick her slit while I fill your butt with hot, thick, Cum!” Both of us were moaning, me from Sheetal’s tounge, and her from her ass fuck. “I’ll fuck her tight ass while she sucks your dripping wet slit.” Sandeep said and then “I’ll cum in her tight ass hole while she’s drinking your slut-juice! I felt totally want on and ready for anything! I was cumming and every word from Sandeep seemed to make me wilder. I could feel how hard he was pounding Sheetal’s ass, each thrust pushed her face against my pussy. Sandeep was thrusting hard and fast, and then he moaned and shoved his thick cock up Sheetal’s butt, shouting ” I’m….CUMMMM MMMmmmmmmminnnng!” Sheetal gasped and she came too, shoving three fingers deep inside my cunt and making me come with her. We were all sitting there, sweating and wet, the only sounds were our heaving breathing, and our hearts pounding. After that Sandeep left for his house.


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Erotic Hot Stories – Late Night Fun In The Jacuzzi

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So, about a year ago, I had a lot of trouble going to sleep one Thursday night. I was tossing and turning for hours, but I just couldn’t fall asleep! At around 2 in the morning, I realized that the reason I couldn’t go to sleep was because i hadn’t exercised in two days – I go to the gym at least five times a week – so I had a lot of pent up energy. I like to keep in good shape, and so far, I’ve succeeded. I’m about 5’1, and weigh 95 lbs. I’d probably weigh less, but nature blessed me with a very large set of perky, 34dd boobs. And since I live in Southern California, I pretty much always have a healthy tan to go with my shoulder length dark brown hair.

I decided to go for a swim, even though the pool in my apartment building technically “closed” at 11 p.m., but since there wasn’t a security guard or anything like that, it didn’t really matter. So I slid out of bed and went over to the closet where I keep my swimsuits. I saw that both of the one-piece swimsuits I normally wear when I go swimming for exercise were in the wash, and I just had a few bikinis that were clean. I thought to myself, “What the hell, no one else is going to be there,” took out the skimpiest bikini I had, a little pink top that covered little more than my nipples and had no chance in hell of containing my 34dd’s, and a matching thong. I normally wouldn’t ever really go swimming in this, but I was feeling adventurous. I put on the too little two-piece, tossed on an old t-shirt and some running shorts, grabbed a towel, my cell phone, keys, and some flip flops, and snuck out to the pool.

I got to the gate of the pool and gym area, and peeked in between the bars of the fence. I saw that the lights were on, which was odd since they were hooked up to a motion detector, but I didn’t see anyone inside. Satisfied that no one would be around, I went in, tossed my towel, phone, and keys on a pool chair, and then stripped out of my tee and shorts. I shivered a bit in the cold air, seeing my nipples get a bit erect. I heard a sound, and did a quick turn, my boobs bouncing as I turned, but didn’t see anyone. I had the distinct feeling I was being watched.

I thought about going back, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t get at least some exercise in, so I dove right in, and started to do laps. I couldn’t swim nearly as fast as I normally do because I had to constantly pull up my little thong and keep putting my top back in place when it started to slip off my nipples.

After 40 laps, I finally stopped at the shallow end to take a break. I took a look around, and saw these two studs lounging on pool chairs, the chair with my stuff between them. They were looking right at me.

“Um, hi!” I called over.

“Hey there,” said the tanned white guy on the left in the black shorts and green shirt, and dark brown hair.

“Hi, don’t mind us, go ahead and keep swimming, if you want,” said the less tanned white guy ion the right in the dark blue shorts and light blue shirt, and lighter brown hair.

“Um, well, it’s kinda late, I think I’m about done,” I replied, and started to get out of the pool, my boobs jiggling with every step.

I have to admit, it was quite the turn on seeing these guys follow my every move. In fact, it’s usually a turn on for me when I’m the center of attention from a bunch of guys or girls. Meaning, I’m usually quite horny. 😉

After I had just about reached them, the guy in the green and black finally found his voice. “Well, we were thinking about taking a dip in the hot tub,” he said. “Want to join us?”

His friend chimed in as I reached for my towel, “Yeah, it’s a good thing to cool down after a, uh, hard workout.”

I noticed my nipples were rock hard, from the cold air and water, and I knew these guys were looking right at them. So, against my better judgment, I replied, “Sure, why not?”

I dropped my towel, went to the controls for the tub to turn the bubbles on full bore, and go into the hot tub before the guys had even risen from their chairs. I’m sure they were staring at my ass all the while. The boys then hopped to their feet, took off their shoes and socks, stripped to their boxers, and joined me in the tub. I finally got a good look at them. The tanned guy in the green and black was easily 6 feet tall, and the guy in the dark blue and light blue wasn’t much shorter. Both had six packs, but Green/Black had a smaller frame and was leaner – he was probably a runner or a bicyclist – while Light Blue/Dark Blue was very well muscled and stockier. Still, they sort of resembled each other, and I could tell they were brothers. They were also hot as all hell.

“So, what’s your name?” asked the Light Blue/Dark Blue

“Kylie, what about you two?”

“I’m Eric,” said the Green/Black and held out his hand. He took my little hand in his and gave it a firm shake.

“And I’m Clayton,” said the other. Finally, I had names and didn’t have to refer to them by a color code! I shook Clayton’s hand too, and he gave me an even firmer shake.

“So, what brought you two out here so late?” I asked.

Clayton said, “Well, Eric’s visiting from Hawaii, and is on a bit of a later time zone then me, and couldn’t sleep, so we decided to hit the gym for a bit, and then come for a dip in the hot tub to cool off.”

“So, who’s the older brother?” I asked.

Eric answered, “Is it that obvious we’re brothers?” They both laughed, and i just smiled. “Well, I’m four years older, I’m 32, Clay’s 28. What about you, Kylie? How old are you?”

“I’m 25,” I answered, fidgeting a bit with my tiny top. The bubbles were enough to make it so that it didn’t want to stay in the right place.

“Do you both live here?” I asked.

“I do,” answered Clay. “Eric’s visiting from Chicago. What apartment are you in?

“I’m in 30F. You?” I continued to fidget with my top.

“13G.” Clay was staring at my boobs. “You know, you were having a lot of trouble with that top while you were swimming, Clay said.

“Yeah, I know, I was the one having the trouble,” I replied. That made Eric burst out into laughter, which made Clay and me start laughing too.

“Ouch, we got a smart ass here,” remarked Clay after a moment.

“Smart ass, tight ass, same thing, right, Kylie?” replied Eric, looking straight at me.

I was momentarily taken aback, but couldn’t help responding, “Oh you noticed? How long were you staring at it?” I teased.

“Oh, about 40 laps worth.” answered Clay.

“So you were sitting there the entire time I was swimming?” I asked. They both just nodded. “So I was being watched, I knew it.” They both just shrugged.

I readjusted my top again. “You know, if you’re having so much trouble with that top, why don’t you just take it off? It’s not like it’s covering all that much,” Eric said.

I grinned, considering it, “You wish-” I started to get out, but before I could get another word out, Clay made my mind for me, grabbed the top by the string between my boobs, and ripped the damn thing off me, fully exposing my boobs. I quickly tried to cover up half heartedly, but let my arms drop in a split second. “Happy now?” I asked the boys.

“Well, you look far more comfortable, I’d say.” Eric answered. My big boobs bobbed on the water surface, the bubbles tickling my nipples. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are those real?” Eric asked.

“Of cour-!,” I replied. Clay had already drifted close, and reached out to grope my left boob as I got half my answer out.

“Yep, they’re real, bro, feel for yourself!” Clay said to Eric, who promptly came over and started massaging and groping my right boob, and playing with my super sensitive nipples.

“Mmmmmm!!!” Was the only response I could muster, through pursed lips. Not being able to help myself, I started to stroke the brothers through their soaked boxers. Eric and Clay immediately slipped off them, letting me give them both hand jobs. They went over and sat on the edge of the pool, their hard poles sticking straight up. They were both very impressively endowed, each at least eight and half inches. I think Clayton was a bit wider – I couldn’t even get close to getting my hand around his shaft – but Eric was bit longer. I immediately started to suck on Clay’s massive cock, while stroking Eric. Eric bent over to play with my boobs while I gave him a hand job, pinching and playing with my nipples.

My mouth then switched over to Eric, and i started to stroke Clay. I went back and forth between the brothers a couple times, until Clay said, “I want to fuck those massive titties.” Clay leaned over, grabbed me by the waist, and lifted all 95 lbs of me out of the water with absurd ease. This of course, got me even more turned on, since I absolutely LOVE getting manhandled like that. Clay laid me on the deck around the hot tub, legs dangling in, and then straddled me, positioning his rod between my tits. He wrapped his meat with my boobs, and started to tittyfuck me, pinching my nipples and rolling my tits all the while, and I sucked at the tip of his cock as it came up.

Eric had plans for the rest of me. He tore my bikini bottoms off, and started to finger fuck me roughly. I could hardly stand it. “You like that?” Eric asked. I was too busy enjoying Eric’s fingers abusing my clit and sucking on Clay to answer.

WHACK! Eric spanked me hard. “Bitch, I asked you a fucking question.” Eric commanded, and spanked me hard again.

“Ungh!!! Oh . . . GOD . . . I fucking . . . love it . . .” I finally got out, between mouthfuls of Clay’s cock as it came up between my tits.

“Looks like this slut needs to be fucked . . .” mused Eric as he put my legs on his shoulders, and drove his cock deep inside me.

“OH FUCKING GOD YES!!!!!!!!! I screamed as Eric pounded me repeatedly, fucking me silly while his brother continued to tittyfuck me. I wanted nothing more than for these two studs to keep doing what they were doing, not giving a damn that I had just met them.

“I need to feel this whore’s throat,” then said. He got off me, and Eric dragged me back into the tub, flipping me over, so my tits were in the water. Clay then sat on the edge of the jacuzzi, grabbed my head, and forced me back onto his cock, and started to skullfuck me, making me take his entire huge length, while his brother fucked me doggystyle. “God damn, look at this bitch suck!” exclaimed Clay. I could only make moaning noises as i was taken at both ends, and I knew I was very close to cumming. Clay must have known I was close because right as I started to cum, Clay slid his entire length into my throat, and held my head there, not letting go, making me choke on that massive chunk of meat. and held it there until I came down from my climax, finally letting me breath. It felt like my orgasm lasted for an hour, but I knew it was only thirty seconds or so.

I came up, gasping for air. But before I could get my senses together, Clay started to geyser in my face, coating my face with his hot, sticky, cum. Eric immediately spun my around, rose out of the water, and spewed his volcano of cum on me too, all over my big tits. I had to lie back against the jacuzzi wall for a moment to get my bearings, closing my eyes for what I thought was a second.

But it was a lot more than that. When I opened my eyes again, I noticed that Clay’s and Eric’s cum had dried on my face and tits, and dawn was breaking! “FUCK!” I said to myself, and scrambled out of the jacuzzi. I looked around for my bikini, but couldn’t find it. My towel, t-shirt, and shorts were also missing! I knew that people started to come to the pool and gym almost as soon as dawn broke, so I grabbed my keys and cell phone, put on my flip flops, and had to run home naked, boobs bouncing like mad, coated with dried cum. I don’t know if anyone saw me, but if anyone had, they would have seen quite the sight! I made it home, breathing heavy. When I opened the front door, what did I see, but my clothes and towel! There was a note on top: “Couldn’t bear to wake you, thought we’d give you a hand with your clothes, though, since we got you out of them! – Eric & Clay.”


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