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March 24, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Learning from a Teacher

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The dark holds him close, like a lover maybe, he thought with a grin. The dark is his friend, his protection. It is a summer night. There is no moon. The stars twinkle above him as he waits in his hiding place.

His name is Jimmy. He is an eighteen year old senior at Hay Long High. He is hidden, waiting as he has before, waiting for Mrs. Johnson to appear.

Jimmy is an athletic kid. A little over six feet tall with a strong body from playing basketball at school and on any playground where he could find a game. His brown hair is cut close, his brown eyes reflective of intelligence and a sense of humor. Tonight he’s wearing jeans, some old basketball shoes, no socks, and his favorite t-shirt. The t-shirt is black with a great abstract design on the front. J.C.Q., it says, for John Coltrane Quartet, his father told him. His father had picked it up on a trip into the City, a shop in Soho. Jimmy liked the t-shirt but knew little about J.C.Q. He thought they were a band similar to the Dave Matthews Band.

Jimmy is patient while he waits. The binoculars hanging around his neck are ready, willing partners in a special experience.

Mrs. Johnson usually comes down to her family room around 9:00 p.m. She is always alone. He had found her to be a pretty predictable person.

Jimmy knows a lot about Mrs. Johnson. She teaches English at his high school. She is divorced. She lives alone. Her only child, her son, Alex, is away being a freshman at Ohio State. Jimmy and Alex had played varsity basketball together last year. They had been good friends. I suppose we still are, thought Jimmy. Jimmy guessed Mrs. Johnson to be a little less than forty years old. Close, maybe. She has brown hair cut short, and brown eyes much like his own. She works out. Jimmy has watched her working out at the local YMCA. She usually runs on a treadmill for twenty or thirty minutes then goes through the Nautilus machines hard. In fact, it was at the YMCA where Jimmy first started taking an interest in Mrs. Johnson. He had been in and out of the Johnson home for years as he and Alex grew up moving from playground to playground for pick-up basketball games.

Mrs. Johnson had always been nice when she’d seen him but Jimmy really hadn’t taken much notice of her. But in the gym it had been different. Mrs. Johnson worked out hard, pushing herself. Jimmy liked that. Jimmy also liked the look of her frame. Her legs are strong, firm, shaped, her ass tight and just right, a high jumper’s ass, her middle tapered, flat, her shoulders perfect in a strong yet feminine way, her breasts not too large but having a fullness that he could really get into. And her pubic hair is dark brown and untrimmed. Jimmy hadn’t seen her pubic hair at the gym, but he knew about it. He had seen it many times when she came down to the family room alone in her white cloth robe.

Jimmy had come to recognize that Mrs. Johnson plays on the internet.

Most nights after 9:00 p.m. or so she comes downstairs to the family room wearing only her white robe. She sits in front of the computer reading then typing, reading then typing, reading then typing. Sometimes, most times lately, she eventually opens the robe and plays with herself. And Jimmy watches through his father’s expensive binoculars.

But tonight Jimmy hoped things might be a bit different. Tonight it was actually nearly 9:15 when she came down the stairs and into the family room. As always she is wearing the white robe. There are monogrammed initials on the sleeve, maybe from a hotel or something, but Jimmy can’t quite read what they are. She is carrying a mug of something to drink, tea or coffee, perhaps. As she walks by the computer on the desk, she turned it on, continuing to walk past it to the table with the lit lamp.

She dims the light and turns. In her turn, Jimmy catches a glimmer of her leg moving through the front of the robe. Her tanned smooth leg makes him remember her working out. Jimmy has actually stood behind Mrs. Johnson in the gym while she did squats with weights. He watched her ass move back and down, dipping low before powering the bar up. Jimmy watched in the gym and he remembered seeing that same ass here in her family room. That same nice ass, naked, straining, moving seductively while her fingers worked between her legs.

Tonight Mrs. Johnson clicked through various places on her computer. Jimmy could see the screen shift and pause to change. He is thankful for the lamp by the couch. Without it the dim blue light from the computer would only give him shapes and shadows to see. The lamp cast an amber light on Mrs. Johnson where she sat.

Jimmy guessed that she usually ended up in some sort of chat room on the internet. He had seen a few of those but not spent enough time to really discover how to use them. Tonight she seemed to find what she wanted pretty quickly. Maybe it’s just that she got a late start, he thought.

Mrs. Johnson sipped from her mug and appeared to be reading. She sat the mug down and began to type. Jimmy watched her fingers move gracefully over the keyboard. He looked at the shape of her neck rising out of the pillow of the robe’s collar. She wore no earrings, no jewelry that he could see. She must have just taken a bath, he was thinking.

It’s starting, he said to himself. He watched her hand now free of the mug move into the top of the robe. She is caressing her breasts, he could see. Her hand moves back and forth giving each breast equal time, equal arousal, equal touching.

Mrs. Johnson moved away from the computer, surprising Jimmy. This is new. She sits on the couch and reaches for the phone. She dials, waits, and begins to talk. He sees her smiling, appearing to be whispering in spite of no one else being in the house. Then he sees her hand move into the front of the robe at her waist. Her hand moves downward. And then he knows she is touching her pussy. She has to be, he thinks.

Her left leg moves up, her foot to the coffee table, and he can see her hand pressing into her. Her fingers are flat, moving slowly over her clit. Her untrimmed full pubic hair bunches around her fingers.

She is still talking on the phone. Her head is back against the couch, her eyes closed. Jimmy sees her middle finger push inside her to gather moisture before it returns to her clit. Her hand moves up from her pussy and pushes back the robe from her breasts before slowly circling each nipple with her wet finger. Then it’s back to her pussy, rubbing more urgently, faster, harder.

Jimmy’s nerves were challenging him. If you ever, he told himself, if you ever. No one had to tell him, no one had to be there to coach him or push him. He knew.

Jimmy rose from his hiding place and began to walk toward the front door of Mrs. Johnson’s house.

Jimmy finishes knocking a second series of taps and begins to wonder if she will come to the door. His hand rises to knock one last time when a light comes on in the vestibule. Mrs. Johnson, holding her white robe closed at her breast, peeps through the glass window beside the front door.

“Jimmy?” he hears her say.

“Yes, Mrs. Johnson,” he calls back trying to smile.

The dead bolt lock clicks and she pulls the door open with a quizzical look on her face.

“Jimmy,” she says, “What is it?”

“May I come in, Mrs. Johnson?” Jimmy asks

“It’s late, Jimmy,” she answers, “and I just got out of the bath.”

“I won’t take but just a minute,” he smiles.

She steps back offering him passage inside. He steps through the door with a sense of achievement. He smells the faint smell of soap, shampoo, and sex. Or maybe, he thinks to himself, the sex smell is a vanilla candle or something. Jimmy hadn’t smelled the smell of a woman’s sex enough to really recognize it with certainty.

Mrs. Johnson stands with her robe pulled tightly together obviously trying to figure why Jimmy would be on her doorstep at such a late hour.

“I talked with Alex by phone today,” he began. “He sounds like he’s having fun at State. Anyway, he mentioned some music, a few CDs, he’d let me borrow. You mind if I go up to his room and get them, Mrs. Johnson?”

“You came here to get some CDs?” she almost smiles.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he responds with his best bullshit look.

“Okay, come on.” And with that she starts up the stairs, that nice ass working in naked bliss under the well-washed white robe.

Jimmy followed but not too closely. He wanted to be able to see that ass moving.

In the upstairs hall, Mrs. Johnson stops at Alex’s old bedroom door. She steps back wordlessly and watches as Jimmy steps inside. The room was already lit. Alex’s old brass double bed stood between the door and the bookshelves under the window. Guessing, Jimmy moves to the bookshelves and begin to search through the CDs. While he looks he tries to ad lib his next move. Just leave, he wondered? Try to talk with her maybe?

“Jimmy?” Mrs. Johnson says from the doorway.

He turns to see her staring at him.

“Why do you have those binoculars around your neck?” she asks quietly.

“Oh, these,” he smiles. Oh, shit, he thinks. “They’re for, ah, comets, shooting stars. Supposed to be a lot of them tonight.”

“Do you watch them from your knees?” she asks evenly.


“From your knees, Jimmy,” she continues. “The knees of your jeans are muddy. You’ve been kneeling somewhere. The mud is wet so it wasn’t long ago.”

Jimmy looked down at his pants wondering if all mothers went to some secret agent school of interrogation and analysis.

“Jimmy,” Mrs. Johnson says firmly but still quietly. “Have you been looking in my windows at me?”

He doesn’t answer.

“Jimmy?” she presses.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He knew nothing else to say.

Jimmy is frozen kneeling beside the bookcase in Alex’s room. Mrs. Johnson has fixed him with her schoolteacher stare. What seems like an eternity to Jimmy is unfolding. She must be thinking about the police, my parents, the CIA, he tells himself.

“Jimmy,” she began, “I know your reputation around school. Kids say they know nothing about you. Even the girls you date say you don’t really tell them anything. I’ve heard all that.”

He only nods. Privacy is important, he thought.

“So,” she continues, “my hunch is that you’ve told no one about watching me. Have you?”

“No, Ma’am,” he admits.

Mrs. Johnson leans back against the door and sighs.

“Did you like what you saw, Jimmy?” she almost whispers.

Jimmy only nods his head, yes. He is afraid to speak.

“If I were to let you see more, do more, could I count on you to keep it to yourself, not tell anyone?” she asks.

Yes, again he nods.

“I’ll show you, Jimmy,” she whispers, “but you can’t touch unless I ask you to. Understood?”

Again, a nod, yes.

“But I don’t know you well enough to trust you not to touch me,” she says hurriedly, “so one condition.”

His eyebrows ask the question.

“You have to stretch out on the bed,” she says, “and let me tie you down to make sure you won’t touch without permission. Then I’ll show you more, maybe do more, than you could ever have seen through my window. Agreed?”

It was a no brainer thought Jimmy as he moved to lie down on Alex’s brass bed. Mrs. Johnson turned and left the doorway. She was back before he could make sure he wasn’t getting the bedcovers dirty. She had four men’s neckties.

She stands at the foot of the bed, the robe fitting her more loosely now, showing the cleavage he had seen in the gym. She smiles at him. “Ready?” she asks.

“Yes,” is his weak reply.

Mrs. Johnson begins tying his ankles with the men’s neckties, securing each one to the brass footboard. She moves up to lean over him, beginning to secure his wrists the same way. He could smell her well now. The smell of soap and gentle perfume. She finishes and stands surveying him, convincing herself that he is secure.

He looks up trying to anticipate the next move. Would she drop the robe for him? But she walks back out the bedroom door and is gone without a word.

When she comes back, she has a few things with her. He sees a pair of scissors and a Polaroid camera. And he knows that he may have made a error in judgment.

Mrs. Johnson looks down at Jimmy and smiles. “It’s time for some fun, Jimmy,” she almost coos. “And by the way, Alex hasn’t been at school for about a month now. He’s in Europe.”

Mrs. Johnson drops her robe to the floor and picks up the scissors.

Mrs. Johnson stands naked at the end of the bed. She has the scissors in her hand. She begins to wordlessly cut the shoelaces from Jimmy’s shoes. Jimmy looks at her without thought to his situation. Her breasts are nicer than he had thought looking through the window. Her shoulders are indeed strong, her middle slightly wash-boarded with muscle. She is beautiful, he tells himself.

She has the laces out of both his shoes. The shoes are pulled off his sockless feet and thrown toward the wall.

“My name is Judy,” she says. “And I don’t want you to speak. Agreed?”

Jimmy nods, yes.

Judy begins to cut a path up the side of his jeans pant leg. Jimmy can feel the underside working parts of the scissors. Judy works fast but he still feels safe. His jeans are cut off and gone collected in a pile in the floor. She moves up to his t-shirt and begins the same cut-away procedure. He gives no thought to his favorite t-shirt dying this defamed death. He could only watch this beautiful naked woman as she works.

His cock has already risen to the moment when Judy arrives at his briefs. She lays her hand on him testing his hardness before snipping away his underwear with the scissors. Her hand takes his cock testing it again, stroking it slowly before she steps away from the bed and picks up the camera.

She begins snapping away, taking pictures as she walked around the room to get different angles and distances. “These pictures are going in a safety deposit box at the bank,” she says. “If you ever, if you EVER tell anyone anything about tonight, these pictures come out in the open. You had better understand me.” Jimmy nods, yes, with real conviction. She puts the camera down and leaves the room to put the pictures in a safe place.

She comes back quietly. Jimmy’s cock is still standing straight in the air, throbbing, weaving around as if to find a lover or Jimmy’s hand. Judy walks to the side of the bed and slowly begins to crawl up and over Jimmy.

“You are going to please me,” she murmurs, “and you are going to do it well.”

Jimmy watches her pussy, excited to be seeing it so close. Her hips rise above his chest. She rests her weight on one knee and steps across him to plant a foot on the bed. She takes his head in her hand, holding him by his hair, and pushes her pussy hard into his face. Instinctively Jimmy sticks out his tongue and tries to lick but Judy is using him to fuck herself, not relying on him to know how or accomplish anything. She is already very wet. Her wetness passes to Jimmy’s face wetting him. His nose brushes against her clit and makes her jump but she keeps humping him, fucking his face for all she is worth. He has no technical clue but he senses that she is cumming. Her body begins to shiver and tense until finally she grabs his head with both hands pulling him hard against her spasming lips. He pushes his tongue out as far as he can in hopes of pleasing her and catching any of her essence. She slowly pushes his head back to the bed and settles down on him, resting. He can barely breathe but who would complain?

Judy seems to rouse out of a sleep beginning to move. She moves up toward the head of the bed a little higher on his face. He thinks for a moment she is getting off him but then he hears her say, “Lick my asshole now. Do it.” And he does, tasting the wetness from her pussy spread over her puckered ass. He pushes his tongue hard toward her, the tip getting just inside her ring.

Without a word, Judy eases off him. “Good boy,” she whispers.

She turns and straddles his face. He thinks she intends to take his cock in her mouth but he feels nothing happening down there.

“Look at my pussy,” she says to him. “Is this the pussy you’ve been wanting to see? Look at it. She is almost shouting now.

He can feel her hot breath on his cock, his balls, his legs. She isn’t touching him only blowing on him first with heated breath then with cooling air. Her pussy is right in his face just out of reach. Its lips are swollen and thick. Her hair matted with her cum and his spit. Her asshole shining from the same mixture.

Jimmy could feel his cock lurching, jerking. He had no control over it. Judy quickly steps over him taking away her pussy. She gracefully settles between his spread legs looking up to him. She alternates watching his eyes and his jumping untouched cock. With a grin she dips her head low and runs her tongue over his balls. That is all it takes. His cock begins to shoot cum up in an arch across his belly, the first splat landing on his chest, others, many others, following to build dripping puddles on his stomach.

Judy moves up the bed slowly running her fingers through his cum. She holds her fingers to his lips and begins to spread the hot salty liquid over his face and tongue.

“You are a good boy,” she smiles. “But tomorrow is a school day. We both need some sleep. Session over.”

He starts to say something to object but her glare stops him. He can only hope there will be other lessons.


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March 23, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Our First Affair

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After a while, I could feel her begin to use her legs to move me, so I rolled with her motions and backed off my wild humping just a bit. There was not much room on the top of that small bed, so as I began to feel her rolling me, I was afraid we may go into the floor, but she controlled that roll and somehow wound up on top of me right in the middle of the bed. With no cue from me, she immediately righted herself on her feet, squatting so that my cock never left her now soaked pussy. Her tits were gorgeous and her nipples had regained some redness from her full body blood flow. She started moving up and down, taking me into her even deeper now until my balls tapped her asshole.

My cock was rock hard, but for some reason in my pursuit to see another one of her orgasms, I lost the constant urge a man has that he may cum at any minute. I did not mind, as my cock was holding steady under her now barrage of thrusts. I could see her tits bouncing synchronized while I could feel her tight ass hitting on my thighs each time her asshole hit my balls and my cock went as far inside of her as her small frame could handle.

Suddenly, with no warning, another less powerful orgasm shot through her, and she fell to her knees on top of me, tossing her head backwards and letting her arms fall loose with her hair. She never stopped moving on my cock, and as soon as she regained control, she pulled up off me of, her pussy making a noise like someone licking a popsicle as it released my soaked cock. A rush of her nectar flooded out of her down my balls and onto the bed spread. It felt so good as the hot, thick juice flowed down me. Next thing I knew, her wet pussy was over my face and she had my cock in her mouth licking it clean. I did not have to be asked twice, I dove into that pussy dragging my tongue from her swollen clit, up her slit, and right up to the base of her asshole that was staring me in the face. All I could see as I looked around was her beautiful ass, asshole, and pussy, with a slight glimpse of her soft heels in my peripheral vision. I could feel and hear her sucking my cock again like she was starving for it. I still had no urge to cum, which to be honest, was not a bad thing at this point, I did not want this to stop. Once again, she seemed to have a wave of an orgasm flow through her pussy all over my face. It was smaller this time, but it still made her pause for just a second to regain her composure. I had lost count of her orgasms at that point, believing she had just had number four, but not real sure that some were not multiples. I kept licking feverishly, not letting her take a rest to recover, plus this time, she had the ability to pull away from my darting tongue, but she pushed down on me even more.

Eventually, I think both of our necks grew fatigued from bobbing and holding up because I could not reach a pillow to place under my head, and she was working me so hard, there was no way she could continue that much longer. She sat her soaked pussy on my chest and started walking down my belly. I was enjoying this site as her tight ass somehow seemed to be driving her down the length of my long body while her feet dug in like claws into that spread we were on. She slowly pulled her feet directly under her, and lifted herself up, and quickly managed to find my cock with her hand, place it at her pussy, and sink it as far as it would go inside. This was a view I could get used to. Her blonde hair, now muffed, all over her shoulders and back, her feminine shaped ass seeming to engulf my cock as it bounced firmly against my hips, and those gorgeous shoulders, now with bulging yet feminine muscles from all the work we were doing to each other. I just placed my hands on either side of those hips and helped her swallow every inch of cock she could handle with force.

I was enjoying this view of her backside bouncing, and my cock was still rock hard, but for some reason, laying on my back this long had made it lose some feeling. I could still see and feel it well enough to know that she was getting all of the rock hard cock she needed, and she looked like a jockey riding a stallion the way she was working me over. I just had no sensation of an urge to cum.

I knew how to change that. So I placed my hands on the sides of her arms, and slowly slowed her down. She climbed off as if we had been lovers for years rather than the hour or so we had just shared, moving in concert with me to get on all fours and let me get behind her. It was a bit tough for me to raise my big body up from the stiffness that had developed in my legs and neck, but I managed, slowly raising my eyes up to meet one of the most gorgeous views I had ever seen as a man looking on a woman. She was resting on her elbows, her perfectly round ass up in the air, legs tucked femininely underneath her, which caused her well used and lubed pussy to gape open for my view. As I rose upright, I could see that same tossed hair and strong shoulders, but this time, I could see her looking back over her shoulder at me, giving me a look that just screamed “Fuck Me!”

I obliged her. Moving in for the kill, I place my still hard cock at the entrance of her pouty looking pussy. I did not go for a nice, slow entrance. I immediately buried myself inside her, my cock going so deep, I accidentally hit her cervix and jammed inside. She winced a bit and it actually hurt my cock, but I just adjusted my position and started fucking her for all I was worth. Grabbing her hips and observing this beautiful goddess in front of me that was taking all of the force my body could dish out. My legs were beginning to tire from the endless barrage of thrusts, when I happened to look to the left as something caught my eye. It was the mirror on her childhood dresser which had a bird’s eye view of us up on that high bed. It was a gorgeous site. I usually hate to see myself, but with this gorgeous, sexual being in-front me, I just caught myself staring, almost with the idea that I was watching another couple fuck across the room. I released my right hand from her hip and tapped her shoulder to look at what I saw.

I did not even move my gape from the mirror, I just looked down her sexy body to see her face turn and investigate the sight before her. She did not flinch; she only made eye contact with me in the reflection and pushed her body up on her hands to show me her nice tits swaying underneath. Suddenly I was in the fight of my life, bracing for her thrusts rather than providing my own. I finally caught onto the rhythm and we began to harmonize. For the first time, I was fully aware of all of my senses. The sweet aroma of sex was all over the room and tickling our noses like a rose garden in full bloom, I could feel the heat of our bodies engaged in this animal act, I could taste my hard earned sweat mixing with her sweet nectar still fresh on my lips and tongue, I could hear my big balls smacking her clit while my hips banged on her sexy ass making it shake, and I could see all of this, as if from a perch high above in the mirror, stealing glances at our two bodies working together while never really losing eye contact.

The urge I had lost, finally came back to me deep inside my balls. I knew I was close, and I was sure she did too, the way my cock was getting even more swollen inside of her and my balls started to tuck into my body. Once again, all of those late night chats of raw sex and the thought of her husband flooded my brain, overtaking the view I had of us. I had this sexy woman, she was mine, and I had to unload in her to claim my territory for that afternoon. I reached up over her shoulder, releasing one hip to grab her hair to slightly, but firmly, pull her head up. She did not fight. She moaned, and I felt her pussy begin to throb again so characteristically just before each of her previous orgasms. I essentially relaxed my muscles to allow my body to climax. I felt her pussy clamp down on my shaft, and I could not hold back. I exploded in her harder than I had ever cum in my life. Cum was gushing out of me like a geyser. She immediately started moaning as wave after wave of orgasm enveloped her body.

I started to feel my cum back up out of her pussy, and then it gushed out onto my balls and her clit like an eruption. I tried to slow my motions, but she just kept banging, like her body was not her own. It was causing our mixed cum to go all over me, her, and the bed. Finally, after at least three orgasms rolled through her, I placed my weight carefully over her back and laid on her to force her down. My cock was still hard and it popped out of her as we went down releasing what seemed to be gallons of her honey and my seed all over out bodies. I had never felt so satisfied in my life but yet I was so exhausted. We just laid there incapable of moving our spent bodies. My mind was even slowed now like I had been drinking a sweet wine all day. I had been. It was my first experience with a truly hungry lover who needed my attention. It ran through my body like the finest wine a man could ever have, giving me a buzz, which to this day, can still return as these visions flood back to me. I smile and try to conceal my hard-on from whomever I am with or around at that time when those visions flood back to me at unexpected times. We saw each other a few more times, but eventually we knew we were running a risk and needed to back off a bit. The passion never died, and I personally never had any regrets. That was the best summer of my life, and I am sure we would pick right back up, if we were ever so fortunate as to be able to meet again.


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Erotic Hot Stories – Our First Affair – 1

It is funny how you meet people these days. How people either open their wild sides up or lie when they chat with people on the internet. It was funny, when I met Katherine late one evening, I could tell she was different. Even as hard as it is to read personalities on the net, I could sense a hunger in her. We must have talked for at least two months, and this was just when the net was starting to take off. We had some hot chats that actually would leave me sweating and spent at night. The passion she held was incredible and so appealing.

Katherine was slightly older than me by about ten years, and she was married with kids. At that point in my life, I had not ever even given thought to having an affair with a married woman. The older part did not bother me, but I was nervous and excited at the same time at the thought of having sex with a married woman. As it became more obvious that we may actually meet, I asked Katherine if she had ever had an affair. Her response was no, which kind of shocked me. She seemed so willing to try it. I think we both had each other so turned on by the raw passion, that it had us willing to explore and take risks.

She lived in the next town over from me, which was about 30 miles away. That was good because at least it allowed us the anonymity when we were visiting, but the first meeting came about after careful planning, and I was to meet her in her neck of the woods. The ride over for me was just absolutely nerve wrecking. I am usually a very composed and unflappable man, but the thought of fucking another man’s wife excited me and also worried me. I knew her town fairly well, and I was to meet her at a grocery store parking lot. We had described our cars so that we could locate each other, and apparently I arrived first because I did not see her car. Maybe she had decided to back out on me.

That actually would have been acceptable to me under the circumstances, and as it drew to be fifteen minutes past our meeting time, I was thinking about just leaving. About that time, I saw her big Suburban pulling in, and I could not believe it. I wanted this woman so damn bad, and she had actually had the guts to follow-through with it when she was the one that had everything to lose. She told me that she would be dropping her kids off at the day camp, so do not expect her to be in anything but typical mom clothes. She drove right over to my car like we had been old friends forever. We had agreed that I would ride with her because her car was easier for me to hide in, in the case that we needed to hide. So I jumped out, introduced myself, and she immediately let me in her truck.

Our initial conversation was shaky at best. She looked great even in her “mom” clothes. I could tell that she was as scared as me, but we slowly warmed up. I had noticed when we pulled out that she started back into a nearby neighborhood like she knew where we were headed.

“I thought we could go to my parents’ house, since they are out of town at the beach for the week. I mean if that is ok with you.” I almost laughed because she sounded so nervous assuming I wanted this to go beyond us just riding around in the summer heat.

“Sure, that is fine with me. Are you sure that is ok?”

“Well, my family would not think it is weird for me to be checking on their house while they are gone, and the neighbors will not expect anything out of the ordinary, we just have to slip you in quickly. If they se my truck in the drive, they will not suspect anything is going on out of the ordinary.” I just smiled and started to regain my normal composure somewhat reading between her words.

As she turned down the street, I suddenly started getting scared even though I wanted this. All kinds of thoughts were running through my head about if we would be seen, caught, or whatever else. She pulled up in the drive and I slumped down in my seat to make sure no neighbors were around. I asked her to go unlock the house and just walk through to make sure nobody stayed at home. She got out and walked around to the carport door. Her dress was below her knees, but I could see a nice silhouette of her ass and her strong, but feminine, calves as she walked in the door. A few second later she came back and waved me inside. I hurried inside.

It was so surreal when I walked into the kitchen. It was like I was in my grandparents’ house, with pictures of grandkids and family around. She locked the door behind me like we were guarding gold in that kitchen. I knew she was just making sure there were enough obstacles for someone to get through that we had time to hide me. I waited for her lead in the house. I did not want to assume anything at that point. We both were acting like teens on a first date. She was a typical lady, asking me if I would care for something to drink. I agreed to settle us both down, and I went over to sit on the sofa in the den.

I am not sure if she did this on purpose, but the skirt she had on was denim like material, and as she sat down across from me, she pulled her leg up Indian style and I could barely make out some white panties under her dress hem where it rode up her thigh. That kind of shook me back to the reason why I was there and the fact that were had limited time before it would be time for her to go back to her wife and mother life.

“Katherine, would you show me the rest of the house?”

“Sure.” She got up and walked down a long hallway. I actually felt my cock and balls slip down in my boxer shorts as I followed her down the hall, and I could feel my cock slightly start to swell. As we got to the end of the hall, I purposely brushed my cock against her ass to let her know I wanted her. She did not try to move and I even felt her back into my cock shoving it between her ass cheeks. I knew then that this was the same woman who had fired me up so many times on that internet, and I had made up my mind to do whatever I could to make our fantasies come true. I put my hands on her shoulder and turned her around to face me. As I did that, I could see the look in her eyes, and I knew she was ready. I asked permission to kiss her, and she laid one on me, her tongue darting into my mouth. That all made my cock get rock hard in my slacks, and I knew she felt it pressing into her tummy. I led her back into the den and sat her down on the sofa, forcing her legs wide. It exposed those white panties that I had seen peeking out at me earlier, except this time, I could see the wet outline of her pussy in them.

I leaned her back, spreading her legs even wider. I made sure to maintain eye contact with her as I slid my hands up her dress and grabbed the sides of those panties to pull them off. She did not blink at all, and I went for it. They came off quickly, and I could smell her sex in the air. Her pussy was gorgeous, smooth lips, and trimmed up nicely. I could tell that she must have been wet even during the ride over because there was a lot of her nectar built up on her lips. I wiped it off with my hand as I started sliding my tongue up her thigh. She jumped when my hot tongue touched her smooth thigh, and I immediately thought back to her telling me how her husband just mounts her, has his way, and falls asleep. I had to make this moment special for her, so I delayed jumping down into her swollen lips. I actually felt a rush of adrenaline at that point, thinking about how her husband had no idea of how to please this sexual woman who was lying out in front of me. She was no longer a wife or a mother; she was a sexual woman who was about to be my lover for a few hours. It made my head spin and my cock grow even harder. I knew I had to make it count for her to not have any regrets

I slowly drug my tongue across her inner thighs, watching her eyes to read what she was thinking. The shock wore off of her face, and I knew she was getting into this treatment. She opened her legs even wider and asked me to take off her shoes and socks. I did just that for her, never letting my tongue leave her body or my eyes lose contact with hers. As I looked up her body into her eyes, I could see her nipples hardening and pulsing on top of her breasts through her dress. I knew she was ready for me to move on to more sensitive areas, so I slid down to the inside of her thigh between her hip and pussy lips and started working there, this time to tease her a bit before I made my move. She was soaking wet now, and I had to taste her, so when both of us could stand no more, I lightly darted my tongue over her swollen outer lips getting my first taste of her honey. I knew and I could see it in her eyes that she knew, there was no turning back from here. I went for it and she let me.

I slid my tongue as far into those wet lips as I could, my nose buried against her clit, and she moaned and her eyes rolled back leaving my stare. If you can smile while eating a woman, I did at that point, and my heart was beating faster than I had ever imagined it could. It was hot in that house where her parents had left the thermostat high for their absence to save money on the ac bill, and we both began to sweat at that point. I just kept burying my tongue in her lips, letting the aroma and feel of her sex take my senses over. I placed her thighs over my shoulders and draped her calves that I had admired earlier down my back. I could feel her pulling me into her as her heels dug into my back and that just motivated me even more. I moved one of my hands from the floor where it was bracing my weight, and slowly backed my tongue out to make room for a finger to probe her even deeper.

I wanted to find her G-spot, and whether it was luck or pure arousal, hers was the easiest one I had ever found. I immediately started to work it, and I thought she was going to lose control the way she started moaning. I backed off for a second to let her compose herself, and I also wanted to line up another finger to join my first on her sweet spot. I plunged them back in her now sloppy pussy, soaked in her juice and my saliva until they went knuckle deep. I watched her eyes as they widened at the instant realization than she just had more man in her pussy at that second than she had since she was a young high school girl. She must have thought it was my cock because she immediately locked her pussy around my two wide fingers and started gripping them. I backed them up until I found her hugely swollen G once again. I started doing circles and strokes across it, with no particular order to keep her guessing. She finally regained composure once again, and started looking me in the eyes again. The fear in her was gone now; she was after this as hard as I was giving it to her. I knew she was ready, so I placed my lips over her swollen clit, while my fingers worked her like a machine. She was really pulling me into her now with her legs, and she even grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me in. I lightly took her clit in between my front teeth, and just pinched it there while I darted my tongue quickly over the tip of her trapped clit. She suddenly lost it. I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers, and she showed me her tell tale sign of her true orgasm. Her hips bucked straight up in the air taking my mouth and fingers with it. She let out this deep moan and her thighs began to shake uncontrollably as it seemed like waves of orgasm rolled through her body. This one was deep, and at that point, I was just a passenger along for the ride. It was a gorgeous site as her whole body writhed in pleasure. I kept working her clit and G but I slowed down because I knew she was sensitive. Her eyelids had shut, and I think the way she reacted uncontrollably may have embarrassed her a bit.

“Are you ok, Baby?”

“Umm, yes I think so. That was intense.”

“Yes, but we are not done are we?”

“NO! Stand up for me!”

She seemed to snap out of her state of embarrassment. I stood up off the floor. My cock was hurting it was so hard. I looked down the front of my slacks and saw a wet spot where my precum had been building up. She lifted herself up on the couch and rubber her fingers on that spot, pressing against my cock. She reached for my belt and undid it. Then she quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I helped her pull my pants down, my boxers with them, to expose my cock to her for the first time. It was standing at full attention. She had me so excited and this whole situation was so arousing, that I think she could have hung from it, if she had wanted. She immediately placed my cock in between her lips and inch by inch took me into her mouth and throat.

I felt like an outlaw stealing gold at this point, and I had the rush of a thief, so I just took the liberty of placing my hand on her head to start her bobbing up and down. What a real chump her husband must be to allow her to move this far away from him and take a perfect stranger like this. Who was I to refuse such a grateful offer from such a sexy and attractive woman? She reached behind me and grabbed my ass to pull me in harder as she swallowed every inch like a pro. I just enjoyed the sight and feeling of her sucking my cock for a few minutes, letting her rub my ass and balls as the aroma of her sex heavily filled the room now. I stood there wondering when the last time was that she had a different man in her mouth or naked in front of her. It was exciting and exhilarating to think she was taking this chance with me right here in her parents’ den. I stepped out of my shoes and pants to really spread my legs out.

I began to fill an urge develop in my balls, and I knew she was about to make me cum. I quickly held her head still because I did not want to waste it there yet. I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Baby, I do not want to cum like this, I want to fuck your pussy like we talk about all of the time on the net. Let’s move to a bedroom so we can lie down.”

She agreed and slowly recovered the strength in her legs to stand upright again after that powerful orgasm hit her. She led me by the hand out of the den and down the hall, her sexy ass swaying in front of me as she knew I was watching and loved a great ass and legs. My cock subsided a bit as we walked down the hall in the heat of the house. I did not mind though, it gave me a chance to draw back that cum urge and see her nipples turn to pebbles on her firm breast. I thought she was going to lead me into the guest room, but instead, she led us into her old childhood room. It set me back a bit seeing that room, which had been moved around a bit, but still had signs of her as a child with the same high frame, single bed and furniture. She dropped my hand as we got in and I shut the door behind us still worried about someone walking in on us. As I turned back around she had completely undressed and was standing completely nude in front of me cowering just a bit, as if afraid I would disapprove of her body. I did not, she had a gorgeous figure to have had several children, with a firm tummy, natural, medium sized tits, and a gorgeous set of thighs with a small patch of black bush just peeking out between them. I took the rest of my clothes off and tossed them over in the corner with hers. I slowly cornered her back against the bed, and I used my strength to overpower her small frame as I lifted her up onto the high bed. I quietly leaned down to her and whispered: “Katherine, you are a gorgeous woman, thank you for letting me do this with you. Can I ask you something crass?”

“Sure, anything.”

“When you were a younger girl in this room, how often did you lie in this bed and finger yourself thinking about a man sliding himself into your pussy?”

I felt her pull closer to me, her nipples brushing the hair on my chest, to say, “I did it all of the time.”

“How many men have you had sex with in this room and bed? Be honest.”

“None, my parents would have killed me if they had caught me in here with a boy.”

“They are not around now, are they?” I said, mischief now taking me over as I placed my hips between her legs as I stood at the side of the bed.

“No, no one is here to catch me now, and I am ready to live out this fantasy.”

That was all I needed to hear. I pushed my way in between her legs and moved her back in the bed against the wall and window that was behind it. I slid in next to her and started slowly kissing her to make sure she was ready. She responded like I had hoped, by wrapping her legs around mine, pushing her belly against my semi-erect cock, and darting her tongue in my mouth to dance with mine. I maneuvered my cock down her belly and between her legs and rolled her over on her back. I positioned it just inside her outer lips and could feel how wet she was. I continued making out with her, now fondling her tits and cold nipples. I knew that now air conditioned air would make them super sensitive, so I slightly pinched them to make sure her senses were awake. They were as she moaned. I could feel blood rushing back to my cock as I rubbed it against her pussy, and it was getting so firm that it was beginning to penetrate her for the first time. I had to wait though until I was fully hard. This was the moment I loved, and I was not going to waste it. I put my hands on either side of her and raised myself up. I reached one hand down to her thigh and pushed it up to the side to make her open up. “Are you ready for this baby?”

“Yes, I have wanted this with you for a long time now”

With that, I did my favorite thing, I slowly slid my cock in her hot, wet pussy letting her adjust to the girth of a new man and watching her face and eyes as I slowly slid every inch inside of her and tapped my balls on her ass. Her eyes uncontrollably rolled into her head when I hit bottom. I knew she was ready to take anything I could give her. I could feel her pussy shaking as it did before she came in the den on my fingers and tongue, and I knew a second orgasm was not far away. I slowly started moving my cock in and out, reading her face. She was close; I could see it and feel it in my cock. Her G-Spot was hugely swollen and wide, so much so, that I could for the first time feel a G-Spot with the topside of my cock head. So I slowly worked it over. This woman was as easy to make cum as I had ever seen. It did not take me more than four strokes with the tip of my hard and soft cock head to make her unleash another powerful orgasm. Her pussy latched onto my shaft and I was shocked by the force with which her walls surrounded it to squeeze. Then her hips bucked upwards to the ceiling again, but this time, I laid my linebacker size weight onto her pelvis to hold her in place. I knew this was real when I looked over and saw her sexy toes crinkled against her wrinkly soles until they were white and red from the pressure.

I just stopped thrusting and let my cock and body ride her writhing form. She must have cum for at least 90 seconds straight, and I was amazed at the true power a woman’s body had during a legitimate orgasm. I even regained my composure enough to think about her husband one more time. I knew he had never seen this side of Katherine before. I even thought that probably no man had ever seen this side of her before, and I instantly felt the veins in my cock surge full like I was a teenager again. I could not wait for her to finish any longer. I started pumping her, and I could tell she was way too sensitive for that at that particular time, but I had the upper hand, and I wanted to see more of her cumming. I started thrusting up and down, giving her every inch I had to give and then taking it out to the point that my cock head penetrated her anew with each reentry thrusting motion. I braced myself with one hand, and lifted her left leg up under me where her feet were pushed back towards her face.

I put that hand back down and laid into her leg with some of my weight, while I reached down for the other one and placed it under my strong chest. She was so short compared to my long body, that even with me laid down and her legs stretched out, her feet did not make it past my face. Her eyes were closed as I fucked her and slapped my big, shaved balls against her ass with a smack and a slap each down stroke. I wanted to get her attention to make eye contact with me again, so I did the only thing I could at that moment, I put her toes in my mouth and the coldness of them clashed with my hot lips and tongue. Her eyes shot open and a smile came over her face like she had never been more content in her life, even as I was fucking her like a wild animal using her strong legs as recoil to stop my downward thrusts and shoot me back for another run.

Part 2

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March 22, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Merry Sexmas 2009

Hi everyone,

Yes this is a form letter. Don’t you hate getting them at Christmas time. yadda yadda. I am fine how are you? Blah blah blah. Well as you all know I am not the usual form letter type of person. lmao. So you are all off the hook. Enclosed is a Christmas story for you. Hope you like it. I loved writing it. Hope this letter is finding you all in good health. Talk to you later. Byeeee for now. Tam


It was the week before Christmas and I still was not ready. Gifts still to buy. Packing to do as I was going to spend the holidays with my parents.

So i took the plunge and went to the mall. People galor. I hate shopping at this time of year. Drives me nuts! But anyways it had to be done.

As i wandered around searching for the perfect gift, I saw "Santa’s little shop". And children were lined up to visit him.

I couldn’t help but smile as the kids eyes lit as they got to see him and tell him their Christmas wish. I stopped just to watch. Wondering if the little girl wanted a doll or the boy a truck.

Well, had gifts to buy and running out of time so I carried on. As I was walking away, I noticed Santa wink at me. A little odd but OK. I smiled back and started looking for that perfect gift once again.

Time passed and I was soon done. I walked to the doors with my bags, but one fell. As I was reaching down, I noticed a hand picking it up. My eyes looked up and it was Santa.

"Can I help you to your car?" he asked.

"Thank you. That would be great."

As we walked to my car, we talked. I knew I should know that voice. But I couldn’t figure it out. When we arrived there I unlocked the door of the car. And threw the bags in.

As I turned to take the bag from him, he pulled his beard off. Oh my God! I started laughing. It was Brandon, an old friend. I haven’t seen him in ages. But he still looked as good as ever.

We decided to meet up later. He would come over to my place for drinks and we"we would go from there.

As I was driving home, I was thinking about Brandon. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind for later, but knowing him it would be good.

Well time passed, and I was getting dressed when I heard the door bell. Shoot, I am not even ready. I threw on a pair of blue jeans and a shirt, and ran to the door.

I opened it and saw roses on the step. I laughed, picked them up and smelled them. Then Brandon came around the corner. He had a bottle of wine and a gift in his hand.

His smile melted butter. I have always been attracted to him. His dark hair, dark eyes. His body, ohhhhhhhhhh that body, it was to die for.

I invited him in. As he passed me. he leaned over and gave me a kiss. I wanted to push him to the floor that very second. But fought the urge.

I shut the door. We went to the living room and sat down. I got some wine glasses and Brandon opened the wine.

I kept eying the gift, wondering what was in it. He noticed me glancing at it.

"Tam, I know you too well. You hate waiting, little own surprises. Here open it. Hope you like it."

"But I didn’t get you anything Brandon." I felt bad now.

"Oh baby, you are all I want for Christmas."

I was like a kid at Christmas. I opened the package up and inside was a sexy black teddy with "crotchless panties". I laughed and put it up against my body.

"Thank you Brandon." I turned around, modeling it. I giggled.

"Do you think I came all the way over here just to see you do that? Go put it on." He stood up. Grabbed me and planted the hardest kiss on my lips. Sending a wave down my body. Wow.

"OK I will go put it on."

I was eager now to see what it felt like on me. I ran upstairs to my bedroom. Quickly changing. Man, the satin felt like gold on me. I glanced in the mirror, and liked it.

I walked downstairs and Brandon was putting music on. He turned as I walked in the room. His eyes bulging.

The crotchless panties revealed my very pink and wet cuntal lips. I came over to him. Pushed him to the floor. And took charge of the evening.

Part 2

I didn’t undress Brandon right away. I teased him. I placed one of my feet on his chest, which abled him to see the nice view of my juicy fragrant vagina, which was ready for whatever he wanted to put in there.

I freed one of my breasts, lowered my head, I brought the nipple up to my mouth. Looking down at Brandon, right into his eyes. My tongue drawing tiny swirls around the areola, making small goosebumps on it.

My nipple was "fully erect". My other hand going down to my crotch. I spread my legs further as I slipped my fingers between my pussy lips.

Brandon layed there. Watching. His cock rose and throbbed as he watched. His hand grabbing my ankle and slowly moving it further up.

He watched me bring my fingers out, all "gooey" with my juices.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" I moaned as my fingers found my tiny pink clit. Brandon’s hands moved up my legs. I gasped loudly as his hand replaced mine.

With his other hand, he placed my foot that was on his chest to the other side of his body. He pulled me down onto him. I was on my knees now. His fingers still playing with my clit. Making it harder. Making me wetter.

He pulled me closer to his mouth. I was in heaven. But losing control. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me down onto his mouth. Where his tongue was waiting. Separating my pussy lips, he licked my pussy. So softly to begin with. But I knew he was there. I leaned back and placed my hands on the floor. I breathed heavier as his tongue went all over my pussy. I closed my eyes. Cocked my head to the side. Bit my lip.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yes Brandon, Awwwwwwwwww." I screamed out.

I was in total and utter orgasm. His tongue right inside me now. I felt numb. The juices running out of me. And Brandon, laying there, sucking it up. My legs were shaking. I wanted more, but I knew I had to return the favor first.

Part 3

I realized Brandon’s tongue was tiring, so I rolled off of him. I knelt beside him and slowly undid his bluejeans.

He lifted his ass so I could remove them. His cock had hardened, and once I got his clothes off, I crawled down to it. My hand grabbed a hold of his hard member and began to slowly move up and down.

I lowered my head. I ran my tongue along the shaft and around the tip. A drop of precum appeared and it soon went down my throat.

I grabbed his balls in my hand as I plunged my mouth over his hard cock and started to move up and down. As I moved up my lip wrapped around and put a little pressure on his throbbing cock.

He groans and I tasted more salty precum. As his hips started to buck mildly, I relaxed my throat muscles in order to let his beautiful manhood slide all the way in. His groans are coming more frequent and his body is starting to tense. I stopped.

Part 4

I wanted him to cum inside my pussy. I wanted him to fill me with it. I took his hand and pulled him up to a sitting position. Lifting his shirt over his head. Oh this man had a body.

I ran my fingers over his chest. Lightly scraping my nails on it. He took a hold of my breasts with his hands. Bringing his mouth down to one. Running his tongue over it. My hands on his shoulders.

He sucked hard making me cry out. I loved when a man sucked my breasts. It always makes me wet. And he was definitely making me wet. He switched to the other one. Sucking harder. My mouth opening, I couldn’t even hear myself scream out. He stopped.

Part 5

He reached down to my hips and undid the strings of the panties. Yanking them off. Then with his hands he pushed my teddy right off. Over my head. We were both naked now.

My pussy needing a cock. His cock needing a pussy. Still in the sitting position and me on him, he took hold of his cock and guided it into my pussy. Slowly at first. Making me wait…. teasing me. He curled his legs around. And lifting me up, he lowered me to the floor. Taking hold my legs, he brought them to his shoulders. Thrusting his cock into me. As it got deeper and deeper. I felt like I was reaching another orgasm.

I started breathing heavier. I threw my hands onto the floor. Trying to reach for anything to hold onto. It was so intense. I arched my back, moaning out.

"Yes, yes, fuck me Brandon."

He picked up the rhythm, his balls slapping into my ass. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. OOHHHHHHHHH, AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

He started moaning. I can feel the warm cum start to enter me. I scream out as my own body releases cum. His mixes with mine. He releases my legs. His body falling onto mine. We are breathing heavy. I swallowed hard. He takes hold of my face. Kissing me.

"Merry Christmas Tam."

I laughed out loud. Knowing this was the best gift Santa would ever bring me.

The End.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Have a happy holiday and enjoy life. Huggggggggggssssss and kisssssssssessssss.



Erotic Hot Stories – Mental Foreplay

The phone rang. “Hello?”

“I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes,” I said rather than offering a more polite greeting.

“Great,” he said.

“I should warn you.”

“About what?” He sounded distracted, as if his mind were elsewhere.

“I’m in a dangerous mood.”

He laughed. “How so?” I had his attention, I could tell.

“I’ve had an hour of mental foreplay while I’ve been driving.”

“Oh really?” He laughed again. “How’s that worked out for you?”

“I guess we’ll see in a few minutes,” I said and ended the call. He had no way of knowing that I’d had an hour of mental foreplay and was seconds away from an orgasm. He had no way of knowing that I’d contemplated pulling over during the drive and masturbating to take care of the need.

I finished the drive without really paying any attention to my surroundings. When I arrived, I pulled into the driveway and parked my car. He opened the front door as I walked to the porch; clearly, he’d been waiting for me.

“Hi,” he said, smiling.

“Hey,” I said. And then I stepped onto the porch in front of him, reached up to grab his neck and pulled his head down to reach mine. He smiled as he kissed him, a gentle, welcoming kiss. Not satisfied, I nipped his bottom lip and deepened the kiss, nudging him backward into the house as I did.

We both pulled back and walked into the house. “So, how was the drive? Besides the foreplay?” he asked.

Instead of answering, I pressed against him and lifted my mouth to his again. My hand tightened on the back of his neck pulling him closer. He kissed me back then, like he wanted to swallow me whole. I felt like I could let him.

“I want your mouth on me,” I whispered.

“Like this?” he asked, sliding his hand into my hair and tugging my head to the side as his mouth and his teeth found one of my favorite spots on the side of my neck. I groaned as his teeth clamped down hard.

“That’s nice, but not what I had in mind,” I gasped.

“Well, we’ll get to the rest of it soon enough.”

“I don’t want to wait,” I breathed against his skin, my tongue sliding along his jaw and his neck. Nipping his skin, I said, “I want your mouth on me now.”

“There’s no rush,” he said as his hand pulled at my hair again this time exposing the other side of my neck for his mouth to explore.

“Yes, there is,” I said. “I want your mouth on me now. I want your tongue in my pussy.” Letting go of him, I pulled my jacket off and kicked off my shoes. My shirt and pants quickly followed until I stood in his living room wearing nothing but a black demi bra and black lace panties. “Now,” I said.

He looked at me, clearly trying to decide how serious I was. We almost always took our time together. Sex, we had always agreed, was not just about orgasms, but about touch and intimacy. In all the time we’d been sleeping together I’d never been impatient this way, nor had I ever demanded anything. I could see from his face that he wasn’t certain what to think about my aggression.

“Are you coming?” I asked, as I turned to walk to the bedroom. I hoped he’d follow, but as close to orgasm as I already was, I figured I could always take care of myself.

I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. He walked into the room, eyes on mine, and began to undress. I smiled, watching him. He walked to the bed and pushed at my shoulders, nudging me until I laid on the bed. He pulled my legs apart until he stood between them. “Now, huh?” he asked.

“Now,” I breathed. He kneeled down between my legs, spreading them wider still. He slipped a finger underneath my panties and into my pussy.

“You’re wet,” he said.


He leaned down, his mouth just over my panties and said, “This is what you want?” His eyes watched mine.

“Please,” I panted and then reached up to grab his head and pull it down until he made contact with my wet panties. He slipped his hands under the waist band and tugged them off. I lifted my hips to find his mouth, and he said, “My way now.” He pushed my hips back down on the bed as his mouth nibbled along the inside of one thigh and then another.

“Oh god, please,” I panted again. My hips lifting to him again.

“Please what,” he asked, his mouth almost where I wanted, almost close enough to make me purr, almost exactly what I needed.

“Stop teasing me!” I demanded, grabbing his head again to pull him to my center.

He laughed for a second and then dove into my pussy, his tongue burrowing into me. I could hear him moan as I did, and then he began to slowly lick and suckle my labia, his tongue occasionally sliding up and in between to touch my clit before sliding away again. He continued to tease me that way, but his mouth never left my pussy. My hips lifted of their own volition, as I held tight to his head, not to force him now but as an anchor. My other hand was wrapped in the sheet beneath me. I writhed under him, moaning.

“Fingers,” I panted.

No longer in the mood to hold back from me, he slipped two fingers into me and began fucking me with his fingers as his mouth held tight to my lips. Their rhythm matched and the sensation of his mouth on my clit and his fingers in my cunt were enough to send me over the edge.

“Oh god,” I moaned over and over, my mound pressed tight to his face as I rode out the wave of my orgasm. He held his fingers deep inside me as his mouth continued to suckle at me; my body was wracked with tremors, but he still did not stop until finally I begged “stop, god stop,” almost crying with the relief of my orgasm.

Fingers still deep inside me, he pulled back long enough to say, “we’re not done yet” before he went back to thoroughly devouring my pussy. I couldn’t do anything but lay there beneath him, too little energy to scoot away and too thoroughly pleased to deny him anything.

As he continued to lick and suck my pussy lips, sensation began to return to my body. “Mmmmm,” I moaned and shifted beneath him. At this sign of life, he pulled away and grinned.

“Good. You’re ready to enjoy the rest,” he said and then nudged my hips, indicating I should roll over. I complied, laying on my stomach, arms next to my head. I smiled into the covers, knowing what was to come.

He gripped my hips, hands tight against my skin, and yanked me on to my hands and knees- his favorite position, I knew. I looked over my shoulder at him and grinned.

“Proud of yourself?” He asked as he held himself still behind me. I could feel his cock against my ass, the warmth of his body against mine, and I knew he was keeping himself from moving to torment me, a way of getting his way after I’d gotten mine. He slid his hand up my ass, along my spine, until his fingers twined in my hair. He tugged gently, turning my head back toward the bed.

“Touch yourself,” he said. I considered denying him. I considered pushing back against him and trying to shift the power back to me, but I didn’t because more than anything, I’ve always loved letting him have his way in bed. And I knew he’d make it worth my while. I reached down under my body and through my legs until I could reach his cock. Slowly I stroked his length from tip to balls, pushing my hips back against him. I heard his quick draw of breath as I let go of him and began to touch my clit. I was still sensitive from my earlier orgasm, so each flick of my finger made my body quiver. I pushed my hips back against him again.

Impatient, I said, “Fuck me.”

“Can’t wait any more?” he laughed.

“Fuck me,” I said again, with more urgency. I could feel his body shift away from me slightly and then I felt the pressure of his cock against my pussy, sliding into me an inch at a time. I held myself as still as I could, relishing the feeling of him filling me, of that slow slide to completion. As soon as he was completely inside me, I began to move my fingers on my clit again; he knew I could almost always come when I touched myself while he fucked me. He also knew that feeling him inside me, so full and yet so frustrated by his stillness, would make me crazy.

I reached back to cup his balls again, shifting my hips enough to make him move slightly. He got my hint and began thrusting, shallow at first, his hands holding my hips still against him. I alternated between stroking myself and stroking his testicles.

“Oh god,” he groaned, as he began to fuck me harder, pulling himself almost all the way out and pushing back in, a familiar rhythm to us both. As he began to moan louder, his grip on my hips tightened to an almost painful hold, but I didn’t care. The feeling of him losing control, of him wanting nothing but the way our bodies came together, made me lose control myself. My clit throbbed, and just as I began to come, he reached underneath me and began to stroke me; our two hands tangled together all the while rubbing my clit sent me over the edge, and I screamed.

With one final thrust, he came inside me; I could feel his cock pulse as he filled me. His fingers still held tight to my hips, and I fell onto the bed, with our hands still underneath me. He laid next to me, his body draped over mine like a blanket.

“Feel better?” He asked, his voice as relaxed as his body.

“Of course,” I said.

He trailed his fingers over my skin. “I’m glad.”

“You do know, though, that was only the beginning. An hour is a long time for mental foreplay. I’m not nearly done with you yet.”


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