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June 13, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – “F” Is For Female

“Fuck me verbally, Noel”

Over the years I have been asked, occasionally coerced, to perform various tasks, deeds of valor or otherwise, Some I have elected to fulfill, others not, for reasons ranging from personal preference to circumstantial inability. Never though have I been asked, up until this week at least, to fuck someone verbally. That isn’t to say I can’t or even necessarily that I don’t wish to – it is simply a dynamically unusual request.

Now when it comes to fucking people, one has to look at the deed firstly in its most basic and in actuality, rather comical form. Typically, one can expect to find one (at least) rampant male, hormones in free-flow having cornered, subdued or in the worst-case scenario – paid for a women, in whatever circumstances have drawn the two together. Having most usually removed her clothing, or if patently desperate, simply her panties, he then pinions her to the floor, bed, wall, rear car seat or chandelier and inserts, with varying degrees of indignity, his vastly over-rated penis into that natty little lipped sac between her legs. Grunting, jerking, slobbering – more often than not all three, he will then rut away with completely uninhibited delight seeking to reach a chemical plateau at which point his DNA-soaked sperm jam up and jelly tight before crossing that bridge at a brisk pace, to the woman’s ovulation-freeway. It is this transitional period, the male finds vastly to his liking.

During the “fucking phase” men are not known for their literate dialog. How many other ways after all, can one express the notion “Oh yeah hun,” “Take it deep babe,” or “Ride my dick slut,” without resorting to laughable clinicisms such as, “I say Julie, would you mind awfully if I shoved my rather engorged penis way up inside your devilishly hot vagina for just a few minutes?”

So immediately you can see we’re talking here a whole new creative ball-game. When a girl says to you “Fuck me verbally please,” she is wanting “communicative purpose,” “depth of shared emotion,” “experiential guidance,” at the very least, some innovative and passionate appreciation of her femininity.

So too is she entitled to that.

Sex via the written word.

The quintesential chat-room opening “What color panties you wearing luv?” might be seen as an example of this. In fact, all this ever achieves is to confirm the moronic status of the male participant. Think about it! Its hardly going to turn the girl on is it? – she already knows what color knickers she has on. It’s like most every other aspect of male sexual behavior – geared principally to the achieving of his own gratuitous satisfaction. Egotistical endplay in other words.

With regards therefore to the young lady who made the rather poignant plea for me to “fuck her verbally,” this is the very least I can do. Now whilst this is in the way of a personal reply and I composed this for her specifically because of the wonderful person she is, I’m sure she will not mind if I add the comment that what I write has relevance to every other girl on the planet, uniquely desirable as every one is in their own way. No two ways about that. If it were possible, I would be there with all of you and I would love you all equally. If when you have read this and hopefully having followed my (deliberately) obscurely referenced byplays at various intervals, you then close your eyes, you will realise that in fact I am with you. I always was!


How exquisite you are! Have you ever really looked and realised the privilege it has been to be born female? Tonight, I will make you more aware of this fact than ever you have been. I will bring you to to the gates of your own temple.

How did we arrive at this confluence in our lives? It doesn’t really matter does it? Merely that I am here and that I want to share a gift with you that so few understand, let alone respect.

Ahead of anything, I want you simply to be aware of your body as you read. Feel how snug your beautiful breasts are cupped in that little bra. If you concentrate enough you will be able to feel your nipples, even as you breathe. Besides their naturally intended use, they utterly define your femininity. If you feel like caressing them, please do. Imagine soft lips, whether your child’s, mine or a future lover’s, drawing down softly in what is ultimately, merely a quest for comfort. A flared memory recalled fleetingly. The protective instinct and cradled safety of a mother’s arms down through the ages.

Even at this early stage, the slightest of physiological changes are taking place in your body. Besides the slightest swelling at the base of your nipples caused by blood transfer, the imperceptible increase to your pulse-rate and the delicate flush resident now in your cheeks, you know even without the confirmation of touch, that within, moves are most definitely afoot to facilitate my participation.

Marginally unsure of exactly what is to happen, you sit there gazing at me – a little girl of eight, a nervous teenager, an adult female on the verge of a completely new discovery….a pastiche of all these. The only two things you sense with any conviction – that you are ultimately safe and that you want what it is that I possess. The key to your complete sexual fulfilment. I know not how or why I came thus equipped, merely that I did and that much like the full-moon itself, circumstances inevitably fall into a precise alignment that was set in motion long before either of us were born.

I want you to feel warm. I need you to feel wanted. You desire my intimacy just as much as I desire yours.

Simply looking at you is enough of a treat. I notice the little things. The tiny smile playing about your lips betraying in part your nervousness as well as your fully understandable pride in your birthright. It promotes also just a hint of flirtatious tease. I know it, you know it! The small lock of hair you keep unconsciously flicking away from your forehead, as if it matters! Your pretty feet, one shuffling atop the other now that you have felt sufficiently relaxed to give those shoes a miss. That you may or may not have loved another before matters but little. This is tonight. With me you are the breathless, incontrovertibly pure virgin you always were and in my experience always will be.

Your pupils dilate slightly as I kneel in front of you and take your hands in my own. There are so many things I could say, but words are superfluous. You know how I feel, you can see that in my own pupils.

My eyes caress you – from the curve of your breasts, a hint of which you quite deliberately permitted by your choice of top, to the flair of your hips and the hidden recesses between your thighs. You are not offended by my gaze as there is nothing to be offended by. Never was my glance lustfully motivated, simply steeped in appreciation and wonderment of so perfect a creation. Some of what I feel, you sense and instinctively your hand rises to your own breasts before you realise what you are doing. Swiftly you drop your hand back in your lap.

Even as the blush rises in your cheeks, I gently take a hold of your hand and raising it with fixed deliberation, replace it beneath your right breast. I encourage you to once again cup yourself and in fact cover your hand with my own. Together we begin to caress the softness that God has given to you and you let slip the slightest gasp. Watching as you rub yourself softly at the behest of my own hand I am totally aroused myself. More than anything I want now to suckle you and to draw your nipples between my own lips. How easy it would be……and how ill-timed.

Edging closer, I lay you gently back in the chair and very gently take a hold of both your legs some six inches or so below the knee. I feel, rather than hear the sharp intake of breath and the momentary expression of concern that flits across your pretty face. You make no move to either sit-up or stop me however and I am happy for the trust I know you feel. Inclining my head, I kiss your knees and am aware immediately of your pleasured wriggling. Making deliberate eye contact, I pull apart your knees but the slightest angle.

Sitting there, you can hardly believe the moisture that is gathering in the main assembly area. Your panties you know are now quite wet and you are embarrassed perhaps that I may soon make that very same discovery. Casting a momentary glance down your bra you are stunned additionally by the quite visible effect the escalating arousal factor is having on your nipples. This of course is an opportune moment to take a gentle hold of them yourself now and to further stimulate them.

Parting your legs ever wider, I can see now the silky-smooth skin of both thighs and the event horizon at which they disappear beneath the rather tasteful little pair of knickers curving down with such promise in my direct line of vision. I kiss the inside of your thigh as your increasing angle of incidence causes the hemline to ride ever higher. One can readily forget the square on the hypotenuse. It’s the sum of the angles on the other two sides that interests me.

I slip one hand up to the limit of my vision. So inherently sexy is the feel of a girl’s panties, knowing the prize they contain, that for a moment I am lost in my own little world although I do not fail to hear that delightful little gasp as you shuffle in the chair, instinctively wanting to push down between your legs yourself. I begin to set up an intense vertical manipulation, forcing the soft and quite obviously damp material well between the folds of those protective lips. Visually, this action is as stimulating as it must be welcomingly tactile from your viewpoint. You are quite unable to prevent the embyonic moan that now finds its way to the surface.

It is the right moment to tell you how much I love being with you and despite my seemingly disrespectful actions, I hold you in incorruptible respect. I hope that you believe me.

It differs of course from occasion to occasion but there comes an instant during any sort of foreplay, that signifies the point of no return has been reached. It may be the very first kiss, the first fumble in the back of a car – something as innocuous as being kissed tenderly on the neck just below the hairline. In our case, it was simply meeting. No way back from that eventuality.

The chair has seen-out its usefulness. I stand and offering my hand, take yours gently. You know where I must lead you.

Inviting you to lay down on the bed with me, I direct you to lie on your tummy. Typically female, you secretly enjoy my emotionally controlling aspect here. You know exactly how vulnerable you now appear in that position and it excites you. You wriggle slightly – nature at play – merely ensuring a continued biological interest.

Patting your bottom merely kick-starts the hormonal flow – for both of us! Before you can even think “I wish he’d stop being so damn genteel about this,” I begin to push up that inviting little skirt once more. At the point your panties are fully exposed, I think that gasp we just heard may have been mine! So hot do you look. So hot do you feel! Playfully, I sit astride you near the base of your spine and then slip my hands beneath your shoulders until I am able to cup both your breasts. No physiotherapy ever devised was ever thus so jointly therapeutic. You murmur as you hold your arms outstretched. “Ohhh that is so nice Noel!” Considering this possibly one of the greatest understatements of modern times, I nuzzle your lovely neck and just whisper how much I have always wanted you. You turn your head slightly – enough let’s say for me to be able to lean across and kiss you soundly on the lips. I’m not even thinking of you at that moment I realise. In fact, my mind goes back to my being twelve years old. Ages and continents apart, in quite another time, I remember suddenly poor old Mrs Cherry. I don’t even know who she was. Simply an unutterably old lady – completely infirmed and in her nineties. My Aunt had taken her in and cared for her many years earlier. She was in her seventies herself then. Once in a while I would ride my bicycle the few miles from my home to my Aunt’s house where I would cut her tiny back-lawn – little more than hack-it really, with a pair of pretty blunt shears she used to hang in the rotted old garden shed out back. She always gave me half-a-crown…insisted I should have it, although I had only gone there to help her, as she had severe back trouble and could not crouch down for long periods. Never did I fail to look-in and see Mrs Cherry in her darkened annex as she lay on that decrepit old bed. The little room smelled of urine and approaching death, and yet she would take my hand and smile at me. I loved her. This one afternoon after I had done what I could with the grass, I was ushered in to her room of faded hopes and dreams. I looked down as she slowly sought my hand and near blind now, pressed something into it. It was a two-shilling piece. No gift ever carried greater sentiment.

She died that weekend and it is only now for some reason that I realise, that but for the overlapping vagueries of time itself, it could so easily have been her lying on this bed awaiting my touch and maybe some physical evidence of the love I hold. Maybe you are her, and we are destined to cross paths for all eternity.

The memories upset me momentarily and I hug you and kiss you needfully. You turn over and cradle me suddenly. I feel like such a little boy. You ask me if everything is alright but I assure you I have never felt happier. It is the truth.

I have a pressing need to remove your top and for some reason you sense my urgency. You let me undo the necessary buttons and then shuck the thing off as I pull down your bra straps and reach around to unhook you. Free of social confinements the sheer beauty of your breasts stuns me. I am no longer the master of your sexual destiny but rather a student lover in awe of his beautiful teacher.

As my lips latch upon your nipple you sigh and lie back. I suck deeper and feel you pulling me to you. Kissing you becomes a desperate need and I whisper words that no literate script-writer would ever be likely to have penned. One hand follows the southern freeway, past your belly button, across the flatlands and clear beneath the elastic border. There is no toll to pay. The odd gorse bush is no deterrent and my fingers reach the fringes of Nirvana. I sense I am a welcome visitor and not waiting for an announcement, slip inside where it is so warm and accommodating.

Beneath me, your hips thrust noticeably upwards, meeting my own downward and gently invasive penetrations. I need to see that which I can feel. You need to show that which no longer demands to be hidden.

Slipping your panties down, I am presented with that supreme architectural accomplishment that I have seen and thrilled-to so many times before. Yet it is uniquely different – it is you. The balance of power shifts yet again. Your emotions peel back upon themselves and as you lie there now, a vulnerable and dependent little girl once again, I am Columbus, Genghis Khan, Thomas Edison, Euclid – on the verge of a new discovery.

I remove my own clothes and none too confidently at that. It is simply the unfamiliarity not embarrassment that impedes my actions. Divested of your skirt you are equally naked and both physically and mentally prepped for what is to follow. I am still kneeling there between your legs when I realise you have gently taken a hold of my erection and even now are lovingly caressing it along its length. Distracted to the point of feverish need, I manage to stave off my blindly motivated procreational urges, preferring instead to let you suffer the indignity of having to make the first move.

I am made to pay for my laughably ill-conceived arrogance. How like me you prove to be ultimately, quite obviously realising the emotional connections far outweigh the physical ones. As if sensing the impasse, we lay now facing each other side by side – neither with any sexual advantage. From this fully neutral viewpoint it takes but the simplest of shared impulses to set in motion all that we both want. All that we ever wanted. We kiss.

Those millions of nerve endings suddenly hot-wired and sending frantic messages to all points of the compass are but one aspect of kissing. The instantly opened-up two way passage of emotional feedback, the taste of desire, the starter’s pistol – all this and so much more.

Did I place my erection at those beautiful lower lips? Did you? Does it matter? As I push gently up inside you…..nothing matters, simply being there! I study your lovely expression as you open your mouth in silent ecstasy – feeling everything I am doing to you. I take a hold of your hips and thrust up..harder now. Your eyes begin to cloud over and the moans gain volume. I kiss your breasts as you now arch backwards providing me with complete access to your wholly erect nipples. It is like making love to a furnace I am in control as I must be and between the kisses you so desperately seek I whisper words of a language that offers no grammatical perfection, no right or incorrect phraseography, simply an open-ended dialog of impassioned communicative bliss.

With your knees as wide as you can comfortably spread them, I am afforded such penetrable latitude that already I feel the onset of rampant seminal marshalling deep down between my own legs. Your condition has deteriorated. If this continues you may well be on life support pre-orgasm!

I am taking you now so deep and with such relish that you have almost passed-out. Only the wonderful smile on your face betrays that you are still aware of your surroundings. Even as I incline my head and once again kiss those ultimately desirable lips, I cum inside you with the force of a water-cannon. I do not withdraw. Rather, I remain inside you, feeling my discharge combining with your own orgasmic fluids. What is perhaps the closest and most binding of emotions right now is the realisation that I love you.


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April 8, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Desires Of A Woman

It’s 4:15pm and Amy is just waiting to go home and rest, she daydreams about a man she saw in the elevator that same afternoon. She things to herself that guy was very hot and hunky looking. Amy then quietly looks around to make sure no one is looking she then slips her hand between her creamy smooth thighs places her finger upon her red hot wet panties, rubbing herself as she thinks about what that guy could do to her in bed. She quietly moans as she rubs her hot wet panties going against her clit, her breathing gets faster the rubbing gets harder…. just as she’s getting pleasure the phone rings disturbing her quiet little pleasure world.

After a days work Amy wants to just relax, yet she can’t help but think of that hunky guy she saw, all that she has on her mind is how much she wants that guy to just take her and please her every way that she wants him to do. The room starts to get warm as she lies on her bed undressing down to her bra and panties. Pretending he’s there she closes her eyes then slowly starts moving her hands all over her body, making the panties all wet she makes moaning sounds like he is licking her body from her hot wet clit to her hard nipples protruding through the bra.

Removing the soaked red panties slowly down her legs she takes her fingers and rubs her wet clit then begins to touch her heaving breasts pricing her bra. Fingering herself wanting it to be him, she takes off the bra her breasts jump out and bounce like crazy as she fingers her hot wet pussy, Amy takes her breast and licks the nipple giving her more pleasure, making her hand move faster giving her pussy more pleasure and getting really close to a big climax. Suddenly she moans loudly with her fingers in hot wet pussy, she feels a tingle through out her body cumming on her fingers, she removes them and sucks on her fingers like sucking on creamy candy.

The very next day Amy goes to work but some thing good happens that very morning, the guy she wants just walks into the same elevator and the door closes. She looks at him and smiles but at the same time she’s undressing him with her eyes seeing every thing that she wants from him, he smiles back at her. Suddenly the elevator stops and the two are stuck together until it starts up again, this gives Amy the need to want to know who he is in more ways than one.

Amy decides to introduce herself.

“Hi I’m Amy”. Can’t believe that where stuck here like this.”she says.

“I’m Mike”. It’s nice to met you but I wish it was better than this.” he says

They get to talking about how much they have in common and how they wish that the day would just pass by so they can have more time to each other. Then Amy lets it slip that she thinks about him. Then in the small elevator they get all hot with passion, lust and desire sets in, then it becomes to late for them to stop what they are about to do.

Mike starts to kiss Amy’s lips gently then kisses her more passionately, Amy begins to feel him up with her hands all over his hot and horny body. Mike starts running his hands all over her hot body, then they both start removing clothes like crazy. Slowly he moves his hands on her naked flesh caressing her breasts and sucking on the nipples. Moving his mouth down to her inner leg licking it up and down making her go completely crazy with pleasure, then he starts to rub her hot wet clit slowly then faster sending pleasure through out her body. Amy moans loudly enjoying every ounce of satisfaction that he gives to her.

Mike begins to slide his finger into her hot wet cunt finger fucking her like it was his cock Amy enjoying it with moans that anyone could hear, he fingers her hot wet juice dripping cunt faster and faster. He then licks his finger and moves over her getting ready to start eating her hot wet pussy. He begins to lick her clit like a race was going on sending pleasure like crazy to her body, moaning louder and louder Amy gets, as he is licking her cunt like she wants him to do. He presses his tongue in past the lips of her folds and licks even more. By now Amy is on cloud nine and the extreme pleasure sends her over the top and she begins to orgasm all over his tongue and face.

He begins to lick her sweet wet juices from his mouth, the he gets up from between her legs and crawls up to her like a cat on the prowl, he stops just short of her voluptuous body with all of its sexual majestic splendor.

He picks up his head looks into her eyes and says…

“Miss are you alright? You look a little pale. Can I help you with anything?.” the man says.

Amy’s little fantasy fades away and reality starts to set in, she turns to the only guy in the elevator wit her. She shakes her head and comes to grip with reality.

“No I’ll be fine. I was just thinking about something. Thanks for asking.” Amy said.

Amy walks out of the elevator with a little sexual smile to her face. As Amy sits down at her desk, the idea that her fantasy could become real to her seemed a little far from the truth. As the day progresses her thoughts get very juicy, her pussy gets very wet, and she don’t even notice. As Amy sits touching her breasts through her blouse her sexual thoughts over whelm her and start to flood her mind.

Suddenly a hunk of a man with dark brown hair that has a little bit of a muscular build walks up behind Amy and starts kissing on the back of her neck slowly working his hands to the front of her blouse where her hands are at. She tips her head back and kisses him on the lips. At the same time he starts to open up her blouse by unbuttoning from the top exposing her heaving chest. He slowly slips off her blouse underneath lays a red laced almost see through bra. Amy gets up, reaches back, and unhooks the red bra. She then turns around slowly with her hands over her breasts.

The guy starts walking closer to her and then he begins to remove her short tan skirt hitting the floor. Hidden underneath is her red laced g-string thong. The man starts to remove the thong slowly. Amy looks down at him and had in her mind what kind of a lay he is. In the mean time no one in the whole office room knows that Amy is about to get fucked. As her thong gets dropped around her ankles her pussy comes into view. Her pussy has just a little bit of light red hair and the rest is shaved. She steps out of her clothes that are on the floor and kicks them to one side. She then drops down and starts to undo his pants. Amy acts like she hasn’t had a good man in a while.

She slides off his pants and he steps out of them. She then removes his boxers and his massive dick pops out. Her eyes open wide then she puts her mouth around it. His dick fills her mouth. She starts to suck on his huge dick as she goes back and forth sucking away. Amy can feel her pussy getting wet just from sucking this strange guys dick. She gets up and places her self on the desk and opens her legs wide. The guy gets down placing his head between her legs. He then starts to lick her very wet pussy as she moans out load as he licks her clit.

Amy takes her hands places them on his head and pushes his face more into her pussy. He licks her pussy faster and faster. He then puts his tongue deep into her fuck hole and she screams out with load of pleasure that wipe over her whole body. He gets up and then places three of his fingers into her pussy hard. She gasps as her pussy gets slammed by his fingers. He jams them in and out of her pussy fast and hard not wanting to let up or even give her any mercy. As he does this her pussy grips his fingers tightly. Her body then lifts up and her chest heaves forward. The strange guy starts to suck on her big breasts. It drives her even closer to an orgasm when he sucks on her nipple.

Suddenly the guy looks right at her and says something to her in a voice that she knows.

“Amy? Amy wake up!”, her friend says.

Then it hit her. She had fallen asleep just as her fantasy dream was getting better. She had realized that her friend wanted to know if she wanted to go home or just stay there all night. Amy gets up from her desk not too pleased that every fantasy that she has had was just that but never real in anyway. It depressed her so much that she noticed she was the last one to leave her work.

Amy never realized that when she got into the elevator that the same guy that she had fantasized about the first time was really there right in front of her. She held her breath as she got into the elevator car and stood right next to him. The doors closed as Amy’s eyes became wide once the doors had shut. Mike started to talk to her to help break the cold still air between them.

“Hi Amy. How was your day?, Mike asked.

Amy gasped as he spoke her name like a greek god had talked to her. Just as she was about to say something back to him the elevator car stopped suddenly. She then realized that this was no dream that this was really happening just as her fantasy did. When to elevator car did stop Amy lost her balance and she slipped right into Mikes arms.

“Are you okay Amy? Do you need to sit down?, Mike asks.”

Yes please. One more thing though. How do you know my name?, Amy says.

“I know your name because I bring you your paycheck every Friday. Mike adds”.

In that instance Amy and Mike had looked into each others eyes and then with out question their lips met and they kissed. They both knew that it was after hours and there was going to be hardly anyone in the building. That it would be several hours before they would be rescued.

Just like in her fantasy they started off kissing each other like crazy. Mike starts kissing her neck as he removes her button down blouse and she starts to undo and remove his pants. Mike begins to remove his shirt and throws it aside. He then steps out of his pants that had been at his ankles.

Amy removes the rest of her clothes as well as Mike does the same thing. Mike and Amy start in on each other like they had been starving for one another. Mike then pushes opens her legs and starts licking her already soaked pussy.

Amy starts to moan loudly in total pleasure as Mike jams his tongue into her fuck hole deeply and her body quivers with ecstasy. Mike reaches his fingers into her pussy as he keeps licking her clit. Amy’s body jumps when she feels his fingers enter her pussy stretching her pussy wide. She feels just a little pain but it’s so good that she didn’t want him to stop giving her so much pleasure.

He stops licking her pussy but doesn’t stop fingering her. He makes his way up to her big breasts and starts to nibble on them. It seems to drive her closer to an orgasm. Mike then goes up from her chest to kiss her letting her lips taste her pussy juices as they kiss. At that same time Amy grabs Mike’s big cock. She begins to stroke it giving him some pleasure as he does the same for her.

Once his cock got hard she stopped. Then she went down to suck it and realized that it was bigger then she expected. She took his big cock into her mouth anyway and sucked on his massive meat. Mike just stood there giving the flush face of pleasure. He grabs the back of her head and pushes her head more onto his cock pushing it more into her mouth touching the back of her throat. She never had any gag reflex but still kept sucking.

Amy stopped sucking then laid down and opened her legs very wide. Mike made his way between her legs placing the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy. His huge cock pushed open her pussy lips as he placed his cock more into her. As he entered her pussy his cock seemed to go deeper and deeper. But her pussy also seemed to get more and more stretched cause of the size that his cock is.

Mike stopped halfway then really shoved the rest of his massive cock all the way into her pussy all the way to his balls with no mercy to her pussy. He started pulling out then back in the faster he went the more Amy moaned louder. He went much faster and faster then he pounded her pussy with out any mercy. It even made her pussy red cause of how much friction and how big he was.

The faster he pounded the more her pussy stretched. Her pussy was filled up just by his huge dick that she knew that she was about to have a big orgasm. But what the both of them didn’t know was that at the time they started to fuck in the elevator car it began to move but they never noticed.

He kept fucking Amy then she had a big orgasm, her pussy gripped his huge dick like a vice. He felt it as her body bucked up and then went back down. Mike still kept fucking her pussy endlessly. That same time on the first floor there had been a news camera crew ready to be there when they found out there had been 2 people stuck in the elevator for the very first time. When the elevator had come very close to the first floor Mike said that he was about to cum. Amy spoke fast to him.

“Mike I want you to cum right into my pussy lover.” Amy said.

In that instance Mike was so close to cumming inside of her pussy. The elevator stopped and the camera crew ready to take a shot of the couple stuck. The elevator doors began to open. Mike said that he was cumming and the camera crew had started filming live feed to the studio. The elevator doors opened all the way. Mike said he was cumming as he kept fucking her pussy then stopped and he let out a big grunt with his back arched.

But what they never knew just as of yet just about 20 million people saw Mike finish fucking Amy in live news. Amy kissed Mike and he kissed her back then she noticed the people at the elevator and the camera crew. She just had been filmed getting fucked and filled by the guy that she wanted to fuck.

The elevator door closed up. They realized they had just been on the night-time news and both got fully embarrassed. They got dressed fast her pussy was dripping his cum down her leg. The door opened again and the camera crew was in their faces. They both fled the building really fast. They both made it to his car which was also parked next to hers. They both really didn’t care but they did one thing. That they would do again but it would be at his place or hers. Both went to kiss each other and they never really regretted what they did.


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