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April 18, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Ex-Phone Sex

We had been broken up for awhile; two months. I was still going through the grieving process of losing the relationship. Even though she broke up with me, it was sort of mutual, I mean, I wanted her back, but I was smart enough to realize that it wouldn’t work out in round two either and so did she. But that didn’t mean we didn’t still care about each other. But in order to emotionally heal, one must stop having contact with the old love, and so we did. Until she called me up two months later to talk, and we did.

I had just gotten home from hanging out with my best friend, doing the whole bar thing, but just kind of babe-watching, not really looking to get into any girls pants or anything because that would be more harmful to me emotionally than helping. But I still have needs, so when I got home I put a porn in the VCR and grabbed the baby oil we used to use and got ready to start whacking off, a dirty shirt spread out before me to catch my load, hey, it was going to need to get washed anyway, right?

So the phone rings, and I’m all pissed off, because now I have to put the movie on pause so the person on the other end doesn’t know what I’m doing and have to suffer through that embarrassment for both of us. When I hear her voice call my name, my insides twist with anxiety and nervousness, and the memories come flooding back like the annual monsoons in India, and my conscious is inundated with her. The smell of her body, the feel of her curves, her warmth, her breath, her soft night-voice so soothing. Everything comes back, and my nerves kick into high gear, and adrenaline pumps through my veins and my hands begin to shake slightly, I begin to sweat, and I know my voice quivers ever so slightly as well.

“Hello, Tara,” I said. “How are you doing?”

“I’m good. How’s yourself?”

“Okay, I guess,” A pause for both of us on the phone as we consider the next appropriate thing to say.

“I still think about you,” she said.

“I still think about you too.” I reply.

“I’m sorry things worked out the way they did in the end, but I think it was for the best.” She said.

“Me too,” I say, “Me too.”

“So … what are you doing right now?” she asks.

I decide to throw caution to the wind. “I’m just sitting here in the living room watching a porn and thinking of you.” I was always known as a joker, I would say some of the most outrageous shit sometimes, and the joke of it was is that you never knew if I was lying or telling the truth. Sometimes people are more willing to believe the lie than question the truth. I had told Tara all of these things so she knew me and she knew my ways.

“Which one?” she asks. Was that excitement or anticipation in her voice? I couldn’t tell.

“’The Addiction’.” I said.

“That was a good one.” Tara said with a sigh.

“Yes it was, or is.” I said, depending on how you were looking at the situation.

“You said you were thinking of me too?” she said with a tremble in her voice I noticed but couldn’t quite place.

“Yes I was.” I said, I was hard again as I thought of our intimacy and was slowly pulling on my oiled self.

“What … what were you thinking about?” she said again with a more audible sigh.

“I was thinking about us.” I said baiting her.

“What … what about us?” she said with a tremble again.

I threw caution to the wind yet again. “I was thinking about the times when we were together –“

“Yes.” She urged me on.

“- when we made love.” I said.

“Like what?” she said again with a sigh, and I knew then that she was getting horny or already was when she called. The sex we shared was the best either of us had had, but the relationship didn’t work for other reasons. Their truly is more to a relationship that just the physical aspect and we both realized that and accepted that at the end.

“Remember when I would go down on you?” I began my verbal masturbation.

“Yes.” She trembled.

“I would begin by opening your beautiful legs and leaning forward to kiss the inside of your knee. Then slowly work my way up your beautiful thigh.” I paused.

“Yes.” She said with a little groan.

“And I would plant kisses all over your pubic hair and across your lips before I began to lick you up and down.” I paused.

“Yes.” She groaned again.

I still pulled slowly on my oiled self. The paused movie before me showing a woman throating a well sized cock. But I didn’t see it, my eyes were closed remembering, remembering it all in photographic detail.

“I would reach down and pull your lips apart and lick up and down your labia, pushing my tongue inside and tasting your wetness, licking up to your sweet little clit and flicking it with my tongue, rubbing my upper teeth over it, sucking it between my pursed lips like your nipples. Biting and nibbling on your pussy lips. Drinking down your cum when you would orgasm, lapping it up with my tongue. God you tasted so good!”

“Yes, I know!” she said with a yell.

“Are you masturbating?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said sobered by the question.

“Me too, shall I continue?”

“Wait, let me get my vibrator.”

I laughed. “Alright.”

“Why don’t you get yourself situated?” she said.

“I already am.”

“Oh.” A short while later she said she was ready.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“In the living room, sitting on the big chair.”

“Are you open?”

“Yes,” she said, then added, “My leg is hung over the armrest and the vibrator is humming across my thigh. I am very wet.”

I pulled on myself. “You always were.”

“I know. Please continue.”

And I did.

“After I had made you cum I would reach over and pick up a condom and put it on while you lazily pulled on your nipples or ran a well manicured nail up and down your slit, dipping inside and rubbing the wetness all over your hard clit.

“Hmm, yes, go on.” She said.

“I would climb between your beautiful legs and guide myself into you.” I heard her gasp slightly and I knew she had just penetrated herself with the vibrator. “I would push in and out slowly and work my way inside you until I was to the hilt and all of me was inside and filling up all of you. After a few more pushes I would grab your wrists and hold you down, you liked that didn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, I loved it!” she cried out as she herself remembered and fucked herself with the vibrator I had given to her as a gift.

“I would kiss and lick and bite your beautiful neck. We would kiss and I would suck on your tongue and you would suck on mine. I would lick your mouth and suck on your lips and you would do the same.”

“Uh-huh!” she called out.

“Then I would lean back up and grab your legs and pull them to my shoulders, readjusting my position so I could watch myself go in and out of your body, going inside so nice and deep. Maybe push your legs to your tits so you were so open and vulnerable to me.

“Yes!” she moaned, and I could hear the vibrator in the background humming.

“And you would cum and cum all over me wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! Yes I would cum all over your cock!”

“You liked it when I fucked you?”

“Yes! Yes I loved it when you fucked me!” she cried out.

“Then I would pull out and have you turn over onto your knees. And I would slip so wonderfully inside your beautiful little body. Sometimes while I fucked you like this I would grab hold of your beautiful tits as they hung from you, holding them and squeezing them in my hands. Mostly I would hold your shoulders so I could push myself inside you so forcefully. And I loved to watch my cock slide in and out of you, I loved it so much.”

“I know you loved it, I love it too!” she moaned.

“Sometimes I would push down on your back until your face was pressed into the pillows and your tits were mashed against the bed and your ass was high in the air and I would fuck you so hard and deep!”

“Oh God yes, I loved it, I loved it so much!” she cried out.

“Are you cumming?” I asked.

“Oh I have been for awhile, please keep going.” She demanded.

“Then sometimes you would lie down flat on your belly with me still inside you and I would fuck you like that, with your beautiful ass pressing against my stomach. Sometimes I would press down on your shoulders or back, sometimes I would lean back and spread your ass so I could watch. I loved to watch my cock go in and out of your beautiful little pussy.”

“I loved it, I loved it so much!” She moaned.

“Sometimes I would pull your hair to the side so I could watch your face, your eyes closed as I fucked you. Sometimes you would bite the pillow in orgasm as you came and came all over my cock buried deep inside your wonderful pussy.”

“Oh Don, I’m cumming so much for you. I’m cumming so much.” She cried out.

“Sometimes I would give you my finger and you took it in your mouth and you would lick and suck on it, playing your tongue on it like it was my cock.”

“Uh-hmm!” She muffled her moan.

“Then I would cum and cum and cum, filling the condom. Then I would pull out, but I wasn’t done yet was I?” I teased.

“No, no you weren’t.” she said.

“What would I do?” I asked, “Tell me.”

“You would eat my freshly fucked pussy and asshole!” she cried out.

“I would lick your open and sweet pussy, and run my tongue over your sweet little asshole, pushing it inside your little star. Licking up and down, from your pussy to your ass then back again, lapping up all of your delicious cum. Oh God you tasted so good!” I cried out as I myself came.

“Oh God I loved it when you ate my asshole!” she cried as her final orgasm took her.

“I loved it too, Tara.” I said.

The humming stopped. Awkward silence pressed on us. I broke the silence.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Thank you!” she shouted back.

I laughed at the eagerness of it. “Your welcome.”

“So I guess I’ll call you some other time maybe.” She said short of breath now.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”

“Alright. Goodbye Don.”

“Goodbye Tara.”


“Goodnight Tara.”


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