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June 13, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – 2 Erotic Scenes, A Night of Passion

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From here, I continue to gently glide my dick in and out of your pussy while you putting your legs around me makes my dick even harder and makes erotic tingles go all through my body from the sensual passion you extude by the act.

At this point your breathing begins to get heavier again and your cunt becomes more lubricated and warm with each thrust I make as I whisper to you how good you’re making me feel. At first, my words are full of tenderness and warmth, but as you continue to breath harder and ask- under continuing shortness of breath- “How Do I Make You Feel?”, my answers become less tender and more explicit and sexual as I feel the insatiable urge to thrust harder and harder, making your moans deeper and louder and your cunt soar from the intensity.

However, the look of intense pleasure on your face as the thought goes through my heads makes me reconsider. And so, to calm myself down, I gradually slow down my thrusts and eventually stop. At first you look confused by the decision (as I still have the same expression of erotic pleasure on my face as I did when we began), lowering your legs from their wrapped position around my torso. But what I do next makes that look go away, and the face I so loved seeing before I stopped returns.

As I remove my erect penis from your still-wet pussy, I begin to plant soft, wet kisses on your mouth and all over your body- your neck, behind your ears, on your supple and heaving breasts, while I move my right hand down your chest towards your pussy and begin to move my fingers around inside of it, with my left hand gently caressing the rest of your silky, sweaty skin. As this begins the moans of desire emanating from your body before return, as do other sounds of intense pleasure to the ears. At this point my left hand has found its way around your chest and to the small of your back, while my right hand is continuing to move around the walls of your cunt and your clit and I have

begun to focus my kisses of you around your pelvic area, making your moans just as deep and sensual as I imagined they would be before.

As we get closer and closer to cumming, I remove my right hand from your cunt, replacing it with my mouth and tongue instead. After that, I daringly lift you off the rug ever-so-slightly- my mouth still firmly planted on your pussy- and I slide my body beneath yours, with my back on the soft fur we’ve remained on since beginning our erotic adventure, my left hand around your beautiful ass, my right hand at your mouth with your lips around my fingers, tasting the juices of sexual passion from your own warm cunt, and my hard, well-lubricated cock moving erotically across your back as we move back and forth.

From this point on, there’s no stopping us. Our bodies thriving with erotic passion, our mouths are moist with desire, and our moans of pleasure uncontrollable as we grind our bodies together faster and faster and harder and harder till the tension is released with the explosion of juices from your pussy within my mouth and the cum from my dick covering your back, and the intense exclamation of “Oh…God…Yes!” from your mouth as you cum.

As we attempt to catch our breath- in the same position we finished- nothing is said between us for several minutes, only the spellbinding and sensual gazes of one another that seem to say it all for us at the moment; looks that say, “I love the way you make me feel. Do it again, and do it now.”…

As you rock your body on my thigh, my dick begins to get harder and harder right in front of our eyes. The sight of it bulging makes you rock harder and harder as your moans get wilder and wilder. Excited by this sight, I sit up, remove your wet fingers from your pussy, and put them in my mouth before I grab your ass with my hands and lift your body off the ground with me still sucking on your beautiful fingers.

I then carry you over to the large, inviting bed that has eluded us throughout this adventure. Once I lay you down on your back- with you luscious legs dangling over the side- I kneel down on the floor and begin to maneuver my tongue around the outside- and inside- of your cunt, while my left hand gently moves across your spread-open legs and my right hand works on my cock, rubbing it slow and sensual while I work harder and harder on your pussy with my mouth. The muffled sounds of my moaning and the wild

screams that are coming from your mouth get louder and louder as we approach our respective orgasms.

As soon as it feels as though I’m going to explode, I remove my mouth from your moist pussy, stand up, move your body to the middle of the bed, and lay my body on top of yours, with my well-lubricated cock brushing up against your thighs as I begin to enter your cunt and plant wet, juicy kisses all over your neck and on your mouth. My thrusts inside of you get harder and deeper as your subsided moans grow louder and louder as we finally cum.

As we cum, I remove my cock and allow my juices to cover your thighs, and I rub my hands over your thighs, spreading my cum all over your legs and around your pussy. Though exhausted from your own orgasm, you also begin to move your hands around on your thighs so you can soak up the mixture of sweat and cum and rub it all over your supple breasts, especially on your nipples, getting them harder and harder.

Excited by this sight, I slide my hands up your body and towards your breasts, taking them in my hands and gently fondling them as I begin to lick the areas around your nipples with my tongue, all the while with your hands firmly located on my ass as you beg me to thrust my dick into your pussy as your nipples get harder and harder. At this point the top of your right breast is completely in my mouth as I begin to suck on your nipple, awaiting your warm milk to explode in my mouth as my dick moves faster and faster in your cunt. Just as we reach orgasm yet again, the milk from your breast streams out and moves right down my throat, making for arguably our most exciting and satisfying orgasm yet.

Justifiably exhausted, we calm the fires in our loins as I move my body off from yours and lie down next to you, as our heart rates diminish and we drift asleep…


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March 22, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Mental Foreplay

The phone rang. “Hello?”

“I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes,” I said rather than offering a more polite greeting.

“Great,” he said.

“I should warn you.”

“About what?” He sounded distracted, as if his mind were elsewhere.

“I’m in a dangerous mood.”

He laughed. “How so?” I had his attention, I could tell.

“I’ve had an hour of mental foreplay while I’ve been driving.”

“Oh really?” He laughed again. “How’s that worked out for you?”

“I guess we’ll see in a few minutes,” I said and ended the call. He had no way of knowing that I’d had an hour of mental foreplay and was seconds away from an orgasm. He had no way of knowing that I’d contemplated pulling over during the drive and masturbating to take care of the need.

I finished the drive without really paying any attention to my surroundings. When I arrived, I pulled into the driveway and parked my car. He opened the front door as I walked to the porch; clearly, he’d been waiting for me.

“Hi,” he said, smiling.

“Hey,” I said. And then I stepped onto the porch in front of him, reached up to grab his neck and pulled his head down to reach mine. He smiled as he kissed him, a gentle, welcoming kiss. Not satisfied, I nipped his bottom lip and deepened the kiss, nudging him backward into the house as I did.

We both pulled back and walked into the house. “So, how was the drive? Besides the foreplay?” he asked.

Instead of answering, I pressed against him and lifted my mouth to his again. My hand tightened on the back of his neck pulling him closer. He kissed me back then, like he wanted to swallow me whole. I felt like I could let him.

“I want your mouth on me,” I whispered.

“Like this?” he asked, sliding his hand into my hair and tugging my head to the side as his mouth and his teeth found one of my favorite spots on the side of my neck. I groaned as his teeth clamped down hard.

“That’s nice, but not what I had in mind,” I gasped.

“Well, we’ll get to the rest of it soon enough.”

“I don’t want to wait,” I breathed against his skin, my tongue sliding along his jaw and his neck. Nipping his skin, I said, “I want your mouth on me now.”

“There’s no rush,” he said as his hand pulled at my hair again this time exposing the other side of my neck for his mouth to explore.

“Yes, there is,” I said. “I want your mouth on me now. I want your tongue in my pussy.” Letting go of him, I pulled my jacket off and kicked off my shoes. My shirt and pants quickly followed until I stood in his living room wearing nothing but a black demi bra and black lace panties. “Now,” I said.

He looked at me, clearly trying to decide how serious I was. We almost always took our time together. Sex, we had always agreed, was not just about orgasms, but about touch and intimacy. In all the time we’d been sleeping together I’d never been impatient this way, nor had I ever demanded anything. I could see from his face that he wasn’t certain what to think about my aggression.

“Are you coming?” I asked, as I turned to walk to the bedroom. I hoped he’d follow, but as close to orgasm as I already was, I figured I could always take care of myself.

I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. He walked into the room, eyes on mine, and began to undress. I smiled, watching him. He walked to the bed and pushed at my shoulders, nudging me until I laid on the bed. He pulled my legs apart until he stood between them. “Now, huh?” he asked.

“Now,” I breathed. He kneeled down between my legs, spreading them wider still. He slipped a finger underneath my panties and into my pussy.

“You’re wet,” he said.


He leaned down, his mouth just over my panties and said, “This is what you want?” His eyes watched mine.

“Please,” I panted and then reached up to grab his head and pull it down until he made contact with my wet panties. He slipped his hands under the waist band and tugged them off. I lifted my hips to find his mouth, and he said, “My way now.” He pushed my hips back down on the bed as his mouth nibbled along the inside of one thigh and then another.

“Oh god, please,” I panted again. My hips lifting to him again.

“Please what,” he asked, his mouth almost where I wanted, almost close enough to make me purr, almost exactly what I needed.

“Stop teasing me!” I demanded, grabbing his head again to pull him to my center.

He laughed for a second and then dove into my pussy, his tongue burrowing into me. I could hear him moan as I did, and then he began to slowly lick and suckle my labia, his tongue occasionally sliding up and in between to touch my clit before sliding away again. He continued to tease me that way, but his mouth never left my pussy. My hips lifted of their own volition, as I held tight to his head, not to force him now but as an anchor. My other hand was wrapped in the sheet beneath me. I writhed under him, moaning.

“Fingers,” I panted.

No longer in the mood to hold back from me, he slipped two fingers into me and began fucking me with his fingers as his mouth held tight to my lips. Their rhythm matched and the sensation of his mouth on my clit and his fingers in my cunt were enough to send me over the edge.

“Oh god,” I moaned over and over, my mound pressed tight to his face as I rode out the wave of my orgasm. He held his fingers deep inside me as his mouth continued to suckle at me; my body was wracked with tremors, but he still did not stop until finally I begged “stop, god stop,” almost crying with the relief of my orgasm.

Fingers still deep inside me, he pulled back long enough to say, “we’re not done yet” before he went back to thoroughly devouring my pussy. I couldn’t do anything but lay there beneath him, too little energy to scoot away and too thoroughly pleased to deny him anything.

As he continued to lick and suck my pussy lips, sensation began to return to my body. “Mmmmm,” I moaned and shifted beneath him. At this sign of life, he pulled away and grinned.

“Good. You’re ready to enjoy the rest,” he said and then nudged my hips, indicating I should roll over. I complied, laying on my stomach, arms next to my head. I smiled into the covers, knowing what was to come.

He gripped my hips, hands tight against my skin, and yanked me on to my hands and knees- his favorite position, I knew. I looked over my shoulder at him and grinned.

“Proud of yourself?” He asked as he held himself still behind me. I could feel his cock against my ass, the warmth of his body against mine, and I knew he was keeping himself from moving to torment me, a way of getting his way after I’d gotten mine. He slid his hand up my ass, along my spine, until his fingers twined in my hair. He tugged gently, turning my head back toward the bed.

“Touch yourself,” he said. I considered denying him. I considered pushing back against him and trying to shift the power back to me, but I didn’t because more than anything, I’ve always loved letting him have his way in bed. And I knew he’d make it worth my while. I reached down under my body and through my legs until I could reach his cock. Slowly I stroked his length from tip to balls, pushing my hips back against him. I heard his quick draw of breath as I let go of him and began to touch my clit. I was still sensitive from my earlier orgasm, so each flick of my finger made my body quiver. I pushed my hips back against him again.

Impatient, I said, “Fuck me.”

“Can’t wait any more?” he laughed.

“Fuck me,” I said again, with more urgency. I could feel his body shift away from me slightly and then I felt the pressure of his cock against my pussy, sliding into me an inch at a time. I held myself as still as I could, relishing the feeling of him filling me, of that slow slide to completion. As soon as he was completely inside me, I began to move my fingers on my clit again; he knew I could almost always come when I touched myself while he fucked me. He also knew that feeling him inside me, so full and yet so frustrated by his stillness, would make me crazy.

I reached back to cup his balls again, shifting my hips enough to make him move slightly. He got my hint and began thrusting, shallow at first, his hands holding my hips still against him. I alternated between stroking myself and stroking his testicles.

“Oh god,” he groaned, as he began to fuck me harder, pulling himself almost all the way out and pushing back in, a familiar rhythm to us both. As he began to moan louder, his grip on my hips tightened to an almost painful hold, but I didn’t care. The feeling of him losing control, of him wanting nothing but the way our bodies came together, made me lose control myself. My clit throbbed, and just as I began to come, he reached underneath me and began to stroke me; our two hands tangled together all the while rubbing my clit sent me over the edge, and I screamed.

With one final thrust, he came inside me; I could feel his cock pulse as he filled me. His fingers still held tight to my hips, and I fell onto the bed, with our hands still underneath me. He laid next to me, his body draped over mine like a blanket.

“Feel better?” He asked, his voice as relaxed as his body.

“Of course,” I said.

He trailed his fingers over my skin. “I’m glad.”

“You do know, though, that was only the beginning. An hour is a long time for mental foreplay. I’m not nearly done with you yet.”