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June 17, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Absolutely Perfect

I knock on her door. As I look down, I notice the door bell and yet still can’t seem to put two and two together. Before I can redeem myself of common sense the door opens…suddenly I can’t remember my name. Where am I? What am I doing? Am I wearing underwear? No, no…I never wear underwear.

There standing before me was by far the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Somehow I was able to look her body up and down, every inch, without moving my head. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Her smile alone could’ve kept me up for the rest of my life, her soft, thick, pink lips gently pressed together on one side, allowing space just enough to see her perfect white teeth. Her piercing blue eyes left a calm over me, a calmness that allowed me to notice how her beautiful brown hair seemed to gently brush back and forth on her shoulder, as if there was a breeze coming from somewhere in the house. As I looked at the way her body was just one beautiful curve after another some sounds became to come from my mouth,

“Hello.” What the hell was that? Hello? Well, go with it now…

“Hi” she said. Oh, she said hi…that was a beautiful hi.

I had to stop staring at the way the strap on her tight black dress seemed to slide of her shoulder without a single movement of her body, as if the strap wasn’t worthy to grace her soft, tanned skin. What the hell comes after hello?

“I’m really glad you came, I’ll admit I was a little nervous you might not show,” she said.

Ha! Oh, thank god…that was only in my head.

“I’m glad I came too…and don’t worry, I’m a little nervous also.” The remark leads her to smile again, allowing a sweet laugh to leave her mouth.

“Well, come in.”

I walk in following her every step, can’t help but noticing the way her ass moves gently from side to side with her steps. She begins to walk upstairs. I guess hello was enough. As we begin to walk in to her room she tells me that she forgot she needed to run to the store. I’m thinking it’s over.

“Can we go run to the store real quick, it will be just for a second…I’ll make it worth your time.”

We go downstairs and out the front door. I walk in front of her, sadly now I can’t see the great view, and open the door of my car for her to get in.

“Thank you,” she says, as her long, smooth legs turn into the car. I run around the front of the car, quick to get inside.

Before we begin to move I can’t help but see how that strap continues to fall, and as she places it back on her shoulders, she turns to show me again that beautiful smile, and those blue eyes, the right of which is covered by the fall of a few strands of her silky hair.

I begin to drive, following her directions. We begin to chat a bit, discussing the conversations we had over the phone for the past few days.


I’m confused. “I’m sorry?”

It is then that she begins to reach over to my side, unzipping my pants. She undoes my belt and button, then begins to fumble with my boxers. I lift up to help loosen my pants down. She reaches to grab my now aroused, semi-erect dick. She begins to slowly stroke my cock up and down with her soft hands. She bends down and I feel her soft lips touch the head of my cock. She begins to trace the head with her tongue, then slowly moves her tongue up and down my shaft, every so often returning to trace the head. She looks up at me, those eyes again a pure delight. She continues to stare deeply at me as she takes the head of my cock into her mouth, and begins to slowly move up and down. She now has half of my seven inch cock in her warm mouth. She moves up and down…up and down…stopping only to lick up my hard shaft all around.

She starts to stroke my wet cock, taking my balls in her mouth and tossing them up and down one by one with her tongue. I take my right hand off the wheel, noticing how her dress has hiked up around her curved hips, allowing me to slip my hand around her ass and into her black and pink lace panties.

I begin to caress the soft lips of pussy, gently moving my index and middle finger back and forth until I hear…and feel a soft moan from her mouth. I allow my fingers to slip in between her lips, each finger getting wetter and wetter with every slip. My finger movements begin to match the movement of her mouth up and down my cock.

At this point, I have no idea where I am on the road and begin to turn off into a vacant parking lot. As her moans begin to get louder as my fingers begin to go deeper, I stop the car in a dark corner of the lot. She lifts her head up to glance at where we are, her eyes again meet with mine. I remove my hand from her panties and tell her to move to the back seat. She crawls over the armrest, allowing me to smell the beautiful aroma of her perfume and wet pussy. She lies down across the seat; I crawl over, reaching over to hit a button that will recline the back seats all the way.

“Whoo!” She falls back and begins to laugh softly about her clumsiness; “thanks for the warning.”

The moonlight shines through the windows to reveal again that beautiful smile…I want her more than ever. I push her further down the seats and begin to push her dress up her soft stomach. I slowly kiss down her stomach, letting my fingers linger under her dress and onto her supple breasts. I begin to caress and pinch her firm nipples with my hands as I continue my kisses down to her waist. I remove my left hand and begin to slowly slide her panties down her smooth, long, silky legs. I toss her panties somewhere in the car and begin to immediately draw my attention to her beautiful pussy.

There was just enough light for me to see her absolute beauty. I begin to kiss around her soft lips, allowing the exhales from my nose to tickle her clitoris. I gently let my tongue move around her lips back and forth. Her sweet, wet cunt becomes my only passion. Sliding in and out of her vagina with just the tip of my tongue, I move my hand up to her mouth and let my fingers rest on her bottom lip.

She begins to suck on my fingers and moan as I change between soft kisses and licks on her pussy. I take my free hand and begin to slowly insert my finger into her vagina. With a sigh of pleasure from her, I begin to move my finger in little circles within her vagina, pushing up towards her g-spot, putting more pressure with my licks on her clitoris. I can taste the juices that exude from her…sweetness and the smell of lavender.

I begin to swirl my tongue faster and slower, faster and slower on her clitoris and lips as my finger movements begin to speed up inside of her. Her moaning starts to increase. With each of my changes from fast to slow, her moans begin to get louder and increase in speed. She sucks harder onto my fingers. I can feel the vibrations in her mouth from her moaning. Her tongue slides around my fingers as I continue the slide of my tongue around her, my finger now deep inside of her.

I begin to feel a rush of juices flow onto my lips and into my mouth as her moaning peaks. Her teeth begin to clench onto my fingers in her mouth, as I continue the movements of my mouth on her, slowly making my way up her waist…

My lips are wet from her juices as I slowly and softly kiss up her stomach, blowing softly and ending just underneath each of her beautiful breasts; her hands lift my face so are eyes meet again. She begins to sit up and I began to remove my pants, struggling with my shoes. She sits with her back against the door, knees next to her chest as she teases her finger in her mouth; a quirky, anxious smile on her face. She moves at me quickly, ripping off my shirt; I hear the fabric tear.

Were both hot, as our bodies our dripping with sweat and fluids…our breaths, deep and heavy. She pulls what’s left of her dress above her head. I begin to softly kiss and suck on her neck as she still fumbles with her dress. She grabs my neck and begins to push my head onto her chest. I begin to tickle her velvety skin with my tongue, gently biting her right nipple as she begins to breathe heavier and heavier.

With a quick movement, she swings her left leg over my lap and begins to straddle my chest. She sits up on her knees as I grab her hips and pull her closer to the head of my cock. She puts her hand onto my stomach, letting her pussy lips rub over the head of my cock. I can feel her wet pussy as she slowly lowers herself onto my cock. I feel her lips grabbing onto my cock, the tightness of her pulling the shaft of my cock deep into her body. With a high pitched moan from her, I can feel I’m all the way in and the warmth from her rushes throughout my body.

She looks up as if waiting for word from the heavens as her vagina begins to adapt to the new fullness from my cock. I begin to push into her, letting myself fall ever so slightly, the head of my cock moving through her. She looks back down at me, a soft glaze in her eyes as she returns her hands onto my chest and begins to slowly move up and down on my shaft.

I can feel her tight lips gliding up and down my cock as soft as velvet. Her wetness and my precum mix together creating a lube for the ride, as her movements become quicker. I look down to see my cock sliding in and out of this beautiful woman, her whole body, absolute perfection of art. I sit up more and she throws her arms around my neck. We move into a full long kiss, our tongues meeting together in between her soft lips. I bite on her lower lip as she lifts her ass up and in, allowing the head of my cock to pop between her lips as she lowers herself back down. Our bodies, completely relaxed and full of pleasure rest on top of each other.

I rest my head on her shoulder, her arms to wrapped around my neck tightly as I use my right arm to grasp her waist tight, helping her slide up and down. My left hand rests on her hips as I use my thumb to rub her clit. I bring my hand up, we both have a taste before I bring it back down and begin to push onto her clit. With my right arm I pull her up and away, getting my cock to push up against her g-spot.

I lean back a little, letting the pressure push against her side. She begins to grind harder, letting her hands run through my hair and the hot air from her breath blow against my ear. I feel her vagina begin to pulse and get tighter, the pressure sounds shivers up through my body. Up and down, up and down, I feel her tighten. I feel the release of her as she sinks down deep onto my cock. Her moans give me the signal as I begin to feel my cock pulsate…my cum mixing with hers in a flood that leaves us both swept away. I grab her tight, our wet bodies come together. I meet her in long hard kiss, our eyes meeting together when we open. I let my hand rest on the small of her back as my other rests on her shoulder.

We lay back together, our breaths still long and deep. I hold her tight, brushing those few strands of her hair away from her eyes. She begins to show me that beautiful smile; then I can see her gently biting her bottom lip. I hold her as we meet in a soft kiss…absolutely perfect.


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Erotic Hot Stories – A Woman’s Vacation Sex Fantasy

Vacation Sex Is The Best

My life in New York City is stressful, so I was happy when my planned solo vacation to Cancun, Mexico finally arrived. Before I left, I took a moment to look in the mirror. I’m a 32-year-old, single woman who’s never been married and has no kids. I’m a brunette, 5-foot-5, and 105 pounds. I had a boob job a few years ago, and now I have nice C cups with perky nipples, that my friends always compliment me on. Since I love exercising outdoors, I’ve got a nice tan, and I hit the tanning bed, naked of course, to get rid of tan lines.

I must admit it’s been a while since I had sex, so I was getting ready to leave for Mexico, I was feeling very horny. Maybe, I thought, I’d meet a guy in Cancun who would sweep me off my feet and give my pussy the cock it desperately craved.

I decided to do something a little naughty before I left NYC and went to a plush salon and got a Brazilian wax. After it was done, I had a tiny, pencil-sized landing strip leading to my new silky smooth pussy. Why can’t I meet a guy, I thought!!! Wouldn’t he love to plunge his cock into my newly smooth pussy?

I celebrated my new Brazilian that night by laying in my bed, spreading my legs, and playing with my pocket rocket vibrator. It’s by far my favorite sex toy. I moved it over and over my clit with various speeds and pressures, as I pinched my nipples with my other hand. Soon a wave of pleasure swept through my body. I shuddered and moaned as the orgasm tumbled through me. Nice, I thought, but still not the same as a man thrusting his cock into me, then shooting his warm cum into me as both our bodies tightened.

The next day I flew to Cancun. I had a reservation at the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach, which is a super luxurious hotel with a massive pool right on the Caribbean. I checked in, put on a string bikini and a sundress, and headed down to the pool.

The warm sun, tropical breezes and happy atmosphere made me even more horny. Lying in my chaise lounge, little trickles of sweat began to form all over my skin. I could feel my bare pussy under my bikini bottom, and wondered if anyone else around the pool could tell I was smiling because I was so happy about how pretty and perfect it was.

I closed my eyes and dreamed of sex. My nipples stiffened, forming little mountains against the fabric of my triangular bikini top. I didn’t dare touch my pussy in a public place, but I could feel it getting wet.

I wanted a cock so bad. I wanted to seduce a man, move my hands over him, fall to my knees, take his cock in my mouth. I’ve always loved taking control of a man with my mouth. Any man I’ve ever dated has always woken up in the morning with a warm, wet blowjob which always results in his cum ending up in my tummy.

But the reason I love blowjobs so much is that I know how to suck, stroke, lick and tease a man to the point where he wants nothing more than to be inside me. Feeling a cock inside my little pussy and knowing it was my talented mouth that made it so hard makes me cum and cum and cum.

I realized all that was missing from my poolside fun was a cocktail, so I headed to the bar for a margarita. I spotted a guy by himself chatting with the bartender, but thought, “No way could I meet a guy on my first day of vacation.”

But sure enough, we started chatting. He was just my type, brown hair, nice body, funny. He was also in Cancun on his own, and he asked me if I had been in the ocean yet. No, I replied, and we headed down to the beach to swim in the surf.

The afternoon progressed, and my new friend asked if I felt like going inside and taking a break from the sun. Good idea, I said, and we headed into the lobby.

We got another drink and I asked if he would mind if I paid a quick visit to my room to drop some things off. No problem he said, he wanted to do the same. Come up to my room when you’re done, he suggested, it’s got a view of the Carribean.

I dropped off my bag in my room and took the elevator up to his room. It turns out he had scored a suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of other fun perks. We took a little tour and ended up admiring the room’s shower together. It was massive, with multiple shower heads, a little bench, stone walls and a rack of bath products.

“Actually a shower would feel good right now,” I said.

“Let’s take one,” he replied.

One of his hands touched my shoulders, and I almost melted. He gently removed my sundress, leaving me standing in just my bikini.

“I almost hate to take this off you, because you look so good,” he said.

But he slowly, seductively, removed my bikini top, pausing to kiss my neck and shoulders, then circling his tongue around my nipples.

Then he kissed my tummy, and undid the side strings of my bikini bottom. He smiled when he saw my pretty, new Brazilian-waxed pussy. I arched my back, thrust my breasts forward and made a seductive pose, teasing him.

As he admired my sun-kissed body, I made a move for his swimsuit. Pulling it down around his ankles, his cock sprang forth, clearly hard from the little show I put on. I kissed him, put one hand on his back, then with the other hand lightly stroked the head of his cock.

He moved me into the shower. Warm water cascaded all over our bodies. He rubbed soap all over me, and I loved the attention he paid to my titties and pussy. At one point he kissed me, and with his fingers lightly rubbed my clit. I breathed hard and moaned as he alternated between slow and fast. Electric sex feelings began to surge through my body.

I was close to cumming, when he turned off the shower. He put both my hands against the shower wall, spread my legs, then toweled the water off my body.

He led me to the room’s giant bed. We layed there for a few minutes, kissing, playing with each other’s bodies and listening to each other moan when something felt good.

I flipped him onto his back, then licked him from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock. I wiggled my tongue into his cock slit, and listened to him gasp with pleasure. Then I took his whole cock into my mouth, coating it with slippery saliva. Now it was time to grasp him with my hand, to stroke up and down, while my mouth provided more wetness and my tongue toyed with his cockhead.

He quivered with pleasure. His hands grasped the sheets and his legs spread wider apart. Then I gave his balls a nice tongue bath, rolling each one around in my mouth. He was my sex slave, and my blowjob clearly had him under my spell. I could have easily brought him to orgasm, feeling his cock tip swell then shoot a sweet load of cum into my mouth, but no, I had something else on my mind.

I brought my body up to his cock, and lowered my wet pussy onto him. I arched my back and began riding him slowly. His eyes opened and began wandering over my body. Soon his hands were playing with my nipples.

My eyes closed, as I delighted in the feeling of his hard cock gliding in and out of me, rubbing against my clit deliciously. I reached back, stroked his balls and gave him a sweet smile. This made him even harder. I know all the tricks.

I rode him even harder. Something was happening to my body. It was like my pussy and my nipples were on fire. Then an orgasm began to start at the very back of my pussy. I rode a little harder and rubbed my clit against his cock. Suddenly I began to cum like crazy, moaning and bucking atop him.

I slowed down for a few minutes, but my new guy wanted more and he flipped me over. My pussy still felt wonderful. He played with my nipples, earlobes, belly button and pussy for a few minutes, then spread my legs.

His full cock was suddenly inside me, and he was pumping, and wiggling and moaning, his head buried in a pillow. I clenched my pussy muscles, then unclenched them, toying with him. I arched my back, raised my arms above my head and whispered, “Fuck me,”…trying to drive him insane with pleasure.

It worked. His cock got even harder. He was brushing against my clit again, and I couldn’t believe it when a second orgasm ripped through me. That never happens.

Something was happening to him as well. I could feel his cock head growing as it thrust into me. Then he started shaking.

I bit his ear lobe and whispered seductively, “Give me your cum.”

That did it. He roared with pleasure and I felt jets of hot cum start to paint the inside of my pussy. I clenched my pussy muscles, trying to drain his cock of his cum. His arms gripped me tightly as his cock pulsed. And soon he was still.

I rolled him over, then took his cock into my mouth, sucking it softly like it was a pacifier.

The last thing he said to me, before we both fell asleep, was, “You’re a goddess.”

I would say I definitely found what I wanted on vacation.


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March 22, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Merry Sexmas 2009

Hi everyone,

Yes this is a form letter. Don’t you hate getting them at Christmas time. yadda yadda. I am fine how are you? Blah blah blah. Well as you all know I am not the usual form letter type of person. lmao. So you are all off the hook. Enclosed is a Christmas story for you. Hope you like it. I loved writing it. Hope this letter is finding you all in good health. Talk to you later. Byeeee for now. Tam


It was the week before Christmas and I still was not ready. Gifts still to buy. Packing to do as I was going to spend the holidays with my parents.

So i took the plunge and went to the mall. People galor. I hate shopping at this time of year. Drives me nuts! But anyways it had to be done.

As i wandered around searching for the perfect gift, I saw "Santa’s little shop". And children were lined up to visit him.

I couldn’t help but smile as the kids eyes lit as they got to see him and tell him their Christmas wish. I stopped just to watch. Wondering if the little girl wanted a doll or the boy a truck.

Well, had gifts to buy and running out of time so I carried on. As I was walking away, I noticed Santa wink at me. A little odd but OK. I smiled back and started looking for that perfect gift once again.

Time passed and I was soon done. I walked to the doors with my bags, but one fell. As I was reaching down, I noticed a hand picking it up. My eyes looked up and it was Santa.

"Can I help you to your car?" he asked.

"Thank you. That would be great."

As we walked to my car, we talked. I knew I should know that voice. But I couldn’t figure it out. When we arrived there I unlocked the door of the car. And threw the bags in.

As I turned to take the bag from him, he pulled his beard off. Oh my God! I started laughing. It was Brandon, an old friend. I haven’t seen him in ages. But he still looked as good as ever.

We decided to meet up later. He would come over to my place for drinks and we"we would go from there.

As I was driving home, I was thinking about Brandon. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind for later, but knowing him it would be good.

Well time passed, and I was getting dressed when I heard the door bell. Shoot, I am not even ready. I threw on a pair of blue jeans and a shirt, and ran to the door.

I opened it and saw roses on the step. I laughed, picked them up and smelled them. Then Brandon came around the corner. He had a bottle of wine and a gift in his hand.

His smile melted butter. I have always been attracted to him. His dark hair, dark eyes. His body, ohhhhhhhhhh that body, it was to die for.

I invited him in. As he passed me. he leaned over and gave me a kiss. I wanted to push him to the floor that very second. But fought the urge.

I shut the door. We went to the living room and sat down. I got some wine glasses and Brandon opened the wine.

I kept eying the gift, wondering what was in it. He noticed me glancing at it.

"Tam, I know you too well. You hate waiting, little own surprises. Here open it. Hope you like it."

"But I didn’t get you anything Brandon." I felt bad now.

"Oh baby, you are all I want for Christmas."

I was like a kid at Christmas. I opened the package up and inside was a sexy black teddy with "crotchless panties". I laughed and put it up against my body.

"Thank you Brandon." I turned around, modeling it. I giggled.

"Do you think I came all the way over here just to see you do that? Go put it on." He stood up. Grabbed me and planted the hardest kiss on my lips. Sending a wave down my body. Wow.

"OK I will go put it on."

I was eager now to see what it felt like on me. I ran upstairs to my bedroom. Quickly changing. Man, the satin felt like gold on me. I glanced in the mirror, and liked it.

I walked downstairs and Brandon was putting music on. He turned as I walked in the room. His eyes bulging.

The crotchless panties revealed my very pink and wet cuntal lips. I came over to him. Pushed him to the floor. And took charge of the evening.

Part 2

I didn’t undress Brandon right away. I teased him. I placed one of my feet on his chest, which abled him to see the nice view of my juicy fragrant vagina, which was ready for whatever he wanted to put in there.

I freed one of my breasts, lowered my head, I brought the nipple up to my mouth. Looking down at Brandon, right into his eyes. My tongue drawing tiny swirls around the areola, making small goosebumps on it.

My nipple was "fully erect". My other hand going down to my crotch. I spread my legs further as I slipped my fingers between my pussy lips.

Brandon layed there. Watching. His cock rose and throbbed as he watched. His hand grabbing my ankle and slowly moving it further up.

He watched me bring my fingers out, all "gooey" with my juices.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" I moaned as my fingers found my tiny pink clit. Brandon’s hands moved up my legs. I gasped loudly as his hand replaced mine.

With his other hand, he placed my foot that was on his chest to the other side of his body. He pulled me down onto him. I was on my knees now. His fingers still playing with my clit. Making it harder. Making me wetter.

He pulled me closer to his mouth. I was in heaven. But losing control. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me down onto his mouth. Where his tongue was waiting. Separating my pussy lips, he licked my pussy. So softly to begin with. But I knew he was there. I leaned back and placed my hands on the floor. I breathed heavier as his tongue went all over my pussy. I closed my eyes. Cocked my head to the side. Bit my lip.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yes Brandon, Awwwwwwwwww." I screamed out.

I was in total and utter orgasm. His tongue right inside me now. I felt numb. The juices running out of me. And Brandon, laying there, sucking it up. My legs were shaking. I wanted more, but I knew I had to return the favor first.

Part 3

I realized Brandon’s tongue was tiring, so I rolled off of him. I knelt beside him and slowly undid his bluejeans.

He lifted his ass so I could remove them. His cock had hardened, and once I got his clothes off, I crawled down to it. My hand grabbed a hold of his hard member and began to slowly move up and down.

I lowered my head. I ran my tongue along the shaft and around the tip. A drop of precum appeared and it soon went down my throat.

I grabbed his balls in my hand as I plunged my mouth over his hard cock and started to move up and down. As I moved up my lip wrapped around and put a little pressure on his throbbing cock.

He groans and I tasted more salty precum. As his hips started to buck mildly, I relaxed my throat muscles in order to let his beautiful manhood slide all the way in. His groans are coming more frequent and his body is starting to tense. I stopped.

Part 4

I wanted him to cum inside my pussy. I wanted him to fill me with it. I took his hand and pulled him up to a sitting position. Lifting his shirt over his head. Oh this man had a body.

I ran my fingers over his chest. Lightly scraping my nails on it. He took a hold of my breasts with his hands. Bringing his mouth down to one. Running his tongue over it. My hands on his shoulders.

He sucked hard making me cry out. I loved when a man sucked my breasts. It always makes me wet. And he was definitely making me wet. He switched to the other one. Sucking harder. My mouth opening, I couldn’t even hear myself scream out. He stopped.

Part 5

He reached down to my hips and undid the strings of the panties. Yanking them off. Then with his hands he pushed my teddy right off. Over my head. We were both naked now.

My pussy needing a cock. His cock needing a pussy. Still in the sitting position and me on him, he took hold of his cock and guided it into my pussy. Slowly at first. Making me wait…. teasing me. He curled his legs around. And lifting me up, he lowered me to the floor. Taking hold my legs, he brought them to his shoulders. Thrusting his cock into me. As it got deeper and deeper. I felt like I was reaching another orgasm.

I started breathing heavier. I threw my hands onto the floor. Trying to reach for anything to hold onto. It was so intense. I arched my back, moaning out.

"Yes, yes, fuck me Brandon."

He picked up the rhythm, his balls slapping into my ass. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. OOHHHHHHHHH, AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

He started moaning. I can feel the warm cum start to enter me. I scream out as my own body releases cum. His mixes with mine. He releases my legs. His body falling onto mine. We are breathing heavy. I swallowed hard. He takes hold of my face. Kissing me.

"Merry Christmas Tam."

I laughed out loud. Knowing this was the best gift Santa would ever bring me.

The End.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Have a happy holiday and enjoy life. Huggggggggggssssss and kisssssssssessssss.