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April 12, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – A Christmas Present

I sat down on the couch contemplating what took place this evening. My boyfriend Tony and I have dated for three months now. He’s a great guy, intelligent, good looking, witty and very capable in the bedroom. Tonight I asked him what he wants for Christmas, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he looked off in the distance like his thoughts were a million miles away. I tried hard to think of things he has mentioned in the past trying to figure out what to get him. His clothing is impressive, his apartment is beautiful and he has enough money that he buys whatever strikes his fancy. He isn’t one to talk about wanting something; he buys what he needs.

Suddenly a wicked smile crossed my lips. I knew what to get him, but getting it may be more difficult so I would have to start making calls.

He arrived the Friday before Christmas, dressed in jeans and a casual sweater. We discussed staying in to make popcorn over the fire in the fireplace and sip some wine. It was my idea to invite a couple friends over, to which he agreed.

“Tell me again, who is coming over tonight?”

“I invited Bob and Yvonne, and Tyson and Megan.”

“Cool, they’re all fun to be around.”

The doorbell signaled their arrival. Hoping up from in front of the fireplace I greeted Yvonne and Megan.

“Where are the guys?”

“Last minute shopping. You know how guys are.”

“Well shoot.”

I turned to Tony, “I’m sorry the guys didn’t come along tonight. I guess they’re shopping.”

“It’s fine. I’ll get over it. Just don’t talk girl stuff all night.”

“We won’t, will we girls?”

“Nah,” Megan replied. “I’m ready to party!”

“Me too!” Yvonne chimed in.

They each carried a wrapped present, that they laid under the small desktop tree in my apartment.

“You guys didn’t have to buy anything for Christmas.”

They both smiled and said it was the right thing to do, having been invited over for a Christmas party.

Tony walked to the kitchen, returning with some appetizers. We munched and drank wine while we talked and laughed together. Tony tried his best to not feel like the lone ranger in a group of women, but I could tell he was disappointed the guys didn’t come along. We were all starting to feel the affects of the wine.

Yvonne grabbed the present she brought, “Open it please!”

“Ok.” I shook the present, like a kid, and laughed.

“Hey, no cheating!”

The paper came off in a flash to reveal the board game, Twister.

“Damn, I haven’t played this in years! I wonder if I’m still limber enough.”

Megan handed me her present, “Mine next!”

I shook the bottle shaped gift and heard liquid inside, “Mmmm, wine?”

“Nope, open it and see.”

I revealed a body of massage oil. “Oh niceeeeee. Tony can use this when he gives me a massage,” I laughed.

Yvonne unfolded the plastic twister mat with all the colored circles on it. “Come on, let’s play.”

All of us laughed except Tony, who declined.

“Are you sure honey?”

“Yeah, I’m fine really. You ladies enjoy yourself. I’m going to watch the ballgame on the television in the bedroom.”


“Quit fussing, I’m fine.” He smiled and excused his self.

When he was gone the three of us quit laughed and looked at one another. They knew the plan and they knew that Bob and Tyson weren’t here for a reason.

Megan spoke, “Do you think he suspects anything?”

“No, he doesn’t seem to anyway.”

“I told Tyson we were doing this tonight. He was cool with it as long as we reciprocate.”

“Haha, Oh I bet.”

“Bob was the same way. I told him and he was actually excited. I think his exact words were…. ‘Tony is a lucky bastard’.”

“Cool. I’m glad they are both ok with this. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“We all agree,” Megan added.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed the big sheet of plastic I had stashed when the three of us hatched our plot. Megan lifted the twister mat from the floor so I could cover the carpet with the big square of plastic then replaced the twister mat on top. The three of us drank more wine and laughed while we stripped off our clothes. Yvonne grabbed the bottle of massage oil, pouring it on our bodies. I was the first to spin the dial to reveal the color my hand and foot belonged on. Yvonne was next. Megan spun for both of us and told us how to move. Before long we were a tangled mess of oily flesh, laughing like schoolgirls.

Megan asked, “How long do you think it will take for him to come out and see what’s going on?”

“I suppose when he needs more wine.”

Right then Yvonne slipped on some oil and landed with a thud on the floor. All three of us were laughed so hard tears streamed down our cheeks. Tony walked from the bedroom to see what happened. He rounded the corner and found the three of us oily and naked, tangled up on the twister mat.

“What the fuck!?”

“Oh, sorry honey we didn’t mean to worry you.”

“Worry me? This was the last thing I expected to find.”

“Join us honey. It’s so much fun.”

He stood there staring, like he wasn’t sure what to make of the whole situation. It didn’t take him long to make up his mind. Reaching for his sweater he pulled it off, tossing it aside, then his pants, socks and underwear. Yvonne reached in a sack and produced a spinning dial she made for this special night, handing it to Tony.

The dial had body parts on it, instead of colors. He spun it for me first then told me my results.

“Left hand on an ass, right foot on a pussy.”

“Come here Megan, give me your pussy.” I laughed.

She offered her pussy, to which I placed my freshly painted toenails, while extending my left hand to land it hard on Yvonne’s ass.

Tony spun again, “Ok Megan, left hand on a tit, right foot on a … oh shit, a cock.”

Megan grabbed my tit and curled her finger for Tony to come closer. She reached her foot up in the air to touch his cock, which was pointing straight to the heavens.

“Damn girl, you didn’t tell me Tony had such a nice cock!”

“Shhh, come on, its Yvonne’s turn now.”

Tony tried to focus and spun the dial. “Left hand on an ass, right foot on balls.”

She grabbed his ass with her left hand, while raising her foot to jingle his balls.

“Damn, how am I suppose to focus?”

Megan and Yvonne defaulted from the game and reached for Tony’s cock. I joined them and the three of us smeared oil over him and began rubbing our hands all over his body. We guided him to the twister mat.

“Spin it Megan. The original dial.”

Megan spun, “Left foot red, right hand blue.”

“Oh come on, you guys aren’t really going to make me do this.”

“Yes, you have to do this. Our game, our rules.”

“Whatever.” Tony placed his foot and hand where they belonged.

Megan spun again, “Right foot yellow, left hand green.”

Tony was spread eagle on the mat trying not to slip in the oil. Yvonne whacked him good on the ass, almost making his fall.

“Quit that. This isn’t fair. You guys have to play too.”

“Oh, we’ll play alright,” Yvonne smirked.

She ran her hand over his ass, gathering some oil before slipping a finger up his tight ass.

“Shit, what the hell are you doing?”

Feigning her most innocent look she laughed, “I’m just playing.”

I crawled over to Tony and began kissing him. He left his stance on the mat to kiss me back. Soon Megan and Yvonne joined us. The four of us kissed and caressed one another, taking turns sucking and stroking Tony’s cock at the same time. Yvonne crawled over and told me to get on all four’s, then started licking my pussy and ass. Her position was like mine so Megan did the same to her until we formed a chain. The three of us on all four’s in front of Tony, licking, sucking and moaning. Stroking his cock he crawled in front of me so I could suck it for him. I looked up at him.

“Why don’t you eat Megan’s pussy for her honey?”


“Yeah, really. This is your Christmas present after all.”

“Oh God, no kidding? You had this all planned?”

“Uhuh, tonight is for you.”

He didn’t hesitate. Grabbing Megan’s luscious ass he promptly dove in and tasted her pussy. The room was filled with the sounds of sex, panting and moaning. My entire body was covered in oil. Lying on the mat I slid under Yvonne so we could sixty-nine together. Tony’s cock was strained and blue from the excitement.

“Fuck her honey, go ahead and show Megan how that cock feels.”

He looked at me a moment while I turned from Yvonne’s pussy, a questioned look on his face.

“It’s fine, fuck her. It’s cool.”

He pulled up and raised his cock, it didn’t take him long to enter her. The oil had everyone lubricated and slick.

“Dayummmmm, wow Megan. Your pussy is hot!”

“Mmmm, yes it is.”

Yvonne crawled to her purse to retrieve a couple toys. She held a slender vibrator to my pussy. She pushed it in and turned it to high.

“Oh God, that feels so great!”

Pumping it in and out of my pussy, she became more and more excited. She leaned down to whisper, “I brought my strap on, wanna see it?”

“Yessssss, get it out please. I want to feel it, not just see it.”

“Oh yeah, that’s what I was hoping for!”

Slipping into the harness, Yvonne wielded the strap on cock like it was a part of her body. Lying on my back, she slid between my legs and plunged into me. Her hips moved and gyrated.

“Shit, that feels fucking awesome Yvonne. Fuck me harder!”

Tony fucked Megan until she came. While she sucked his cock, he watched Yvonne and me for a while. Yvonne worked the strap on like a pro, drilling my pussy until I came hard and loud. She pulled back, looking at Tony.

“Tell me what you want for Christmas Tony?”


“Oh come on, tell me. It’s ok.”

“I think this little foray is a good enough present.”

“Now now, come tell Mrs. Clause what you want for Christmas.”

Tony looked at me, I responded. “It’s ok, you can tell her.”

“Oh Christ, you didn’t tell her that!”

“I did, but it’s ok. Come to find out, Bob has already experienced this.”

Megan added, “So has Tyson.”

“Holy Christ, now everyone knows. Did you tell the guys too?”

They looked at one another, then me, then Tony before answering, “Yes.”

“Damn. I never thought me wanting to get fucked with a strap on would be public knowledge.”

“Honey, I didn’t tell them what you wanted. Originally I intended on the four of us just playing together. When Yvonne told me about Bob, then Megan told me about Tyson, well… I figured it would be ok. There isn’t anything wrong with you wanting this.”

“What the hell, the cat is out of the bag now.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, I guess not. I just wasn’t expecting it to happen this way.”

“Is it ok if Yvonne does it, since I have never done it before?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. God, I hope you guys aren’t going to tell people.”

Yvonne spoke up, “Would you have known about Bob if this situation hadn’t occurred?”

“Well, no.”

“That’s my point. It isn’t something we go around telling people. It’s personal.”

“Does Bob really like it, or are you the one that enjoys doing it?”


“I see. What about Tyson?”

“He likes both, he likes my strap on and a real cock.”

“A real cock?”

“Yeah, we have a close friend that plays with us sometimes.”

“Damn, I would have never thought either of them would like it up the ass. They just don’t seem the ‘type’.”

“There is no ‘type’ honey. It’s an experience. How else do you expect to find out?”

Yvonne slipped over toward Tony and began to lower her pussy on his face. The dildo bobbed at the top of his head while he ate her pussy. The conversation ended and the initiation of Tony began. I crawled over and grabbed his hands pulling him toward me on all fours. Megan pulled his legs apart and slid underneath him so she could suck his cock. Yvonne straddled Megan’s body and crouched at Tony’s ass. She rubbed his oily ass cheeks and slid a finger into his ass. I held his wrists in my hands, looking into his eyes.

“Damn, her finger feels so good, just like yours baby.”

“Tell her when you want more.”

“More Yvonne, I want more.”

She slid a second finger, then a third into his ass and began pumping him.

“Shit, this feels awesome. More please, damn just fuck me. I feel like my balls are gonna explode already.”

She poured more oil over the dildo and slowly worked it into his ass. I watched the torrent of emotions on his face go from pain to pleasure then back again.

“Damn, this feels great. More Yvonne, give it to me up my ass.”

She reared back and began fucking him. The first time she withdrew and shoved it deep again, he cried out a little, but pushed back for her. She stroked in and out of his ass while Megan worked his cock with her mouth. Lying in front of Tony, I offered my pussy. Lapping and sucking my perky pussy lips, it made me more excited each time he moaned or growled in pain and pleasure.

The chime of the doorbell startled everyone. I jumped up to look out the peephole.

“Bob and Tyson are here!”

“Aww, hell no.” Tony said in disgust.

Yvonne didn’t move from her position. “Let them in.”

“NO, damn I don’t want them to see me like this.”

“Just let them in. They’ll enjoy this as much as we are.”

I hesitated then opened the door. Grabbing them by the coat sleeves I hauled them in and quickly shut the door, hoping no one in the hall would look in. They stood there in a shock for a moment before moving. Without a word both men disrobed and joined the action. The only person that felt the least bit uncomfortable was Tony.

“Yvonne grasped the moment and began fucking his ass with the dildo again.”

Bob and Tyson walked in front of Tony and whipped their cocks out. Tyson spoke first.

“Suck it bitch, you know you want to.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do, now suck it.” Tony began to speak but Tyson shoved his cock into his mouth giving him no choice. He fumbled at first but before long he sucked his cock like he had done it all his life. Bob shoved his way in front of Tony, taking Tyson’s spot.

“I see you like my girl’s strap on. It feels pretty fucking good, doesn’t it?”

Tony kept sucking his cock, but shook his head in approval. Tyson walked behind Tony. Yvonne pulled out her cock and traded places with him. Tyson got on his knees, while Tony stopped to look over his shoulder.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m gonna fuck your ass bitch, so you know how good a real cock feels.”

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea.”

“Never know until you try.”

“You guys aren’t gonna go tell everyone if I like it, are you?”

“Hell no, we like it too. It doesn’t change what kind of men we are.”

“I suppose…

“Just chill brother. We’re all adults here.”

Tony turned his head back to Bob’s cock. He placed his hand on Tony’s head using his as leverage. The head of Tyson’s cock rested at his ass, then slid in. Tony let out a loud cry.

“Shit, go slow, your cock is big.”

“The head is the worst part, just relax.”

Tyson grabbed his ass cheeks and rubbed them around while he edged in further. Tony grimaced a few time but soon relaxed. I watched in amazement as two men fucked my boyfriend. Yvonne and Megan came to me and started sucking my tits and pussy. I couldn’t focus on what they were doing because I was so fascinated watching Tony. My emotions were torn because their tongues were working me over good. An occasional moan slipped from my mouth while I continued watching. Tony quit sucking Bob’s cock and reached under with his hand to stroke his own.

Bob got down and joined Yvonne and Megan, playing with me. He told me to get on all fours and crouched behind me. “I’m gonna fuck your ass too.”

His cock slipped into my ass before I had time to respond. “Damn!” Tony worked his cock with his hand, jerking it hard and fast. Each time Tyson drove into his ass he let out a cry and moan, stroking harder.

“Fuck, this feels good!”

Tyson pulled his cock out and jerked his cock until come sprayed all over the plastic. Yvonne took advantage of Tyson in a weakened state and shoved him forward, perched at his ass with her strap on. He lowered his upper torso to the floor while she grabbed his ass cheeks.

“That’s it, give me that ass Tyson.”

She knew that Tyson played with his ass a lot and could take more than Tony. When she shoved the dildo up his ass, she had no mercy. Driving it long and deep, he let out a guttural growl.

“Yeah, oh shit, fuck my ass good Yvonne, fuck me hard!”

She obliged him, giving her all. Bob was fucking my ass and Megan had her pussy shoved into Tyson’s mouth. The six of us had a tremendous group fuck going on. Tony crawled over and slid up under my body.

“You’re gonna take two cock for doing this.”

“Oh God, do you think they will fit?”

“We’ll make them fit, won’t we Bob?”

“Hell yeah, we’ll make ’em fit in your tight little holes.”

Bob kept his cock in my ass while I straddled Tony. My pussy was so tight from having a cock in my ass but it felt wonderful.

“Fuck girl, you were made for this kinda shit,” Bob commented.

“HOLY FUCK, this feels so damn good. Stuff me full of cock guys!”

We continually fucked and played until everyone was drained. The three couples ended up together at the end of the night for one last come fest. We each knew our partners best and knew what to do to make the night end with a bang.

After we finished everyone took turns showering. We folded up the plastic on the floor, tossing it in the trash. By two o’clock in the morning we were sitting in front of the fireplace eating freshly popped popcorn and sipping wine. Eventually everyone left.

“Thank you for tonight.”

“I didn’t know what to get you for Christmas this year.”

“This was pretty awesome.”

“It was pretty cool. I hope you aren’t upset with me.”

“I’m not. I didn’t do anything that either of the those guys didn’t do.”

“So, which did you prefer?”

“What do you mean?”

“Dildo or real?”

“Honestly, I enjoyed everything. Don’t get me wrong, I got to experience something I always wondered about and that was great, but the entire evening was awesome not just one thing.”

“Should I buy a strap on?”

“Yes, I enjoyed that. But right now I want to make love to you.”

He carried me to bed. Tony made me come again then found his release in the depth of my pussy, filling me until it dripped from my body. We kissed in a profound way tonight. It was a kiss between two people that harbored no secrets and no shame. We made slow sensual love then drifted to sleep together. Neither of us forgot this Christmas party. It would be the beginning of many explorations for us, as a couple.


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April 11, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Dirty Dancing Donna

My band, The Intruders, play most of the bars and clubs in the area. We’re not great, but we are competent. Our style is bluesy with a splash of doo-wop thrown in for good measure. We have two singers, a sexy blonde screamer named Linda, and our guitarist Larry. Bill is on bass, Chas on drums, Cyndi on piano, and me on sax and woodwinds.

Harry, our manager, got us this gig for a private party one Saturday night. I was just expecting a typical gig. You know, we play, they dance and get drunk, we get paid and go home. No, I can’t give up my day job, that’s for sure, but playing relieves the stress of the week.

Well, this was not your ordinary Saturday night party. It was some kind of pajama party for swingers. Everyone there was wearing pajamas or nighties, and some of the nighties were very skimpy. I’d say there were about 30 couples there. When I say “couples” I guess I mean couples that came together because once the party started it was hard to tell who was with whom.

The band was set up at one end of the hall with the open bar off to the left. The dance floor was rather small and tables lined the walls the rest of the way around. At least the tables were there when we arrived. As we played the bright spotlights on the band made it hard to see. The dance floor was dimly lit, and the table area was even darker. From my vantage, I could barely see the tables except for the few closest to the band.

Our raunchy bluesy style of music was perfect for the party. Everyone was dirty dancing. The men were bending low and the women would straddle their legs, grinding themselves hard on the men’s thighs. Some of the couples were dancing so closely that it was hard to tell where the woman began and the man ended. And the groping and touching! It was quite a sight! Man! Did it make me play a sexy guttural sax!

When you play in bars, and some of them pretty seedy, you see all kinds of things. Once I watched a couple screwing against the wall just a few feet from the bandstand. And, of course, there is always the occasional fight. But in all my years of playing I had never seen things I saw on this night!

There was no nudity on the dance floor, but it was as close to group sex as you can possibly get otherwise. As I played the sax solo in Night Train, I was mesmerized by this three-some grinding away right in from of me. A tall man wearing only pajama bottoms was being sandwiched by two sexy ladies, one a tall blonde and the other a shorter woman with reddish-brown hair. The blonde was wearing a white teddy and the other a low-cut long satin nightgown with slits along each side. The blonde was pressing her breasts against the man’s back and undulating with him as he bent low to give the brunette the chance to ride his thigh. The brunette was super sexy and she pulled up her nightgown to show off her naked thighs as she squirmed and wiggled on his leg. Her gown was cut so low I was eagerly hoping for her ample breasts to fall out of it. She had some kind of little tattoo just above her left breast, but I couldn’t quite make out what it was.

I was mesmerized by the woman. She was so sexy, much more so than the blonde and every once in a while she would look up at me, knowing that I was watching her. She obviously knew she was getting to me. All I know is my solo was just about the best rendition I’d ever done for Night Train.

By the time the tune ended, the man’s pj bottoms were down below his ass, exposing the thong he was wearing. The blonde was rubbing her leg against him and the brunette had a handful of ass. All in all, it was a very sexy dance.

From my spot on the bandstand I could catch glimpses of what was going on at the tables nearby. I watched the threesome walk over to the tables nearest the band. They were still in shadows but I could make out what was happening. The blonde sat down on a chair and the brunette knelt down before her. The man took up a position in a chair toward the butt-end of the brunette.

As the band struck up Perfidia, I watched that sexy woman with the reddish-brown hair eat out the blonde, while the man finger-fucked the kneeling woman.

It was the first time I had ever gotten an erection while playing. I bent my knees and wiggled as I played, in a futile effort to get my raging hard-on into a comfortable spot in my pants. Knowing that there was fucking and sucking going on all around us among the darkened tables lining the walls was such a turn on.

After the set, we took a 15 minute break and I went over to the bar to get a beer. As I stood there sipping it, who should come over but the sexy brunette.

“Hi, you guys sure play great!” she said. “You’ve got to be the best sax man I’ve ever heard!”

“Thank you very much,” I replied, and then, looking for something to prolong the conversation, I added, “And I really like the way you dirty dance!”

“Oh, you’re sweet!. I like to do it. It’s so sexy, and my husband likes to watch me do it.”

“Oh, that wasn’t him you were dancing with?”

“Oh, no, I just met that guy tonight,” she said laughing. “My hubby sits and watches and then we fuck like rabbits when we get home.”

“Well, I was watching you at the tables, and I must say that I don’t think I’ve ever been to party quite like this one,” I said with a smile on my face.

Smiling as she talked, she said, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to have you back for the next one, shouldn’t we?”

Then looking up at me from her 5-5 vantage, she put out her hand and said, “Hi, my name is Donna.”

“Hello, Donna, my name is Joe.”

Standing so close I could see that the tattoo over her breast was a little faerie or pixie.

“That’s a cute tattoo,” I said pointing to it.

“Thanks, I designed it myself,” she said, and turning around she lifted her hair to show me another one on her right shoulder, two intertwined roses. “I did this one, too.”

“Very nice, Donna. I have to say that you are just about the sexiest woman at this shindig.”

“Just about? So I’m not the sexiest?”

Laughing, I said, “No, you are the sexiest. It’s just a figure of speech.”

Donna moved very close to me and stood up on her tip-toes to whisper in my ear, “Well, Joe, I think you are just about the sexiest guy here, too. I got all wet listening to you blow that sax!”

Well, as you can imagine, I didn’t expect that so I just stood there trying to figure out how to respond. My cock, however, did know how to respond and it sprang to life in my pants once again.

Pressing her ample tits against me Donna put one hand on my shoulder and the other against my crotch and whispered, “And there’s nothing that I’d like to do more right now than suck on this hard cock of yours!”

“Oh geez,” was I all could say.

Taking me by the hand, Donna led me to the darkest corner of the hall. As we walked past the tables, I could hear the moaning of love-making and I could see the silhouettes of couples writhing in the shadows.

Pushing me down onto a chair, Donna immediately dropped to her knees and began unbuckling my pants. Soon she had freed my rock hard cock and was sucking it in earnest. Stroking my shaft with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other, Donna let her hot wet mouth surround the head of my cock. Her lips dancing over the corona and I could feel the tip of her tongue dip into the slit. It was all I could do to hang onto my seat, it felt so good.

Moaning and groaning like a banshee, I was nearly ready to explode when Donna got up and stood about a foot away from me.

“No, not quite yet,” she said, hiking her nightgown up to reveal her pussy. The light was dim, but I could still make out her pussy lips as she ran her finger between them. “Oh, I’m so wet,” she said. Then Donna offered me her finger and I eagerly sucked her juices from it.

Moving forward, Donna straddled me and reached down to guide my cock into her. She was so wet. I could feel the heat of her pussy surrounding me as she began moving up and down on me.

Pulling down the straps of her nightgown, it was only a moment before her breasts tumbled out and into my face. Holding onto her ass with one hand, I used the other to grab a tit and suck it as she rode me. Donna’s nipple was so hard and I lightly bit down on one of it. She let out a scream. I immediately thought I had hurt her, but soon realized that she was cumming. Continuing to move up and down on me as she came, I began moaning as well.

“Oh, fuck, Donna, I’m gonna cum!” I cried.

“No, NO! not yet!” she said as she quickly got off me. “I want you in my ass. You can cum that way!”

Pulling me up from my seat, Donna knelt on the chair, her gown pulled up to reveal her ass. I bent over and gave her pussy a quick lick, enjoying the pungent taste of her juices. Moving my tongue upward through her pussy lips I let it settle into the bud of her ass, making sure that it was all wet and ready for my cock.

Holding on to Donna’s hips, I pressed my cock against her asshole. Immediately she pressed back against me until she opened up for me. Suddenly, I popped inside and she began bucking back against me.

Having already nearly cum twice, I didn’t last very long. As Donna pushed back against me, taking all of my hard cock inside her, I erupted. To my surprise, Donna came again, too.

Then I heard a voice from the bandstand. “Joe, get your ass up here! We’ve got another set to play.” It was Larry.

Quickly pulling up my pants and zipping and buckling up, I hurried to the bandstand. As we played I couldn’t take my eyes off Donna as she dirty danced all night, laughing and grinding, and looking at me with those sultry sexy eyes.

I had to have her again. And I did. Many times over the next several months. But that first encounter was always the hottest.


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April 9, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – First Kiss

Since the day her family moved in next door, Melissa and Jeff had been nearly inseparable. They grew up best friends, from kindergarten right through high school. It was a very rare occurrence being able to remain friends for so long. The two shared a unique connection, a bond they were not even aware of it most times. Things just seemed right. Their parents often joked they would grow up one day and be married. This was all talk the kids never cared to hear – they were just friends.

Growing up in the lush surroundings on the island of Maui is something a person could easily take for granted. Jeff and Melissa often spent their teen years lounging and swimming in her pool with friends, hiking and exploring the enchanted island trails or just talking and hanging out. Their favorite thing to do was hike to a remote part of the island and swim in a beautiful blue lagoon with a trickling twenty-foot waterfall. It was a special spot – it was their private spot.

The friendship continued as usual until one Saturday night at Melissa’s house, a week after her eighteenth birthday. Her parents were gone for the weekend visiting relatives, so Melissa had the place to herself. How refreshing to explore her independence for a whole weekend alone, she thought. Things didn’t turn out as she planned, though. Her date cancelled on her at the last minute, so she turned to Jeff to rescue her. Jeff was available and bored, so he didn’t mind coming over to hang out.

It was already dark, which ruled out swimming in her pool, so they decided to watch TV. Maybe they could find a good movie. Melissa scrolled through the channels and continued surfing until it ended up on one of those adult porn channels. When Jeff saw this, they guy in him came out, and he playfully begged, “Leave it on Missy. I’ve never seen one of these before.”

“Yeah right, keep dreaming sport,” she teased back. They were always kidding each other, but she got the feeling he was serious this time. Something was different in his voice.

Melissa looked at Jeff apprehensively, wanting to change the channel, yet she left it there. She was curious too, but felt unusually uncomfortable. She and Jeff shared virtually everything through the years – their feelings on life, their families, even who they were dating. Never, though, did they talk about sex. This was a boundary that had never been crossed.

As they watched the porn movie, they pretended to be commentators and described the action with witty comments, laughing back and forth at the abundance of cheesy acting. As the movie progressed, though, they got quieter, watching a little more intensely. In the film, the needy housewife asked the pool boy if he needed help with his cleaning, and a minute later, she was kneeling down in front of him. Melissa giggled nervously at the oral act and asked, “Do guys really like when girls do that?”

“Yeah guys love that. It’s the best,” he shot back. He was only answering out of what he believed, not from experience. Jeff had only seriously dated one girl in his life. They had slept together many times, but he never received oral sex. The laughing died down inside Jeff and was gradually replaced by feelings of arousal. He looked back at his friend Missy – he still saw his friend there, but there was something more now. His gaze roamed between the movie and Melissa. She had such a pretty face and wavy sandy brown hair. It fell down over her shoulders and just above her chest as she watched the action on screen. Jeff always knew she had breasts, but they seemed more prominent today. She breathed heavily while watching, and he saw her chest rising and falling deeply. Her nipples were poking out against her thin white t-shirt. He wondered if she was feeling stimulated like he was.

Jeff pulled one of the blankets off the back of the couch and over his lap. He didn’t want Melissa to see he was hard in his shorts. It was natural to be excited, but yet embarrassing while sitting next to his best friend. A few minutes went by, and the movie scene switched to two women fucking the pool boy. Jeff moved his hand over his cock, rubbing it very lightly with his fingers, and tracing it along the shaft. His mind wasn’t thinking clearly, and tingles of pleasure were becoming more heightened inside.

Looking over, he saw that Missy wasn’t watching him – her focus was entirely on the screen. She was captivated, a mixture of wonder and lust on her face. She licked her lips, glistening them with her tongue. Seeing her like this released more passion inside Jeff, and he reached under his shorts and grabbed his cock firmly. It was already wet, dribbling precum out of his slit. Under the secrecy of the blanket, his hand stroked the length of his shaft slowly, wetting his fingers with his own secretions. The sounds from the movie were loud enough that he was sure Melissa couldn’t hear or see him beginning to pleasure himself.

Melissa didn’t want to look as she pulled her own afghan onto her lap. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jeff’s blanket moving back and forth very slowly. Was he just fiddling with his hands? Was Jeff really touching himself right in front of her? He couldn’t possibly be – or was he? The noises coming from the other side of the couch were becoming more unmistakable now. She could hear the sounds of wet friction from under his blanket – he was definitely playing. Melissa suddenly felt warm and naughty inside. She knew she was wet and could feel juices pooling in her pussy. In any other situation she wouldn’t hesitate to finger her tight little hole, but she was sitting here with her very best friend in the entire world.

Giving in to her growing passion, she used her fingertips to lightly rub her thighs, just below her soft pink shorts. She was not wearing panties – she rarely did. As she rubbed her leg more under the afghan, she felt dampness seeping out of her pussy and glazing her shorts. She glanced over at Jeff and he casually looked away. His hand was working his cock a little faster now, and she could hear the sounds of him rubbing. Pulling her shorts to the side, she slid her smooth fingers up her pant leg and toward her pussy. Touching it for the first time, she was relieved feeling her warm cozy slit once again. It was waiting for her touch – she needed it now. She hoped Jeff couldn’t see her, but the need to touch herself was much more powerful than her fading inhibitions. Brushing her finger against her swollen clit, an instinctive moan escaped from her lips.

He heard it now – Missy was moaning and not from just watching the movie. He looked over at her and their eyes met, uncomfortably at first. They stared at each other for a few seconds then looked away back to the screen. They were fully aware each other was playing and rubbing yet they didn’t stop. In fact, seeing Jeff watching her made her slide her finger deeper inside her warm, soft folds. She was so hot and slick inside and could hear her own wet pussy responding to her touch. Her shorts were soaked and messy from her own fluids. She looked back to Jeff. His hand was moving back and forth under his blanket faster now. He looked up and their eyes met. Staring into his eyes, she fingered herself more rapidly, brushing against her clit with her hand while gliding in and out.

The burning passion fueled Jeff’s thoughts more intensely. He knew Missy was watching him stroking, and instead of being embarrassed, he felt even more aroused. He wanted her to see more, so he slowly let the blanket slip off his lap. His gaze was now transfixed on her face as his cock came into full view. The room was dimly lit except for the glow of the television screen, but he knew she could see all of him now. He pulled his shorts down his legs and around his ankle, her eyes growing in size with shock and excitement as she watched him rubbing his glistening erection. His hands were shiny from his leaky precum and it lubricated him so he could stroke himself smoothly.

Melissa lay back against the side of the couch, now facing Jeff, and pulled her shorts off. He could see the shorts falling to the floor under the blanket and stroked even faster, and he looked at her lap. Knowing he was watching, she pushed her blanket to the floor. With her nakedness now fully visible to him, she spread her legs and let her fingers invade her pussy. She lusted for that cock in his hands and dipped her fingers back inside, reveling in her wetness. Her pussy was fully soaked, with wet fucking sounds resonating through the room from her touch. Nobody had ever watched Melissa masturbating before and she loved it.

Warmth grew inside Jeff as his orgasm continued building, watching her fingers pushing in and out of her pink little slit. She fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit faster, her inner walls pulsing and clenching, her orgasm building quickly. Simultaneously they let out loud moans as their bodies flooded with the warm rush of their orgasms, juices flowing from their bodies. They lay there resting – their bodies still numb and tingling.

Fully relaxed and cleaned up, they both fell asleep on the couch watching infomercials about ginsu knives, super cleaners and indoor grills.

The next morning was unsurprisingly awkward. Neither Melissa nor Jeff knew how to act or talk to each other, so Jeff went home after making a bit of small talk. Melissa was so happy, realizing for the first time she cared for Jeff on a deeper level, but the girl in her couldn’t help but think he must have thought their big plunge was a mistake. Her mind confused and tormented her all day, leaving her frustrated and just a bit sad.

Jeff wanted so badly to walk over and talk with Melissa, but the right words to say just wouldn’t form properly. He wanted to call and tell her he finally realized she was perfect for him, not only as a best friend, but also as his soulmate. His embarrassment and awkwardness over last night were too powerful, and that phone call was never made.

Weeks went by, and it seemed the more intense their feelings grew for each other, the less substance they had in their conversations. With each passing day, it became harder and harder to bring up about their night of masturbatory intimacy together. Small talk became the norm between them, each too nervous to bring up their growing feelings. More time passed, and soon the entire summer was gone.

Melissa’s father received an incredible job opportunity in California, and she and her family moved away that fall. Jeff’s family was on vacation for two weeks at the time, and they never got to say a formal goodbye. Both were filled with regret and sadness, mostly at the loss of their friendship, but also at the possibility of true love lost. Nearly three years went by until their paths would once again meet.

One afternoon, Jeff received a phone call out of the blue. “Hey Jeff, it’s Missy!!” He was nearly too shocked to talk. After a few minutes of catching up, Melissa got to the heart of the matter. “I’d like to come visit you next week. I have some vacation time coming and I want to see you.” It was agreed she would fly out Saturday and stay a few days with him. Jeff was so excited to hear from Missy – his Missy. He had never really forgotten her, but yet at this point, never really expected to see her again.

When they met up at the airport, they were both so happy to be together. Jeff couldn’t help but check out Missy – her hair was now shorter, modern and with light blonde highlights. It looked great on her. She looked better than ever, her figure was incredible and her smile could still light up a room. Melissa in turn marveled at Jeff. He had obviously been keeping in very good shape. His lean figure had been replaced by broad shoulders and a muscular chest. He still kept his boyish charms – she always loved his mussed-up blonde hair and cute smile.

Melissa loved being back in her home city again, even if only to visit. She missed the Hawaiian way of living, she missed the beautiful gardens and endless sandy beaches, and she missed Jeff. For the next couple days they laughed, talked and got to know each other all over again. Their last full day together, Melissa came up with the perfect plan, “Let’s go to the lagoon one last time.”

Skies of bright blue shone down on the lush gardens as they hiked their way to their spot once more. It was still just as they remembered. Vibrant tropical flowers lined the lagoon, and they both felt a warm glow inside when they saw them. The waterfall trickled and formed its own path down the small cliff, its water cascading into the deep blue of the lagoon. Jeff marveled at Melissa in her bright yellow and blue bikini, and old feelings for her awakened inside. She was so pretty, sharp and sexy – the perfect girl-next-door. Jeff smirked as he thought about this – Missy WAS the girl-next-door.

Swimming over to the waterfall, Melissa playfully splashed at Jeff and teased him into following. He splashed back and swam after her. A tension was building between them – the type of sexual tension she hadn’t encountered since that night three years ago on her couch. Memories resurfaced and she felt flush. Daydreams were interrupted as Jeff snuck up from behind and wrapped his arms around her. “Gotcha!” he teased playfully. Just the feel of him touching her sent chills down her spine, shivering in his strong, powerful arms. Laughing and teasing, Jeff turned Melissa around to face him. She felt so comfortable and alive with him. They gazed into each other’s eyes, smiling, and it felt as though time had stopped. In that instant there was nothing that mattered but him and her. Melissa felt her lips tingle in anticipation, and without a word, she leaned in to kiss him – their first kiss together.

As their lips met, Jeff’s body sprung to life. Her lips were so soft against his, and he felt as though he was melting into her body, becoming one with her. Kissing her deeper, he tickled his fingers through her soft hair. She moaned as he glided his fingers along the back of her neck. Fireworks erupted in her body as his hands continued caressing her. The soft touch of his lips lit up a piece of her heart that had been dimmed since the day she moved away. She vowed they would never part and kissed him deeply again as he squeezed her body tight. They looked into each other’s eyes as she whispered in his ear, “I love you Jeff. I think I always have.” Melissa tingled as the words left her mouth.

Hearing her say these words fulfilled his fantasy – he was here in their special spot with the woman he loved. “I love you too Missy, so so much,” he whispered back. Melissa drew her head back as he kissed her along her neckline with a love that had been buried in him as well. He kissed her and she wrapped her legs around him, her waist rubbing flush with his. With a subtle nod, they knew it was time to swim to shore.

They hadn’t noticed the overcast skies rolling in while kissing in the lagoon, and a light rain began to fall. They laughed as they sat down on the bright green grassy ground, raindrops cascading down their faces. With the sudden rainfall, Jeff knew any tourists outside would be scrambling for indoors, so they would be left in total privacy for quite some time. He laid her down and looked at her, smiling – she was the prettiest girl in the entire world in his eyes. Jeff reached next to her and picked a bright pink flower, putting it in Missy’s hair as he caressed and played with her neck, kissing her softly and licking the raindrops off her warm skin. He unfastened her bikini top and moaned involuntarily as he saw her breasts.

Her small breasts loomed in full view. He wanted to touch her, to feel her and to taste her. She let slip a soft moan as he rubbed and caressed her mounds, squeezing them in his hands. She ran her fingers through his wet blondish hair, pulling him down as he leaned in and sucked her hard pink nipple. Tingles radiated from her breasts while shivers filled her entire body as Jeff sucked, taking her fully into his mouth. He nibbled lightly and grazed his teeth against her nipple, and she pulled his head down harder to her body, weaving her fingers tightly through his hair. She had fantasized about being with Jeff again, but never in her wildest fantasies could she have imagined a more perfect scene. Her hands roamed and pushed his swim trunks down his legs. She could not see him naked, but she knew he was and could feel his hardness pushing against her thigh.

Melissa watched in anticipation as he slid down her body and began kissing her belly and then lower. He licked the outer seam of her bikini bottoms, marveling that the only thing separating him from her pussy was a thin piece of fabric. Pulling them to the side, he drew himself to her soft lips, circling them with his warm tongue. She moaned and squirmed as he brushed his tongue back and forth across her swollen clit. He loved how sweet and special she tasted. Looking down and watching, Melissa spread her legs more as he pulled her suit off. Without hesitation, Jeff spread her swollen pussy lips wide and pushed his tongue deep within. She was so tight and hot and soaking wet. His tongue was sopping, her juices dribbling off his lips and down his chin.

She grabbed his head and pushed it firmly against her fiery mound. He shoved his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could, tickling her inner walls on every side. She went crazy and squeezed her legs around his head as he fucked his tongue in and out of her. Melissa’s pussy tightened and pulsed, and she let out a frantic gasp as she climaxed intensely, soaking his tongue and face with her gooey cum. Jeff licked and sucked her leaking fluids while her body twinged and quivered. He brought his head up to hers and kissed her lips tenderly, melting into her mouth. She kissed him with a reckless abandon, loving the taste of her own juices.

Melissa motioned for Jeff to lie down on his back as she straddled his waist, raised just above him. She slowly lowered her body, brushing her pussy against his hard cock, teasing it with her swollen lips. Grabbing his cock, she guided the tip between her folds and sat down on top of him in one smooth motion. He felt himself coated in warmth and become soaked in her juicy hole. She rocked her hips against him, wanting more of his cock in her pulsating pussy. Jeff was sliding so deep inside, her drenched pussy allowing him to glide freely in and out of her. He felt himself becoming alive with pleasure as his orgasm grew. She rocked her hips harder and faster, their bodies moving in perfect motion. She was on fire and knew her next orgasm was imminent.

She needed to explode with him, knowing their bodies were joined together as one. He thrust his cock up inside her so fast and hard now. She moaned as his hands moved from her hips to her ass, caressing her smooth firm cheeks. As his orgasm approached rapidly, he glided his finger up and down her warm crack and rested his finger right on her soft, puckered hole. With each thrust, he wiggled his finger over her butthole and began putting pressure on it. Her skin relaxed and spread open, allowing his finger inside her warm, tight hole. They both felt themselves about to release in wild orgasmic pleasure. Moaning turned to screams as he let loose, his loads of hot cum shooting against her pussy walls. She felt the hot shots inside her, and this pushed her over the edge. Melissa pulsed and contracted around his cock and felt a huge warm explosion inside. He continued to ram in and out of her as they both finished their climax. They lay joined with one another while they panted, trying to catch their breath. She loved the feeling of him inside her warm, wet pussy. They kissed softly while resting for what seemed like hours. “I love you Missy,” he whispered.

She stared into his eyes and whispered back, “I love you Jeff.”

As they walked back to his house, Melissa came to a resolution and happily said, “You know, I’m thinking of extending my vacation a bit longer.”

“You can stay as long as you want. Can you really stay a few more days maybe?” he asked hopefully.

Melissa looked into her new lover’s eyes – her one and only true love, and said, “I was thinking more like forever.” Jeff could only look at her and smile brightly. He held her hand as they walked home. A new and exciting chapter in their lives had begun.


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April 8, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Katy on Being Horny

I wake up wet. My fertility is at its peak. This is a monthly holiday for me, no matter where I am or what my responsibilities are. I love it so much that if I were a sex educator, which I am not, I would advise all girls never to go on hormonal birth control. What a waste!

It is dark in the morning again, and the November storms have just begun whipping in off the Pacific and taking down branches, trees and power lines. I wake up before my alarm (which is rare in the winter). My pussy is rocking with an orgasm from a dream in which I was making love to Sandeep in my classroom half-clothed, which was nice because it was it was positive, and it’s all about your attitude, you know? To be honest, I am getting a little bored of Sandeep. I asked him if he wanted to film me doing Shell with a dildo and he said he didn’t go in for that. Also he told me that he wished that I wouldn’t be so free with myself once he’d heard about Drew at the estuary last summer…Shell he doesn’t mind so much, being that she is a woman and I guess he thinks that she wouldn’t compete with him. Can you believe that?

I like for Shell to lie on top of me. She is so small, and soft, and doesn’t deflate my lungs with her weight. I could lie under her for hours, and sometimes I do, as long as her neglectful husband is out of town. Someday I just want to be in their bed eating her out when Zach comes home. Maybe he’d be so offended he would just leave her forever and stay in Corvallis where he seems to be getting no further with that dissertation. Maybe he would finally come to his senses and fuck her. In addition, me. Maybe he’d punish me a little. I can’t get anyone in this town to spank me.

I digress.

I like waking up with orgasms, but I always want more. I want to be in charge. I want to direct my fantasies and my hand. In my mind, I am setting up the video camera and tripod in Shell’s bedroom while she protests feebly. (She always protests and it’s always totally feeble. It’s like it’s for form: she’s lodged her moral complaint against my depredations and then I get to have my way, with her as an enthusiastic partner as inventive as I am.) I’m strapping on a harness and dildo. It’s a new dildo. Thicker than anything she’s had.

“No way!” she says. “That’s like hardcore!”

“You’ll like it,” I assure her.

“Well, but why do you want to tape it?”

I say, “Well, I’m coming in from behind and I just want to get off on the look on your face the moment I penetrate you with this big man, over and over and over. Mmmmm. Down on the bed. Now.” In my mind, she waves her white ass in my face.

I roll over onto my stomach and lift my ass into the air, taking Shell’s part in my mind. I lick my fingers and part my labia and make slow, soft circles for as long as I can. I begin panting. I rub my nipples lightly on the sheet. I increase the pressure on my clit and when I can’t take it any more, I shove my hips into the bed onto the hardness of my stiff fingers until I am crying out into the pillow, shaking with my second orgasm in the pale light of a rainy Oregon dawn.

I get up. Toast. Coffee. Scientific American and OPB simultaneously (absorbing little of either). Shower. Barrette holding uncombed hair in a wild bun with red ringlets artlessly framing delicate jawline. My standard school uniform: Boxers, Carharts, wool socks and boots (just because I can never predict if I’m going to take the students out for field studies or not). Rose-scented deodorant. Camisole with lace trim, tight scoop neck with long sleeves, wool plaid flannel. Lunch (turkey sandwich on bread that I made, and a banana). Keys. Gore-tex parka. Graded homework folder. Done, I’m out the door.

I walk to work. It’s just under two miles, and gives me time to plan my lessons for the day. I would rather think about trying to seduce Sandeep in the supply closet (my classroom being a room for fantasies and dreams only…let’s be clear). He won’t make love to me at school. Neither has Shell, yet. Ok, to give Sandeep credit, one night when we were both working very late to bang out grades for the second quarter, I gave him a blowjob…in the supply closet.

Adina and I have begun to make a quiet peace after she caught me and Sandeep in flagrante delicto in the dunes a year and a half ago. Things were a little weird in the science department at my school for quite some time, given that the three of us, Shell, Adina and I, are the sole science teachers, plus this Republican who is nearing retirement. He doesn’t have much of an impact. My hope is to seduce Adina soon; she’s so cute. She’s also so straight and so wounded still about her husband. He’s dead. You must think I am slightly heartless. Really, I’m not! I just want her so bad. I think sleeping with me would be good for her. I have this little fantasy that she bumps into me in the supply closet (really it’s the size of a little room, with a small window) as I am going out and she is going in. I hang out. I get her something off the top shelf. Who knows what she needs? She touches my forearm as a gesture of thanks. I grab her wrist. She stares at me. I lean over her a little. She looks up. I’m kissing her. She’s kissing me back. I cup her face in mine. I take her in my arms. I cup her round ass through her cords (she always wears cords for pants). I rub her breasts. I am the one to break away. In my fantasy, things are a little weird again (this time in an exciting way, of course), until she seeks me out a week later. We just so happen to find each other in the supply closet again. We talk inconsequentially awhile. It’s clear we’re hanging out. I’m sitting on the large stepladder, my knees wide like a boy. She kind of comes over to lean on the railing, and I hook my arm around her waist and then we’re kissing again. I get my hand up her chaste wool skirt until I’ve worked her panties down and then she’s between my knees and I have to get down to the bottom step so I can eat her out with my head under her skirt, my hands roaming all over her little ass. In my mind, she pants and her hips buck and she grips with railings of the stepladder in both hands. I just know it’s going to come true in just this way in less than a month. Or maybe by the next time I ovulate. Which would be in a month. Whatever. I just want her. Once I get her, I’ll fantasize about getting her with Shell, for a little threesome. I’ll wait on that fantasy though. I bet I could make that one come true in three months. Maybe Sandeep would be willing to film that, the three of us, especially if we each promised him some treat just for him. From each of us. But as I said, that fantasy should just wait. Mmmmmm.

What am I teaching today? Tides? My whole body is a rising high tide. I can hardly concentrate. I should probably just do my typical on-the-fly lesson, which is getting the kids outdoors to make observations from which they could then design an experiment or study. Ok. Now I have lessons for the next two weeks (I love science and living in a rural county on the ocean…the world is my chalkboard).

Back to sex. Fucking.


Bodies humping.

Slapping. Spanking. Cumming.

That’s all I can think about.

I think I’m kind of like a concupiscent thirteen-year-old boy in the frequency with which I think about sex. Oh, man, I wish everyone felt this way. Then there’d be so much more fucking and so much less fighting.

Within the last quarter of a mile, I try put my mind on my work and put my emotions on a shelf. My hormones and the neurotransmitters in my brain cells have left their trace, and even just walking is arousing. My labia are still tumescent.

It takes discipline to put sex away.

I focus on the plants and the ducks I see in the river: Mallards and Buffleheads. Fair enough. A cormorant. A Great Blue Heron. I think about my principal, a very scary professional woman who demands perfection. Ok! Don’t think about sex!

I know human pheromones must be real. The first time I walked into a high school as a student teacher I was just stunned. The air had a chemical charge to it, perhaps faintly skunky, but not enough to smell, something just under normal perception.

I know my ovulation has an effect on others, and I know that I am one of the few women who is in touch with this, perhaps because so many women are on hormonal birth control. I can’t help but feel sorry for them. I do.

When I am fertile, I feel like a cat. I feel loose and alert.

People respond to me differently at this time. They compliment me more on my appearance. They stand close to me. Their parkas brush mine as we walk down the sidewalk together. Their shoulders rub mine. I am like a magnet.

The door to the school: Hall duty. Science-math block. Guitar. Prep period. Photocopies. Meeting with annoying Humanities teaching partner. Lunch. Science-math block. Faculty meeting where I was not the latest to arrive.

That was Shell.

After the meeting, she gives me an abashed smile. I wink. I say, “Hey, could you come to my room for a quick meeting?”

“Sure,” she says.

I’m in the supply closet when she arrives, pretending to organize beakers. She’s tense; she knows why I am in there, and I imagine she’s coming up with a stronger than feeble protest since I’m suggesting sex at school. She closes the door. It only locks from the outside, so if Adina or the Republican or the custodian need to come in, we are in BIG trouble. But not yet; Shell will need some convincing before I can get her pants off at school. So I just start with a conversation. I want to stick my hand down my own pants, but that would be a little fast for Shell. Then I decide I don’t care.

“Would you watch me while I get off?” I ask. I sit on the stepladder.

“Uh,” says Shell.

“Totally feeble,” I say, and open my fly. I close my eyes (mainly to make it easier for Shell to watch me.) My hand is under my boxers and my fingers are sifting through my trimmed hair. I breathe in deeply, and open my eyes to find her staring at me. I smile and hold her gaze.

“You’re totally stressed because you got a total evil eye for being late,” I say, closing my eyes again as a retreat back into private space.

“I was on the phone with a parent. Who’d called me. But winners don’t make excuses, isn’t that right?” Our principal’s mantra.

“Yeah,” I say, spreading my legs wider. I find my wetness and spread it in wide circles over my entire vulva.

I open my eyes. She’s staring at me with her mouth slightly parted. She’s breathing fast.

“I want to watch you get off,” I say.

“Katy…” she begins.

“You know you want to cum. You’re not unaffected by me. You want a taste. Why don’t you just start on yourself?”

“The door?”

“Oh, just go lock it on the outside. That way you’ll have time to pull your pants up if you hear Adina rattling her key.”

Shell does so, walking somewhat gingerly. Why? I’m sure her pussy is totally swollen and her labia were slipping all over themselves.

She comes back and stands squarely in front of my spread legs, not quite in them. Her hand snakes down the waistband of her jeans. Her legs are wide apart.

We watch each other, each working on our own pussy.

“Get over here,” I say.

She complies.

I work her pants over her hips and push her panties down to mid-thigh. I grab the small of her back and pull her to my face. I bury my face in her muff, using my nose, my chin, to grind at her mons. She smells of cumin and pepper, so clean and spicy. I breathe her in. I lick and lick. I lick her belly, her thighs, the slit, the clit. I put one of my hands back on myself, and with my other, I force her legs wider. I make her lean over me. I am under her. She’s panting. She won’t moan out loud. It’s too dangerous.

I use my hands on her hips to hold her to my face, and then I slip one hand down her inner thigh and up to the long cleft of her ass. I wedge my fingers inside and rest them on her anus. She stiffens and stops the grind of her hips into my face.

“Sh,” I say, withdrawing to her ass cheek.

She relaxes, so I wedge my finger into the cleft again. She clenches her cheeks but keeps grinding.

I tilt my head away. “You can do this,” I say. “You want it.”

She relaxes somewhat, and I stroke her cleft until she trusts me and her cheeks are pliable and I can spread them. I rub her cleft from top to bottom. I dip my fingers into her pussy and get them wet. I trail this wetness up to her anus. With the tip of my finger, I press gently against the opening. Her breathing is ragged. Her hips stop but she does not pull away from me, or tighten her ass. She is leaning over me with her eyes closed.

“Slowly,” I whisper, and I push my finger in not at all far. She is tight. I move my finger in small circles. I am sucking on her clit. I push my finger in farther. I massage her anus. She takes it. I embed my finger. I pull out a little, and then in. She takes it. With my other arm I am hugging her around her middle. I am grinding my face into her pussy. She is breathing so fast. She is stifling her moans. She is cumming in waves. Above me her hips rock, and I can feel the waves inside her through the muscles of her anus.

I withdraw slowly, and pull her panties up for her. She lies down on the floor up the supply closet. Closes her eyes.

I finish myself off quickly, watching her the entire time.

Adina must have gone home to pick up her daughter at after school daycare. No worries. The Republican never stays late and the custodian probably won’t be in until 7:00 in the evening.

I get down on the floor with Shell.

We lie there spooning for another five minutes while her breathing settles. She starts pushing on my pants. She wants them down. I flip on my back and let her remove them, inside out down to my damn hiking boots (which are dusty with dried mud). She pushes my ankles up to my ass and spreads my knees out, kneeling between them. She eats me and shoves four fingers up my pussy. I writhe under her. She spreads me wide. Her warm tongue probes my clit. I push the three layers of clothes on my upper body up and play with my nipples until she has me too distracted to pay attention to anything but her fingers and her tongue. That’s all I can think about. My back is arching. My hips are spinning in circles. My fourth orgasm of the day. I don’t plan on it being the last.

She pulls herself up and lies on my chest. I smile at her and shove my hand back under her panties where I can cup her ass cheek.

“Shell,” I say.

“What?” she asks drowsily.

“Would you do a ménage-a-trois with me?”

“I’d agree to just about anything right now, I feel so good,” she answered.

I take her hand and put it back on my pussy, just cupping it.

“Tonight?” I asked.

“What are you kidding?” The feeble protest. There will be a few more.

“I’m totally serious,” I say. “With a man.”

“Are you kidding?” she asks.

“No…I was thinking Drew.”

Her fingers start playing with my pussy again.

That’s how I know I’ll get what I want.


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Erotic Hot Stories – Desires Of A Woman

It’s 4:15pm and Amy is just waiting to go home and rest, she daydreams about a man she saw in the elevator that same afternoon. She things to herself that guy was very hot and hunky looking. Amy then quietly looks around to make sure no one is looking she then slips her hand between her creamy smooth thighs places her finger upon her red hot wet panties, rubbing herself as she thinks about what that guy could do to her in bed. She quietly moans as she rubs her hot wet panties going against her clit, her breathing gets faster the rubbing gets harder…. just as she’s getting pleasure the phone rings disturbing her quiet little pleasure world.

After a days work Amy wants to just relax, yet she can’t help but think of that hunky guy she saw, all that she has on her mind is how much she wants that guy to just take her and please her every way that she wants him to do. The room starts to get warm as she lies on her bed undressing down to her bra and panties. Pretending he’s there she closes her eyes then slowly starts moving her hands all over her body, making the panties all wet she makes moaning sounds like he is licking her body from her hot wet clit to her hard nipples protruding through the bra.

Removing the soaked red panties slowly down her legs she takes her fingers and rubs her wet clit then begins to touch her heaving breasts pricing her bra. Fingering herself wanting it to be him, she takes off the bra her breasts jump out and bounce like crazy as she fingers her hot wet pussy, Amy takes her breast and licks the nipple giving her more pleasure, making her hand move faster giving her pussy more pleasure and getting really close to a big climax. Suddenly she moans loudly with her fingers in hot wet pussy, she feels a tingle through out her body cumming on her fingers, she removes them and sucks on her fingers like sucking on creamy candy.

The very next day Amy goes to work but some thing good happens that very morning, the guy she wants just walks into the same elevator and the door closes. She looks at him and smiles but at the same time she’s undressing him with her eyes seeing every thing that she wants from him, he smiles back at her. Suddenly the elevator stops and the two are stuck together until it starts up again, this gives Amy the need to want to know who he is in more ways than one.

Amy decides to introduce herself.

“Hi I’m Amy”. Can’t believe that where stuck here like this.”she says.

“I’m Mike”. It’s nice to met you but I wish it was better than this.” he says

They get to talking about how much they have in common and how they wish that the day would just pass by so they can have more time to each other. Then Amy lets it slip that she thinks about him. Then in the small elevator they get all hot with passion, lust and desire sets in, then it becomes to late for them to stop what they are about to do.

Mike starts to kiss Amy’s lips gently then kisses her more passionately, Amy begins to feel him up with her hands all over his hot and horny body. Mike starts running his hands all over her hot body, then they both start removing clothes like crazy. Slowly he moves his hands on her naked flesh caressing her breasts and sucking on the nipples. Moving his mouth down to her inner leg licking it up and down making her go completely crazy with pleasure, then he starts to rub her hot wet clit slowly then faster sending pleasure through out her body. Amy moans loudly enjoying every ounce of satisfaction that he gives to her.

Mike begins to slide his finger into her hot wet cunt finger fucking her like it was his cock Amy enjoying it with moans that anyone could hear, he fingers her hot wet juice dripping cunt faster and faster. He then licks his finger and moves over her getting ready to start eating her hot wet pussy. He begins to lick her clit like a race was going on sending pleasure like crazy to her body, moaning louder and louder Amy gets, as he is licking her cunt like she wants him to do. He presses his tongue in past the lips of her folds and licks even more. By now Amy is on cloud nine and the extreme pleasure sends her over the top and she begins to orgasm all over his tongue and face.

He begins to lick her sweet wet juices from his mouth, the he gets up from between her legs and crawls up to her like a cat on the prowl, he stops just short of her voluptuous body with all of its sexual majestic splendor.

He picks up his head looks into her eyes and says…

“Miss are you alright? You look a little pale. Can I help you with anything?.” the man says.

Amy’s little fantasy fades away and reality starts to set in, she turns to the only guy in the elevator wit her. She shakes her head and comes to grip with reality.

“No I’ll be fine. I was just thinking about something. Thanks for asking.” Amy said.

Amy walks out of the elevator with a little sexual smile to her face. As Amy sits down at her desk, the idea that her fantasy could become real to her seemed a little far from the truth. As the day progresses her thoughts get very juicy, her pussy gets very wet, and she don’t even notice. As Amy sits touching her breasts through her blouse her sexual thoughts over whelm her and start to flood her mind.

Suddenly a hunk of a man with dark brown hair that has a little bit of a muscular build walks up behind Amy and starts kissing on the back of her neck slowly working his hands to the front of her blouse where her hands are at. She tips her head back and kisses him on the lips. At the same time he starts to open up her blouse by unbuttoning from the top exposing her heaving chest. He slowly slips off her blouse underneath lays a red laced almost see through bra. Amy gets up, reaches back, and unhooks the red bra. She then turns around slowly with her hands over her breasts.

The guy starts walking closer to her and then he begins to remove her short tan skirt hitting the floor. Hidden underneath is her red laced g-string thong. The man starts to remove the thong slowly. Amy looks down at him and had in her mind what kind of a lay he is. In the mean time no one in the whole office room knows that Amy is about to get fucked. As her thong gets dropped around her ankles her pussy comes into view. Her pussy has just a little bit of light red hair and the rest is shaved. She steps out of her clothes that are on the floor and kicks them to one side. She then drops down and starts to undo his pants. Amy acts like she hasn’t had a good man in a while.

She slides off his pants and he steps out of them. She then removes his boxers and his massive dick pops out. Her eyes open wide then she puts her mouth around it. His dick fills her mouth. She starts to suck on his huge dick as she goes back and forth sucking away. Amy can feel her pussy getting wet just from sucking this strange guys dick. She gets up and places her self on the desk and opens her legs wide. The guy gets down placing his head between her legs. He then starts to lick her very wet pussy as she moans out load as he licks her clit.

Amy takes her hands places them on his head and pushes his face more into her pussy. He licks her pussy faster and faster. He then puts his tongue deep into her fuck hole and she screams out with load of pleasure that wipe over her whole body. He gets up and then places three of his fingers into her pussy hard. She gasps as her pussy gets slammed by his fingers. He jams them in and out of her pussy fast and hard not wanting to let up or even give her any mercy. As he does this her pussy grips his fingers tightly. Her body then lifts up and her chest heaves forward. The strange guy starts to suck on her big breasts. It drives her even closer to an orgasm when he sucks on her nipple.

Suddenly the guy looks right at her and says something to her in a voice that she knows.

“Amy? Amy wake up!”, her friend says.

Then it hit her. She had fallen asleep just as her fantasy dream was getting better. She had realized that her friend wanted to know if she wanted to go home or just stay there all night. Amy gets up from her desk not too pleased that every fantasy that she has had was just that but never real in anyway. It depressed her so much that she noticed she was the last one to leave her work.

Amy never realized that when she got into the elevator that the same guy that she had fantasized about the first time was really there right in front of her. She held her breath as she got into the elevator car and stood right next to him. The doors closed as Amy’s eyes became wide once the doors had shut. Mike started to talk to her to help break the cold still air between them.

“Hi Amy. How was your day?, Mike asked.

Amy gasped as he spoke her name like a greek god had talked to her. Just as she was about to say something back to him the elevator car stopped suddenly. She then realized that this was no dream that this was really happening just as her fantasy did. When to elevator car did stop Amy lost her balance and she slipped right into Mikes arms.

“Are you okay Amy? Do you need to sit down?, Mike asks.”

Yes please. One more thing though. How do you know my name?, Amy says.

“I know your name because I bring you your paycheck every Friday. Mike adds”.

In that instance Amy and Mike had looked into each others eyes and then with out question their lips met and they kissed. They both knew that it was after hours and there was going to be hardly anyone in the building. That it would be several hours before they would be rescued.

Just like in her fantasy they started off kissing each other like crazy. Mike starts kissing her neck as he removes her button down blouse and she starts to undo and remove his pants. Mike begins to remove his shirt and throws it aside. He then steps out of his pants that had been at his ankles.

Amy removes the rest of her clothes as well as Mike does the same thing. Mike and Amy start in on each other like they had been starving for one another. Mike then pushes opens her legs and starts licking her already soaked pussy.

Amy starts to moan loudly in total pleasure as Mike jams his tongue into her fuck hole deeply and her body quivers with ecstasy. Mike reaches his fingers into her pussy as he keeps licking her clit. Amy’s body jumps when she feels his fingers enter her pussy stretching her pussy wide. She feels just a little pain but it’s so good that she didn’t want him to stop giving her so much pleasure.

He stops licking her pussy but doesn’t stop fingering her. He makes his way up to her big breasts and starts to nibble on them. It seems to drive her closer to an orgasm. Mike then goes up from her chest to kiss her letting her lips taste her pussy juices as they kiss. At that same time Amy grabs Mike’s big cock. She begins to stroke it giving him some pleasure as he does the same for her.

Once his cock got hard she stopped. Then she went down to suck it and realized that it was bigger then she expected. She took his big cock into her mouth anyway and sucked on his massive meat. Mike just stood there giving the flush face of pleasure. He grabs the back of her head and pushes her head more onto his cock pushing it more into her mouth touching the back of her throat. She never had any gag reflex but still kept sucking.

Amy stopped sucking then laid down and opened her legs very wide. Mike made his way between her legs placing the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy. His huge cock pushed open her pussy lips as he placed his cock more into her. As he entered her pussy his cock seemed to go deeper and deeper. But her pussy also seemed to get more and more stretched cause of the size that his cock is.

Mike stopped halfway then really shoved the rest of his massive cock all the way into her pussy all the way to his balls with no mercy to her pussy. He started pulling out then back in the faster he went the more Amy moaned louder. He went much faster and faster then he pounded her pussy with out any mercy. It even made her pussy red cause of how much friction and how big he was.

The faster he pounded the more her pussy stretched. Her pussy was filled up just by his huge dick that she knew that she was about to have a big orgasm. But what the both of them didn’t know was that at the time they started to fuck in the elevator car it began to move but they never noticed.

He kept fucking Amy then she had a big orgasm, her pussy gripped his huge dick like a vice. He felt it as her body bucked up and then went back down. Mike still kept fucking her pussy endlessly. That same time on the first floor there had been a news camera crew ready to be there when they found out there had been 2 people stuck in the elevator for the very first time. When the elevator had come very close to the first floor Mike said that he was about to cum. Amy spoke fast to him.

“Mike I want you to cum right into my pussy lover.” Amy said.

In that instance Mike was so close to cumming inside of her pussy. The elevator stopped and the camera crew ready to take a shot of the couple stuck. The elevator doors began to open. Mike said that he was cumming and the camera crew had started filming live feed to the studio. The elevator doors opened all the way. Mike said he was cumming as he kept fucking her pussy then stopped and he let out a big grunt with his back arched.

But what they never knew just as of yet just about 20 million people saw Mike finish fucking Amy in live news. Amy kissed Mike and he kissed her back then she noticed the people at the elevator and the camera crew. She just had been filmed getting fucked and filled by the guy that she wanted to fuck.

The elevator door closed up. They realized they had just been on the night-time news and both got fully embarrassed. They got dressed fast her pussy was dripping his cum down her leg. The door opened again and the camera crew was in their faces. They both fled the building really fast. They both made it to his car which was also parked next to hers. They both really didn’t care but they did one thing. That they would do again but it would be at his place or hers. Both went to kiss each other and they never really regretted what they did.


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April 7, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Sorority House Gigolo

Mike Robinson woke up as every guy should: Naked with a girl in each arm. And this, of course, gave him a legitimate reason to have a big grin on his face. As he shook off his sleeping partners, found his clothes, and prepared to leave the room, he shook his head, still in disbelief of how his junior year at college had gone. As he slipped a hooded sweatshirt on to fight the cool wind that still gripped campus in mid-April, he realized the weather was the same that night his life had taken a huge turn off the ‘normal’ expressway.

It was mid-September when the call had come. Mike was in his room, studying hard at some course he knew he would never use after college, when his room phone had rung. This was abnormal, since both Mike and his roommate relied on their cell phones, and the room phone usually just sat there.


A female voice, trying to sound disguised, asked neutrally: “Is this Michael Robinson?”

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“Mr. Robinson, can you prove your identity?”

“Huh? Why should I?”

“Mr. Robinson, I represent a unique opportunity for you, but I need to be sure it is really you I am speaking to. Please give us a unique piece of information.”

His interest now piqued, Mike questioned back: “Like what?”

“Who was you lab partner in freshman chemistry?”

Mike thought back, thinking hard. Suddenly, it hit him. “It was Katie Germain.”

“Ahh,” He thought. “Katie.” A gorgeous blonde whose height of 5’8″ did not do justice to a pair of legs perfected through years of ballet. A perfect ass and beautiful smile that’d flirted with Mike all semester. He’d never asked her out though, as he knew she was dating a football player whose bicep size was bigger than his IQ. They’d stayed in touch, but Mike knew from the voice that it wasn’t Katie.

“Very good, Mr. Robinson. Now, go out front. There is a cab waiting for you.”

Now Mike’s mood changed from happy memories to quiet resistance. He looked out the window.

“I don’t see a cab.”

“It will be there in a minute. Get a coat, its cold. And hurry, we’re waiting.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“Trust us, Mr. Robinson, this is no joke.”

“Are you from the Kappa Tau’s?” Mike’s fraternity, Sigma Lambda, had recently trashed a Kappa Tau party, and Mike worried about retaliation.

“No” the voice laughed. “We’re much better than that. Please, Mr. Robinson, trust us for tonight. I insist it is in your best interests.”

Mike decided that he didn’t really feel like studying right now, so why not try something a little different. He grabbed his cell phone in case something went wrong, and left a note for his roommate to call him if he wasn’t back by 2 am. He threw on his favorite hoodie, and headed out to meet the cab, which pulled up as he reached the curb.

Mike got in the front seat, and nodded at the driver, who spoke nothing. The cab pulled out, and headed out a back road. Mike started to get nervous, and asked the driver: “Where are we going?”

The driver shrugged, and replied: “I ain’t supposed to answer no questions.”

Mike sat back into his seat, and watched the dark countryside fly by. Finally, the cab pulled up to a dark farmhouse. The driver stopped, and Mike reached for his wallet. “Your ride has already been paid for buddy. Enjoy your night.”

With that, the cab pulled out, leaving Mike in the rain with no ride and no clue where he was. He turned towards the house, seeing a face peeking out a window that quickly disappeared behind the curtains. Taking a deep breath, he walked up the front steps to the door. He knocked, hearing an empty answer from inside the house.

A young male appeared at the door. He was dressed much like Mike, in a hoodie and jeans, and nodded to Mike as he opened the door. He led Mike through the house, which was pitch dark, and down a staircase to what must have been the basement. At the bottom of the stairs was a door. Mike’s twin pulled out a stocking cap, which he put over Mike’s head, then pulled down, making it into a blindfold.

Mike heard the door open, and was led into a room. He could hear a fire crackling, and felt something bump the back of his legs, and a voice say, “Sit.” He felt back, felt a chair, and sat. He heard shifting going on around him, until finally a female voice, the one that had spoken to him on the phone, spoke up:

“Welcome, Michael Robinson. And Congratulations, you have been chosen for a great honor. The one who led you here is Jeff Coty, who was chosen before you. But before I tell you anything more about why you are here, I need you to take a solemn oath never to divulge to anyone what you see and hear, and to keep this oath unto death. Do you take this oath?”

Mike, blindfolded and now confused, decided it was probably in his best interest to agree, even though if something really messed up happened, he’d go to the cops later.

“Yeah sure.”

“Alright, Michael, you may remove the blindfold.”

Mike reached up and pulled the blindfold from his face. In front of him was a fireplace, crackling and burning bright orange. It was the only light in the room. And around it was something wholly unexpected.

Arranged two deep in a half-circle, with a split for the fire, were women, or maybe just girls, wearing nothing but masks over their face. Mike turned and stared, and realized the women stretched in a full circle, with the only other male in the room, the fully-clothed Jeff, standing right behind him.

One girl in front now spoke again. It was the voice from the phone.

“Michael, we welcome you into an elite fraternity. One so elite, only one man a year is selected, based on qualities of trust, attractiveness, and other reasons which will soon come to light. With this position come many benefits, but one must also have the dependability to fulfill them. In fact, you must prove yourself before you are accepted.”

Mike nodded along with this, listening, but confused and distracted by the naked bodies surrounding him. He looked around, seeing if he recognized any of the girls by their bodies, but failing so far.

“Michael, please stand and strip.”

Mike’s head whipped back to the female speaker, and his voice squeaked:

“Now? Here?”

“Of course, Michael. We are all naked already, aren’t we?”

This elicited a nodding shrug from Mike, who began to remove his hoodie, shirt, and jeans. When he reached the point where he was only wearing his boxers, he looked to the speaker from confirmation. She nodded, so he dropped his boxers, and stood back up.

He heard a few gasps from around the room as his semi-hard penis sprang to attention. He then heard a giggle or two, and looked around to see a girl or two whispering to her neighbor. He thought he finally recognized one of the girls when the speaker began again:

“Well, Michael, my sisters apparently approve of your physical features, so you pass that test. Are you ready for the others?”

“Sisters!” The word stuck in Mike’s head. This was obviously a sorority then. But which one?

“Yes I am ready. What do I do?”

The speaker now walked to Mike’s left, and the circle of nubile bodies parted, revealing a bare bed. A row of candles behind the bed was lit, and the speaker motioned for Mike to head for the bed. He sat on the edge, nervously excited about what might happen next. The speaker looked around the room, and pointed at one girl, who was in the back row. She nodded, and came to the front. She came over to Mike, and pushed him back onto the bed.

In the darkness and because of the mask, Mike couldn’t even tell the exact color of her hair, which was tied back, but he could tell it wasn’t blonde. The girl mounted Mike, rubbing her crotch on Mike’s stomach. Mike could already feel her wetness, and heard her moan a little. The speaker spoke:

“Sister, the choice is yours for which test Michael must pass first.”

“Sister, I choose the submissive test.”

Mike recognized the voice immediately, as he had dreamed about it for over a year. “Meredith! The gorgeous redhead from Pi Iota Phi, the same sorority Katie was in.” Mike had wanted her since he first saw her, but again, had not had the guts to ask her out. Now she was mounting him naked, and rubbing her crotch all over him.

The speaker spoke back: “Michael, my sister has asked that you submit to whatever she wishes. Will you?”

Mike nodded, and felt Meredith move her body up his, until her crotch was directly over his face. Mike reached up, and started to rub her lips, and fondle her thighs, before leaning up and kissing just beside her lips.

Meredith was a sophomore, a year behind Mike, but because of a change in majors, Mike had had a few classes with her. She was only about 5’4″, but packed in curves that seemed impossible for her height. She also had a ‘sweetheart’ face that made you think she could never do anything wrong. Mike found her extremely hot, and the fact she was now riding his face like a rodeo rider woke up his dick like a rocket lifting off.

Mike now began to lick her lips, his tongue slipping inside of her. She was completely shaven, leaving him to wonder she was a natural redhead, but her pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet. Mike lapped her up, feeling her shudder every now and then, and moaning with pleasure. “That’s it Mike, eat my pussy. God that’s so good.”

Mike sped up his assault, knowing that she wouldn’t last much longer. Meredith suddenly shuddered, and Mike felt her cum around his face. She relaxed now, and sat back onto his chest.

“Was that good Mer?” Mike asked, quite proud of himself.

“How did you know it was me?”

“That body? Unmistakable,” he lied, hoping to earn points. She didn’t respond, and instead rolled off him and disappeared back into the crowd.

The speaker now came over. “Michael, my sister appears to agree you passed the test of the submissive position. Are you ready for the next test?”

Mike nodded, figuring it couldn’t be too bad.

The speaker now pointed to another girl in the crowd, who came forward, and straddled Mike’s lap. She leaned in and whispered, “Fuck me big boy.”

Mike’s eyes went wide at this. Was this innocent little Katie Germain, who’d admitting never having kissed a boy freshman year? What a difference a couple years at college made.

Mike felt Katie grab his cock, and insert it into her pussy. God, she was tight! She wrapped her legs around his back, and started to ride him. He grabbed her ass, and leaned down to suck on her tits. He felt the crowd pushing in now, and knew he wouldn’t last long due to Katie’s tightness and the thrill of eating out Meredith. But he was determined to get his money’s worth.

Mike rolled back, leaving Katie completely on top and in control. She started to really ride him now, and Mike reached up to grab a fist full of B-cups, and played with one of her nipples. Katie started breathing roughly now, and her movements became more ragged and arrhythmic as she approached climax. Mike wasn’t far behind, and sped up, slamming his cock into Katie’s warm, moist pussy. He felt her clench, and groaned, “Oh, god, I’m gonna cum.”

She leapt off of him, ripped up her mask, and took his dick in her mouth like a pro. The feeling of her wet lips on his engorged cock, plus the sight of her pretty face wrapped around his tool put Mike over the edge, and he grunted as he blew his load into her mouth.

Katie gulped it down like a champ, and when he was finished, smile back up at him, as she pulled her mask back down over her face, stood up, and went back into the crowd.

“Congratulations,” the speaker said. “You have now earned your title of the “House Cock of Pi Iota Phi.”

“What exactly is a House Cock?” Mike wondered, as his penis drooped back to normal size. The speaker now came forward, took off her mask, and kissed him. Mike recognized her as one of the senior sisters. One by one, the other sisters followed. Mike even recognized a couple of alumni in the crowd. All in all, there were about 60 girls present.

After the last girl had kissed Mike, the speaker took his hand, and led him over to where two sisters redressed him. At that, he was led back upstairs, and around back, where all the sisters were waiting.

On the way back to campus, the speaker, who now introduced herself as Molly, explained to Mike his duties. His job was to ‘service’ the sisters so that they could keep their good names and not worry about STD’s and such. For this reason, he could not touch a girl outside the sorority, though Molly doubted he’d need to. He was expected to fulfill any sister’s wish, with no grumbling.

In addition, he would be expected to sleep at the sorority house every night, but would be sent home in the morning. Molly was in charge of coordinating his schedule, but there would also be the ‘emergencies.’ For this, he was to be on call at all hours. The sisterhood would give him a cell phone, which he must answer, unless he was in a test or such. Each sister was allowed two emergencies per semester. After that, they had to pay Molly to buy more.

Mike’s head was spinning as all this information was fed to him. It spun even more that night when at the house, as his services for the evening were auctioned off in half hour blocks. By the end of the night, his penis was nearly raw from the sucking and fucking. In fact, he hadn’t been able to get it up for the last girl, and had instead spent the half hour eating her out, which had tired both his tongue and neck. And that was just the beginning of the fun times he was to experience over the next year.


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Erotic Hot Stories – Saving Each Other

My wife left me. She left me for another woman. The divorce wasn’t contested so it didn’t cost me anything in the way of property. But it sure cost a lot in other ways. I’m pissed. I’m depressed. I failed and wonder what I could have, should have, done. I made a commitment, a serious commitment, was open and trusting and got shit for it. I’m wounded. Another woman! Hell, I’m even feeling inadequate. And as the months go by I’m not getting over it. I know I should. I know I have to.

I told an old friend from school, Fred, that I’d like to just withdraw, go hide in a hole somehow. Obviously, he told me not to do that, which I knew, of course. But he offered something else. He suggested that I spend some time at his family’s extra home or cabin near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I knew the place, my old friend and I had spent a week there years ago skiing. It’s not much of a place. It’s been in his family for something like fifty years. But skiing at Steamboat was a better place to go hide than in my apartment in New York.

About a dozen years ago I had dropped out of school for a quarter to be a ski bum near Stowe, Vermont. I took a minimum kind of job and managed to ski almost constantly. Well, I’m not really capable of being a true ski bum I don’t think, I mean I had a job. And I didn’t ski constantly since I had to work some but I skied a lot. A couple years later when Fred and I went to Steamboat I learned that Stowe was sort of like high school to Steamboat’s college. The snow is better, the runs are longer, the altitude is higher, the scenery even more magnificent. Skiing through the Aspens at Steamboat is a whole ‘nother thing.,

So, I arranged with my Dean, where I teach, to get a quarter off. It meant I had to wait a couple months but what does that mean when I’ve been miserable for even more months already. So, I’m finally off to Steamboat and can stay for a couple months if I enjoy it. If that doesn’t snap me out of my funk I don’t know what will.

The cabin is outside of town a little in fairly open country. I ski for three days and it’s absolutely perfect. Beautiful weather, great snow. It makes me glad I’ve gone to the gym and kept in fairly decent shape. My muscles are sore but manageable. There’s a snowmobile and I think about taking it out for a half day and talk to a local guy at the gas station and he tells me that out of my back yard if I head Northwest, I should have a fair number of miles of open land. Some houses or cabins, perhaps an occasional road to get across, but relatively open country for a long way. So I decide to do it.

I’ve driven snowmobiles before. I once had a motorcycle and they handle similarly. I also know about safety. I take along some extra gas in case I need it, pack a little lunch , dress really warm and head off. It’s a real kick. I feel like a cowboy in a movie, riding the open range. I’m not sure but I probably was fifteen miles from home when I learn that I hadn’t planned carefully enough. It started to snow and moved very quickly to serious snow, approaching a blizzard. I had to get cover. I head in what I think is the direction to some civilization. I can hardly see, it’s almost a white out. Scary. Then I notice some ski tracks right next to me. The skier can’t be far ahead or the tracks would be covered so I keep my eye on them and follow them. Almost immediately I see a dark figure and pull up next to it.

“Can I give you a ride?” I have to yell to be heard. The person turns and looks at me. I think I was a surprise. She yells back. I didn’t know until I heard the voice that it was a she.

“My cabin is just ahead. I’ll climb on and we should be there very soon.” she yells back. She tries just straddling the snowmobile but that isn’t going to work so she gets out of her skis, holds them across her lap, pulls up behind me and holds on around me. I start up and move ahead. We’re not going fast. I can’t see a darn thing and don’t want to hit something dangerous. Very soon, perhaps two minutes, I can see an orange glow to our left. I point at it. “Shit!” I hear from behind me. “That must be my cabin.” I rev up slightly and head for the glow. A large dark shape starts looming in the midst of the snow.

We both jump off the snowmobile in front of what must be her cabin. There is a fire on her roof. Not a huge fire, I think the snow is actually helping hold it down and may even put it out. “Do you have a hose, some place to connect it? Maybe I can put out the fire.”

She looks at me and motions to follow her. We head up on a porch , she opens the door and we go inside. I follow her into what is obviously the living room. Looking up we can see a small charred opening. “Yes, I have a hose. Up here an outside water tap freezes in the winter so the hose is inside and the connection will have to be inside.”

“How about a tall ladder?”

“Yes.” She scurries and I follow. Next to an outside door the hose is coiled and laying there. A threaded water tap is also there. I start connecting the hose and she starts pulling out an extension ladder from under a staircase leading to what must be a second floor or loft. I get the ladder up against the fire place and it looks like I can get up near the hole in the roof. I pull the hose along and climb up. I can actually get enough of my head up through the hole to see a fairly small, smoldering fire, very low flames. The snow actually is putting it out.

‘Can you turn on the hose?” I ask. I aim it at the flames and soon water gushes out. The flames are gone quickly. I look back down. “Turn it off.” Once the water is off, I drop the hose and look back out. No fire. Some water and some burnt ceiling are on the floor, a little snow is coming in. Messy but a minor mess. “Do you have a tarp? Anything that I can spread out over this hole to keep the snow out and heat in?” She runs off and comes back with a fairly big tarp, perhaps 9 x 12 feet. I come down to the floor, roll it up and climb back up and shove the roll up through the hole. It’s cumbersome working from what’s the middle of the problem but I get the tarp unrolled on the roof, on top of snow and sort of push and pull until it seems to me to be spread out about as good as I’m going to manage and certainly cover the hole.

“That ought to do it for now,” I tell her as I climb down. “It’s snowing so hard that the tarp will be covered in minutes which ought to help hold it down. It’s certainly temporary, as soon as the weather clears something better needs to be done but for now it ought to keep the heat in and the snow out. Some melting snow and charred wood will probably still leak and leave some very dirty water so we probably should put something under there to catch as much as we can.”

She leaves and comes back with a bucket. I try and figure where stuff might drop and place the bucket there. Then, for the first time, I look around and really see the place. We’re in a large room with a high ceiling. It’s truly a beautiful place. Expensive. Since I saw some stairs, somewhere there must be a second floor.

“Thanks,” she says. “I probably caused this. I love a fire so before I went out to ski I built a big one, intending for it to still be burning when I got back. I guess I succeeded since there it is,” she says as she looks at a normal, nice fire in the huge, stone fireplace. “The fire must have been too big and sent some embers out on the roof. You’ve been terrific about this, I owe you.”

“Oh, no, I owe you. With that blizzard, if I hadn’t met you I’d probably be freezing to death by now.”

She smiles. “Yeah, the storm. Well, I don’t know how long it will last but I think you’re going to have to stay here until it clears up, aren’t you?”

I realize that we’ve been so busy that we’re still in our jackets. So, as I start to pull my arms out of mine, I reply “Thanks, I’ll take you up on that. It looks as if I’ve lucked out and found the best possible place to be in this weather.”

She gets out of her jacket, hat and gloves. She’s a very attractive woman. Pretty face, healthy, trim body from what I can see. She’s still fully dressed, sweater, heavy pants, boots, but it’s obvious that she’s way better than most. About my age, too, thirty or so. “I’m David,” I say and reach out to shake her hand.

“Oh,” she replies, slightly startled, then smiles and reaches back toward me. As we shake, she says “Ann.”

I let go of her hand. Nice, firm handshake, though. “You’re stuck with me for a little while. Sorry.”

“Oh, no. I’m glad you’re here. Much better than living through another snow storm all alone. Do you want anything? A drink? Cocoa or coffee? Something to eat?” She turns and starts out of the room so I follow her. As I learn, we’re headed to a very professional looking kitchen.

“I don’t care. Yeah, I guess something would be fine. What do you suggest?”

“Well, we’ve both just been out in the weather so some hot chocolate sounds good to me.” She goes to a stove top and turns on a gas burner. “The fire didn’t get to the propane tank, I guess. This still works. If it had, we’d have probably seen a huge explosion.” She runs water into a kettle and puts it on the burner. She then stretches a little to reach up into a cupboard for two mugs. It pulls her sweater tighter. accentuating what looks like a full pair of breasts. I actually feel a little guilty checking out her body like a lecher. She’s a stranger that’s being kind to me. She empties some packets into the mug, smiles at me, and in a minute pours hot water from the kettle into each mug. After stirring, she hands me one. “Well, here’s to survival.”

We move to a table and chairs and sit down, each sipping our cocoa. “I’ve looked forward to visiting Steamboat again,” I said. “It’s a beautiful area. You’re fortunate to have such a lovely home out here.”

“Yes, I agree. It’s a lovely area. I’m from San Francisco originally but moved here as soon as I finished school and have been here ever since. I’m probably here for good now.”

I saw no pictures or indication of others so I ask, “You live here alone?”

“Now I do. It’s a long story and wouldn’t be all that interesting; I’m divorced.”

“So am I. That’s really why I’m here. I’ve been feeling down about it for a long time and thought that maybe a few weeks skiing would help shake me out of it.”

“How long has it been for you?”

“Eight months now.”

“I’m nine months and it still hurts. You think it’s all right. Make a commitment, trust the guy, give yourself to him and then he cheats and cheats and cheats. It hurts. And it makes you feel, oh, inadequate.”

“I agree. My wife left me for another woman. Talk about inadequate, boy, it’s that in spades.”

“It’s sex that does it, isn’t it? I mean, marriage should be so much more. Sharing, caring, living, whatever. Then it turns out, I could never satisfy him. No one could. I think he shagged a maid in our hotel during our honeymoon when I would have thought we had so much sex he would be worn out.”

I actually smiled at that. As she looked at me, so did she. “Same here. She used to tell me how great the sex was. Said that I did oral better than anyone, like I really wanted to. In fact, I did want to, I loved it. Then she goes off with a woman where, I suppose, oral is all there is. I’m fairly sure she had experience, maybe was bi, even when I first met her. Maybe she used me to try and see if she couldn’t be normal and then decided she couldn’t. Well, at least the divorce was easy, uncontested.”

“Mine was not easy. He fought me all the way, wanted to drain every dollar out of me that he could. But I had all the evidence, could prove multiple cheating on his part. And I had better lawyers than him. At least I won the divorce.”

“I don’t know the answer. I don’t know how I’ll ever get over it. I know I’ll have a very hard time ever making a serious commitment to anyone, trust anyone again. I don’t know, maybe the answer is to be like them. Just have sex with no strings attached. I don’t know whether I can go through that again, go back to being a horny sophomore trying to fuck every girl I meet.”

She actually laughs. “That’s o.k., the girls you were fucking back then were doing the same thing. Just enjoying themselves, making out with any guy that struck their fancy. I had that stage, too.”

Then she looks at me and grins. “I’ve seen these storms before. This will probably go on for a couple days. We’re stuck here, just the two of us. We might as well enjoy it. Maybe help each other get over their misery. A good shower together might turn us both on. Want to?”

What is this? Am I hearing right? “Maybe the cold has slowed my brain but I don’t want to make a mistake and end up out in the blizzard. Do I understand you right that you’re suggesting we fuck?”

She smiles. “Well, I wouldn’t say it just like that and I hope it involves more than fucking but, yes, that’s what I said. It’s been something like ten months and I miss the sex terribly. One reason I went off cross country on my skis was to do something other than masturbate again.”

I stood up. “Lead the way.” She has a sort of dirty smile as she leaves the kitchen and starts up the stairs. I walk behind her. She’s three steps ahead of me and I watch her butt sway as she steps. She appears to have a really healthy, athletic body. We get into a hall and then into what is a surprisingly large bathroom for a mountain cabin. It makes me realize that it’s actually her home, not just a second, resort home. She’s getting out of her boots before I finish looking around and start to follow her lead. Off comes her sweater, her blouse, her pants. She’s down to bra and panties when I pull my sweater over my head. When I see her again, her bra is off. She’s really very attractive, about as desirable as any one I’ve ever been with. The kind of body you dream of. Really fit, slim. Small waist curving out to feminine hips, fairly wide. Great legs, look strong, well muscled and shapely. Her breasts aren’t huge but they’re definitely there, her nipples sort of small, dark and hard, above full half-spheres standing up with no sag. Her nipples look as if she’s already aroused. Then her panties come off, her breasts hanging loose as she bends to pull them down. She has an attractive face, more next door cute than beautiful. Brown hair cut a little short, dark eyes. As she straightens, I can see a full mass of hair between her legs. “You have a terrific body,” I tell her as I pull my pants down. I then get my boxers down, my cock bouncing up, already hard in anticipation.

“You have a terrific body, too,” she says, turning to turn on the water in a good sized walk-in shower. “Looks like you’re ready for this.”

I’m standing in the shower washing a lovely female body with my bare hands. She’s washing mine. And just like I spend a fair amount of time on her breasts, she spends a fair amount of time on my cock and balls. This is obviously very sexy and just as obviously we’re going to have sex. But it’s strange. I’ve never been in this situation before when I have yet to kiss or hug the female. I will most likely kiss her vaginal lips before her facial lips, suck on her clit before I suck on her tongue, push my cock well into her before I ever hold and caress and hug her romantically. It isn’t romance, it’s sex. And, what the heck, why not?

I kneel on the floor as I get soapy hands up between her thighs. She spreads some to make room. “Put your hand on my head to balance as I lift your leg,” I tell her. I get her one thigh up on my shoulder, spreading her pussy open to me. I splash water on her using my hands to rinse everything. I use my hands to pull her plentiful hair to each side as I get my face up into her and my tongue into her and start moving it around, licking. She starts moaning. I work my tongue as far in as I can, move it forcefully inside her then pull it out a little and move up to her clit. It’s sort of like a worm right now and I get my tongue against it and sort of flit on it, then my lips and pull on it slightly. Her moans become gasps. I slide two fingers up inside her vagina as I continue to work on her clit. She screams as I can feel fluids coming from her and her insides gripping my fingers. I pull back and stand, holding her leg up with my hand and use my other hand to get my cock aimed into her. I press her against the tile wall as I push fully into her. The leg I had hold of wraps around my butt, pulling me even tighter.

Her face is at my shoulder. As I start pushing up, pounding into her over and over I can feel that she’s almost biting me. Her lips are keeping her teeth from digging in but she’s at least partially supporting herself by biting my shoulder as she gets her other leg up around me. I lean her even harder against the wall and use my legs to continue shoving up into her. She’s plenty tight. Each time I withdraw slightly, her whole body drops a little and then I lift her again with my cock moving up into her. My mind is partly taken over by the raw sex but part of it remains conscious and I realize again that this isn’t romance at all but just sex. Good, strong, emotional sex but sex, not love. She cums again before I do but I’m not far behind. I stop pumping into her and just lean against her, holding her to the wall, her legs slowly leave my butt and move down, my cock stays in her.

“God, that was good,” she says against my shoulder. “It makes me realize how much I’ve missed it.”

I step back a little, pulling out of her. We just stand there looking at one another for a moment. Then she starts washing my cock again, or massaging it at least. She also moves around, lifting a leg to rinse off her bottom and her legs where my cum was running down. It only takes a minute and we’re as clean as people who just fucked can be and she turns off the water and we start drying each other. I wouldn’t have thought I could be back up as quick as I was but with her drying me and massaging me, I am. And she soon is on the floor with half my cock in her mouth and one hand wrapped around the base of it as she goes to work on me. I remember my wife saying that I did oral sex like I wanted to and Ann is after my cock the same way. She wants this, likes it, knows what she’s doing. I’m surprised she stays at it as long as she does because it takes me awhile before I cum. But finally she gets what I guess she was after, a mouthful. Although less than she would have got if she’d done this earlier.

She sits back,licking her lips, looking proud of herself for sucking me. I squat down, get my hands under her arms, Lift her, then shift my hold to carry her into the bedroom. I lay her on the bed, get next to her, get my arms around her, hold her close and kiss her. Screw it, I think it’s time to do it right. I do everything I’ve learned works. I kiss and fondle and lick and caress almost every inch of her body, sucking her nipples, even her toes, finally working my way up the inside of her legs to eat her out thoroughly again. I have to make it last a little while in order to let me recuperate and get erect again. Finally, after moving her to screams as she orgasms, I slide up over her and push my way into her again. I last and last. We fuck missionary style, then doggie, she ends up on top riding me and she cums in every position before I finally do again. We’re both drained. She lays down on top of me and very quietly breathes out, “I hope it keeps snowing for days and days.”

She finally rolls off to the side and we hold one another, enjoying our memories of what we just did. She finally says something. “Who are you David? Or can I call you Dave? What do you do? Where are you from?”

So I tell her. Dave is fine, what I’m used to. I’m 34, teach mathematics at NYU, live in New York City. A very factual minded guy, not arty or romantic.

So she tells me. She’s 32. Her family has some money so she’s free to work at what she likes even if it doesn’t pay well. Has an art gallery in town catering mostly to the toruists. She also says I may not think I’m romantic but she hasn’t had any better sex from anyone so there must be some romance in me somewhere. She also says, sort of like a question but not exactly, “You teach math at a college? You’ve got to have a doctor’s degree at least. That’s pretty good at your age.”


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April 6, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Gwen Gets Over

Gwen had to admit, despite running into her ex, she was having a great time.

She was at one of the beachfront bars, listening to the band performing onstage. Her friend Jaycee was with her. She had her boyfriend with her but it didn’t bother Gwen so much. At least he was a nice guy. Not like her ex.

Thinking about her ex wasn’t helping her get in the mood, however, so she decided to forget about him. Let him hang out with his model friends and fuck them all, men and women. Deep down, she suspected that he was a queer anyway.

The band swung into an up-tempo number and the lead singer told everyone who felt like dancing to hit the floor. That was all the people in the bar needed. They got up and occupied the space in front of the bandstand. Those who couldn’t squeeze in just danced near their tables. The people outside the bar also began dancing.

That was all Gwen needed. She got up. “Come on, you two—let’s dance,” she told Jaycee and her boyfriend. Gwen sandwiched Jaycee between herself and her boyfriend and the three of them did a bump and grind together. After a while, though, Gwen got an idea. Her party spirit was just getting warmed up. She whispered something into Jaycee’s ear.

“What?” her friend asked, a look of surprise on her face. She whispered into her ear again. Jaycee repeated Gwen’s words to her boyfriend.

“Hey, if it makes her feel better, go for it! You’ve got the looks anyway, baby!” her boyfriend said.

“Thanks, baby,” Jaycee said, kissing him on the cheek. She turned to Gwen. “Let’s do it!”

Gwen didn’t need to be asked twice. As Jaycee’s boyfriend cleared the table, she got up on one of the chairs and mounted it. Jaycee followed her lead. They steadied each other first to make sure they wouldn’t fall off the table before they began to move in time to the music. The minute the people saw them, they went even more nuts. Hoots, howls, screams, and applause filled the bar. The band, seeing what was happening, turned their number into an extended, improvised jam designed to keep the two ladies dancing for quite a while.

Gwen and Jaycee kept up with the pace but after a while, Jaycee hopped down and rejoined her boyfriend as they danced and watched Gwen gyrating atop the table.

“Looks like she’s enjoying herself,” Jaycee’s boyfriend whispered to her.

“Uh-huh,” Jaycee said. “And a good thing too.”

Gwen was having a good time; in fact, she was having a great time. She noticed the guys with camera phones and cameras in the crowd and decided to give them a bit of a show. She began to dance in the sexiest manner that she could, pretending that she was performing alongside the other Hotbabes. Her dance came close to being a strip show minus the stripping part. She gave the shutterbugs in the crowd a good shot of her legs, her crotch and her butt (both covered by her bikini bottom, of course,), and her cleavage. The guys whooped it up and asked for more.

Gwen scanned the crowd. This was a trick of hers whenever she was performing. She singled out a guy in the crowd-kind of tall, tanned, nice body, wearing nothing but walking shorts-and started her routine again, this time keeping focused on him. The guy, of course, maintained eye contact all throughout. He didn’t have a camera but the intensity of his stare seemed to burn Gwen’s image into his brain.

After about an hour, Gwen took a bow and got off the table. The crowd cheered, with shouts of “More!” The lead singer, however, knew that Gwen was tired so he thanked her for the impromptu number and declared a break in their set. Gwen blew the band a kiss and took the opportunity to make her exit, followed by Jaycee and her boyfriend.

“Damn, Gwen, you were smoking!” Jaycee’s boyfriend told her as they walked along the beach.

“Yeah, looks like you’re over you-know-who,” Jaycee added.

“Well, why should I let myself get affected by that asshole anyway?” Gwen said. “Let him go to hell.” She laughed out loud and felt that she was speaking the truth. She was finally forgetting all about her ex.

Jaycee’s boyfriend whispered something to her. Jaycee smiled and took Gwen aside.

“Hey—are you going to be okay if we have the cabin for a while?” Jaycee asked with a wink.

Gwen caught on right away. “Sure. I’ll hang around here for a while or maybe head for the Coconut Grove. Maui said she’d be there.”

“Thanks. We’ll try not to take too long,” Jaycee said. She ran back to her boyfriend and told him things were okay. They looked back at her and waved. She waved back, gesturing at them to hurry.

“Be sure you satisfy her or I’ll do it for you!” Gwen called after them with a laugh. When they were out of sight, she went towards the sea and waded right in. She splashed some water on herself to cool down. Then she lay down at the tide line and let the waves lap up against her. She heard music playing at the bar again and smiled. Part of her wanted to go back and dance up a storm once more but for now she was content to stay where she was.

That’s when she spotted someone out of the corner of her eye. She turned nonchalantly towards her right. If she wasn’t mistaken, it was the guy from the bar, the one she’d been staring at while she was dancing.

A smile came to Gwen’s lips. Looks like the night wasn’t over after all, she thought. She got up and ran for the water. She kept to the part that was shallow enough for her to go down but not deep enough for her to get in trouble. She dove in a couple of times, letting herself get nice and wet. As she surfaced, she looked behind her and saw the guy standing at a distance, watching her. Oh, good, Gwen said to herself.

She got out of the water and walked along the edge of the beach until she came to one of the public showers lined up along the beach. She went towards a vacant stall, occasionally glancing back to make sure that the guy was still there.

Once inside the semi-enclosed stall, she turned on the water and let it run all over her body. Her hands instinctively moved all over her, caressing her gently. She closed her eyes, a half-wish and a half-prayer on her lips.

She heard something move behind her and turned around. It was the guy. She stood under the water, her hands dancing across her body. The guy stared at her for a while, again as if burning the sight of her into his mind.

Finally, Gwen couldn’t resist any longer. She reached out and took him by the hand, pulling him into the stall. Their lips met and her tongue entered his mouth, searching for his tongue. He met her kiss and their tongues danced together, rubbing against each other.

The guy’s hands began to explore Gwen’s body, touching and sliding against her wet skin. Then they found her breasts and gave them a soft squeeze that made Gwen moan, despite the fact that his lips were firmly planted on hers. His fingers found the knot that held her bikini top together and undid it. Once her breasts were exposed, his hands went to work, squeezing, kneading, and massaging each one gently. Then his fingers touched her erect nipples, tickling and pulling at them.

“Ah, fuck, oh, wow,” Gwen whispered. “Oh, that feels so gooooddd…” Her words were all the encouragement the guy needed to bring his mouth closer to her left nipple. His lips kissed and nibbled at her nipple softly, then began to suck on it. Finally, he took it into his mouth and licked it. Then he did it to her right nipple.

Gwen bit her lip, trying very hard not to scream at the pleasure she felt. She didn’t think that she would be this horny. But then, maybe this was a way for her to really get her ex out of system. As that thought was passing through her head, she felt something touch her pussy. It was the guy’s finger. She hadn’t noticed it but he was already kneeling between her legs, fingering her pussy. She moaned again, enjoying the sensation of his finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

After a while, the guy leaned in close and his tongue took over from his finger. Gwen mounted one of her legs on top of his shoulder so that her pussy would be a little bit more open. The guy responded by sticking his tongue as far inside her pussy as it could go and then licked her from the inside. A half-cry escaped Gwen’s lips. She held on to the walls of the shower stall as she felt herself growing weak at the knees. The guy held on to her hips, raising her slightly off the shower floor as he ate her pussy with growing intensity. Finally, she couldn’t stop herself anymore and came, letting out a long, low moan as she did.

The guy eased her down and she kissed him again, not minding the taste of her own pussy juice still on his tongue. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t tasted pussy, after all; you couldn’t hang out with her fellow Hotbabe Asia without learning the taste of woman. “Let me return the favor,” she whispered to him, kissing his neck, his chest, his solid abs, until she reached the crotch of his shorts. She undid the button and sent the shorts sliding down. He had no underwear on. Perfect, Gwen said to herself with a smile.

Gwen took hold of the guy’s cock—thicker and longer than her ex’s, she estimated it—and began to stroke it back and forth. She saw the guy close his eyes so as to savor the feel of her hand jacking him off. Gwen smiled, knowing she was going to give the guy as good as she got from him.

When his cock was hard enough for her, she began to lick the tip, just getting it moist with the tip of her tongue, making him squirm and whisper her name. She took the head into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it like a lollipop before she slowly took the rest of his shaft inside her mouth. He was longer than her ex; his cock felt as if it could reach her tonsils but she managed to put it all in.

She began to suck it hard. The guy cried out, partly in pain and partly in pleasure. His hands came to rest on her head, gripping her hair slightly. He thrust inwards some more and almost made Gwen choke. She controlled her gag reflex and kept on sucking. His cock seemed to grow larger, as if that were possible. After a few minutes, she slid it out halfway and then slid it back in.

“Jesus, you are good,” the guy said. He let go of her head, letting her dictate the pace of her blowjob. Gwen showed her appreciation by slipping his cock in and out of her mouth quickly, then slowly, then quickly again, and then slowly. After that, she took it all in and sucked hard. The guy was in ecstasy. When he whispered that he was about to cum, Gwen stood up and leaned against the wall of the shower stall.

“What are you waiting for, huh? Let’s see how many times you can fuck me before you explode,” she challenged him.

The guy didn’t waste any time. He pinned her against the wall and stuck his cock inside her almost in one thrust. Because she was all lubricated, Gwen wasn’t hurt despite his size. The guy began to pump and Gwen egged him on by kissing him and putting his hands on her breasts. She was in heaven, without a doubt.

The guy apparently got tired of their current position and slid his cock out, ordering her to face the wall. Then he entered Gwen again, this time from behind. Gwen stuck her ass out just enough to make sure that his cock wouldn’t slip out and “accidentally” go into her butthole. She wasn’t unfamiliar with anal sex but, with the exception of Asia and a few of the other Hotbabes, she had bad experiences with getting buttfucked. The guy didn’t want her butt, though; he wanted to rip into her pussy, pumping hard and fast, mashing her breasts as he did so. He turned on the shower and the feel of the water hitting her body only made Gwen feel hotter and hornier.

“Hey, macho man,” she asked, “how strong are you?”

The guy got the hint. He changed positions, pinning Gwen against the wall again but lifting her legs up off the floor. Gwen held on to his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. He put the two of them directly under the shower and began to ram in and out of her again. Gwen concentrated on the motions of his hips, the thrust of his cock, meeting him with her pussy and squeezing his waist with her legs whenever their private parts collided with each other.

At last, the moment of climax was growing near. The guy nearly pushed Gwen through the wall as he began to pump deeper and harder, grinding his cock into her pussy. Gwen responded by leaving kiss marks all over his neck and chest…and by squeezing her pussy tight around his cock each time it went in.

“Oh, fuck!” the guy exclaimed. “Shit, I’m going to cum already…”

“Can you hold it, sweetheart? If you do, I’ll give you a treat?” Gwen whispered to him.

“O-okay…” The guy forced himself not to cum. Gwen let him pump some more until she finally let her pussy juice loose, dripping it all over his shaft, down to his balls. Then she asked him to let her down. He did and she knelt in front of him, taking hold of his cock and wrapping her mouth around it while her free hand reached down to her pussy. She began to suck and stroke him again, this time around including his balls in the action. He hit the wall with a fist, telling her how good she was and that he was about to cum. Gwen waited…and was rewarded with a gusher of warm cum in her mouth. At the same time, she felt her pussy overflow with her own juice. When her mouth had taken its fill, she slid his cock out and aimed it at her face, bathing it in warm, sticky fluid. There was still some more so she pointed his cock at her breasts and felt them grow wet and sticky as well as he finally released the last wave of cum.

“Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…” the guy whispered. He leaned against the shower stall’s wall. “Fuck, that was incredible…I’ll never forget this…”

Gwen stood up and let the water from the shower wash over her. She pulled the guy close. “Neither will I, big boy. Thanks.” She kissed him sweetly on the lips, finished cleaning herself up, and then put her bikini back on. She gave his cock one last squeeze and a kiss.

“Bye, big boy,” Gwen said. “I hope you enjoyed yourself because I sure did!” She blew him a kiss. The guy waved goodbye. As she jogged towards the cabin that she was sharing with Jaycee and her boyfriend, she wondered if they were done doing it as well. If they weren’t, she hoped they wouldn’t mind if she joined them. The night was still young, after all, and she still felt like dancing.


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Erotic Hot Stories – Working On Saturday

So, there’s this guy in my office building, named Jonathan. He and I got to be pretty chatty during smoke breaks, and started flirting with one another. After all, I was a single girl who enjoyed attention from such a hot looking guy. After corresponding online for quite some time, I decided to meet him at work on a Saturday. I didn’t know what I was thinking, but I went with a shirt, skirt, and shoes. No bra, no panties.

I was getting all worked up just thinking about seeing him at work. Remembering the few times I’d dared to touch him – in the elevator, brushing my backside against him, feeling his hips thrust forward toward me….from the feel of the erection, I could tell I wouldn’t be disappointed.

One night after work, I had even thought to myself, “if I don’t do this now, I’ll lose my nerve.” Then grabbed him by the front of his leather jacket, pressed him to the wall and planted a big kiss on his sexy mouth. I whispered against his cheek – “Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you right now?” His response was a moan. He turned his head and said “we have to stop.” I knew he was right – I mean, he’d been dating someone for a few months. But here I was, single and wanting this man SO desperately…and I didn’t want a relationship with him – I just wanted to fuck him.

So, I went to work. I got online and let him know I was in the building. He wrote that he’d been checking out the offices on his floor, trying to see which one he’d want, after his promotion. I asked if he’d like to give me a tour, and he told me to come on up.

My heart was racing. Every time I got close to this man, all I wanted to do was touch him. So I came in, and there he was in jeans and a t-shirt. Damn, he looked good. We sat and chatted for a few minutes, and then he gave me the office “tour”. We went into several offices, and then finally, to the one he wanted – a medium-sized room with windows along one wall. Cherry desk and padded leather chair. I leaned back against the desk and discussed décor with him.

I don’t know if he could tell, but I was thinking how much I’d love for him to close the door, hike up my skirt and fuck the hell out of me. I commented on how nice he looked in casual clothes. He showed me the tattoo on his back, and I reached around the front of him to touch his chest, and kissed his warm skin. He sighed deeply and leaned into me. I backed off a little, because I wanted the ‘tease’ just a little while longer.

We sat down again and talked. He got a phone call, and I decided to cross my legs, using the slit in the skirt up to my thigh to entice him. His eyebrow went up, and I stroked his thigh. While on the phone, he uncrossed my legs and pushed the skirt up my thighs. My heart was thudding out of my chest. I was already dripping wet.

He hung up the phone and asked if I was trying to distract him. I laughed and said that of course, I was. He asked me to hike my skirt up further, and I laced my legs over his, to give him a good view of my pussy. I saw him catch his breath. I opened my blouse to show him I wasn’t wearing a bra either. He leaned forward and put his hand inside my blouse, running his thumb over my nipple – it instantly hardened at his touch. My body was screaming for him to fuck me. Still, I played it cool.

“Well, since you’ve seen mine, it’s only fair that I see yours,” I told him. “Oh really?” He replied. “Is that how it works? You show me yours and I’ll show you mine?” “Only if you want to show me,” I said in a way I hoped was casual. He actually blushed, and then said ok. He stood up, came closer to me, unbuckled and opened his pants. When he pulled it out, it was nine inches and hard as a rock. “Oh my!” I laughed and turned my head away. “Is there a problem?” he asked me. “Oh no, I’m just surprised that you’re hard,” I told him. He smiled at me and said how could he help it, with me displaying myself and looking so sexy. “There’s obviously an attraction here,” he said. “Yes, there is.” I replied – but I could barely get the words out.

“The question is,” I told him, “what are you going to do about it?” He smiled at me and just sat back. He wanted ME to do the seducing. I stood up and leaned over him. I kissed his cheeks, his neck, nibbled his earlobe (which he apparently liked very much), and pressed my breasts and cunt against him. He turned his head and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

From there, it was pure heat. He kissed my neck, pressed me against him until I was sure we were melded together, and rubbed that long, hard cock of his against me. He reached down and rubbed my labia gently with his fingertips. It felt like sparks along my skin. He pushed his fingers in between them and began to rub my clit. I was in shock – he touched me exactly as I do when I masturbate – I couldn’t believe he did it just right. I kissed him, sucked at his lower lip, and moaned into his mouth as I came all over his hand.

I breathed slowly, and started to rub his cock through his silk boxers. “You know”, he said, “you didn’t really get a very good look at it before.” I sat back, and he stood and took that gorgeous cock out. I took it in my hand and really looked at it – slight curve upward, thick head, long, and incredibly hard. He already had precum coming out of the tip. I couldn’t stand it anymore and wrapped my lips around him. He leaned back and moaned, “Oh god, I shouldn’t be doing this.” I told him he could make me stop at any time. He just looked at me, and I continued licking and sucking his thick member. His precum tasted sweet – almost sugary. I wrapped both of my hands around his cock and took as much of it down my throat as I could. I felt him shiver, and he pulled my head away, and looked in my eyes. I stood up and kissed him, then whispered in his ear “you mean you’re not going to let me lick your cock and take your sweet cum in my mouth?” His response was to grab me and kiss me hard.

I turned him around and pushed him down into the chair. I lifted my skirt, grabbed his cock and ran it up and down my slit, to get it wet, and slid down onto him. It was pure heaven. We fit like hand in glove. I rode him slowly, savoring every inch of him inside of me. Knowing that this might be the only time I could ever fuck him. I ground my pussy into him, and did little kegel exercises with my vaginal muscles – to grip onto him as tightly as I could. He leaned forward and kissed my breasts – leaned me back and held me up with his strong arms. I felt so alive in the moment. Our energy crackled over each other. We lost ourselves.

He pulled me back toward him, and I pressed my forehead against his, locking eyes and riding him slowly, then faster. I came again – still, he fucked me. I felt like my whole body was on fire, and began to ride him hard, rolling my hips against him so that my clit rubbed against his skin. I felt his breath quicken, and he wrapped his arms around me tightly. I wrapped mine around his head, holding him against me, and we came together, explosively, needing one another so badly in the moment. Feeling one another’s desire in our mutual release.

My skin tingled as I savored the sensation of being locked onto him. I kissed his face, his eyes, pressed my cheek to his hair and skin. I knew it would probably only be that one time, but I got exactly what I wanted.

I left the office to go home, the desire still burning inside of me. The memory of his touch, his kiss, the feel of his skin were with me. I can’t wait to go to work on Monday…


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April 5, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Hostage Sex

My head hurts. Not a headache but like I’d banged it on something. I’m just waking up. I look around and have no idea where I am. It’s a room. A room made of cement blocks, it looks like. Painted or white washed somewhere in the past. Looks like maybe 15 feet or so by another fifteen feet. Concrete floor. I sit up. I’m naked. Completely naked. What the hell is this?

I look around. I’m sitting on a cot. Like a Boy Scout or Army cot, sort of x-shaped forms at the ends and in the middle with canvas stretched between. There are three of them. Just empty cots, no sheets or pillows or anything. There’s a window. I stand up. Shit, I almost fall over. Whatever happened to my head, I’m not over it. It’s a dirty window, glass, but a heavy mesh covering it on this side, fastened to the wall. I look out and can see I’m on the second floor in what looks like a very poor neighborhood.

There’s a white bucket in the corner. A fairly big bucket, probably five gallons. I go over and look. It smells. I began to realize, this is the bathroom. It’s been emptied but it’s held piss and shit, it’s still smeared with it a little. What the hell is this? There’s a door. I go over to it and grab a metal door knob. Locked, won’t budge. I’m locked up. Naked. What is this?

I sit down on the cot again. Why am I locked up? Where am I? Well, I’m probably in Cali, Columbia. That’s where I was before this happened. When did this happen? How long have I been here? I think about it. Logic says, I got conked and brought here. I probably wouldn’t be out more than a few hours. It’s probably Wednesday, that’s what it was last I remember.

I’m a TV camera man. Union. Work in L.A. Free lance but I work all the time, the studios just don’t have to pay me medical or retirement benefits that way. This producer, Joel, a really good producer, planned to shoot a documentary in Columbia and asked me to be the camera man. He praised my work, said I was exactly who he needed. So I came here. Came from the airport to the hotel and checked in with him and Marie, sort of a gofer and maybe his pump on the side, and Walter, the sound man.

I was supposed to meet them in two hours and decided to go out and walk around a little. I speak not a word of Spanish, I couldn’t go far or I’d get lost, I knew that. And now I’m here. I’ve heard of people being kidnapped for ransom. Is that me? Is Joel expected to pay some big ransom for me? I hope not because it sure isn’t in the budget, which is pretty tight, as usual. If I’m not there what does he do? Report it to the police? To the American consulate, if there is one? I think there’s been a mistake. I get up and go over and knock on the door and yell out loud, “Hello!, Hello!, Anyone!”

And I wait. Nothing happens. I yell again and pound on the door. Nothing. I go back and sit down. What is this? What should I do? I lay down. I think I fall asleep. I hear a noise and wake up, sit up. The door is being pushed open. I get up and take a step toward it. There’s a really bad looking dude standing there with some unusual machine gun or something and he waves at me to step back.

When I was a kid, I had a .22 rifle and went out with a buddy and we shot at bottles and cans. We did it a lot, were sure we knew what we were doing, always shooting into a hill. And we never got into any trouble. But this thing isn’t a .22 rifle. My guess is it’s what I’ve heard of as an UZI, some sort of automatic machine gun kind of thing. Whatever, I have no intention of doing anything to get this ugly guy to shoot me, so I stop and just stand there. A small, middle aged woman sort of looks around his waist at me, then disappears back again and a hand, hers I guess, reaches between his legs and slides a plate and plastic water bottle on the floor, into the room. The hand disappears and the dude pulls the door shut and I can hear it lock again.

It’s a metal plate. Looks like beans and some sort of tortilla, or a slightly thick tortilla kind of thing. The bottle appears to have been opened and resealed, probably refilled with tap water. There’s also a spoon. No knife, no fork, just a spoon. A metal spoon. I feel the plate, it’s fairly hot so the food must be hot. Is this poison? Do I eat it? Does it have some weird truth serum in it? What the hell, I better eat and worry about it later. It’s actually pretty good. Back in LA I always liked refried beans like they have in Mexican restaurants and this is a little like that. Well, not refried maybe but tastes a little like it.

I don’t know how long I’m here. Twice more the ugly dude has come back and the little lady pulls away my old plate and gives me another. So I’d guess it’s been a day anyway. I mean, I’m naked. No watch. I’ve thought about it and I suspect the reason I’m naked is so I can’t escape. I mean, I have no money, no identification, can’t speak Spanish and I’m in Columbia where everyone speaks Spanish. Or maybe it’s just to make them feel superior to me, or maybe to make me feel inferior to them. Whatever, it’s working. I’m upset. I have no idea what’s happening. This is all some very, very weird thing that I don’t want as part of my life experience.

When the dude shows up I talk, try and ask him why I’m here? What can I do to get out? Nothing. Not a word back. He probably doesn’t understand anything I’m saying. Then a knock on the door and a voice with an accent like Ricardo Montalban on that TV show where he and the little dude are on an island and the plane comes in, says. “Robert, you’ve been kidnapped and we’ve asked for your TV people to pay us.” I yell back, “They won’t pay, they have no money for this in the budget. This is all a mistake.” It’s quiet for a moment. “Then your government will have to pay” the voice says. “Who can I talk to?” I yell out but I never hear another word.

I do sit ups and push ups, naked on a rather dirty floor. I have no tooth paste or tooth brush, no soap or water, no clothes, no hair brush or comb. Can’t shave. Well, blond beards grow slower at least, I probably don’t look all that bad. What else can I do? Nothing to read. Might as well stay in some kind of shape. The armed ugly dude comes back over and over, the identical food comes over and over. It isn’t horrible food but a little variety would help. I use the bucket when I need to and the room smells like it. My guess is that’s it’s been four days.

The door opens. The ugly dude is there but it’s not meal time yet, I know. He’s holding a naked female, a very good looking naked female. With one of his arms holding her, he beckons me to him with the other hand. When I get close enough, he just shoves the naked woman at me. I catch her by putting my arms around her and holding her. I discover that holding a limp body, even though she’s much smaller than me, isn’t easy. Part of the problem is, I’m naked, holding a really lovely female body tightly against me and it’s down right arousing. My erection presses against her.

I move one hand and arm down around her butt. She has a terrific butt, firm yet soft on the outside. I’m 6’1″ and she’s probably something like 5’3″, so I hold her against me with her head on my shoulder and her feet well off the ground. I sort of stagger back some and get next to a cot, lean over and slowly lower her onto it. She’s not fully on it so I have to grab her butt and move it over a little and rearrange her legs and arms. Finally she’s laying on her back on the cot. Two of us now, locked in this room.

She’s a blonde. A beautiful blonde. Pretty face. An absolutely gorgeous body. Lovely enough to be in movies. The kind of body a sculptor would love to have model for him. Nice breasts. Not huge and pendulous. But even laying down they keep some roundness to them, lovely nipples staring at me. Fairly large nipples. Small waist. Stomach has a slight pooch or roundness but is very firm. A noticeable scar on her belly is the only thing short of perfection. I bet she works out. Great legs, nicely shaped. Rather thinner thighs that most women, she really does work out, I guess. And a bare pussy. Shaved probably. No way to tell if she’s really as blond as her head hair. But overall a really lovely, sexy woman. I go sit on my cot and look at her, waiting for her to wake up. I still have a hard on.

I can remember in high school, a bunch of us guys were lieing to each other, making claims for how great we were and when we got into some made-up story about being naked with a beautiful girl, I said that when it happened to me, I’d sure know what to do. Maybe I even believed it when I said it but probably not. I didn’t know diddly about what to do with a girl. I mean, I knew that fucking was pushing your dick into her cunt but nothing else. In fact, I remained ignorant longer than I should, even after my first couple actual fucks. I remember in college actually ending up naked in bed with the sexiest girl I’d ever seen in my life up to then also naked. I climbed on her and fucked her and as I pumped away she looked at me without a smile and said “Merry Christmas.” I never got another date with her.

I slowly learned to consider the girl and make sure she got something out of it, too. One girl taught me to eat her. Really taught. She insisted that I lick her and then told me each time exactly what to do. She had great orgasms as a result. She also gave great blow jobs. But we didn’t last. I couldn’t stand being ordered around all the time. Eventually I met and dated Diane. It took a few dates but then the sex was the best I’d ever had. I guess she felt the same way because three months later she moved in. We’ve lived together for about nine months now. And I know I’m much better at being a lover after living with a girl full time.

And as lovely as Diane is, this beautiful, naked blond laying here is as sexy as anyone possibly can be. The trick is, will she feel the same about me?

It takes a couple hours and she comes to. She sees me and spouts out a minutes worth of sound, all in some foreign language that I don’t understand at all. She’s sitting up and looks as if she’s angry at me. I say, “I’m American. Sorry, but I only speak and understand English.”

She stares at me for a moment and then says, “I have little English. Who are you?”

“My name is Robert. I was kidnapped. Hit over the head and woke up here. I think you’ve probably been kidnapped, too. They probably are asking for some ransom.”

“Why are we naked. Where is this?”

“Naked. Well, I guess it’s so we can’t escape. Naked with no ID and no money. Maybe it’s to make us feel inferior to them or something, too. I think this room is on the second floor of a building in Cali, the poor part of Cali. The window has strong mesh over it. The door is locked. The bucket over there is the bathroom and why this place smells like it does. They bring some beans and tortillas every once in a while so they seem to want to keep us alive.”

“How long have you been here?”

“I think it’s been four days.”

With that she just sits there for a couple minutes, looking around and looking back at me every once in a while. “My name is Veronica,” she says. “My husband is here working on some deal involving oil for the Czech Republic. I imagine the governments will get involved in this.”

She gets up and walks to the window and looks out. Moving, she’s even more beautiful. Perfect body. I can’t help it, I’ve got at least an half erection, maybe more. When she turns away from the window I feel like she’s just looking at my cock and I think there’s a slight smile. “How did you get here?” she asks.

“I’m a television camera man. I came with three others to do a TV documentary for a U.S. network. The day I got here I walked out of my hotel and woke up here. I doubt if the TV people will come up with any large ransom amount, I can only hope our government gets involved or I could be here a long time.”

“Do you have a wife waiting for you?”

“No but I have a girl friends that’s been living with me.”

“You miss her?”

“Yeah, very much.”

“I have a husband and two children. I miss them, too. My children will worry. My husband will probably find a woman some how. He needs sex a couple times a day. Which is just as well because so do I. Just thinking about it makes me need some.”

She walks by me and sits on the next cot, facing me, her feet on the floor. She spreads her legs and reaches down with one hand and starts fingering her pussy. She stares at me as she does this. Her other hand goes to one of her breasts. She pulls on her nipple, which gets smaller and harder. Her finger has slid into her sex and she’s starting to move it, rubbing fast, back and forth. And she stares at me.

This is the sexiest thing I’ve seen in my life. I kneel on the floor between her legs. “Can I help?”

“I hope so,” she answers. I lean to her and use my hands to pull her pussy lips apart and lean down and forward more to get my mouth and tongue to her. She moves her hand out of the way. I can see, moving my eyeballs to look up, that she has hold of her other breast now, too. I start licking up and down in her slit. Her pussy is as gorgeous as the rest of her. Licking up and down, it’s like my tongue is in a warm, wet valley between her lips. I push my tongue into her vagina and then lick up and move my tongue back and forth on her clit. Her clit grows as I work on it. I take two fingers of one hand and slide them into her vagina and start sucking on her clit, pulling on it a little with my lips. I move my fingers in and out, finger fucking her and work my tongue and lips more and more on her clit. She starts moaning.

I pull back and look up at her. She obviously feels that I’m not licking and looks down at me. I put my finger over my lips, indicating to be quiet, and say “Shh” and point at the door. She nods and I start licking again. She still makes some noise but it’s muffled a lot. I can feel her cumming. She gets much wetter. I pull my fingers out and try to suck her whole pussy into my mouth, tasting her juices. She pulls on my hair and I sit up and get my very erect cock aimed at her vagina. She nods and looks like she’s mouthing “Da Da Da”. I push into her and she exhales and gets a big dreamy smile on her face.

Almost whispering she says, “Don’t finish in me, finish in my mouth.”

She’s really tight. Her insides grasp my cock. Really, really great fuck. It’s been almost a week since I last fucked. I know I can’t last real long. Her insides start contracting, pulsing on me as I’m inside her I pump into her over and over and I feel I’m about to cum and pull back. She does almost a flip on that little cot and ends up laying on her side, her mouth right at the level of my cock. She grabs it with one hand and pulls it to her and slides it into her mouth. She licks and sucks on it and gets her other hand back around on to my butt, holding me to her. She sucks hard, I can feel it pulling my sperm out of me. I start ejaculating, shot after shot. She doesn’t lose a drop. She continues to suck on me after I’m done for a few seconds and then leans back some and looks up at me, her one hand still on my butt, her other holding my very red cock. “A good start” she says, giving me a dirty grin.

She’s been here maybe two hours and three quarters of that she was knocked out. And this is only a start? Well, what the hell. I lay her back some and get my hands and mouth to her breasts, getting ready to start working down her body. I figure when I get to it, I’ll eat her until I can get it up again and maybe next time we’ll last longer. I lean down and kiss her, can taste my cum in her mouth as we trade tongues. I kiss her neck her shoulders, telling her how beautiful she is and what a great body she has. “I’m going to feast on you as long and as often as you’ll let me,” I tell her as I kiss down over her stomach. She spreads her legs and moves her knees back almost to her shoulders to give me room. I spread her open with my fingers and kiss her, tongue her.

“You’re the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in,” I murmur to her as I get ready to start licking and sucking. I lick up and down in her slit. Tasty, still wet from the fucking. I love it. I lick and lick, push my tongue into her, nibble with my lips on her clit.

“I’m very small down there,” she says. “My babies were Cesarian and my husband isn’t as thick or as long as you and he’s the only one that’s been there before. I knew I had to try you as soon as I saw your thing.” And then she’s too busy moaning lightly in enjoyment of my licking her to say any more.

I’ve spent a lot of time eating pussy. If she’s like at least a couple girls I’ve been with, she’ll be happy to have me working on her for as long as I’m willing to keep tasting her. If I don’t finger fuck her or work to hard on her clit I can keep her into something like a very small orgasm for a long, long time. And that’s what I do. One of her legs is over my shoulder now, the other stretched out on the cot. I’m kneeling on the floor with her butt pulled almost off the canvas. I’m comfortable and so is she. I love what I’m doing and from her muffled sounds, so does she.

What interrupts us is the sound of footsteps outside the door. I leap back from her and sit on the next cot. I indicate for her to sit up. She’s got a questioning look on her face and I point at the door. It unlocks and the ugly dude with the big gun is there and the little woman behind him slides two trays and two water bottles through his legs into the room and the door closes and locks again. It makes me realize that I’ve never actually got a good look at the woman, I don’t even know if it’s always the same one.

“Our regular food delivery” I tell Veronica as I take a few steps and pick up the plates. I give one to her and set the other on the cot. I then pick up the water bottles and set them on the cot. have almost a full erection, built up while I was eating her.

“I think I’d rather eat what I see,” she says, staring at my cock.

“I plan on getting back to eating you in a couple minutes,” I say to her, “but we only get food when they give it to us so we better eat it while we can.”

We both just ate the beans with an occasional swig of water. “I really loved what you were doing to me,” she says. “My husband has never spent that long down there. So I’d like more of that. But I love having a man’s thing in my mouth. It’s just so sexy somehow, it’s shape, it’s taste. And my husband has always loved for me to do that to him. So maybe we can do both. You can get your mouth to me and I can get my mouth to you. I’ve never done that but it seems to me that it should work.”

“I’m sure it will work,” I tell her. “You’re a lot shorter than me so I’ll have to lift my head up some, probably hold onto your beautiful ass. I should be on the bottom, you sort of sitting on me.”

She gives me a big grin, sets her plate, almost empty now, to the side and stands up and takes a couple steps over to me. She starts pushing on me to lay back, so I set my plate on the floor and lay on my back on the cot. She straddles the cot and me and moves to get above my face. Then she lifts one knee up and puts it to the side of my face, then the other, and sits down some, lowering her pussy onto me. I get my tongue out and aim it into her and start licking what I can.

She bends forward and grasps my cock with her hand. She leans forward to get her mouth to me, which lifts her pussy away from me. I can feel her hand holding the base of my cock and her lips around the head, her tongue licking me. But now her pussy is maybe six inches away from me. I grab her butt with my hands and use that to help me lift my head up and forward until I can get my face back at her pussy. In no time, we’re each working away on the other, although this is not a good, long term position for me.

She slurps and sucks on me, I lick her, try and work on her clit as much as I can. She lifts her head up, sitting back so I can get my tongue to her easier. “I love this thing of yours. What do you call it in English?”


“Cock,” she says as she lifts off me and moves around to straddle me again but headed in the other direction. “That’s a word they never taught us in English class in school.” She gets right above my cock and gets it against her pussy and moves back and forth a little, rubbing it against her, then starts sitting down, taking me up into her. “Aah,” she almost moans, “I knew I wanted this as soon as I saw it. But I don’t have pills here so let me know before you, uh, erupt is it?”

I don’t even answer because she starts bouncing on me, leaning back and forth and moving up and down some, giving my cock a real work out as she tries to work it fully into her. She’s so tight I’m surprised it feels that good to her, it should hurt some. But she finally sits on me, taking all of me inside her, and grins down at me. I reach up to hold a breast and tweak the nipple as she starts slowly riding me, leaning forward some and moving her hips back and forth, sliding herself on my cock.

She obviously enjoys all the feelings as she moves herself on my cock. She looks up and maintains a big smile on her face. As she gets more and more aroused and starts moving faster I move my hand to start diddling on her clit. She looks down at me with a stare as if she’s in a trance and starts bouncing on me as fast and hard as she can. Her mouth falls open as her insides start flexing on my cock. Her movements slow down and she finally gives a low moan as I can feel her vaginal muscles rippling on my cock and she emits more fluid. She stops and sits on me and looks at me and has a big grin on her face.

I start sitting up, finally make it up so she’s sitting on my lap. my cock still in her, her legs around me. I have to use an arm to help push me up but I stand. I hold her butt to keep her in position and she helps by wrapping her arms around me and trying to lock her legs on my hips. I take a few steps to get to the door, the smoothest part of the cement block walls. I press her against the wall to help hold her up so I can start fucking her seriously, shoving my cock up into her and then backing off and shoving up again. It’s as if she’s almost supported only by my cock. She drops slightly as I ease back and I lift her by shoving my cock into her. Over and over and over. I feel as if I could fuck forever. I’m grunting, she’s grunting. Fortunately the door is very solid and isn’t rattling on its hinges.

I don’t know how long I last, it seems to me to be a long time, just animal fucking, no romance or tenderness involved. I can feel the beginnings of my cumming starting to build. “I’m going to cum,” I tell her and pull back and out. As I do this, she slides down my body some, gets her feet under her but slides on down onto her knees and grabs my cock and gets her lips around it. I would think she’s be worn out, I am, from all that fucking but she’s sucking on me like she really needs it. And she gets it. I start shooting into her mouth. I can hear her breathing as she gulps or swallows, still sucking. When my last dribbles come out, she licks and cleans my red, sore cock and then sits back a little. She’s sitting on the floor, her back against the door, her feet on the floor, her legs bent and spread so I can see her pussy, also red and glistening.

She looks at me with a grin on her face. “Now that was perfect. That was more than I’ve ever got before from Val, my husband. I hope we can do that again.”

“Not for awhile,” I say. “I’m worn out.”

“So am I,” she replies, still sitting on the floor with her leaky pussy on display. “Later. I couldn’t handle it right now.”

I lay on a cot, recuperating. She gets up off the floor and lays on another cot. I think we may both fall asleep. When I finally feel slightly recovered, I pick up the metal plates and spoons and put them near the door so they can be collected when they bring the next food. I get the bucket and bring it to the door, hoping they’ll take it and empty it when they next come. It also enters my mind that maybe the smell of our waste, piss and shit, at the door might mean they won’t be able to smell the remnants of our sex. It’s entered my mind that someone of our captors had to be aroused by Veronica naked, enough to want to fuck her, rape her, so I’d just as soon not get them thinking of sex. That’s both to protect her but also to keep her here for me to enjoy.

Maybe four hours later the armed ugly dude showed up to open the door and we got two meals. Well, two plates of beans. I managed through sign language to get him to pull the bucket through the door, which he then closed. I’m assuming they’ll soon bring the bucket back. Which they do. Looking in it, it’s obvious that all they did was empty it, not wash it. But at least it’s not quite as odorous as it had been.

I think the meal gave Veronica more energy because once she finished she came over to me and started sucking me, I guess as a form of dessert. She’s really a very good cocksucker. Maybe not in technique but in the way she enjoys it so much, really loves doing it and must relish the taste or food value of cum because she never loses a drop. To repay her for that I start working my way over her body, kissing and licking and feeling. She has a truly sexy body. I end up back at her delicious pussy, which is starting to have a very slight stubble. If she stays here long enough, I might see enough pubic hair to discover whether she’s really blonde or not. Actually, I know she is. Maybe not quite as blonde as her hair is now but there are no dark roots showing up. However, it’s only been a couple days.

Once she’s all juicy and orgasmic, I stand her up leaning against the wall, legs spread some, and get into her from the rear, reaching around to play with her breasts as I fuck her. She cums over and over before I do. I help some by moving a hand down to diddle her clit some. Finally we’re back laying on our cots, sated for the moment. At least I am, I’m not sure she ever is.

This pattern goes on for, I think, eleven more meals. That’s, what, maybe five days we’ve been fucking? It’s weird to measure time in meals instead of hours but that’s what’s available. Maybe an hour after the last meal, when she has my cock in her mouth, we hear movement at the door and she pulls off and sits back and we both watch the door open. The ugly armed dude is there plus another armed guy and they point at me and motion for me to come. They lead me down stairs and out a back door into what must be a car port or something similar. They load me into the trunk of a car and slam the lid.

I lay there in the dark wondering what was going to happen now. Am I getting freed? And then I hear noises and the trunk lid opens and they’re back with Veronica and it’s obvious she’s to climb into the trunk, too. Just with her hands she indicates I should roll onto my back, so I do. She climbs in, head to toe and lays on me as the lid slams shut. I’m on my back, my knees bent and splayed out slightly. Her head is right at my cock. She has hold of my cock and is starting to lick it. In the dark, I reach up and get hold of her butt cheeks and realize her pussy has to be right there so I pull my head up a little and start licking her.

The drive is bumpy. I can feel her teeth hitting my groin occasionally and my nose and mouth get jammed against her often. I have to admit, my mind isn’t feeling very sexy and I don’t give her as good an eating out as I should. She doesn’t seem to have that problem, she sounds as if she’s loving it all, slurping and sucking on me. However, she cums before I do, so I must have done something right. It’s a long enough ride that I would have fallen asleep but it’s impossible as we get bounced around so much. She never really leaves my cock alone. Her actions vary a little but she does something with her fingers or mouth all the time we’re riding. We finally stop and the lid opens. The sun seems unusually bright. I should have an erection, which could be embarrassing being marched at gun point, naked, but I think she had drained all possibility of an erection out of me by then.

We’re in some form of camp. Perhaps a dozen small buildings, or shacks, all pretty much under tree cover. Probably not easily visible from above in an airplane. Outdoor fireplace or cooking spot, sort of like a back yard barbecue we could have at home, except this one isn’t powered by gas or electric. We’re led to one of the shacks.

It’s slightly smaller than the room we used to be in. Dirt floor. Wood frame with some boards nailed on to form walls. Not very solid walls, we can see out between them. I’m sure we could break out except what do we do then, naked in an unknown location? Hammocks instead of cots. With all the concern about being hostages and wondering what might happen, Veronica’s first reaction as the door closes behind us is, “How do we have sex in hammocks?”

I have to smile. “I’m sure you’ll figure out a way, Veronica.” And, of course, she does.

People have been using hammocks for centuries and lots of kids have been born so it certainly is possible to have sex. You have to be a little more careful and not get unbalanced. And, of course, it’s still possible to fuck standing up or on dirt floors. So it turns out that sex is not an impossible problem. We both end up with dirty knees from eating each other and some dirt on our backs but we also probably had the woven pattern of the hammocks pressed into various parts of our body from fucking in them.

We’re there something like a week when they come and take Veronica away. I could see out through the walls that they put some clothes, look like Army fatigues, on her, blind fold her and sit her in a car. The same one we came in, I think. An older Toyota. Then drive away. I lay in my hammock. In a couple hours a woman brings my regular plate of beans and a bottle of water. She’s one that I’ve seen sort of hanging around outside, one of my guards I guess. Maybe I’m going stir crazy or maybe I’m just horny but in my mind she’s the best looking one I’ve seen, peeking out through the walls. Sort of small and trim, Dark hair, of course, like everyone it seems like around here. Maybe not a beautiful face but an open, friendlier one than some. I’ve seen her smile at others on occasion. Looks like she might even bathe, unlike some of the guys I’ve seen. A really grungy, dirty bunch of people. The armed ugly dude is at this camp now. He helped load Veronica into the car.

I finish my beans and lay down on the hammock, wondering what is going to happen. Am I ever going to get out of this? I wonder what happened to Veronica. Did she get back to her husband? The female that brought me the beans comes back in. She comes towards me and starts to talk. She sounds like she’s being friendly, not angry. I sit up and get my feet on the floor. “Sorry. No habla espanol.” I’m sure my accent is horrible, I really don’t know this language at all. “I only speak English.”

She looks at me like she’s worried, trying to figure out how to say what she’s trying to tell me. She steps out of her thongs or whatever those shoes made of old tires are called. She unfastens her belt and drops her fatigue-type pants and steps out of them. She unbuttons her shirt and shrugs out of it. No bra. She’s standing there just in underpants. She has a very nice body. Very trim, probably not an ounce of fat. Not huge breasts at all but they’re real, nicely shaped, standing up proud, look good on her. Dark nipples, almost black. Her whole body is brown. She says something else. I stand up and she doesn’t back off an inch. I shrug, I don’t know what she’s trying to say to me but she’s very attractive, almost naked. She takes her hands and starts pushing her panties down, steps out of them. She has black pubic hair, although it looks as if she’s trimmed it. It’s not a huge, wild patch but very neat looking.

She says something and then reaches with her hand and touches my lips and then moves her hand to her breasts. Then she touches my lips again and then reaches down and touches her pussy. Then she touches my cock and then touches her pussy again. I think I understand what she was saying. She’s watched Veronica and I and she wants to experience the same as I did with Veronica. So I smile and I touch my cock and then touch her lips. She grins real big and shakes her head ‘yes” saying something I did understand, “Si, Si”.

So I point at me and say, “Robert” and then point at her. She grins again and says, at least I think she says, “Evita” but it’s with an accent and said quickly. I step closer and put my arms around her and lean down a little, she’s as short as Veronica was, and she looks up and I kiss her. As we kiss I run my hands down her back onto her butt and press her close against me. When we break our kiss, I put my arms under her arms and lift her a little, turn and place her on a hammock, her butt on the hammock. I start lowering myself as I kiss her shoulders. I get a hand to each of her breasts and feel them gently, moving to play with her nipples a little as I kiss down onto her breasts.

After kissing and licking and sucking on her breasts, I work my mouth down across her stomach. Interesting, she’s sitting there but she’s so firm there are no rolls on her stomach, she’s really fit. Then I kiss onto her legs, using my hands to spread them more open. I kiss on the inside of one thigh and then the other and then look at her pussy. I use both hands to pull her open some. Pink and glistening inside. She might be a rebel and my guard but she’s all female. I lean forward and start licking her. Once my tongue is in her, I use my hands to get one leg over my shoulder and push the other one into a further spread, stretching her pussy open to me as much as possible.

I then go to work on her as I had Veronica and before that, Diane and before that, others. I used everything I’d ever learned to get her into not just one orgasm but at least three before I stood up some so I could aim my cock at her pussy and start pushing my way in. She made lots of small sounds, almost mewing like a cat, but no loud noises up to now. She’s tight, as tight as Veronica. I’m sure she’d fucked before but not a whole lot. I almost expected to break a hymen she’s so tight. Her little mews turned into moans and I’d think I was hurting her but she was pushing her hips at me as much as she could, laying back across a hammock.

Once I was fully in her and pulled back slightly and pushed in again, her moans got jerky and I could feel her insides grabbing me, she was having another orgasm. I moved slowly for about three pumps and then started speeding up a little and making longer and longer strokes. She was “Ugh, ugh” with each stroke. Her hands were at each side, grasping the hammock netting. I started really pounding into her. Se had another orgasm and made a very small scream, enough that I wondered if anyone outside could hear. But I kept pounding into her. I planned to keep it up until I came. Which I finally did but I bet I fucked her for ten minutes. I didn’t pullout. I shot into her and she made no indication that she wanted anything other than that.

Finally I pulled out and backed up and sat on the other hammock, looking at her. She actually hugged herself and looked at me with what was definitely a friendly smile. She sat up and said something and all I could do was shrug because I had no idea what she said. She turned some and laid back on the hammock and reached at me, bending her fingers, asking me to join her. So I went to her and carefully climbed onto the hammock so we faced each other. She put her arms around me and I did the same for her and we held each other, just enjoying our naked bodies against one another.

We held each other long enough that I was beginning to wonder if she had fallen asleep but then she moved a hand to get down between us and she started feeling my cock. My sticky (with her juices) and wilted cock. She kept fingering it and sort of playing with it until I felt as if maybe it could actually get up again. She’s obviously more experienced with these hammocks than I am because I barely felt any change and she was off and standing and leaning over to get her mouth as well as her fingers to my cock. She licks up and down, gets it in her mouth and sucks on it, cleaning it up and managing to get it up and aroused again. She stays with it a while, bobbing her head and sucking me really good.

Then she looks up at me and grins and does something that Veronica and I never quite managed. She’s sitting on me getting my cock aimed up into her and starting to ride me. I manage to reach and take her breasts in my hands and massage them and tweak her nipples as she rides me harder and faster. We go at it on and on. She leans forward some, leans back some, speeds up, slows down, but rides me and rides me. I know she’s having orgasms. I can feel her insides rippling on me and I can feel her juices running onto me. After another orgasm she stops, lifts off and moves off and leans over and gets her mouth and hand to my cock again. She uses her lips and mouth and fingers to really masturbate me, work me towards shooting off again. I finally do and she swallows every drop, doesn’t even have a single drop run out of her mouth. She pulls her head back once I’m finished and she sort of looks up and I can see her throat move as she swallows the last mouthful. Then she leans over me again, kisses me on the lips, steps back and starts getting dressed. Once all her clothes are on, she leaves.

I get up and look out but by then it had gotten dark and I can’t see. Out here in the boondocks when it gets dark, it’s seriously dark. No electricity, no lights. Sometimes I can see a fire, sometimes not.

The next three evenings, Evita comes in after I’ve eaten and we sort of repeat the first night. Actually it changes a little, she sucks me off first, then I eat her and by the time I’m done I’m up again and we fuck. Then one evening she doesn’t come in. A man delivers my meal. The next morning a different girl delivers my plate of beans. I’d never seen her before and didn’t think much about it. About twenty minutes later, after I’d had time to eat the food, she came back. She said something sort and quick and then paused, looking at me, knowing I didn’t understand her. Then she just said, “Evita.”

With that, she kicked off her floppies, lowered her pants, unbuttoned and remover her shirt and is standing there like Evita, in only panties. This girl was similar to Evita in that she was slim and trim, all muscle. Black hair. But larger breasts. Noticeably larger breasts. If she ever grows into them she’ll end up heavy because they need a big body to support them. Then off come her panties and she, too, has black pubic hair. Like Evita, it is trimmed, probably just with scissors or maybe even a knife, but definitely trimmed back from what it would be naturally. She says, “Delores.”

I say, “Robert” and step to her to kiss her. She’s been to town or had some different background because her tongue was in me right away as we kissed, something Evita never did. As we kiss I reach around to feel her ass and she reaches between us to grab hold of my cock. If I wasn’t erect before then, I became so quickly. And almost as quickly, she’s on her knees starting to try and swallow my cock. She doesn’t fool around at all, no licking and kissing, just suck it as hard as possible and make me cum. I think she’s done this before. There’s nothing tentative, she’s ready to swallow cum. I imagine I taste a lot like beans by now since that’s all I’ve eaten for several weeks. Whatever, she finds out. In fact, she does leak a little, unlike Evita. Some stray drops come out of the side of her mouth but she keeps on sucking until I quit emitting anything. Then her tongue comes out and captures the strays and pulls them back in so she can swallow it all.

The onto the hammock where I start to work my way down her body, spending a fair amount of time on those magnificent breasts. I softly tell her how great they are as I feel and kiss and suck on them. Then on down her body, onto her legs and then to her pussy, which is where she really wanted me all along. I think Evita gave her a sales talk on what I could do because she’s really ready. She starts having orgasms almost as soon as my tongue starts on her. But I persevere and give her as good a pussy licking as I’m capable of. She has orgasm after orgasm before I straighten up some and shove myself into her. She’s not as tight as Evita but tight enough for a good fuck. And very orgasmic. It’s like she never stops. Are hers as good as someone that has fewer? I’ll never know. When I finally cum, she has her legs wrapped around me, holding me to her. I lean down and kiss her breasts. She lets me go, gets off the hammock and starts getting dressed. She’s been serviced, which is what she wanted, I guess.

That evening Evita is back, says something I don’t understand but since it ends with “Delores” I know what she’s asking so I nod yes and say “Si”. Sex with Evita is better than with Delores because she seems to need it more, enjoy it more. Delores is just getting her fix, like a sex junky. Anyway, for a week or so, it’s Evita in the evening, Delores in the morning.

Then one morning when Delores leaves there are several people outside. I can hear yelling. I try to look through the slots and holes in the wall and I can see it’s a man, a man with a mustache, who’s arguing with Delores. I hear the name Evita and then she’s there, too. And she’s arguing with the man. Fifteen minutes or so later he slams open the door, yells at me something I don’t understand and tosses some clothes at me. Army fatigue type clothes plus those flip-flops made from tires. I get dressed and he hauls me out and into the same old Toyota.

I don’t know whether I’m about to be shot for messing with his women or what. I’m not blind folded, though. I can see the jungle or forest we’re going through and then into the outskirts of a town and then on into a large city, lots of traffic. I’m about ready to jump out and make a run for it when the car stops and he turns to me and gruffly shouts at me, indicating to open the door. So I do and I get out. The car drives away. I’m free. But where am I.

I look around and on the window of the door right behind me I see writing in English. It’s the American consul. So I open the door and walk in and a very interesting several days starts. They’re as surprised to see me as I am them and just as happy as I am about it. I’ve apparently been on the news, they’ve been trying to find a way to get me back and here I am. No money was ever paid. I think I got kicked out because they didn’t want me fucking their women. Fucking them better than they did, apparently. I’m surprised I didn’t get shot. But in lots of interviews on the news I never, ever even hinted at any sex between me and anyone. My being with Veronica was raised, of course, but no one brought up the subject of sex and neither did I. We were just both prisoners of the same group of rebels.

I’m back with Diane and the sex is better than ever. She missed me. I told her how much I missed her and never mentioned anything about sex with anyone else. But when I get the chance, I think I’d like to get to Prague and visit Veronica again. Maybe relive old times.


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