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April 25, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Juliette & Earl

(Note: This story stands alone but if you’d like to know more about some of the characters check out Juliette and The Seven Dwarves and Juliette and The Horny Fairy. And again, any dwarves in this story are magical creatures – absolutely no offence is intended to any real person of shorter stature. Thanks ;))


Earl’s hand was moving so fast it would have looked blurred to anyone watching. But thankfully nobody was watching, because Earl was masturbating in his bedroom as he stared down at a woman on the street below. His cock was huge and purple and glossy with pre-cum. It was jerking and twitching in his rapidly stroking hand and Earl was clearly going to come very soon. He was wearing just a black t shirt, stretched tight across his fast developing pectorals, and standing just to the side of his window, so he could see and not be seen.

Earlier, the 18 year old had been at the back of the house, in his parent’s bedroom, staring out of their window and down at next door’s garden. From that angle he could see his next door neighbour Juliette sitting on her wooden bench, having a cup of coffee in the fresh air before setting off to work. Often she sat there in just a robe, unaware that every morning Earl was there too, his eyes eating up every inch of flesh she exposed. He could always see her legs, long, pale and shapely, stretched out before her as she examined her toenail polish. And often the short white silk robe slipped enough for him to catch a sliver of panties or stretch of bare thigh.

Earl’s breath fogged up the window as he stared lustfully at his neighbour, feeling his cock growing in his jeans, rubbing on the material every now and again to relieve the pressure. What he was waiting for was what almost always happened when Juliette got up to go inside and finish getting ready. She would lean forward to put her coffee cup down and pick a few stray leaves off the pots of herbs by her back door. Earl felt as though he was toppling over as the huge canyon of cleavage between Juliette’s 38F breasts was exposed. He could see their massive roundness pressing against the material, and the bulge of tit flesh escaping from the robe into daylight. He pressed his forehead against the cold glass and prayed that the robe would slip more, that he’d get a look at those massive jugs and the succulent nipples he could only imagine.

By the time Juliette stretched and yawned, her arms above her head pulling her big tits up and making them stick out more than ever, Earl was ready to burst. He watched her go back into the flat, pulling the belt tight on her robe and accentuating the narrow waist above her big rounded hips. His cock was a throbbing club in his jeans. He ran to his room, pulling his jeans off as he scrambled to his own window. He knew Juliette’s routine and just needed one more look to finish his morning ritual.

About ten minutes later – time Earl spent trying to control his enormous erection – Juliette left her flat and walked down the street past Earl’s house. She almost always wore something which showed her cleavage. With tits as large as hers, it was hard to hide them. And Juliette liked the attention she got, on the whole. Today was no exception, and as Earl stared down at Juliette’s front garden watching her leave the house he was treated to an aerial view right down her bra. It was early summer and she wasn’t wearing a coat. Just a tight black skirt which skimmed mid-thigh and a soft cashmere cardigan, long sleeved and black, which formed a deep V over her tits. The top couple of buttons strained over her massive breasts, bouncing in their black lacy bra. But from Earl’s angle, all he could see was two big white bulges and he longed to plunge his aching cock between them.

Juliette strolled past Earl’s house. She wasn’t in a hurry to get to work and she had a lazy, fuck-me walk enhanced by the four inch heels she was wearing. The shiny black shoes, cut low on the foot to expose a little toe cleavage and a lot of her high, strong arches, made her hips swing in the tight skirt, straining the seams. Her long black hair hung in loose waves over her shoulders and down her back, reaching to the bottom of her shoulder blades. As she passed his house, Earl could see her lips, coated in deep red colour, and her pale, pretty face. And then he saw her body in profile and his cock stroking reached a crescendo.

Bracing himself against the window frame with one strong arm, Earl’s other hand was pumping his cock, watching Juliette’s voluptuous body, her tits high, round and impossibly big. He wanted to stick his cock in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass but mostly between those huge knockers. God, he wanted to see his spunk spraying over her face and neck as he plunged between her big tits. He wanted to see her nipples sticking up between his fingers as he squeezed her breasts. He wanted to hear her squealing his name as he stuck his cock into her. He wanted to fuck her so hard she’d –

“Oh fuck,” moaned Earl. His cock finally exploded, splattering cum over the window pane. Earl’s knees buckled with the force of his orgasm and he staggered over to his bed, sated and frustrated all in one.

But for once Earl didn’t descend into depression over Juliette. Just the previous weekend he’d had an encounter with her which, while it now seemed like a dream, had been gloriously, spunkily real. Juliette had been shrunk to the size of his fist by a malevolent fairy and she begged for his help. She sat, naked and tinily curvy, in the palm of his hand and he lost no time in pushing her doll-size body onto his cock. After that, she’d said yes when he asked her out on a date. All his previous attempts to ask her out had ended with him blushing and stuttering and pretending to be asking the time. She was, after all, nearly 15 years older than him – a ripe 32 to his just 18. And admittedly, she’d been at a bit of a disadvantage when he’d asked. So Earl was fervently hoping that Juliette would remember and still go out with him.

The date was Saturday night. Tomorrow. All week Earl had been watching Juliette secretly from his window as usual, his fantasies and orgasms getting more intense as the day drew closer. He needed to sleep and get some strength back. After all, even an 18 year old would need all his energy to get the most out of a body like Juliette’s.


On Saturday afternoon Juliette was exhausted. She’d spent the morning tied to her bed by Grumpy, one of the seven dwarves who lived upstairs. He growled at her as he spread her legs and tied her ankles to the bedposts, exposing her hairless pussy. His fat cock bulged further and further out of his brightly coloured leggings as he grabbed her hands and tied them too, leaving her spreadeagled. Then he stripped off, his disproportionately large shaft bouncing in front of him, and climbed onto Juliette’s body. Grumpy sat on her chest and leaned over her massive tits, keeping a hand on each one for balance and for groping, and whispered in her ear.

“You little fuckslut. You want my cock, don’t you?”

Juliette nodded. Dampness was oozing along her pussy lips as the dwarf’s thick rod pushed against her breasts. His cursing and abuse made her feel dirty and horny and insatiable. Grumpy was the dwarf who fucked her least. He made her wait, and she loved it. This morning he’d woken her up by sliding a finger into her ass. Then out came the ropes. His long white beard rubbed against her soft skin as he talked. His breath was hot.

“I’m going to get those big hooters of yours and squeeze them round my cock and hold them there while I tit fuck you, bitch.”

Juliette moaned. She was desperate to get a finger into her pussy.

Grumpy started rubbing his cock over her nipples as he told Juliette what he was going to do. The more he called her names, the harder he got.

“You fucking big-titted cunt. You big-jugged whore. You fuck and suck those other dwarves every night, don’t you slut? Your pussy is always full of midget spunk. Even Dopey, who can barely tie his own laces, gets to bend you over and dip his dick into you doesn’t he?”

Juliette’s nipples were hard and pink and stubbily erect. She was whimpering with lust, dying to get fucked. Grumpy stuck his cock into her mouth and she sucked it greedily and when it was wet he shoved it between her tits and grabbed one massive boob in each tiny hand, wrapping them round his shaft like a dick sandwich.

Grumpy’s little body jerked back and forth with each thrust of his cock. Every time the head came close to her lips, Juliette stuck her tongue out and licked the end, trying to suck it into her mouth. Grumpy was grunting and red in the face, working up the friction between the big soft white tits. He pulled on her nipples and fucked her harder, each push accompanied by a growled word.




“Fucking cum-sucking cocksucking big titted – FUCK!”

The dwarf launched himself into Juliette’s deep cleavage and came hard, spraying his cum all over her chest, neck and chin. Then he toppled face first into her tits and breathed hard for a few minutes. Juliette hoped he was alright. Her pussy was soaking and she really needed to cum. The dwarves all had excellent recuperative powers and soon Grumpy was stiff again. He untied her and fucked her hard for the rest of the morning, never once using her name when he could use ‘cock loving cunt’ instead.

So by the time Juliette remembered about her date with Earl, she’d been lying in a deep sleep on her dwarf-cum drenched bed for hours. She got up slowly, trying to run a hand through her hair but finding it matted with what could only be midget manjuice.

In the shower, she wondered if she should even go ahead with the date. She could say she had a cold or something. Her last encounter with Earl had been downright weird – though that wasn’t entirely his fault. She was the one shrunk to the size of a glove puppet by a mischievous fairy, after all. It was just that he was so young. She’d noticed him noticing her for a couple of years. When he was a gawky schoolboy he’d sometimes follow her home and stand outside the garden gate for hours. And Juliette was on very good terms with his parents, her neighbours. They were friendly decent people who had more than once helped her when she’d lost her keys and locked herself out. She wasn’t sure they’d be keen on a grown woman dating their precious boy.

But she had to admit that Earl looked a lot more like a man than a boy nowadays. He’d shot up to a towering six feet in height and his shoulders were broad and muscular. His previously lank and greasy shoulder length brown hair was now a shiny mop, sexily hanging over his dark brown eyes. And he was so nervous around Juliette. It brought out something of the mother and something of the tease in her. She remembered his lanky frame and his satisfyingly large cock. Even allowing for her then tiny size, it was impressive. And his balls were gigantic.

The water running down her body wasn’t the only thing getting Juliette wet. She decided to go ahead with the date and got out of the shower, concentrating on making herself look intimidatingly gorgeous. The tease in her wanted to make Earl cum in his pants.


Earl rang Juliette’s doorbell right on time. She answered straight away and came outside, closing the door behind her. There was no way she was inviting a date in to deal with her upstairs neighbours.

They walked along the road to the station together, not speaking much. Earl was too nervous to be more than polite, but he kept looking at her furtively, unable to believe his luck. Juliette looked particularly stunning. She was wearing a short black skirt which flared out flirtily from her waist. On top – Earl could hardly believe this – she was wearing a black suede corset, tightly laced to emphasise her small waist. But what it did to her already massive tits was what took his breath away. The corset stopped just under her breasts, supporting them so well that she didn’t have to wear a bra and the filmy white long-sleeved blouse she wore underneath the corset concealed very little. The neckline was scooped low and it was loose on her shoulders, so that every now and again the material would slide down her arms exposing a pale upper arm.

But what hypnotised Earl were the clear outlines of her breasts under the scant white material. Juliette was wearing strappy black sandals with slender four inch spiked heels and her whole body wiggled as she walked. He could see her big globes bouncing freely and the outlines of her stubby pink nipples. He could even see the crinkly skin of her areolas. After a while he had to stop looking because his erection was getting so large he was having difficulty walking normally.

After that excellent start, however, the evening was a disaster. Earl took them to a restaurant on the other side of town, a good 20 minutes train ride away. And because he was only 18, it hadn’t occurred to Earl to arrange a taxi or to book a table. They ended up eating burgers while standing looking at the river. He felt embarrassed and wretched and couldn’t stop apologising. Juliette didn’t really mind not getting into the restaurant. She’d enjoyed talking to him as they watched the lights on the dark river. But whatever she said, he couldn’t be consoled.

The journey home was another nightmare for Earl. Late night trains across the city are packed to the seams with drunken revellers and it was standing room only for Juliette and Earl. They leapt into a carriage and squeezed themselves between the tightly packed passengers, breathing in the fumes of alcohol, dope and perfume. Earl thought miserably of how much he’d like to be able to afford a taxi and how little Juliette must be enjoying the evening.

As the train rattled away, Earl and Juliette were jammed together face to face, not a sliver of space between them. Earl could feel Juliette’s huge tits pushing into his chest. They felt so soft and cushiony. He looked down and saw them flattened against him, the excess flesh spreading to either side, the cleavage cavernous. His cock swelled again, pressing against his jeans. Earl sighed deeply. After this travesty of a date there was no way he’d get Juliette into bed. She’d never want to see him again.

Juliette knew the young man was feeling bad. At that age, silly dates like this take on the proportions of tragedy. To her, it wasn’t such a big deal. She was impressed by his courage in asking her out and he was really very attractive – tall and hard bodied and funny. So when she felt his cock throbbing against her thigh, she shifted slightly so that it lodged between her legs, pushing against her pussy through her skirt.

Earl gasped when he felt Juliette move against him. His cock jumped and grew even more. It was now throbbing almost painfully, desperate to get inside the woman it was pushed up against. Earl’s lust overtook his anxiety and he shifted his hips to rub his cock against Juliette. He was lodged in the notch of her pussy, through the thin material, and as he pushed he was jabbing her clit. Juliette smiled and lifted her face up to his, opening her thighs a little to let Earl’s bulge slip between her legs and closer to her slit.

They kissed and Earl’s hands crept around to Juliette’s tits. He knew he shouldn’t do it. They were in a public space, people crammed up against them all around, but he couldn’t keep himself off those massive jugs for a moment longer. He grabbed a huge round boob in each hand and squeezed, groaning loudly.

Most of the other passengers were too jammed into their own spaces or too drunk to notice what Earl and Juliette were doing. But their immediate neighbours, two guys in suits, obviously on their way home after a marathon after-work drinking session, had noticed the couple squirming and sighing. One of the guys, the shorter and more chunky, winked at his friend and slid a hand onto Juliette’s ass. He took a big handful and squeezed hard. Juliette yelped but there was nothing she could do. There was no space to move away. And anyway, she was concentrating on Earl.

The other office worker smirked at his friend. They were both watching the boy grinding his cock against the voluptuous older woman. And they could see that she was enjoying it. When Earl put his hands on Juliette’s tits both the watching guys felt their cocks get almost as hard as Earl’s. They shifted so that they were rubbing against Juliette, taking a rounded hip each.

Earl’s grinding was getting more desperate. His fat shaft was harder than it had ever been and he could feel pre-cum soaking through his jeans. Juliette slid her tongue into his mouth and at the same time reached down and unzipped him. She pulled his thick cock out and started stroking it, keeping it between their bodies so that it wasn’t obvious to everyone what she was doing.

But Bill and Richard, the drunken office workers, could tell exactly what she was doing from the look on the boy’s face. They redoubled their friction against Juliette’s hips and Bill, the shorter, bolder one, unzipped his own pants, grabbed hold of Juliette’s free hand and put it on his cock. She glared at him and he whispered in her ear:

“Just be quiet. You don’t want everyone to know what you’re doing with lover boy there, do you?”

Juliette frowned, but she kept her hand on his cock and stroked it as he shoved it towards her.

Earl’s hands were still firmly clamped on Juliette’s tits. He wanted to stick his face between them. He wanted to stick his cock between them. He was half out of his mind with lust as the gorgeous older woman stroked his twitching shaft. Juliette was just as horny as Earl and the three cocks pushing at her were driving her crazy. She took a hand off Earl’s cock and reached down to pull her skirt up. Earl didn’t need any more encouragement. He let go of one of her massive tits long enough to pull her panties aside and slide his cock into Juliette’s wet pussy. With a long sigh, he pushed the big dick all the way in.

Juliette was now propped up partly by Bill, whose cock she was still pumping with her hand, and by Richard, who’d shifted round behind her. He had both hands on her ass, squeezing, and then he pushed his cock against her, resting it between her ass cheeks and stroking back and forth. He clearly intended to get off rubbing against her rounded bottom.

Earl was pushing his dick into Juliette, the motion of the train reinforcing his rhythm, one of Juliette’s toned legs pulled up around his hips. He’d lost all self consciousness and was now sucking at Juliette’s right nipple through her blouse. Juliette was still a little worried about people around them, particularly the two guys who seemed intent on getting a fuck whether she liked it or not. But the feel of Earl’s big cock inside her was fantastic. Soon all she’d care about would be cumming.

Richard reached around and put a hand on Juliette’s other massive boob, squeezing and pulling at the nipple as he rubbed his cock up and down between her ass cheeks.

The train’s speed increased as it got closer to the final station. The carriage rocked from side to side and Earl pumped his cock into his busty neighbour in time to its movement. The engines roared and the carriage juddered as the brakes started to come on. Earl’s fucking became more frantic and Juliette pushed herself down onto his cock and came hard, her clit throbbing against the boy’s big dick. She pulled on Bill’s cock and he shot his load over her thigh, moaning into her ear. Richard, feeling Juliette’s nipple harden and tighten under his hand and her body tensing in orgasm, came as his cock was wedged into the cleft of her ass. His cum drenched the back of her panties and he pulled hard on her thick nipple.

Finally, just as the train was about to stop, the doors open and everyone get out, Earl gave a final shove into the velvet wetness of Juliette’s pussy. He looked at her massive tits and exploded inside her, pumping frantically, as though he wanted to climb inside, cock first.

Just seconds later the train stopped and the passengers streamed out into the cold night air. Juliette brushed her skirt down quickly, looking around, and stood helpfully in front of Earl as he zipped up. Bill and Richard vanished.

Juliette and Earl looked at each other and smiled as they left the train. They walked slowly back to their street, not talking much. Earl couldn’t believe his luck. Even after that terrible evening, she’d wanted him. He decided to try for more. His cock was starting to wake up again even now, just watching his voluptuous neighbour jiggling as she walked along beside him on the pavement.

When they got to Juliette’s door, Earl pulled her to him and kissed her hard, his hands roaming all over her body. His cock was getting hard again and he rubbed it against her, hoping she’d respond. Juliette was a very horny girl and it took a lot less than a thick cock rubbing at her panties to make her want sex. But she didn’t want to invite Earl in and risk her upstairs neighbours making an unwelcome visit.

“Why don’t we go to your place?” she said.

Earl looked worried. “But my mum and dad. They’ll still be up.”

“Can we get to your room without being seen?”

“Um – yes. Yeah, come on.”

Earl popped in to the living room to say goodnight to his parents as Juliette ran upstairs to his room. By the time he came up, she was standing by his bed, attempting to unlace her corset. He immediately offered to help, which he did by putting his hands on her big tits as Juliette unthreaded the laces. When she stepped out of her skirt, blouse and corset, and stood in front of him naked except for her high heels, Earl had to blink a couple of times to make sure he was awake. Those big tits he’d dreamed about were finally there in front of him, bare and available. He reached out with both hands and grabbed them, pulling on Juliette’s thick stubby pink nipples, and clamping his mouth onto one while he pulled and groped at the other.

After ten minutes or so of sucking, when the two of them had fallen onto the bed and Juliette had stroked Earl’s cock into its full thick eight inches, she eased his mouth off her hard nipple and slid down his body, dragging her big soft tits along his skin as she moved.

Kneeling between his legs, Juliette opened her wet little mouth and ran her tongue all the way up Earl’s shaft from his balls to the tip. Then she sucked one of his big balls into her mouth and rolled it gently around, sucking a little on the hairy sac. Then the other one, then back to licking. She did this several more times until she could see it was making him crazy. Then she sucked his cock deep into her mouth and started moving up and down, fucking him with her mouth.

Earl reached down and grabbed Juliette’s tits as she sucked him, squeezing and kneading the big jugs as his cock was getting drenched between her lips. He groaned and raised his hips, pushing his cock right to the back of Juliette’s throat. She gagged a little on the big cock, but kept sucking, obviously loving it. Her hands were on Earl’s big balls, stroking and squeezing them gently and if she kept doing that he was going to cum in her mouth. Although he wanted to do that too, he really wanted to fuck her properly first. He eased his cock out of Juliette’s mouth and pulled her up off the bed. Then he walked her over to the middle of the room and indicated that she should get on all fours in front of the wardrobe, which had a full length mirror fitted to the door. Juliette crouched on the floor obediently, smiling to herself because she knew what was coming.

Earl kneeled on the floor behind Juliette. She looked spectacular, her full rounded ass sticking up in the air and her torso then tapering in to her waist. He slid a hand over her bottom and right down her back, enjoying the roller coaster ride of her curves. But what he wanted to see was right there in the mirror in front of him. Juliette’s enormous creamy tits were hanging down tipped by big pink nipples, which were extended and hard after all his tugging and sucking. Earl grabbed Juliette’s hips and pulled her back onto his cock. His thick member slid into her wet cunt and they both sighed with pleasure. Earl could see Juliette’s face flush as he pushed his dick into her.

He reached forward and put a hand on each of Juliette’s mammoth jugs, grabbing hard with his fingers so that milky white flesh bulged up between them. He started sawing his cock back and forth into Juliette’s pussy and felt her cunt muscles ripple and grip his shaft as he fucked her. Juliette’s tits swung in the boy’s hands as he banged her with his big cock.

It didn’t take long for Juliette to cum. She fingered her clit as her teenage neighbour screwed her from behind and soon the combination of his dick pounding and her rubbing made an orgasm erupt. She moaned loudly as she came, and Earl felt her pussy contracting around his big dick. He started shoving into her harder, grabbing her mountainous tits and fucking her faster as his cock got closer to the big cum he knew he was going to have. Earl’s cock pulsed and jerked as he pulled it out and sprayed cum all over Juliette’s back and rounded ass. He groaned and collapsed, pulling her down with him.

Eventually they dragged themselves to the bed and, after Juliette roused and rode her teenage date one last time, they slept.


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