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April 5, 2010

Erotic Hot Stories – Business AND Pleasure

I checked my make-up and hair briefly in my vanity mirror before stepping out of my truck and adjusted my skirt and jacket as I walked toward the front door of my next appointment. It had been a long day, and my mega-watt smile was starting to dim a little.

I opened the door, and looking around, took in the very nicely furnished offices and the diligent receptionist who was taking a call, but took the time to look up and smile at me before holding up a finger, indicating she’d just be a moment. I nodded back to her, and turned to peruse the framed articles that hung on the wall of the reception area, detailing the companies triumphs and community involvement. In several pictures was a devastatingly handsome man whose eyes seemed to look out at me from the snapshots. I read the captions of several seeking his name, and was pleasantly surprised to notice that this same John was the well polished voice I’d spoken to on the phone, and was who I was here to see today. “Well, hello, John” I murmured to myself as I heard the receptionist concluding her call. I turned and stepped up to her desk, and handing her one of my cards, began to say, “I’m here to see John,” but before I could finish the man from the photographs stepped into the reception area and extended his hand, “Then you are here to see me.”

“Hello, yes, I believe I am,” I handed him one of my cards as well, and watched as his icy blue eyes read quickly over it before dropping it into the pocket of his suit jacket.

“Please, follow me,” he said as he gestured towards the back of the building. We exchanged pleasantries as we walked, but I found most of my attention was focused on him, the way the suit was cut to fit him perfectly, the way his stride exuded confidence and purpose, the way I imagined the muscles moved underneath the dark suit. I remembered his hands, when he’d shaken mine, large, strong hands that nearly covered mine completely as it wrapped around my smaller, daintier hand. I must have really gotten lost in my own thoughts because I nearly bumped into him as he stopped at a door, and motioned me inside.

I shook my head, trying to clear those thoughts out of my head, I was here on business after all, not to imagine what it would feel like to have those same hands touch more than my hands, or wonder over the play of his muscles should he just happen to remove the business attire and allow me a peek. I stepped ahead of him, and walked into a very masculine office. He motioned towards a chair opposite his desk, but I couldn’t stop myself from sneaking a peek at the large cushioned leather couch in the less formal area of the office. We discussed the business at hand, and the concerns he had mentioned to me over the phone. I detailed the options that my company could provide for him, and asked if I could see the specific locations that we were discussing. We left his office, and rather than lead the way, he seemed to always be behind me. I immediately felt betrayed out of more opportunities to watch him stride confidently ahead of me, but that betrayal was soon wiped right out of my head. At the first corridor we reached, his hand fell to the base of my back and he turned me to the right. His fingers curled into my flesh, and lingered just a moment longer than was necessary, or maybe that was my imagination. I continued my stream of questions and observations as we stopped to look at several areas. Each time we would turn down a different corridor, he would again lay his hand at the base of my back and subtly guide me in the direction we were going. Once, an employee came down the corridor towards us, and even though there was ample room for three of us to walk side by side, he reached out and this time, wrapped his long fingers around my side and pulled me closer to him. Before I knew it, he had pulled me so close I could feel the hard line of his body against my back. I could smell the subtle scent of his cologne, and there was an undeniable bulge pressing into my ass. But he never said a word, just let go of me a few moments after the employee had passed, and we continued walking. It however took me a minute or two to recover enough to put a coherent thought together to continue the stream of conversation. I walked in a bit of a daze until I looked up startled to realize we were back at his office. He gestured me inside, and said, “Please, have a seat.”

I walked towards the plush office chairs facing his desk again, and he curled those fingers around my waist again to correct my assumption. “No, please, have a seat here, it’s far more comfortable than those stuffy chairs over there.” He had turned me toward the enormous couch. I stepped towards it and sunk into the overstuffed leather. I immediately ran a hand across the buttery surface, admiring the soft texture. “Mmmm, very nice,” I murmured before I thought better of it.

“Yes, thank you, it is my favorite part of the office. Can I get you something to drink? Water, perhaps?” he asked as he walked to a cleverly disguised office refrigerator in the wall near the couch. He had pulled one bottled water out, and stood waiting for my answer.

“Absolutely, thank you,” even though the temperature outside was in the mid 40’s and cool, I felt feverish. He handed me the bottle and I quickly opened the top and took a healthy drink. I sat it down on the table beside me, and reached for my notes again, assuming that we would continue with our meeting. I started to ask another question when he came around the couch and instead of taking one of the chairs opposite me, he sank down into the couch beside me.

“I think I’ve heard all I need to hear, do you need any more information from me for your proposal?”

Taken aback at what I assumed was a dismissal, I paused just a moment before starting to collect my notes and said, “No, actually, I believe I have all I need, thank you for your time, I’ll get something to you within a few days,” and started to rise from the couch.

He reached out and placed a firm but gentle hand on my leg, securing me to the couch and keeping me from standing up. “Oh, no, I’m not through with you yet, I just wanted to make sure we were through with business.”

“Yes sir,” I stumbled, unsure exactly where he was going, as he hadn’t removed his hand from my thigh, and was making distracting little circles with his index finger. My skirt had ridden several inches above my knee as I had sunk back into the couch.

He chuckled at my formal answer, and raised his other hand to tuck a strand of hair that had fallen over my eyes behind my ear. “How old are you?” he asked, knowing the social moray he was committing by asking, and seemingly, not caring.

“28” I replied, unsure again why he wanted to know.

“Hmmm, interesting.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t know, it just is. Are you going to pretend you didn’t notice my reaction to your body earlier?”

I blushed rather brightly, and stammered, “Well, I was, err, I mean, I tried not to think about it, it seemed irrelevant to why I’m here.”

“Well, it is pretty damned relevant to me, and I’d think it is pretty damn relevant to why you are still here.” He slipped his hand under the hem of my skirt and slowly moved it higher, pulling my skirt up with his hand, exposing more and more of my bare thigh to him. He moved towards me and pressed his mouth to the pulse point at the base of my neck. I jumped in reaction to the sudden movement, which only served to push his hand and my skirt higher. His fingertips were now just centimeters away from the red lace that covered my pussy. My skirt was sufficiently shoved up to my hips, and he could clearly see my cleanly shaved pussy through the nearly transparent lace. He moved his hand away from my legs to my hip so that he turned me toward him. I whimpered at the loss of his hand so close. “Don’t worry my dear, I promise I remember where I was.” He trailed his fingers lightly from my hip, over the top of my thigh, down to the exact spot he had been. He pushed forward then, running just the tip of a finger along the seam created in my thong by my lips. “You make the sexiest little noises, did you know that?” he said as he looked into my eyes.

I blinked, trying to make sense of what he’d just said. “Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“That’s what I thought, you don’t even know you make them, that just makes it sexier that you do.”

“Mmmm, ok, whatever you say,” I managed as he leaned over me, pushing me back against the overstuffed arm of the couch. He ran his fingers up to slowly unbutton my jacket, and pushing it aside found the thin lacy camisole that was all that I had under the jacket. His incredible fingers had moved the red lace out of the way, and he’d begun a slow but deliberate assault on my pussy. He had one long finger deep inside me, then two that were rhythmically sliding over my g-spot while his thumb moved frantically over my clit. He had returned his lips to the base of my throat and bit and sucked his way up to just behind my ear. He slid my camisole up so that my tits were fully exposed to his view. He pinched and rolled one nipple with his fingers, then moved to the other to offer the same treatment to it. My breathe was coming in short little pants as I writhed under him, as the pleasure boiled through me. I pushed down against his hand, feeling the orgasm that was eminent. He removed his thumb from my clit and I cried out at the loss. “Please,” I pleaded. “PLEASE.” I begged him with my mouth and with my eyes, I was desperate for the release I knew was just below the surface, just ready to explode.

“Once more, beg me for it, come on, beg ME to make it all better.”

“Please, John, PLEASE.”

“Good girl,” he whispered in my ear as he again placed his thumb over my clit and rubbed a frantic tempo until I arched my back and surely would have screamed if he hadn’t clamped a hand over my mouth. My body bucked against his, riding the orgasm that continued to rule my body as he never stopped his wicked fingers from moving inside of me and across my clit. “Now, my dear, do you want more?”

I sighed a little, and smiled at him, “Yes, please, please John, give me more.” In just seconds he had stood up and had removed his suit pants and boxers and just as quickly, he was again back on the couch, sitting between my now wide spread legs, my skirt up to my waist, my panties shoved to the side. He removed his jacket and tossed it to the chair closest to him. He ran his hand along the largest cock I’d ever seen. It wasn’t really much longer than what I am used to, but I’d never even imagined one as thick. “Oh, umm, wow,” I managed to say as he moved forward, covering me with his body again, one hand going back to my nipples, teasing and twisting, pinching and pulling on them. He rubbed the head of his dick along my now dripping pussy. I rotated my hips against him, anxious to feel him deep inside me. I love to be filled full of a cock, to feel it stretching the walls of my pussy, until it feels like I can’t possible take anymore. He pushed slowly into me, and an involuntary moan escaped my lips.

He stopped and looked at me, “Do you want me to stop?”

“NO, please, please give me more.”

“How much more?”

“All of it, please John, all of it.” And that is exactly what I got, he moved forward to quickly, burying his dick deep into my pussy, until I felt his balls press against my ass. My muscles pulsed, tightening and relaxing, trying to adjust to the unexpected size. “Oh, yes, oh, wow that’s nice.”

Then, he began moving and what I thought was nice just a few moment before couldn’t hold a candle to what I felt as he began moving, pushing into me, pulling out, my clit dragging against him as his thick cock invaded my all too willing pussy. Within the space of just a few strokes, I was cumming again, this time, I bit down on my lip to keep from screaming. He continued his pace, pumping into me, faster and faster, his balls slapping my ass as his hands held me still, anchoring me down so that he could plunder my body. He bit my neck just at my hairline, then sucked hard in the same spot, pulling my flesh into his mouth, then softly kissed the spot, only to move to another spot on my neck, along my collar bone, then down to my tits. He pulled my nipple into his mouth, covering nearly my entire tit, sucking it so hard the pain sliced through the pleasure for a second before even that flooded into pleasure. This time, as the orgasm built inside of me and just as it was about to explode, he moved faster and whispered in my ear, “Wait, not yet, just wait.” I whimpered in protest and pushed my hips up against his, begging with my body for him to hurry. Then I felt his body tense, and I felt him shoot cum deep inside me, and he whispered again, “Now, now baby you can cum.”

And I exploded my body no longer under my control as I shook against him, panting, and then, “Oh, wow.”

He reached up above my head to the cold bottle of water that I had previously sat down, he slowly rubbed it along my swollen, red, abused nipples, causing them to pucker and turn a shade or two redder. Then, he moved to set the bottle down again, and stood up where he began putting his clothes back in order, even grabbing his coat off of the chair. I too stood up, and tried to put my appearance back to normal, grimacing at even the light satin camisole as it rubbed against my sore nipples. I buttoned my jacket back, and that support or confinement seemed to help marginally. I ran a hand up to my hair, and wondered how awful it looked.

I turned to look at him, and he was back to business, as if none of the frantic fucking had ever happened. I wondered at his control, as I extended my hand again, and said, “Thank you again for your time John, I will get the proposal to you as soon as possible, if I can help further, please let me know.”

He shook my hand, and said, “The job is yours, get me the proposal when you can, but, make sure you have allowances for your time, because I will require that you be here throughout the entire process, every day, no exceptions. I will need your assistance to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

“You have no idea what my proposal will say, how can you give me the job?”

“I learned everything I needed to learn just a moment ago, I also expect you to deliver the proposal in person, so that I can go over it thoroughly with you. By the way, I need something else from you, I’ll need to keep those red panties of yours.”

“What?” I stuttered.

“You heard me, I need to keep those, just a souvenir, and I suggest you either be prepared to leave every pair you wear here, or you not wear any at all.”

I remained motionless, too stunned to move or speak, so he knelt down in front of me, and skimming his hands up my hips, he hooked his fingers around the lace that sat atop my hips, and he pulled them down until I could step out of them. He dropped them into his pocket, then placing his hand at the small of my back, he led me to the door. He walked with me all the way to the reception area, “So, I’ll see you tomorrow or the next day with that proposal, correct?”

“Yes sir, you will,” I managed as I stepped out the doors and walked on unsteady feet to my truck. I had always heard that sex sells, but I had no idea how true it was. Now, I couldn’t move fast enough to get back to my computer and prepare the proposal for him so I could deliver it the next day. I can’t wait.


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